tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 15

The Hogarth Club Ch. 15


The girls arrived for breakfast together.

"Fuck me with your mouth, don't stoooop," Brielle said, in a credible imitation of Georgina, while Lola moaned and screamed.

The girls all laughed and touched. The touch robbed the words of malice. Reggie explained about her nightmares and how they destroyed Georgina's sleep.

Brielle hugged Reggie, "You will share my bed tonight."

"Mine tomorrow," Lola said. "We are Ultra dolorem. We share the good and the bad."

Reggie's smile looked sad at the edges.

"Mine on the third," Georgina said.

Reggie beamed, she dragged them all from the table into a hug.

"Thank you, Ultra dolorem," she said, as if she was only just understanding what it meant.

Georgina watched her then said, "Ultra dolorem - no more pain. Is not an acceptance of the past but an obligation together for the future.

Brielle whose flat reading skills were probably more tuned than even Georgina's, said, "...and?"

Georgina smiled, thinking she had expressed the whole thought, but yes, there was an and. Confident in the sorority and support, she expressed her coalescing philosophy unpolished. Normally she would only speak if she had fully refined the concept in her head. Now it seemed that the thoughts were being formed by her mouth.

"Men are not the enemy," she said, "we are."

The girls sensing that the thoughts were almost too new to be expressed, smiled their support and waited.

"Men are not the oppressor, we are the oppressed."

Georgina smiled, her nascent feelings had all fallen into place.

"There is a space between the two, the oppressor and the oppressed, being treated like an enemy and being the enemy."

"Us!" Lola said.

"We have to allow it, and we do," Brielle said.

"Well fuck them," Reggie said.

"What a good idea!" Lola said with a lascivious grin.

Hilarity ruled, the girls hugged and laughed. Eventually their faces ached and decorum returned.

In the quiet, Georgina said, "Fucking them, in the sense that Reggie was suggesting, is just changing the gender of the oppressor. We only need to rule ourselves. We accept no agenda but our own."

Georgina's smile overlapped her face, "Revolution is the only hope of the oppressed," she said.

"We rule ourselves," Reggie said. "I like it, what is it in Latin?"

Georgina grinned, "Et nos ipsi imperare but enim imperare nobis is a better translation of the concept, it means - We rule us."

Brielle pulled a little knife from her pocket, she cut the tip of her finger, Georgina understood and gave her finger to Brielle to be cut. When all the fingers were bleeding they joined them.

"You first Georgina," Brielle said.

"We declare Sorority nobis. We will accept the world ONLY on our terms, our agenda will be foremost. In solidarity we will prevail."

Brielle repeated the oath, as did the others, she responded to the slight shake of the heads of Lola and Reggie.

"Our blood mingles, we are one. Our oath is to support each other in Sorority Nobis and in life."

The girls recited the oath together.

"Stronger together," Reggie said.

Again they repeated the oath together.

"Sisters in love and love," Lola said.

This oath was supported vocally and physically. The girls hugged while they licked their fingers.

Georgina answered the door quickly she was afraid it would be battered down. The open door let in little more light than the closed one. Apart from small gaps each side of the head, the body she faced was of door sized proportions.

"I'm Crash, Rags sent me," he said.

Georgina was tempted to peer around behind him to see if someone else was speaking, his voice sounded like someone was rattling a tin filled with ball bearings. Instead she offered her hand.

"Come on in Algernon, I'm Georgina."

Georgina's offered hand was refused so she turned and walked into the house, Crash stood in the doorway. Georgina looked back over her shoulder, unimpressed with Crash's mountain imitation she said, "Come on, Algernon."

The door shut and he caught up with her in the corridor and pulled her shoulder so she was facing him.

"No one calls me Algernon," he said.

Georgina was aggravated by his attitude, "Not even your mother?" she asked, cheekily.

He looked a little confused. "Well, yes. She calls me Algernon."

Georgina brushed his hand off her shoulder.

