tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 11

The Hogarth Club Ch. 11


If Wilhelm Braun was ever asked to define the word patriarch, he would have said Grossvater. His grandfather epitomized the word, he was the male head of the family all decisions were his and as his grandmother's frequent bruises confirmed obedience alone was not enough, speed was also of the essence.

Otto Braun not only invented the word patriarch but to hear him speak you would believe he also invented the word eugenics. He was a founding member of the Phylax Society which was formed in 1891 to standardize the development of Germany's native dog breeds. The society only lasted three years the fools wanted the dogs to look good too. Otto and Max von Stephintz alone created the Deutscher Schferhund, the German Shepherd it was one of Otto's proudest achievements.

Otto believed, if he could breed the perfect dog why should humanity suffer degenerating weakness in its genetics. He would breed out disability, homosexuality and weakness. He saw no reason to maintain inferior stock which would also mean the elimination of Gypsies Jews and all blacks. Like his beloved Deutscher Schferhund which he created in just fifteen years he could purify the human race in three generations, just fifty years.

Wilhelm Braun or Billy Brown, it didn't pay to be too Germanic at the moment, shared much with his grandfather. He was a third generation vet. He had striking looks, blond hair and blue eyes. But his Grandfather most admired Wilhelm, he would call him nothing else, because he shared his views on eugenics.

His parents were weak and dead but his grandfather raised him to be strong and reflect his Arian superiority. Needless to say Billy was fully behind the Nazi regime. The British Expeditionary force had been pushed out of France at Dunkirk, London was being smashed by the might of the Luftwaffe and Hitler would be in Britain by Spring. Billy looked forward to being Wilhelm again, maybe even the Provost of London.

Billy hated the British, they were pathetic, they supported their Motherland, how weak. All Billy's efforts were directed towards the Fatherland, male strong and ultimately victorious.

Billy also hated the British for killing his grandfather. Otto had been happy to be ruled by Kaiser Wilhelm's cousin, Victoria, until she changed her name to Windsor. But that was the tip of the iceberg. What killed him was what happened to HIS dogs. The anti-German sentiment which caused the monarch to change her name effected Otto too.

His beloved German shepherds were renamed Alsatian Wolf Dogs. He was so angry he suffered a heart attack. Calling them Wolf dogs negated fifteen years of breeding. Billy knew that to lock in the required traits the dogs were hopelessly interbred and that his grandfather had used wolves to widen the gene pool, but in only four of the hundreds of breedings. However the thing that hurt his grandfather most was the dogs being named after Alsace-Lorraine, the territory which was repatriated to France as part of the First World War reparations, it signified to him German failure.

Billy was a breeder too. He bred Mountain Court Sable Alsatians. They were pure white. He named them to honor to his grandfather, Mountain Court in German was Berghof which was the name of Hitler's Bavarian residence, of course the British were too stupid to realize he was baiting them.

He was expecting one of his agents to report. Billy's code name was Koenig, King, after King David. All his agents were named for King David's wives or concubines. It was Billy's joke to name his network after the Jews. He liked David too, it was said of David that he had a large sexual appetite and the ability to feed it because of his power and money. Despite David being a Jew Billy identified with that concept.

Of course all his agents were female. While other spy masters worked hard to infiltrate their agents into critical positions. Koenig laughed. He only used girls, while women didn't or shouldn't make or keep secrets he was the most successful spy master. When his girls opened their legs their loose lips loosened lips.

The rattle of the door broke his revere, it would be Abigail.

He opened the door. Abigail was a beauty, she, like Michal refused to die her hair. She was proudly blond and Teutonic. She was now Billy's best agent.

"Abigail, come in," he said.

He ushered her into his surgery, it was a cold evening, her cheeks were rosy. He knew women were weak, the fire would do her some good.

"What news, Abigail?"

"You were right to wait, Koenig."

When Michal was murdered by Gynaecide Jim, Billy insisted on caution. Abigail had wanted to retrieve the files immediately after the police left the premises but rashness was not one of Billy's traits.

"How so?" he said.

"Haggith has penetrated an MI5 operation. Michal was killed by one of their operatives, the bastard sliced her to make it look like her death was part of the serial killing."

"You make sure that Haggith remembers her task, she is not to revenge her sister yet."

"I promised her she cold have her revenge but only when you allowed it."

"Well done Abigail, you have done well. Would you like me to fuck you?"

Abigail kissed him, "Yes please Koenig."

Billy did fuck his agents to reward them, it wasn't his most onerous task even though he preferred much younger flesh, he would have no trouble getting it up for a beauty like Abigail.

"So tell me about the operation Haggith has infiltrated?"

