tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 13

The Hogarth Club Ch. 13


Roger was well used to locker room tales of soft flesh, willing lips and spread thighs. Talk about male conquest spiced with a bloated view of the swaggering protagonist's skill and longevity. He was shocked to learn that reenactment of sexual conquest was not solely a male domain. He conceded that the tales were softer more flavored with feelings than hydraulics, but the way he was discussed made him feel like an exhibit in an anthropology display.

Georgina, it must be said, provided little information but the girls were able to recite the proceedings accurately based on the sounds that he was not aware of them making.

Georgina in the interests of propriety did explain how the prophylactic was used. This seemed to titillate the concupiscent interest of the libidinous crew.

Roger planned to wait and let the conversation die but he should have known better, these girls were insatiable. He was about to lay down the law when it occurred to him that he had been willingly given a seat at a special table. Men didn't discuss technique or feelings, he realized he was lucky to be included. He rose, walked around the table and kissed each girl in turn.

"Am I a sister?"

The general consensus was that he was.

"Well, sisters. Can we put the same in-depth analysis about where we are in establishing this establishment, that we did in discussing my tryst with this sweet lady?"

"Oh, I love a dominant male," Lola said, dripping with sarcasm.

The sweet lady smiled and said, "I have completed all the paperwork for the club we are a hotel, bar and restaurant providing services only to our membership."

Georgina's face lit in a wicked smile.

"Do you want to know something interesting?"

Everyone nodded.

"Women can be full members."

Roger reacted without thought, "Surely you are not planning on pimping out men?" he said, unable to hide the horror in his voice.

Georgina's face stilled, her eyes were so penetrating he would be looking for scars on his next visit to a mirror. The frying pan was getting hot but the fire looked much worse.

"I'm sorry girls, my silly prejudice."

He smiled, a good deflection, he thought. The eyes at the table switched to Georgina.

"Roger, don't acquiesce to pressure, support your principles."

Georgina knew. Her eyes lingered on him, still he had a while to prepare his arguments, he knew she would not let it go.

Georgina continued, "I have a list of items to cover but first Reggie said that she'd like to join in, if she was in control and had a nom de plume. I propose Reggie's... professional name... should be Athena. She is the goddess of crafts, strategy wisdom and war."

Roger didn't know how Reggie got into Georgina's arms so quickly but it was obvious from the noises she was making that she liked it.

When decorum returned Georgina continued.

"Then I thought we all needed anonymity. Lola you should be Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. It fits you like a glove."

Lola looked pleased but her face had reddened. She looked around the girls and found universal approval. Lola's new name was also sealed with hugs. Brielle raised an eyebrow.

"Brielle is far too beautiful to use, I thought Dione, she is the goddess of prophesy."

The girls looked at Brielle's face and squealed they formed a scrum. Which broke only after Reggie's whisper.

"What about you Georgina?"

"She should be Artemis, goddess of virginity and the hunt." Roger said.

Roger found himself in a group hug, he wondered if these women had eroded his masculinity because he actually enjoyed it.

"So you approve Ares?" Georgina asked.

"You all get lovely names and I am the god of war?"

His complaints were unheard because of the chatter, he decided to make tea.

He returned with a pot but it was the clatter of cups that ended the conversations.

"Thank you Roger, that was thoughtful," Georgina said.

"We can call ourselves the Goddesses, it's a bit classier than prostitute," Brielle said.

The group agreed, even Roger.

When everyone had serviced their tea cravings, Roger said, "Colonel Wilson Knightly bastion of the Raj is pestering me for Lola's attention."

"Tell him to drop by this afternoon he can become a foundation member." Georgina said then looked at Lola, "Aphrodite, would you like to be his bed warmer?"

Lola's smile was wide enough to drive a lorry through, "He feels bigger than Roger," she said, "as Goddess and Madam I will have to approve the goods."

"That brings us nicely to terms of membership. This is what I propose. Only members are allowed to use the services the annual fee is fifteen hundred guineas. Allows for one warm bed per month and half price on all other bed warms."

Georgina ignored the gasps.

"Alternately a day rate of two hundred guineas for the use of all club facilities including a warm bed. The girls will only have one engagement per night and five per week, which may include escorting the club member wherever he wishes but only the club bed will be warmed."

"So we could be treated to the theater before we fuck?" Brielle asked.