"I saw you play rugby in the varsity match. You were truly elegant in your play. Crash is such an inappropriate name for someone with such grace."

Again, Georgina left him behind, this time he had his mouth open.

"Come on... Algy."

He caught up again.

"No one calls me Algernon!" he said.

Georgina raised an eyebrow.

"Apart from Mother," he added.

"NO problem CRASH, as we are setting down rules NO ONE touches the girls. That includes you."

She stared him in the eye. He was surprised that he looked away first.

"Welcome to the team Crash."

He growled, but followed meekly. Georgina opened a door and shouted.

"Morning tea, we have a visitor!"

By the time the kettle had boiled the girls arrived, chattering like school children. Lola was first in the kitchen.

"Oh!" she said and walked up to Crash, he could have kissed the top of her head without bending. Shamelessly she rubbed her hands over his shoulders and down his chest.

"Lola, sit and behave," Georgina said, much to Lola's disappointment.

"Girls this is Crash. Roger spoke about him if you recall. He is joining us, primarily for our protection."

"Crash, can you protect me from myself?" Lola asked, with a licentious grin and a body shimmy. Her meaning couldn't have been clearer.

"Crash, ignore her, she is shameless."

"Warm, moist and willing too," Lola added.

Crash offered his hand, "Hello shameless, I'm Crash," his smile reflected all the hunger of Lola's.

They all laughed and sat while Georgina prepared the tea. By the time she got the cups to the table they were managing a stilted conversation.

"I've got an address for Reggie."

He threw a slip of paper onto the table.

"Rags said she wants to make a camera."

Crash laughed to hide his embarrassment, it was a joke he didn't understand.

Reggie looked at Georgina her eyebrows were almost in her hairline.

"He also said, there would be someone coming to cut holes in walls, more camera shit no doubt." Crash added.

Crash handled his tea like it was a pint of beer, he poured it down his gullet and crashed the cup back onto the saucer.

"When is Rags coming, he needs to tell me what I'm supposed to be doing?"

"You are to protect the establishment and the girls."

"I'll wait until Rags tells me that," he snorted, "I don't take orders from women."

You could cut the atmosphere with a knife.

"How are the interviews going?" Brielle asked, in an attempt to melt some of the ice.

The girls that Georgina had spoken to yesterday were dribbling in the door.

"Apart from a vicarious visit, good. I have-"

"What is a vicarious visit?" Reggie asked.

"A substitute or surrogate," Crash said.

Apart from Lola, whose eyes had yet to leave Crash's body, the girls signaled there disapproval subtly with body language and eye rolls, and masked it with laughter.

Crash interrupted the laughter, "The pimps are on to you, don't go out by yourself."

"I was more worried about what happened to the girl they took my card from." Georgina said.

"Wait a moment," Reggie said, as she darted from the room.

She was back quickly, she slid a camera across the table to Georgina. It was small, it just fitted her palm.

"Put a number the back of you business card, then photograph them with the number visible. That way we can stop the Vicarities at the door."

Georgina pulled Reggie into a hug.

"Good thinking, Darling."

Crash shook his head.

"You ignorant girl, there is no such word," he said.

Brielle had suffered enough, "I think all that Rugby may have dislodged the part of your brain that controls manners."

"Oh, I have manner around Ladies..." he left the thought unfinished. He stood and reached for Lola's hand.

"Come on Doll, show me where my digs are."

Lola pulled him out of the room eagerly.

"Get your clothes off!" his voice was even deeper and gravely.

Lola complied she wriggled free of her outer clothing, as usual that was all she was wearing. Crash watched her, his prick in his hand, he was large already but he was wanking himself erect.

"Nice show, do you want some help?"

"I don't need a slut's help to get hard."

He was on her quickly he grabbed her hands and roughly twisted them behind her back, he pushed them under her buttocks, this pushed her shoulders back and her breasts out.