Abigail didn't respond, she smiled and opened her coat, she was naked. It explained why she looked cold. He would also have to punish her for being presumptuous. It was his turn to smile, sex and censure was his forte. Still Abigail knew that, it was why she did it, after she had been conditioned from the age of nine.

"On the operating table," he said.

It was stainless steel and cold, it added goosebumps to her goosebumps. He noticed a tremble of anticipation from Abigail when he took white silk rope from a secret drawer. Abigail liked bondage more than any other of his proteges. She offered her legs.

"Oh Abigail, when you are tied and helpless, I have a new torture for you."

He could smell her she was positively dripping, he couldn't help dipping his finger into her. She almost swallowed it with her hungry cunt. He smacked her face, for shock not for pain, he couldn't leave her marked.

"What have I told you, do not anticipate it gives you power and you have none."

"I'm sorry David, I so want you to use me!"

"I may or may not it will be at my pleasure."

They both knew that Billy would use her. Her conditioning conditioned him too. Billy could spend hours tying his girls but he was either lazy or randy. He only had one young girl at the moment Eglah, and she was in solitary, he couldn't bless her with his affection for another week.

Tying Abigail was simple. Like an elephant, who after training could be restrained with a rope which he could snap in seconds, the feel of the rope was all she needed to comply. He wound the rope around her ankles and finished it in a French bowline, it was secure but wouldn't tighten if things got energetic. He plaited the ends towards her neck, ran a loop around her stomach and tied her elbows at her navel. He wound her wrists together and finished with another bowline around her neck, she was locked in a preying mantis, doggy position.

"Well Abigail?"

"I am a slut undeserving of you. Koenig, I would welcome your attention if it pleased you," she panted the words.

Billy pulled a Dragon tailed whip from the draw and cracked it. The tail tapered top a point, it produced a really satisfying crack.

"Oh, please!" she begged.

Billy obliged a stinging slash across her buttocks. it elicited a low moan, he worked hard within a formula he knew she liked. Seven slashed to her cheeks two below the curve of her arse and a light cut to the top of her thighs. He was happy that she knew what to expect so he mixed up the delivery but maintained the ratio.

Abigail was breathing deeply suddenly she screamed in an explosive orgasm, he continued to whip her, her arse was cherry ripe. Her screams continued.

Billy dipped his hand along her moisture she gripped his hand with strong muscles.

"Thank you Koenig, may this slut give you pleasure?"

He rolled her over onto her side, the diamond of her sex was clearly evident, orgasm fresh and swollen. He pulled out his weapon, like the rest of him it was perfect, long, straight and hard. He placed it at her entrance.

"Well, Abigail?"

"Please fuck me Koenig, I need to feel your perfection."

He thrust into her, even with her preparation and copious moistness she felt herself being painfully stretched, she loved it.

"More please, Master."

Billy fucked her with Teutonic efficiency to a metronomic beat, he used her snatch tightened by her position but she felt floppy, he was used to tight flesh.

"Tighten your muscles, it feels like I'm fucking a rubber boot," he said harshly.

Abigail gripped him as hard as she could, he found it barely acceptable. Abigail was familiar with him too.

"Prod me with your majestic weapon master, thrust it deep so I can feel your regal length. Pound me with your power!"

Billy was flattered into enjoying himself, the metronome forgotten he piston like pounded her cunt.

"Let me feel more, Master."

He added a slap to her buttocks each time he bottomed out. Abigail groaned and moaned to bring him to a climax, it was all she could do being tied. When she felt he was close she screamed.

"More master, more please, pound this unworthy cunt."

She felt his orgasm hit her womb, she milked him with her pelvic muscles.

"Thank you master!"

"Abigail, you were barley acceptable."

"Thank you for the high praise master."

He pulled himself out and watched as his spunk leaked out of her hole.

"Hold that in," he commanded.

She did. He moved to her head, "Lick!"

Abigail licked him clean, around his shaft and balls.

"OK Slut, now for your surprise."

Billy gained more supplies from his drawer, he searched through a range of nipple clamps until he was happy. He wanted just enough pain to accentuate her orgasm.

"You will come again Abigail, I don't want you to hold back this time. If you please me I will let you scream around my cock."

Abigail was puzzled, she always came. He never wasted a comment she began to fear.

Billy ignored her breasts they were just saggy appendages whose role was to support nipples, which did gain his interest. He clamped them. She winced but she knew better than to complain, they were painful but she had experienced worse.

He opened the door to the surgery and walked back to Abigail, he put her back on knees and elbows and lowered the operating table. He sat at her head, he wanted to see her reaction.

"Prince, here!" he called.