"Yes, or anywhere else, but out of the club you are just decoration you can titillate but there will be no fulfillment."

"The Hogarth Club keeps all the money, twenty guineas per service will be added to your savings accounts. All clothing food and accommodation will be provided."

"So we earn One hundred guineas per week plus our spy salaries?" Reggie asked.

Georgina nodded.

"Christ I could buy a house in just one year," Reggie said.

"That's the idea Reggie The Hogarth Club keeps you. So all your earnings allow you to create wealth."

Georgina nodded and then stayed quiet while the noise in the room swelled.

"Lola was first to speak, "Can I do overtime?"

"Yes but still only one per night, for the extra two nights you'll get fifty percent of the club take. That will change for day members yearly members or discount nights."

"Suppose we wanted a relationship?"

"Then we discuss it, if we agree it's non club business. You can use my flat around the corner."

Roger was surprised at the sophistication of Georgina's structure but also at the speed at which the girls agreed to the terms.

"You will all stay here, so Lola you can let your rental go, if you like. My flat will always be available if any of you need to chill."

"The Hogarth Club should pay your rent for you," Roger said.

"It's OK Roger, I don't pay rent. How did you go with a bodyguard?

"Octavian is giving us one of the best, Crash."

"Crash?" the girls said, giggling.

"Yep, you should see him play rugby."

"Is that The Right Honorable Algernon Blakeley?" Georgina asked.

Roger nodded he was used to being surprised around Georgina so that was his only reaction. Georgina turned to the girls and told them about a rugby game between Oxford and Cambridge in which Crash had truly lived up too his name.

"Staff," Georgina said, bringing them back to her agenda.

"Roger, how many girls a freezing to death on the streets?"

"Too many."

"Can we recruit them and train them to staff The Hogarth Club?"

Reggie and Brielle together commended the idea, but Brielle continued, "Most of the girls are pimped, they are not free agents."

"Is that a problem Roger?" Georgina asked.

"For everyone but you," he said with a smile.

Georgina's face was a question mark.

"I have it on good authority that you believe rules are only there to control other people."

Georgina smiled, "Maybe I should be giving away some of Octavian's secrets?"

"Those thugs we ran into, Roger they control most of the girls. You didn't leave them on happy terms."

"I know Georgina beat up the wiry one last night."

That started another conversation.

Roger mumbled, "How do women ever get anything done?" just when the noise in the room dropped. Georgina looked at him successfully suppressing a smile.

"OK, we'll talk about that too," he said.

That comment earned another five minutes of chatter.

Finally Georgina said, "Cameras, how are you going Reggie?"

Roger had been out of touch, he was puzzled.

"Reggie?" he said.

"Yes, Reggie's father was a bespoke manufacturer of high end cameras, and Reggie's Mum was a fashion photographer."

Roger looked puzzled.

"They were killed in a plane crash when Reggie was twelve, that's why the orphanage. Reggie payed for her stay with the money she made repairing cameras."

"I was either at Dad's side fixing or Mum's side clicking," Reggie said. "Anyway, the brief. Georgina wants the camera to be automatic, doesn't want a flash, nor does she want the room to be identifiable. So I've designed an auto-advance mechanism. It has a single 1.4f lens, which is tuned precisely so the depth of field obscures the background. We are using fast film so we can take good images indoors with minimal light."

"So where are you, Darling?" Georgina asked.

"I need to be let loose in an artisans workshop for a few days, we need four cameras immediately, one for each room and a spare."

"I'll arrange it as soon as the meeting ends," Roger said.

Reggie sure moved quickly when it came to kissing, he had a kiss firmly planted on his cheek before he had seen her move. He guessed she was grateful.

"VD, and pregnancy will be a problem for Goddesses. So club members are only allowed to have protected sex."

Georgina looked around the room and eyeballed each of the girls until each nodded their consent.

"Accidents happen though."

"Many Gypsies earned money through sex. They could never remarry, the men only wanted virgins. We used turmeric, daily for VD and Queen Anne's Lace the morning after sex, it seemed to work. No one got VD and definitely no pregnancies." Brielle said.

"As soon as I get a chance I want to go up to Oxford to see a friend who is working on a wonder drug. I'll discus turmeric and Queen Anne's Lace too."

They all nodded.

"I'll book you a car," Roger said.

"No thanks Roger, I'll use my motorbike it hasn't been used since I was seconded to the yard. I need to blow the cobwebs out of it."

