tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 14

The Hogarth Club Ch. 14


Lola joined them for breakfast dragging the Colonel by his hand.

"Join us Colonel. I'm sorry we haven't got the dining room set up yet," Georgina said.

Lola looked at Reggie, she was squirming.

"How many?" she said.


Everyone but the Colonel laughed. Reggie had been physically behind the lens and had witnessed their tryst.

While the girls were laughing the Colonel whispered to Roger, "I say old boy, it's a mistake to let 'the girl' run the show. She's only a woman."

Before Roger could intervene the Colonel had a lap-full of tea, which was fortunately tepid.

"Oops sorry," Lola said working hard to suppress a laugh.

"Let me help you," Reggie said, as she accidentally elbowed the old boy in the eye.

"Reggie, don't be careless," said Brielle, as she mopped his lap and tipped the rest of the jam to join the tea.

The Colonel stared hard at Georgina.

"Well?" he said.

"Well what Colonel?"

"If you're planning on joining these strumpets better do it before I clean up."

"Oh no Colonel, I'm only a woman," Georgina said, successfully imitating his comment.

Roger manged to keep a straight face, "My goddesses are emancipated by their skill and courage, they will not be disparaged by anyone. Nor will I allow them to be demeaned."

The Colonel who had scraped most of the jam from his lap, straightened his back.

"Quite so, sorry Lad. I'm sorry gal and goddesses."

If he was surprised by their initial action he was more so now, the girls snuggled around him. Being fussed over by three beautiful women quite pleased the Colonel. Even though they shared their breakfast with his trousers he promised to refer as many of his friends and associates as he could.

"I'll see you out Colonel before they gang up on you again."

"Quite so, lad."

"We shouldn't really send our members away with damp trousers," Roger said on his return.

"I thought we had to share fluids?" Reggie said.

"Erotic, not tea, jam and elbows."

Georgina changed the subject.

"Reggie, are your prints dry?"

Reggie just stood from the table and disappeared. She returned shortly with a handful of prints.

"I like this one the best," she said, as she handed the photo to Georgina.

"So do I Darling, this is beautiful."

She passed it around the table, to gasps and giggles.

"That's the Aphrodite position," Lola said, with a smile that was bigger than her face.

Roger expected anything but what he saw, he understood the reaction the photo had gained. It failed as pornography but excelled as pure art.

"That isn't the way that extortion is supposed to work," Roger said. "Most men who saw that photo would want to buy it. Do you have anything a bit... pornographic?"

Reggie thumbed through the remaining prints.

"Here!" she said. "Is this more suitable for extortion?"

She passed it to Roger.

"Is this to most base you have?"

Reggie nodded, then glanced guiltily at Georgina.

"I'm sorry Georgina."

Roger quickly moved to undo the damage before Georgina attacked him.

"Reggie, you are too skilled for this work. I wish I had your talent."

He passed the photo to Georgina. It was definitely pornographic, the Colonel was rutting Lola doggy style, it was their first encounter and was pure sex.

"Reggie, you capture the emotion of the moment. We could extort with that but it too, is art," Georgina said.

Reggie had captured the carnal look on Wilson's face. He was reaching greedily for Lola's breast. Lola tongue was licking her lip in anticipation.

"But, are they OK?" Reggie asked, with a little more confidence.

Brielle had taken the wad of photos and passed them around, there were gasps from everyone, most of them from Lola. She stood, walked to Reggie and pulled her to her body.

"Reggie, they are beautiful."

Lola had too many scars to weakly show emotion, she hoped that no one saw her tear.


Georgina returned from an afternoon and evening handing out business cards to girls on the street who looked hungry and cold. She returned alone Roger was staying at his club.

"How did it go?" Brielle asked, she had lived that life and was pleased that Georgina had decided to staff the Hogarth Club with girls selling themselves to avoid starvation.

Georgina sighed, the look in the faces she had seen today ranged from fear and desperation to feral confidence it was a visual lexicon of a slide from innocence to immorality. She had seen hope in so few faces.

Reggie was the first to get to Georgina and pull her into an embrace but only just. Cosseted by her coterie Georgina had never felt more loved.

"I'm OK," she said, brushing away the tear which had caused the show of solidarity.

"How can society allow this to happen?" she asked.

"Cunts are currency," Brielle said.

The girls were quiet, an unusual event. They thought about Brielle's words. She was the expert amongst them she had traded that currency for sustenance.