A big white Alsatian appeared and sat at his side within Abigail's vision. Prince, his personal dog, the best Mountain Court he had bred. He had stabilized the gene pool of his white dogs with a wolf, like his grandfather. Abigail had been savaged by Baron, a dog that was a little too wolf like. Baron, was Prince's sire, the dogs looked identical.

Abigail's body was scarred, mostly by him, she had been very rebellious at the age of ten. He touched the deeper scars on her arm that Baron had caused. He could see the panic in Abigail's eyes, she was trembling with fear. He thought fear would strengthen her.

"If you don't come, I'll let him fuck you," he said with a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

"Prince, cunt!"

Prince walked behind Abigail guided by her smell and the smell of his master. Abigail felt his cold nose, then his long tongue. Her trembling became uncontrolled.

"Master please!" she said, in a voice that betrayed her fear.

"Abigail Dear, do you really want your sloppy attitude eradicated or will you beat your fear without my assistance?"

Through a voice that hardly obeyed her and eyes that were blurred with tears she uttered, "I will beat my fear Master."

His had been a rhetorical question he knew he above all predators was the one to be feared.

"Well done slut. Prince tongue her."

Prince obviously liked the task, he had been conditioned to enjoy his master's sperm. His eager and lengthy tongue went in search of the target. Despite her fear he tongued her valley more professionally that any of her lovers. He centered on her hole but he was sloppy enough to cover the whole area from her clit to her puckered ring. It felt good but the dog stopped and whined.

"He's licked you clean, without my juice he wont lick, you wont come, that would be a shame."

Abigail had stopped shaking, Prince's tongue had stilled her fears, now she was terrified. Whatever he planned would be painful and degrading. She momentarily lost control of herself, Prince stopped whining and started licking. Then she remembered the come she had been ordered to hold in. She felt in control again.

When Prince's tongue slowed she allowed a little more of Koenig's juice to escape. It kept the dog busy the experience was horrible but the titillation was good enough to make her come. She started moaning.

"Open you mouth, slut," he didn't seem happy.

He thrust himself down her throat, this was better when she gaged she tightened on him. This was almost as good as one of his girls. He thought of suffocating her with his cock but then Prince whined.

"Fuck her," he said, and pulled his prick out so she could breathe then he continued to fuck her throat. Prince has fucked all his girls, his front legs locked around Abigail as he pushed his little doggie dick into her.

Abigail had been abused by her master since she was nine, this was a new level of depravity but she accepted it stoically. He always hurt and degraded her, yet she loved him. He had made her who she was, she was nothing without him.

As if the dog and the master were wired, they came together. The dog had the decency to lick her clean.

"You did well," Billy said begrudgingly, "I had a new electric shock machine I wanted to try on you, but maybe I'll give Eglah a treat."

He nodded to the sink, "Clean up."

"May I kiss you Master?"

"Maybe when you are clean."

Abigail hurried before he changed his mind. She knew she disgusted him. She was too loose, too worldly and too buxom, he liked tight little cunts and firm pubescent breasts. She returned and faced him with a hopeful smile. She did good work he pulled her naked body to him and gave her his reward.

"So tell me about the operation Haggith has infiltrated?"

Abigail explained how Haggith had infiltrated an MI5 operation to create a brothel to attract Billy's network and hence trap him.

"When she discovered that, I called in some favors. Had some lovely pictures of the coroner. I asked him to review Michal's body. I wanted to know if she really was killed by the serial killer. In his view it was a good imitation but the hook of the J that was carved into her body didn't touch her navel as it had with all the other deaths. He concluded it was a copycat."

"Good work Abigail," he brushed her cheek affectionately, "continue!"

"I told him to say nothing. Then I cased Michal's building and found surveillance. I tailed one of them back to building that MI5 is currently using. So Koenig your caution saved us all once again."

He smiled, he loved praise, "You can take those nipple clamps off if you like."

She did, it was not a suggestion. Billy watched her, it was painful when the blood flow fully returned. A pain made worse if they were touched. He beckoned her as she knew he would. He twisted her nipples savagely she found pain and excitement. Maybe he would use her again.


"I told Haggith who I suspected killed her sister. I threatened her with your supreme displeasure should she act alone, as I wanted her focused on our cause. Anger is a better motivator than duty."

"Even better than her love for me?" he said dangerously.

"We would all follow you to our deaths if you commanded it."

Abigail was shocked, he kissed her, lingeringly. When he broke the kiss she said, "May I kiss you too, Master?"

"Yes, If I can try my machine?"

She looked frightened, maybe she had enjoyed enough this evening, but he did want to try his machine. He kissed her again.

"Yes you can kiss me, If I can try it only on your nipples."

She nodded and they kissed like lovers, it was a rare experience for Abigail, it would be worth the pain.

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