tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 16

The Hogarth Club Ch. 16


Roger had persuaded Georgina to go out for a drink before they hit the streets again.

"I'll come too, the pimps are after her," Crash said.

Georgina smiled the other girls had really scared him, he didn't want to be alone with them.

"No Crash, I'll look after Georgina, you look after these lovely ladies."

The girls eyes swiveled towards Lola waiting for a comment, there was none. Lola obviously had little intention of revisiting her earlier dalliance.

Crash looked doubtful, he didn't trust the girls without Georgina also he didn't want to embarrass Rags about his leg but if Georgina was hurt he couldn't stay. He raised his eyebrow. Roger reached into his pocket and pulled out his revolver.

"Happy now Mush?"

"Come on Georgina, we might catch a dance at the Palais."

Roger grabbed her coat and swung it on her shoulders.

They did catch the dance. Roger was self conscious about his leg but Georgina took the lead, the mans role, and supported him so he looked magnificent. The man usually controlled the dance yet even with Roger in the lead position she still managed to control the dance. It did demand greater contact but Roger had no complaints.

Looking magnificent in Georgina's arms did not attract any attention, Roger observed even the eyes of the women followed Georgina, so graceful was she. He thought of his brother, if she fought like she danced she would be formidable.

He smiled to himself, he cared not a jot about who admired whom. He was in Georgina's arms he could feel her body firmly pressed against his as she guided him around the floor. Her moves always favored his good side, she controlled his body so surreptitiously that only a ballroom champion would have noticed.

Happily weary they left the dance hall and set off for Soho.

"Did you have any success today gaining new acolytes?"

Roger knew about the blow in and was as concerned as Crash.

"Not really, no one for the Hogarth Club."

Reading between the lines Roger asked, "Where were you successful?"

Georgina smiled up at him, he loved her smile it filled the full real estate of her face, it left no empty blocks.

"Octavian arranged with the Women's Land Army to take any girls that are willing. I gave them five pounds a good feed and some clothes before they shipped out."

"How many were willing?"

"All but my Vicarite."


"Yes Reggie called my vicarious visitor a vicarite."

"She is as inventive with her words as she is with her technology. My contact at the factory, where she's building her camera, wants to employ her."

"I'll tell her."

"Why, she might go?"

"The tighter you hold the things you love, the less likely they are to stay. Like mercury they will slither through your fingers and leave you with a handful of regret."

He nodded, there was a lesson there.

'Here, we'll take a short cut."

Roger steered them down Wilder Walk it cut the block to Strumpet Street, really Denman and Sherwood Streets, the area where the street-girls paraded their wares.

Roger heard a click behind him, without thought he pushed Georgina hard, she fell and hit her head against the wall. A gun exploded and a searing pain followed the slug which hit his arm, where Georgina had been seconds earlier.

Roger held his arm and screamed in pain.

"Look whose got the gun now?" Wiry man said.

He walked up with Muscle Thug. Roger went to reach for the man with his good arm but screamed again, overcome with pain her cradled the damaged arm again.

"Ah... a broken humerus isn't humorous," said Wiry laughing at his own joke. Knowing Roger was effectively incapacitated. A broken humerus was agony unless it was supported he knew if Roger let go of the damaged arm he would likely feint.

"You saved her life briefly," he said as he sighted the gun on Georgina.

"She's just a slut," Roger said, "but God!... she a sweet fuck."

Georgina was coming round, Roger's words were the first thing she heard.

"Cover him," Wiry said to Muscles.

"Good fuck eh... show me your wares whore."

He reached for Georgina's collar and tugged it hard the buttons flew from her blouse and clattered on the ground. Swapping his gun to the left hand her reached for her breast.

Roger had given her a chance, he hoped she had sufficiently recovered from her knock or he had condemned her to ignominy before death.

Georgina intercepted Wiry's groping hand, with a firm grip she ducked under his arm pit, he spun to avoid his arm being ripped from his shoulder.

