tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 12

The Hogarth Club Ch. 12


It was a good job Roger had eaten well at the Dorchester, the dinner he had come to expect in the evening, was nowhere to be found.

"No dinner," he asked, "have you all been lazing around?"

Four fierce glares told him that he should have been more circumspect. Always quick to adjust, Roger smiled and said.

"What would you like me to make for you lovely ladies?"

Roger looked hard at them for the first time, they did seem lazy, no relaxed. The camaraderie which had been growing was now so thick it almost excluded him.

Before he could ponder possible causes Georgina said, "Roger would you take me out for dinner. The British cafe is fine."

Roger was puzzled Georgina had adamantly refused to eat at the Community Feeding Center last time she was asked. He looked for animosity in the group towards Georgina which would explain her need to escape but he found none, only smiles and nods. Then Reggie kissed Georgina and smiled a secret smile. Roger found this only passing strange the two girls had a firm bond, but then Lola and Brielle came and offered support in the form of hugs.

"What's going on here?" he asked.

"Dinner!" Georgina said firmly, there was no denying that command. Roger disappeared and after a long while returned with her coat.

"Come on then, light of my life, lets feed your desires," he said as he held the coat for her.

The girls tried hard not to laugh, Roger ignored their sniggering and smirking.

After their sapphic bonding the girls had freely discussed Georgina's involvement should there be a next time. They all felt that Georgina had been excluded, even Reggie who had cuddled her through the sexiest encounter she had ever seen in her life, even sharing her orgasm with her friend.

Georgina somehow related orgasm to virginity. She was concerned that the taking of her flower would be besmirched if all her feelings were not new. Her friends fought so valiantly against that view that Georgina had promised too discuss it with Roger. Lola had even given her some coaching.

"Come on Georgie, stop sniggering. I've booked Octavian's alcove at the Dorchester."

The October air was bracing, he tucked Georgina's hand under his arm and strode towards Mayfair.


"Yes, Georgie?" he lifted her hand from his arm and kissed her fingers before putting it back.

"Everyone who I love calls me Georgina."

Roger pondered, it could be true.

"What about Grierly?"

"He may refer to me as Georgie but he calls me Girl."

"Octavian calls you Georgie, what does that mean?"

"I just like your brother, if I hadn't been a commoner I may have been tempted, but Presumptive heirs are definitely on my radar."

"Like me," he said.

"I like you, Roger."

"I hope you are understating your feelings?"

Before Georgina could respond Roger saw and hailed a cab.

Wicklow was at the door to welcome them, "Your Lordship, madam," he said and led them to the alcove.

"Why are we dining, Georgina?"

Georgina looked flustered, she blushed and avoided his eye. He grabbed her hand and held it firmly until she looked at him.

"Sweet thing, feel safe in my love, you can do nothing to undo it."

Roger felt flustered too. He had not kept his feelings secret but it was the first time he had used the word LOVE. The word didn't escape Georgina. She was very perceptive she caught the flair of doubt that briefly lit his face.

"Are you sure?"

"No, I wasn't but now I feel relieved that I've told you."

He leaned over the table and kissed her, not a peck, but hot, moist and passionate. When they managed to pull their lips apart, Roger said, "Georgina, I love you."

Georgina said, "I've waited over ten years to hear you say those words. That's how long I have been infatuated with you. In the light of my love I realize how petty those feeling were. I love you too, Roger."

They kissed again, loosing time until Wicklow coughed, "Food, Your Lordship, Madam?"

They ordered.

"Can you send the sommelier over please Wicklow, we need some champaign."

Wicklow was well acquainted with Earl of Alveston's taste in champaign but he had obviously changed his taste in women. She looked every inch his equal, he wondered how that would work out.

Georgina's and Roger's deep fascination with each other's eyes was broken by a pop of a cork.

"Your wine, Your Lordship, Madam."

The sommelier pored with panache. Back to earth, they sipped their champaign, the ephemeral mood has dissipated like smoke.

Georgina, ever practical, said, "What does this mean Roger?"

He looked puzzled. She leaned in her lips touching his ear.

"Does that mean we can fuck?"

"You've been spending too much time around those harlots," Roger said with a smile which robbed the comment of offense.