"Up you come," he said.

Her gripped her arms hard and lifted her with her hands under her arse. She slid up his body. She ignored his painful grip when he tongued her breasts briefly before lowering her down on to his shaft.

She felt him at her entrance, as soon as he was connected, he dropped her hands and caught her around the waist.

She plunged onto him, her full weight driving him inside her, she was suspended by his loose hold and his cock. She found the pain only mildly distracting.

"Come on whore, get that minge working."

"What you think I can levitate?"

He grabbed her tit and squeezed she felt his nails digging into her soft flesh. He pulled her tit hard stretching it she felt his nails gouge.

"Put me on the table, if you need the help of a slut to come."

He put her on the edge of the table, and pumped himself piston like. He considered hard and fast to be manly, he thought finesse was a Scandinavian woman.

"Don't back-chat me!" he said.

Her gripped her other breast and painfully extended it. He gripped with his nails, when the elasticity of her tit was reached his nailed raked her pink flesh.

Lola inhaled sharply as his nails cut her.

"You like that huh, trollop?"

He had found a motion which pleased him, he slithered on Lola's juices in hard, his pubic bone smashing into her clit, then almost out before he thrust himself in again. He had attained a manly speed.

"Fuck 'em hard, they like it," he said.

It wasn't Lola's most pleasant experience, but she liked cock.

"I'm coming you canker ridden nympho, fucking move."

His hand reached for her throat and he choked her as he pumped his load inside her. Lola felt his spurt and it drove her to orgasm too. Before she could radiate in the warmth he grabbed her hands again and pushed her down to his prick.

"Suck it clean, you subverted baggage."

Lola was angry at not being able to enjoy her release, she ripped her hands from his grasp.

"Lick yourself, all dogs can lick their own balls."

She ripped his shirt from his waistline and used the tail to wipe his come off her cunt. He stood open mouthed unable to comprehend what was happening. This was not the way sluts should behave.

He lifted his arm to backhand her.

"I wouldn't!" Lola said, she had grabbed his prick, her nails. Like talons, were digging into his shaft.

"Broken jaw versus shredded cock, do it payback will be sweet!" Lola said.

His arm dropped, he suddenly became aware of the pain he looked at his prick, there was blood leaking from underneath Lola's nails.

"You fucking arse licking harridan, look what you've done."

He raised his arm again and squealed. Lola had tightened her grip.

"Yes," she looked at her breasts,"look what you've done, you..."

She searched for a pejorative which dripped with sanctimony and judgment like the ones he had been using and couldn't think of one.

"... you fag fucking pimp."

"Fag fucking..." his hand went up again.

"Yes," Lola said, "you must have been fucking men, you have no idea how to please a woman."

He deflated, strangely Lola dominated him, he didn't seem so tough when he was challenged. Lola let his shriveled cock go, he just watched as she picked up her clothes and walked out of the door. She dressed on her way back to the kitchen.

Lola came back into the kitchen red faced.

"Are you OK, Lola?" Georgina asked, worry clearly discernible in her voice.

"He was energetic, bit rough!"

She rolled up her sleeves and showed the girls her bruises, you could see the marks that looked like thumbs and fingers.

"Anywhere else?" Georgina asked.

Lola unbuttoned her blouse, no underwear as usual. She had a bruise around her neck and both breasts had nail marks.

"I'm a bit sore too, he thinks foreplay is sticking his cock in."

"Did you enjoy the way you were treated?" Reggie asked.

Lola thought. She was into anything and sex was sex but with these girls she had learned a little about passion, trust and even love. What had happened to her, fitted none of those categories.

"No Reggie, I didn't. The sex was good but this..." she ran her fingers around her bruises and scars, "did nothing to add to MY pleasure."

Crash, crashed into the room. He walked up to Reggie, "Up and at 'em, you're next," he said.

"Sit down for a minute please Crash," Georgina said, calmly.