Roger was amazed at Georgina's speed, as soon as the half nelson was applied she kicked the back of his legs so he fell. She didn't let go of his arm though. Roger thought the loud crack of his shoulder dislocating was the spur to Muscle's action. He spun the gun around to Georgina but before he could pull the trigger Roger's elbow broke his nose.

In fluid motion Georgina let go of the dislocated limb and grabbed his collar. Using it as leverage she pushed her thumbs into his carotid arteries. She held them only long enough to cause unconsciousness rather than death. When he slumped at her feet, Roger was slipping the handcuffs on Muscles. He threw a pair to Georgina who disregarded the dislocated limb and fitted them snugly on Wiry's wrists.

"So I'm a slut and a sweet fuck?" Georgina said, with a raised eyebrow. She was not even panting.

Checking the thugs were fully disabled Roger walked over to Georgina pulled her to him and kissed her with passion.

"Oh Yes waiting is killing me but you will be sugar coated. I will lick that away to get to your core and slurp on your syrup and die in honeyed heaven."

Georgina kissed back, he could taste her sweetness. Breaking the kiss he pulled her damaged blouse together, his careless hands brushed her breasts.

"Mr Eloquent, your arm soon got better?"

"You kissed it better, nothing could defy the restorative power of your lips. How did you know?"

"Your ham acting, and the blood was in the wrong place."

"Ham acting," he said indignantly.

"Your rosy complexion gave you away."

"Oh..." he said, before he kissed her again.

"Leave the slut and stand against the wall with your hands up."

They obeyed.

"Super spy and your Earlship, I am arresting you both for assault."

Roger slowly reached for his gun, "You'll have trouble explaining how you managed to shoot an Earl, Dodson, you duck-board harrier. Running messages for their boss?"

He nodded at the two disabled thugs.

"I'm no one's messenger, and if you keep pulling, you ARE dead."

"Let the gun go Roger," Georgina whispered.

He did, with no further consideration.

"Wise, Sergeant Waverley, cuff him. I'll do her."

Roger smiled, Inspector Dodson had never been smart. Did he think the two thugs had tripped over their laces.

Dodson was eager to get to Georgina, he obviously wanted a grope. She held her arms out for the cuffs. Roger's full attention was on Georgina, her arms were not fully extended and palms down.

An observant policeman would have wondered at the strange stance. Dodson had no time to wonder, as soon as he came in range Georgina drove the hands into his solar plexus. Her arms were faster than pistons Dodson collided with the ground.

Roger used the distraction to grab his gun. When Waverley was able to pull his eyes from his crumpled boss he was covered.

"Bring him over to the lamppost," Georgina said.

Roger waved the gun, the sergeant obeyed. Georgina directed him to hug the post, she slipped his handcuffs from his belt.

"Grasp the crossbar," she said.

When he did, she cuffed him. He was totally incapacitated there was not enough slack to get the cuffs off the crossbar, releasing them was the only escape.

"Bring him," Georgina nodded to Dodson who was crimson, he was only just able to draw breath.

She cuffed him behind Waverley, cuffs similarly over the crossbar.

"They look like they are rooting," Roger said.

His comment drew a wicked grim from Georgina.

'How come you are working for the flesh gang?" Georgina asked.

"Fuck off, slut."

"How very eloquent, Roger will you pull down their trousers and underpants please."

He did.

"Now, we want to know all there is to know about the flesh gang, start talking."

"Play with my cock, you diseased whore."

Georgina stood back, the lamppost was off because of the blitz, she looked to the moon. She decided it was enough.

"Roger, will you play with them and make them hard please."

Roger looked shocked, "No way," he said.

Georgina nodded, it was what she had expected. She walked up to the men and grabbed their pricks. She wondered if she could make them hard like the same way she had for Roger. So she gave them a good wank and waited until she felt the blood pulse, they grew a little.

Roger didn't know where to look, she had passed even his sexual boundaries but unfazed she wanked the pair not just to hardness, they looked ready to burst. The silly grin on their faces was laughable. He had no idea what Georgina was about but he knew for sure it would not turn out well for the grinning gullahs.