"I beg your pardon, Your Lordship. Will your Lordship be claiming conjugal rights immediately?" Georgina said.

Her sarcasm knocked him for six, conjugal rights related only to wives. His face gave him away again.

"Oh, so you only want to fuck me not marry me?"

He detected a serious ebb under the banter.

"Fuck Georgina, you are like the tide totally unstoppable. Slow down, sip your wine."

She did but her gaze was a little corrosive a little less adoring.

"OK, Georgina. I said, I love you just a few moments ago and only then did I realize that it was right. It is obvious that if I love you, which I do, I will marry you. NO... I will not be taking your virginity before that night."

"OK, Roger we'll come back here but I can't ignore that segue. Reggie wanted to know what sex with a woman was like, so our womanly afternoon quickly descended into an orgy..."

She held up her hand to stay the interruption, looking over the bridge of her nose she nodded. The meaning was clear, be still until I say. He was still.

"I wanted to go but they insisted I stay, we are sisters. Watching the girls pleasing each other made me very squirmy and moist."

He laughed, talking about it made him squirmy and moist too. She continued when his grin disappeared.

"After I witnessed six orgasms the girls insisted that I join them. I really wanted to but I said NO."

He reached for her hand, her color had risen, though Roger suspected it was not embarrassment but passion.

"Roger, I am happy to play your virginity game, I quite like it. Will you be robbed of anything if I have already orgasmed or must I come for the first time when you de-flower me?"

Roger knew he had done the right thing to declare his love, without doing so he would have been unable to enjoy the gift of Georgina without shame. He kissed her deeply oblivious to the other diners. Georgina eventually pushed him away.

"Everyone's dinners are getting cold, let them concentrate on their food."

Roger looked around the room, he saw secret smiles and frank gazes pretty much split along gender lines.

"God, how did I ever deserve you. If it's Karma I have a lifetimes debt. You are beautiful."

He stared into her eyes, then realized she had asked a question. He took a large breath.

"Because I'm a selfish bastard I would love for them to come together, but Darling loosing your virginity is painful and strange. It would be rare for an orgasm to occur then. It is a gentleman's role to ensure that in the development of a relationship that the passion is occasionally shared by the woman."

Georgina leaned in, this time she licked his ear before she whispered.

"Well fuck your chivalry. I'd better come as often as you."

She pulled herself up, stiffly almost formally.

"If you want to marry me, then I will be half of your life and half of everything. If not you'd be better looking elsewhere for a wife. I am not the little lady who will be happy being thrown the odd bone."

"Listen here flow-"

"Flo?" she interrupted.

"No not Florence Ebb and flow, just stop washing away my good intentions with your careless waves."

"I do beg your Lordship's pardon."

He scowled at her, he had found love and had it had been snatched back. God he was going to enjoy pleasing this woman.

"In future, you will allow me to think before I am forced to comment."

"I see no force, only a macho male who thinks the world should flow around his dominion."

"And all I see, Is a beautiful, alluring woman whose strength abounds but is in equal measure to her compassion. I will endeavor to live up to your high standard of manhood and enjoy every moment of it. No I will not be seeking another wife, I will shake the moon defy the tides destroy the Empire to deserve yours."

Georgina's smile lit the world, "That's a pretty weak declaration of love, is that the best you can do?"

"I can do this," he kissed her again, the diners already had cold dinners.

They had difficulty finishing their own cold meals, they seemed to need to touch each other which made manipulating cutlery difficult. When their table was clean Roger licked her ear an whispered.

"If you will allow me, I would like to give you your first orgasm, then you are free to make your own decision. I know whatever they are they will respect us. But we can't do it again. I'm not sure I even have the power to resist you once."

NO wonder she loved this man, he was hard but displayed a soft center which she hoped she could reach.

"When?" she shuddered.

"What year is it, 1940. Well it should be before the change of the century..."

She let him play without imposing any physical violence.

"Would tonight suit my lady?"

She dragged him out of the Dorchester and when they hit the street she hailed a cab.

"That's my cab, get out of the way."

A wiry man pushed past Georgina she used his momentum and with a minor diversion he missed the door and hit his head on the pillar.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, how clumsy."