Before Roger's eyebrows reached his forehead Reggie shouted.

"Can I come?"

Georgina nodded and was filled with armfuls of Reggie, to the laughter of the other girls. Roger knew the girls were very supportive of Reggie. Everyone she had loved hurt her, either physically or just by no longer being there. Roger wondered if she'd survive another loss. He had another reason to make sure Georgina was safe.

When Reggie was just holding Georgina's hand, Georgina said, "Roger, when are we going out recruiting cold starving waifs?"

Still thinking of Georgina's safety, he said, "We are not!"

"Why Roger, I couldn't possibly let you go by yourself, you might get hurt."

With his lips firmly together and his head shaking he gave in gracefully when he remembered that he had failed to save her twice. She had managed perfectly without his assistance, maybe he needed her, not vice versa.

"Roger, you have to organize Reggie's workshop and Lola's lover."

"What about Lola and Brielle?" he said petulantly.

"They are making dresses dear, there are no idle hands here."


Roger had completed his explanation of the rules of The Hogarth Club. Colonel Wilson Knightly sipped his sherry.

"Good drop, old boy," he said to Roger.

"Colonel, Roger tells me you like our Lola, when she is working professionally she is Aphrodite-"

"Goddess of love, good show gal."

"I am Artemis, Colonel."

"Hmph, so who are you girl, and what makes this your business?"

"I am Artemis, Colonel. I am the business manager of The Hogarth Club. As such I vet all the members, no one becomes or remains a member without my consent."

He looked at Roger who nodded.

"I thought Lola was in charge?"

"Aphrodite runs both Human Services and welfare. If she was unhappy with any member then I would be also."

"Sorry gal... Artemis," he nodded and grinned.

"So you could warm my bed?"

"No Colonel, I am management not human services."

Roger laughed, "She is my fiancee Wilson, anyone who lays a finger on her will feel the tip of my sword."

"Well said, old boy, What!"

"We are offering Foundation Memberships Colonel. Foundation members get their choice of goddess monthly and a fifty percent discount if their needs are greater. The annual fee is fifteen hundred guineas."

The Colonel pulled out his cheque book, "Who do I pay dear?"

"The Hogarth Club. If Aphrodite is willing we can offer you a signing on bonus."

Lola stood, grabbed his hand, "Come on Wilson dear, your trousers seem a little tight, lets deal with that."


Reggie had set up her trial camera, the auto-advance was past the conception stage and now Reggie was drafting schematics. Tonight Reggie would have to watch for the correct moment and take the picture manually. When they were working properly the goddess would be able to pose the men and take the picture.

"Well my dear. Would you strip for me please?"

"Of course, you sweet man."

Lola gave Wilson a deep kiss, his trousers became even tighter. Her hand dropped to his fly.

"Slowly dear, we have all night."

Lola ignored him, she opened his fly, released the flap in his underpants and pulled his cock free. She was right he was easily eight inches.

"You play with that, while I get out of these clothes."

She grabbed his hand and wrapped it around his dick.

Lola inched her skirt up slowly while she swayed her hips, the movement was intoxicating. When she was displaying her lower thigh, she gracefully pirouetted a turn and a half so she had her back to the Colonel. She bent down to undo her shoes and flicked the back of her skirt over her head.

Lola heard the slap of skin, she looked through her legs, the view of her bare buttocks and hairy cunt had the Colonel exercising his penis like a drill instructor.

"Oh Colonel, I'm a bit wobbly would you come and hold me please dear?"

Wilson did as Lola expected, he slid into her, he hesitated at the entry but she was so moist she pushed her arse back and felt him fill her. She groaned.

"Oh, so big."

Wilson used her hips as handles he drove into her. He was still, he was driving Lola on and off his cock using her handles. Lola balanced on the balls of her feet to make the rocking motion he had created easier for him to control.

Lola felt the tip of his rod exploring new ground, she felt suspended on eight inches of passion. She was enjoying the sensation of his big cock so much she was disappointed when he started to grunt until his fingers found her clit. His touch was firm, just what she needed, she tightened her pelvic muscles and reaching back found his arse with her hands and drove him into her.

He gave a deep sigh just as his pumping and finger brought Lola to a climax. Lola tightened up on him and tried to stretch his cock with her muscles she worked slowly and stopped only when he ceased moaning.

He spun her around and kissed her deeply.