Crash pursed his lips and shook his head doing little to disguise his petulance.

"What?" he said, rudely.

"Should Lola agree to sex with you again, she will return here UNMARKED," she emphasized the word. She held up her hand to prevent interruption.

"None of these girls are at your beck or call, and neither Reggie or Brielle are interested in your advances. So leave them alone."

"You've got a lot to say for a whore."

"Irrespective of your opinion, did you hear what I said?"

"So slut, what are you going to do about it?"

Georgina glanced at the girls, Brielle had her hand on the knife she still held sheathed on her calf, Reggie was playing with a heavy stone pestle and Lola was standing next to the knife draw, which she had opened.

Impressed with the girls she answered with a monster smile.

"Probably take your gun, then give some thought as to whether I shoot you in the head or the balls."

"Come on then, you pestilent cock sucker!" Crash's chair clattered back as he stood and faced Georgina as she rose.

The girls later said that Georgina looked like a ballet dancer.

She lunged across her body driving her fingers into his left shoulder, she twisted and drove her body weight into a strike on the right. She maintained the motion and pirouetted. Before she had completed half a turn her heel had struck Crash in the chest, he folded like a loosing gambler. Georgina pulled in her leg after the strike and completed the pirouette, in perfect balance, facing Crash, who was writhing on the floor vainly trying to breathe. All this in one flowing motion and within two seconds, or so it seemed.

Georgina's strikes had put his nerves into shock, the selective hits had traumatized spots where groups of nerves met, plexus, where the maximum damage could be done with the minimum effort. His brain told his arms to move or even his lungs to breathe but there was no transmission.

"Come on Algernon, you can breathe if you like."

Georgina knew his ears were still working. She pushed him on his back, with her foot. She dropped to one knee and pulled his gun from the holster under his arm.

"Where shall I shoot him Girls?"

Like a chorus they said, "In the balls."

Georgina held the gun to his head, she gained his attention by cocking the hammer, it clicked ominously.

"Seems you are going to loose your balls."

The gun moved away from his head.

"Noooo... I... won't hurrt..." he managed breathlessly.

Georgina fired into a bag of rags, that were even beyond her skills to revive.

Crash screamed, he wanted to reach for his equipment to assess the damage but his arms still wouldn't work. Georgina left him for a while to think the worst. He looked at her pleading was more dominant on his face than anger. Georgina relieved his tension.

"You are lucky THIS TIME, we can discuss your future behavior when you recover."

They all came and gave Georgina a cuddle, she allowed a brief moment of group adulation.

"Tea would be nice girl's, make a cup for Crash. I think he may be willing to play gently. Oh, let's not tell Roger yet, if we can rehabilitate Crash first, Roger won't need to kill him."

Despite Crash still struggling to breathe, there was nothing wrong with his ears.

The girls were on their second cup when he struggled to the table. Georgina was calm, the other girls looked livid.

Reggie smashed the stone pestle on the table so close to his hand he could feel the draft.

"Don't you dare touch me, understood!"

He pushed his shoulders back refusing to be bowed. Before he could open his mouth a knife appeared under his arm. It grazed his chest before it stuck into the chair.

"The correct answer is, NO of course not!" Brielle said.

Her knife was quivering in the chair, she was now playing with a heavy carving knife.

He looked at Lola, hoping for a friendly face, she held her hand up and imitated a talon.

"If Georgina lets you stay, you really should worry about sleeping!"

"Come on Girls, Algy is smart he doesn't need I's dotted and T's crossed. Reggie could you pour him a cup?"

Reggie did, "You'd better hope nothing happens to Georgina, at the moment she is your only protection."

He sipped his tea.

"Can I have my knife back please?"

He looked up Brielle was all smiles, he pulled the knife from the chair rotated it and offered her the handle.

"Will you tell Roger?" he asked.

Georgina said, "Yes, but not now."

"He wouldn't kill me!" Crash said.

The girls just laughed.

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