Georgina helped him up and side stepped the backhand meant for her face, she struck the solar plexus on the front of his chest, his legs failed to respond he fell to the ground. Georgina moved towards him, to offer aid.

"That's the bastard who was going to hurt Brielle," Roger said.

Georgina scowled, stepped over him into the cab, Roger followed. That was the second time he had run into that thug, he decided he would carry his revolver.

"Well done, Miss. That taught him some manners. Where to my Lady?" he bobbed his head in a bow."

"Little Chancellery please," Roger said.

It just hit Roger that the macho male had stood and watched while the poor weak female had sorted out the ruffian. Seeing his thoughts flowing across his face like a cinema screen Georgina whispered.

"I don't give a shit who he is. I had no time to delay, I am anxious to keep a stunning male and his hopefully busy tongue, to his promise."


They ignored the giggles of the ladies as Georgina pulled Roger directly to his room, she closed the door firmly. He expected an armful of Georgina but she just looked his body up and down.

"You are only allowed to remove each others clothing, like the story you told me... like that."

He remembered the story he told her the day Richard had died.

"Darling, you are beautiful, I want to see and touch all of you."

Roger slipped her coat off her shoulders, his fingers brushed her neck."

"My turn," she said.

His jacket joined hers. She brushed his cheek with the back of her hand, ran it down his neck. She pulled his shirt from his trousers and quickly undid all the buttons.

"You are cheating."

He covered her mouth with a kiss. He aimed for tantalizing but she sucked his lip and games went out of the window. He kissed her with all the passion and skill he could muster, he held nothing back. It was a toe curler. He broke the kiss her eyes seemed glazed as he unbuttoned her blouse, he tried not to touch her. The blouse joined the other clothes. He kissed down her neck, over the swell of her breast and down to her tummy.

"That tickles," she said, retelling part of his story.

They laughed but he needed to be more original. He pulled her into a warm embrace.

"My turn," she said, beginning to feel confident.

She ripped off his shirt luckily she had already dealt with the buttons. She kissed him and un-tucked his singlet, he stepped back, it was his turn. Georgina laughed she held the hem and pulled it over his head. She stepped into his body and ran her hands over his chest down to his abs and cheekily unclasped his belt before he reacted. He released her bra, while they were fighting for his belt the bra slid down her shoulders.

"Georgina, you have lovely breasts."

"You'd better be good with them, after all that practice with Brielle."

He knelt and took a nipple in his mouth, he swirled his tongue until her erectness rewarded his efforts. He covered her mounds with his hands he both kneaded and needed them. He pushed her breasts together. They were too small to allow her nipples to touch but he was more easily able to share the warmth of his mouth and his busy tongue equally. He felt her hands on his back and neck, she quickly found knotted muscles and with more firmness than her elegant fingers suggested she worked on massaging his stress away.

"Press them against me rub the nipples," she said, her voice an octave lower than usual.

He did, she forced herself against his hands increasing the pressure.

"Now pull my nipples out and twist them."

He did while she continued to work his muscles.

"Now do something else."

He didn't realize he had emulated Lola and Brielle's preferred fondling methods. Had he, he would be pleased to know Georgina was now on her own.

He rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and rotated her breasts against her chest gently rather than mashing them.

"Yes that," she gasped.

Her attention had left her hands, he sadly missed the pleasure they had provided. She lifted his hands away and kissed them.

"Remember that, I like that the best."

He kissed her strongly, she was outdoing Lola for directions his erection became painful with desire. He felt her fingers releasing his fly. She stepped back to allow his trousers to fall to the floor. She knelt and maneuvered his underpants over his erection. With no hesitation she took him in her mouth. She knew the only way to handle his temptation was to remove it as often as possible.

"No Georgina," he said.

She let him out of her mouth.

"What part of this are you not enjoying?"

"God, I'm enjoying all of it."

"If you want to carry on enjoying it, tell me exactly what you want."

Her mouth became too busy for talking.

What she lacked in experience she made up for simply by being Georgina. He owed it to her to respond so he would need to direct her. He gently lifted her mouth. He grasped his own member wanked it twice then using her spittle as lubrication, he wiped his thumb over his sensitive foreskin. She replaced his hand and emulated his movement.