"Roger was my first client away from the circus, even with someone as nice as him I felt depraved.

"Is it truly horrible?" Reggie asked Brielle.

"Even though Gabby was just a mobile cunt," Brielle said, speaking of her street persona.

"Gabby was less depraved than the pimps who prey on women who are weakened and desperate."

She looked Georgina, hard in the eye, "Can we get the Flesh gangs and their pimps?" she asked.

The tear in her eye did not elicit the same response that Georgina's had. Although the tear was evoked through passion, the girls knew that if acknowledged Brielle would feel weakened in their eyes. Instinctually they knew, despite her tough exterior, she was so damaged that dealing with weakness, however occasioned, may damage the wall she had created to protect her psyche.

Georgina smiled, reading Lola's and Reggie's faces. She pondered where this deep knowledge and care, of and for each other, came from but reveled in its existence.

Georgina sought to change the subject which was too close to Brielle's raw core. She reached for Brielle's hand, looked her in the eye and said, "Let's crimp the pimp!"

It was a perfect circuit breaker, the girls were now able to support Brielle they hugged her. She tolerated it for a few moments.

"OK, fuck off, I don't want to be crowded with girls with their clothes on." she said.

Georgina pointed to boxes on the side table.

"Your business cards, if you see any girls struggling on the street and they still have hope in their eyes, give them a card and ask them to visit us."

To Georgina's surprise the girls rushed to the table. With quick cooperation they soon had their own business cards.

"I have a business card," Reggie said proudly. The grin was repeated on the other faces.

"Athena, The Hogarth Club," she read.

"Dione," Brielle repeated.

"Aphrodite," Lola echoed.

Again Georgina was mobbed.

"Only the aristocracy have calling cards," Brielle said.

Georgina had not realized the power of the cards until Brielle captured the mood with her comment,

"We are even beyond royalty we are goddesses."


Georgina escaped for bed early, her day was wearing but it was not the cause of her tiredness. She had been woken regularly by Reggie whose room was next door.

Reggie was experiencing nightmares. Georgina's soft touch seemed to be the easiest way to break the terrors Reggie was experiencing. She always woke and grabbed Georgina's hand which was only released when she regained quiet sleep. Although Georgina returned to bed, cold and feeling more tired than she did when she first went to bed, these physical discomforts were a minor price to pay for Reggie's comfort.

Georgina was in deep sleep when Reggie slipped into her room. Reggie knew she was the cause of her weariness. She had tried to stop her nightmares, even setting the alarm every hour only seemed to make them worse.

Reggie felt guilty about the cost, to Georgina for her selfless care. She decided to stay at her bedside, if she didn't sleep she wouldn't disturb her.

Georgina's eye's flew open, Reggie's screams seemed so close. She saw her asleep in the chair next to her bed. She didn't worry about the logistics she climbed out of bed on Reggie's side and gently lifted her from the chair to the bed, then snuggled in behind her.

Reggie was chilled, Georgina pulled her close to her to share her warmth. She doubted that Reggie had even woken, fortunately the terrors had flown. Georgina too was soon back to sleep.


Georgina woke, feeling fully rested. She opened her eyes, Reggie was looking at her.

"Thank you, I slept so well, You?"

"Yes me too," Georgina replied.

Reggie's face clouded over.

"What?" Georgina asked.

Reggie shook her head, she looked so exposed. Georgina brushed the hair from her eyes.

"Tell me, Please Reggie."

Reggie's face turned grim.

"Reggie, the whole story," she kissed her forehead, but the look on Georgina's face brooked no defiance.

"I have never been loved."

Georgina waited but Reggie looked even more withdrawn.

"What about Albie at the beginning?" Georgina asked.

"His heart was black, he only used me."

"You said it was good at first."

"Georgina, You are the first person ever, to make me feel complete." Reggie touched Georgina's face.

Georgina shivered.

"What about the other night?" she asked.

"Lola and Brielle are my sisters, there was no malice but what they did to me was still exploiting my freakishness. I want to be loved... for me, not because I'm a freak."

"You are not a freak..." Georgina tucked the stubborn lock of hair behind her ear again, she wanted to see Reggie's eyes, "tell me the story," she said.

"I feel so secure here, I have been able to think. He was nice until he'd spent my money. I had a small inheritance plus the money I'd earned fixing cameras..."

She broke down, Georgina pulled Reggie into her body. She stroked her hair and mumbled reassuring words.

Reggie being held spoke into Georgina's hair.