Georgina walked away from them and pulled a camera from her pocket, she shouted. They both looked up to the sound of a shutter being clicked, and clicked again as rapidly as Georgina could advance the film. She tucked the camera back into her pocket. Walked up to the men and pulled a chain from Waverley pocket, as she suspected it held a police whistle.

"Well, homosexuality is illegal, shall I blow the whistle?'

What grin remained on their faces disappeared together with all their color.

"No, please don't. What do you want?"

"The flesh gang."

"The Chief Inspector insists we work with them. We really don't want to," said Dodson.

Waverley just looked away. Georgina stared at him.

"New huh?"

He nodded.

"Roger, can you pull up their trousers please."

He couldn't refuse, after all he had pulled them down. When they were buckled, Georgina pulled the camera from her pocket and held it up.

"Proof that you two have engaged in unnatural acts in public. Even if you are not prosecuted your work mates would love to see these. I'm sure that your girlfriends, mistresses and wives would enjoy them too. I want to see you both at The Hogarth Club in Little Sanctuary tomorrow. When do you knock off?"

"We'll be there at three," Dodson said.

A voice echoed down the Walk, Roger spun his gun was held stock stead against the threat.

"That was very amusing, even though you were well outplayed."

"You are an ass. How long have you been watching?"

"I got here just after she saved your arse."

He walked to Georgina, "Would you like to handcuff me?"

"No thank you, I've played with enough boys for this evening. It's time I went home with a man."

Georgina tucked her arm under Roger's.

"Toby," he said, offering his hand.

Georgina took it happily knowing what her hands had been doing.

"You want the thugs contained?"

"Thanks Toby, that would be nice. I'll drop in tomorrow morning."

Toby nodded, he signaled into the dark two men arrived to drag the thugs away.

Georgina undid Waverley's cuffs and handed him the keys. She wondered if Dodson would still be there in the morning.

"Do you think Grierly is in on it?" Georgina asked, quietly.

"Don't think so, he's nagging us to help with the Gynaecide Jim murders."

"Get me the files, I'm getting bored with sapphic orgies."

Roger raised an eyebrow, if it got her away from those horny females he would indeed get her the files.

When they got home Georgina insisted that she dress Roger's wound. She collected all of the supplies and equipment she needed.

"Your room," she said.

She almost laughed at Roger's face, he clearly wanted her in the sanctuary of his room but was scared about his ability to restrain himself.

"Are you able to control yourself?" Georgina asked.

His back straightened, "Of course, I don't want you anyway, you've just been wanking two men. One in each hand."

She smiled and looked at her hands, "They look pretty empty to me."

She walked out of the kitchen and headed to his room, he followed and when they arrived, shut them in.

"Strip off!" she said.

He did, he was surprised when he removed his jacket that the right sleeve of his shirt was saturated in blood.

"Why didn't you say?"

Georgina stepped in and ripped the shirt away. With the wound exposed she bathed it with tepid water in which she had added salt.

"Shit, that hurts more than the bullet," he cringed away from her.

"Keep still!"

There was no ambiguity about her comment, he kept still. After the wound was clean she announced the bullet had grazed the loose flesh below his arm. She kissed his forehead.

"Well done, you brave boy. You can sleep in your own bed, no hospitals."

He didn't care if it was a facetious comment or not, he returned her kiss, full on the lips.

"Let me bandage this first."

Her fingers flew, his upper arm looked as if it had been tended by a physician.

Georgina snuggled under his arm, and told him the story of her day.

"How many times did Reggie come?"

"Four times. Why?"

"I'll have to run a sweep."

Georgina flew from his arms, "Don't you dare. She is feeling accepted as normal, DO NOT highlight what she views as freakish."

He pulled her back.

"I love her as much as you, all the girls. If you couldn't handle a threat I will."

The segue was too good, she told Roger about Crash's behavior. Roger threw himself from her arms.

"I'll kill the bastard!"

She pulled him back.

"The girls handled the threat."

"...and you?"

"I shot his balls off."

That took a bit more explaining. When she had finished and Roger's temper had cooled,.

"If we got naked, could you control yourself?"