"Now suck it at the end of each cycle," he said, feeling strange directing a woman to please him.

Georgina did exactly as she was directed, she looked up, he nodded. She stood leaving his cock bereft. She kissed him passionately.

"Thank you so much for showing me Roger. I'm not very good, but I'll get better, I promise."

She fell to her knees and handled him exactly as he liked. He hadn't given any thought to the pleasure a woman could receive by pleasuring. He decided it must be fueled by love.

Georgina was hitting the spot, he started groaning and thrusting into her mouth, she responded by swirling her tongue over his foreskin. She was now wanking him with her hand and her mouth sometimes apart sometimes together. She was caressing his balls.

He pulled her head up, "I'm about to come Georgina."

She pulled her head from his grip and fastened back onto his cock, she moaned when she felt the start of his orgasm through her gentle grip on his balls. She swallowed all of him working his rod to extract the last skerrick of come and pleasure. He tapped her head, she stood.

"Was that good?" she asked a little unsure.

Some of his come had escaped and was dripping down her chin, he felt as if he had debased her. She suspected his feelings but brazenly ignored them.

"Do you always taste this good," she said, as she used her finger to scoop his escaped seed back into her mouth.

He stood with his mouth agape.

"Do you always come this much?"

He laughed, she wasn't debased she was Georgina. He pulled her to him and searched her mouth for his seed. When he had finished she was gasping. She dropped to her knees took his softening cock in her mouth and sucked out any fluids she had missed.

"I've got your come in my mouth, come and get it."

She threw herself at him, her mouth open expecting his tongue to repeat what she had obviously enjoyed before. He took pleasure in accommodated her. He turned her a little so he could fondle her tits. She moaned against his mouth then stood back.

"You aren't very good at this are you?" she asked.

He looked puzzled.

"I'm still wearing my knickers."

He laughed and scooped her into her arms, stepped to the bed and threw her none too gently. She bounced and giggled. He was quickly on top of her and with practiced ease divested her of clothing.

"That's better, the things I have to suffer dealing with retarded lovers."


He stroked her breasts then his hand dropped and found unerringly her ticklish spots which he punished mercilessly.

"Roger," she screamed, he covered her mouth, "Your army will be in here soon to rescue you, take back retarded."

"Ok, OK."

He stopped, "Well?"

"You are not a retard, just a slow learner."

She threw him off, he found himself beneath her, somehow she had twisted. Her arse was in his face, her knees restrained his arms and her total body weight focused on his torso nullified his superior weight. He was trapped and Georgina had two hands free she reciprocated, he was as ticklish as she was.

"OK, I'm a fucking retard," he shouted.

She stopped but was beset by mischief, she bent down and licked his spent member.

"Oh, I've upset him, he doesn't want to play."

She took him in her hand he felt fabulous, but she had bent over exposing herself. He lifted his head and licked her valley.

"Oh.. Oh... Roger more."

"I'm not sure," he said, "that I want to pleasure such a wanton women."

She took him in her mouth again, he was surprised at her reaction until he felt her teeth.

"It had better be good," she said from around his cock.

He pulled her back a little so he could reach her fully, his tongue was busy then suddenly she was no longer there. She had rolled off him and was lying on her back with an expectant look. He positioned himself between her legs.

"From the side," she said.

He could be almost as effective from the side, so he acquiesced. He understood her request when she grasped him and with skilled finger re-aroused his interest.

"No," he said, "it's your turn."

"Haven't you got anything better to do with that mouth? If I am to save my virginity we need a pressure relief valve."

She pulled on his cock.

He decided she would enjoy him rubbing her clit from the inside he slipped two fingers along her valley, she was beyond moist she was dripping.

"Oh fuck!"


"I was about to penetrate you with my fingers."

She realized the significance of his concern.

"Well, use your tongue," she said.

He met her demands, while she fondled him back to hardness.

He felt her shudder, and felt her muscles spasm. Her moans turned to screams as she climaxed, it was her first. The muscles around her eyes twitched, pleasure coursed through her body. Then all her muscles spasmed at the same time. She was a limp protoplasm surviving purely on pleasure.

"Oh God, your tongue... keep it going."

Sensing she had finished he slowed.

"Don't stop Roger keep going."

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