"After he cut me, and tied me up he went to the pub and came home drunk. I thought he'd untie me. Instead he got ash from the grate and rubbed it into the cut. 'You're nothing but a slut you deserve to be permanently marked'

Georgina reached for her arm and kissed the scar.

"The wound was still weeping because of the salt," Reggie continued. "The ash hurt less so I didn't struggle. I asked him to let me go with what voice I had left from the screaming and crying. "Don't you dare ask me for anything, you orgasmic slit,' he screamed. He took a ball gag from his pocket, someone at the pub must have given it to him. He stuck it in my mouth. 'We don't want the neighbors to hear you,' he said."

Reggie snuggled so tightly Georgina had difficultly breathing, she just held Reggie and rocked her. Like a baby feeling love, her crying eventually stilled and stopped.

"What did he do?"

"I was still naked, he pushed salt inside me."

They both shuddered, "I thought the salt on my arm was painful... I was able to watch him die without compassion because I remember the pain and his callousness. He deserved to die."

"Ooh Reggie!"

Reggie cried again and said in a voice just loud enough to be discerned. "He did it every night that week and whenever I upset him."

Georgina loved Reggie as a sister but she realized she needed more.

"Reggie, I am not wired that way but, just this once, can I kiss you?"

Reggie's eyes flew open, "I know you are doing it for me, it's OK-"

Reggie was interrupted by Georgina's mouth on hers. Before the sapphic interlude and Georgina's night with Roger, neither girl had much experience in kissing or being kissed. So they played. When the kiss broke Reggie was again in tears.

"Are you OK Darling?"

"That was so nice."

"Yes, it was. Reggie, neither of us have ever been pleasured," she blushed, "apart from the other night."

She put her fingers over Reggie's lips she had to finish uninterrupted.

"I will touch you the way I want to be touched and visa versa."

Reggie smiled and pulled Georgina's night gown over her head. She drew a swift breath, Georgina was so beautifully made that even her scar did not mar her perfection. Before she could continue the thought, her gown too was pulled off.

Reggie's eyes were drawn to the muscles which hid none too subtly under Georgina's skin. The muscles of her shoulders and abdomen were the most defined so Reggie traced the corded flow with her fingers. She looked up tentatively as she caressed the livid scar but Georgina smiled her permission and granted Reggie free rein. She enjoyed Reggie's tentative touch.

"You are beautiful, you look so feminine but you have more muscles than any of the animals that used me."

Georgina smiled and kissed her, Reggie gave in to the kiss. She felt a familiar stirring. Georgina's fingers traced Reggie's shoulders and abdomen.

Georgina echoed Reggie's moves, when her fingers reached her navel she felt Reggie's muscles twitch as if she was being tickled. She ran her fingers gently over that spot feeling the play of the muscles under the surface. Reggie moved toward her fingers, encouraged Georgina's fingers varied the pressure and touch.

Reggie's tongue stopped dancing with Georgina's the kiss broke and her breathing deepened. Georgina had her lips free so she added her tongue to the action on her stomach. She licked and chilled the area which seemed to be giving Reggie the most pleasure. Georgina could hear a low groan which was slowly increasing in tempo and pitch. She removed her fingers and sucked on the zone which was fueling Reggie's reaction.

"Yes, Yes!" Reggie managed before the moan became a growl.

Georgina felt Reggie's stomach move, her orgasm was starting, she redoubled her efforts sucking hard, love-biting Reggie's stomach. Georgina's thoughts turned mischievous so she plunged her fingers deep into Reggie, who screamed and bucked. Georgina held on like a rodeo rider. She maintained her love bites and moved her fingers feeling Reggie's slick passage.

Reggie rode her climax feeling safe and loved. Her groans of pleasure were not all instigated physically. It was the first time she had experienced such strong emotion, it seemed to double her orgasmic pleasure. She felt the waves wash over her, maintained by Georgina's mouth and skillful fingers, when the pleasure dulled to merely fantastic she moved to break Georgina's contact.

Reggie rolled her lover onto her back and straddled her stomach, she gathered her arms she held them above her head. Georgina's breasts thrust forward begging for passionate contact. Reggie succeeded in ignoring them and kissed Georgina instead.

"Thank you Georgina," she said between kisses.

"Do you feel loved, Darling?"

Reggie ramped up the passion of the kiss in answer, it was far more eloquent than words. The girls slept lightly in each others arms.