He kissed her eyes.

"Fuck it Georgina, wanting you to be a virgin when we marry is silly. Let's just enjoy each other."

"NO Roger, that is not going to happen. NO penetration. Can you manage it or shall I go?"

His answer was too slow, so she added, "Lola's bed is empty, I won't be cold."

"Don't go."

He pulled her off the bed. There were no buttons on her blouse so he had access to her corset. He loved that she had started wearing a front buttoned garment. He released the top two buttons, so the swell of her breasts was evident. Opening the garment he kissed her and tongued the goose bumps that followed his kisses. He looked her in the eye, the smoldering passion he saw there made him hard.

Still teasing he undid the buttons slowly from the bottom. He caressed her scar and trailed his fingers up to the underside of her tits. There was no fold beneath her mounds just a perfectly smooth transition from chest to breast. He stopped again. Her eyes now betrayed a hint of impatience.

"Come on Roger, It's not a stage show."

With his hands on her breasts he fumbled, totally unnecessarily, with the last remaining button.

"I can't seem to get it undone," he said, unable to mask the amusement in his voice.

Georgina grasped each side of her corset and tugged them apart, the button hit him on the forehead.

"If you still want to play your games, see if there's anything in there that beguiles you?"

He kissed her hard, their tongues fought for dominance. They continued until their lips were numb.

"Christ Georgina, YOU beguile me."

"Well stop talking and play with my tits."

He needed no second offer.

"Your sapphic interludes sure are making you needy. You will be the most sexually experienced virgin ever, when we get around to it."

"Find something else to do with that mouth," she said.

He did, she was naked almost before she drew another breath. He picked her up to carry her back to the bed but kissed her instead. She pulled his bottom lip into her mouth and sucked it. His brain wanted nothing to do with walking it just wanted to concentrate on this pleasure. When he managed to get his legs to move, her nipples were straining for attention. He lay her on the bed and tasted them.

She pushed him away. Georgina laughed.

"What?" he asked, testily.

"The look on your face. Did someone steal your lollies?"

His mouth approached her nipples again, again he was repulsed.

"I believe I am naked and YOU are clothed."

He ripped his shirt off, it was already ruined, he stepped out of his trousers, he had difficulty in getting his underpants over his erection but managed.

"Bring that here," she said, it was not a request.

When his cock arrived, followed by Roger, she grasped it. Her smile betrayed her pleasure. She spat on it. Roger didn't know why he found that so stimulating but his cock felt like iron. Then her hand lubricated by her spittle changed it to stainless steel, without a blast furnace.

"Georgina, that's wondrous."

She continued to stroke him, wiping her finger over his head on every up stroke. He was in heaven nothing could feel better. Then Georgina added her mouth to every down stroke.

"Fuck, I'm coming."

Georgina continued changing nothing other than her hand finding his testicles, she fondled them. He was already way over the edge so the stirring that her touch added was lost in all his pleasure.

He came, his first squirt was on an up stroke and string of come hit her cheek. Still she continued, up thumb, down mouth. She sucked him dry.

"Give me a kiss," he said.

Georgina stood and stepped into his arms. His come was dripping down her cheek. She lifted her finger to direct it into her mouth but instead he licked her face clean. Then penetrated her mouth searching for more of himself. She shuddered as his tongue delved into every nook, cranny and cavity of her mouth.

She dropped to her knees and licked his cock, seeking more of his juice. He remembered this is what she did last time to encourage him to kiss her like that. This time he needed no encouragement he pulled her lips back to his and directed his tongue wherever her groans of pleasure demanded.

His hand found a breast, he rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and rotated her breasts gently against her chest.

He felt her shudder, he dropped his finger to her valley, it was in flood. He wiped her juices over her clit and delicately fingered her through her orgasm. He stopped when she collapsed into his arms.

He carried her to the bed and without releasing her snuggled them both in and threw over the counterpane.

She snuggled closer.

"I thought you were asleep."

"No sleep and rapture are different."

He heard from under his armpit where her head was busy excluding anything that was not Roger or Georgina.

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