"Do you want to finish the strip, Goddess?"

Lola reached into the pocket of her skirt, before she dropped it, her blouse brushed the top of her thatch so the view was magnificent.

She put one leg on a stool and displayed her cunt, she flexed her muscles and Wilson's come dribbled down her leg.

"Oh, you are messy," she said and wiped the handkerchief, that she had taken from her pocket, sensuously up her leg and valley.

He watched her wipe away his mess.

"Oh, my dear you are wanton," he said, though his eyes did not lift from her snatch.

She had spun the cloth to a moist bud and was gently rubbing her clit using his secretion as a lubricant.

He stood.

"Oh No, not with clothes on, get them off! If you do it sexily enough I may let you use your tongue."

While Lola masturbated herself, the Colonel was ripping off his clothes.

"No Dear, that's no good. You have to sway and be sexy. If I am not titillated I may be unable to continue."

The role reversal had not escaped him but like most men his hardened cock demanded his compliance. He slowly unbuttoned his clothing, giving quick flashes of flesh. Lola was into his performance she matched her self stimulation to his motions. He finally ripped off his underpants with theatrical flair.

"Well done Wilson, come and get your reward, or get your reward and come," Lola said with a throaty chuckle.

Shedding her blouse, she held her arms open and welcomed him flesh to flesh.

"This would be quite comfortable, were it not for that sausage. Do you think you could hide it?" she asked, as she lifted her foot again onto the stool.

The Colonel needed no second invitation. He was taller than Lola. He bent his knees until the tip of his weapon found heat and moisture and slid himself slowly into her. She felt him filling her.

"Oh," she said.

He stood to his full height supporting Lola's weight with a firm grasp on her buttocks. The motion he created was purely by the strength of his arms as he lifted her up and down. Lola was all soft curves in Rubeneque proportions, slender but certainly not light, she took pity on him and wrapped her legs around his hips this really opened her pussy she felt as if he had grown a few inches. She could not avoid a gasp as he filled her like never before.

Her legs on his hips created a different motion, no longer up and down by brute force. He pushed her arse away from him, using her knees as a pivot he allowed gravity to complete half of the cycle. Lola had her arms around his neck and was nibbling and whispering in his ear.

"Oh Yes, like that keep fucking me like that."

He responded to her entreaties and fucked her like that, only harder.

The Colonel was a well practiced lover, in the Indian tradition. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of the Indian love lexicon written in Sanskrit by Vatsyayana. He could could delay or expedite his own orgasms. Lola's breathing and whispering lewd comments in his ear made him choose the latter. They exploded together in a mutual orgasm.

Lola collapsed into his arms, he walked to the bed and gently laid them down maintaining their connection. Lola threw a leg over his hip while they spooned allowing him to regain the depth of his previous penetration. He pulled them close.

Lola's hand went in search of his testicle, she needed something to play with.

"Gently Aphrodite, we have all night and with you in my arms I have little desire to sleep."

He cupped her full breasts and played with her nipples, his play stopped and they found enjoyment in the heat of each others bodies.

Despite his desire to pleasure Lola all night without sleep, they both dozed. He awoke slowly and exquisitely, Lola was masturbating him with her pelvic muscles.

His cock still in place, the detritus of their last orgasm was a natural lubricant which allowed Lola to almost push him out, when she relaxed he grew a little. By the size of him she had been doing this for a while.

"You'd like some more, you insatiable wench?"

She turned her head and kissed him, it was the sort of answer he wanted.

"In the Sanskrit text I have studied, there is a position which translated means the Aphrodite position, shall we try it?"

Lola disengaged from him, found her handkerchief, where she had left it, and lifted her leg on the stool again. She gave him a clear view of her leaking cunt as she wiped his semen from her mound and legs.

He sat comfortably back against the bed-head with his legs straight, his cock stood up like a pillar box, hard, upright and red.

"Come here, Aphrodite."

Lola walked to the side of the bed she was surprised when he leaned over and picked her up like a baby. One arm under her knees and one behind her back. He lifted her over.

"Like some help, big boy?" she said.

She grabbed his pole and positioned it at her moist lips. He lowered her slowly until she was fully impaled. He still supported her body. It was as if she was just sitting on his lap, but this contact was considerably more intimate. She had both hands free. She kissed him, her tongue explored his mouth looking for a reaction. She found it on his palate.

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