Georgina woke to a tongue adding to her already copious moistness. Reggie was slurping like a thirsty dog at a water bowl. The feelings she was creating sent tingles down Georgina's back.

"What about you?" Georgina said.

Between slurps Reggie managed, "If you come I will too."

Georgina lay back and reveled in the attention. Reggie's tongue was exploring her entrance then tantalizing her clitoris. Georgina shuddered the tingles were now everywhere. Reggie looked up and saw two small pert breasts covered in goose flesh crowned with two thrusting peaks. Georgina's nipples were so hard the skin around them looked stretched they screamed for a willing mouth.

Reggie licked her way up Georgina's stomach being guided by the strength of Georgina's groans. Her mouth eventually arrived at it's destination she took in one nipple and caressed the other, then alternated. The tight orb was a little too large to be fully cupped in her small palm.

"You have man sized breasts Georgina, any more than a handful is a waste," she said.

Reggie sucked on nipples that felt hard like stones and fondled their antithesis, the soft skin of firm breasts. She wondered if she was enjoying this more than Georgina. She gave up the sensual pleasure of Georgina's soft impertinently perfect bosom for her mouth.

She arrived panting wishing to give pleasure but Georgina took over, she sucked Reggie's bottom lip into her mouth and sucked like a baby feeding on a teat. Reggie's temperature rose and escalated to a fever, when Georgina slipped her thigh between Reggie's legs.

Georgina was biting Reggie's lip now as she ran her hands down her back to her buttocks. With a firm hold she drove Reggie hard against her leg which had pervaded Reggie's core. With an inner smile Georgina drove Reggie to an explosion. She felt the reaction of Reggie's muscles which involuntarily betrayed her passion. She drove Reggie on until the muscles said it was time to stop. Reggie collapsed spent on Georgina, who gathered her close.

"You are such a joy, Darling," she whispered.

Reggie groaned, and fell further into Georgina's softness. The softness of her body and her soul. She felt Georgina's hands fondling her buttocks and back, seeking and giving pleasure. The thought of pleasure almost catapulted her from Georgina's arms.

"What about you?" she said.

"My vicarious pleasure, is more than enough," she said, and pulled Reggie back to her body.

Reggie rolled to the side, her hand was drawn again to Georgina's perfect curves which she fondled. Georgina reached across to shadow her moves, her arm blocked Reggie's contact.

"Georgina, stop being so selfless. It's JUST your turn."

Reggie slid down her body paying homage to her tits on the way and sucked her nub into her mouth. Georgina's gasp was a just reward.

"Turn around," Georgina asked.

Reggie thought she could make better contact kneeling between Georgina's legs so she did not respond but sucked harder.

"Please Reggie," Georgina gasped, "I would like to grope your arse, it's so lovely."

Reggie, delighted to please her lover spun around, she quickly refastened her lips and worked Georgina's clit with her busy tongue. She felt hands groping her as promised. The hands were firm and demanding they pulled Reggie back and down.

"Ohh..." Reggie choked out, momentarily ignoring Georgina's needy clit.

She was responding to Georgina's tongue which was torturing Reggie's own clit.

"Come on Darling, don't stop."

Reggie heard through wet slurping noises. Her pleasure was so great, Reggie's muscles refused her command to pleasure Georgina. It would be unfair to come again and leave her friend wanting.

Reggie summonsed a control that was new to her, she managed to dismiss her pleasure and regain her concentration. Georgina seemed to thrust towards her when she sucked her nub and flicked it with her tongue when it was further engorged by her suction. So she did that to her.

"Fuck... fuck me with your mouth... don't stooooop," Georgina screamed, loud enough to wake the house.

She bucked against Reggie's mouth trying for more contact. Which was impossible there was no space even for a stray molecule between Reggie's tongue and Georgina's clit.

Georgina's screams of pleasure stopped when she regained control of her tongue which quickly had Reggie moaning, her hands found Reggie's tits and with an almost painful twist of her nipples drove Reggie over the edge. Their screams were muted by tongues which were too busy to cooperate. They licked each other through their cataclysmic orgasms and remained busy until the contact was merely pleasurable.

Reggie broke the contact first, she spun around and kissed Georgina. She tasted their passion, herself on Georgina's lips, then Georgina transferred from her lips and conjoined in the kiss. Reggie came again. Georgina did nothing sensual to add to her pleasure but Reggie felt ecstatic in her embrace.

They melted into each other, boneless blobs of pleasure, unable to do anything but bask in the afterglow of their indulgent passion.

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