tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 18

The Hogarth Club Ch. 18


Roger prided himself on his scheming ability but these girls could have taught Niccolo Machiavelli a thing or two. He couldn't help laughing at the devious nature of females, at least his females, and yet men thought they were the master planners.

Georgina had schemed to use the policemen they had entrapped, to gain information on the Glasgow Kiss gang, instead they were going to help take it over with Knuckles as the new head. After, their role would be to infiltrate the minor gangs and pimps. Lola said that was better as it was their job anyway.

The grand design was within Roger's ability, but their planned execution was a masterpiece. He knew Lola's and Georgina's ability but Reggie and Brielle were just as brilliant. Despite feeling like the apprentice at the master's luncheon, he was made to feel that he was an important part of the process but he knew better.

The girls went to find some sandwiches leaving the lovers alone.

"You and Lola implement the plan," Georgina said. "I'm taking Reggie to Oxford."


"Because I want to eat you and starvation is good for the soul."

"That's a load of bullocks-"


"...starvation is not good for the soul, gratification through surrender is. The thought of what you could do with you tongue and teeth-"

This time she shut him up with her lips. When her found another use for his tongue, he said, "Sorry, Why are you going to Oxford?"

"I'm concerned about venereal diseases, probably because despite her promise Lola had enjoyed unprotected sex with the Colonel."

"Read her the riot act!"

"The reasonable woman adapts herself to the world, the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to herself-"

Roger interrupted, "That's what I said."

"Therefore all progress is made by the unreasonable woman."

Georgina's smile was beautiful, he couldn't resist pulling her in for another kiss.

"So she's forced you to seek a better alternative?"

"I've got food, stop eating her," Lola said.

"They have a good class of sandwiched here," Reggie said.

"Yeah, the cheese tastes like plastic, the tomatoes are softer than Lola's tits and the cucumber is floppy like Roger's dick," Brielle said.

"So it will be delicious," Roger kissed her forehead, "I love you too," he said.

"Reggie, we are going to leave these lovely people. I promised to take you to Oxford."

Roger pondered how Reggie could squeal and eat, still he was constantly reminded that women could do more than one thing at a time.

"We may stay over."

"Yes, travel is difficult," Lola said.

"No, the bike will do Oxford in under an hour, it is a Norton. We may have to stay over because I don't know if my friend will be immediately available."

Reggie was still bouncing up and down with excitement.

"For Christ's sake Georgina, take her, she'll wreck the furniture," Roger said.

Reggie kissed his forehead, crossed her eyes and said, "Eye luv you too."

Roger pushed her out of the door, Georgina followed laughing.

Lola and Roger went to talk to Knuckles, Roger walked past him and opened the window. Brielle had done a same thing in the room next door. If she heard his resolve to co-operate falter she would boost his resolve with her presence.

"We have persuaded Dione not to crush you, if you work loyally with us."

Knuckles looked at his watch, or the remains of it.

"What do you want me to do?" he said.

"Where do you sit in the hierarchy of the gang?"

"Jock, Arthur, then me or Lenny."

"Tell me about Lenny?" Lola asked.

"He makes Jock look like a parlor maid."

"So if it was between you and him, who would win?"

"I'm smarter but he commands fear."

"OK," Roger said, "I'll lay it on the line. We are going to get rid of Jock and Arthur, we want you to run the gang within broad parameters that we will set. Do we need to get rid of Lenny too?"

Knuckles thought, firstly was he prepared to do as they asked. If he was, could he use rather than eliminate Lenny? The door opened Brielle walked in.

"Knuckles, I'm sensing doubt," she said.

Knuckles swallowed a lump in his throat.

"Do I have to work with her?"

He looked at Roger, his forehead creased in concern.

Lola smiled, "Unless you'd prefer to work against her?"

"What broad parameters?"

"Kinder villainy," Roger said.

"Nicer to the girls, less profit more charity," Brielle added.

Knuckles looked directly at Brielle.

"Yes, I'll work with you, but can you please go, I can't think with you here?"

Knuckles looked to Roger, then Lola for support. When he looked up Brielle had gone.

"Define kinder?" he said.

"Wickedness, double dealing, dishonesty, roguery are in. Evil, depravity, immorality and violence against women are out. All the rest can be discussed," Lola said.

Roger smiled these girls were almost on par with Georgina.

"Tell us about the Gynaecide murders?" he said.

Arthur had been taken from the cell and was awaiting them, still only one hand cuffed top the table. Roger strode in with Lola closely behind him, first he opened the window then he turned to Wiry.

"Arthur Wesley Dunn, I am arresting you for the murder of Joanne Birch; Virginia Dobie, Kay Cushing, Elizabeth Ricker, Polly Pounds, Diana Croston, Annie Hardway and Cynthia Becker.

Anything you say will be written down and may be used in evidence against you."

"I didn't kill no Cynthia!" Arthur said, angrily.

Roger knew that, he had killed her.

"Arthur, my son, you are going to get topped," Roger said with a vindictive sneer.

"Don't be mean Roger. He may be able to help us with the enquiry, if he's really useful we could even loose the charge sheet."

"No fucking way!"

He turned to Arthur, "I got rid of the last girl for fucking it up, why are these women so incompetent!"

He stormed out of the door, leaving Lola open mouthed.

"Sorry Arthur," she said as she turned for the door.

"If I told you... stuff, could you save me from hanging?"

"If you did the murders by yourself, then no. However if there is someone else you could stitch up. I'd help then, it would mean I could get one up on that chauvinistic arse-hole who just left."

Georgina threw up the heavy garage door with little effort.

"Come and see the loves of my life," she said, as she flicked a light switch and shut the door.

The room flooded with light, Reggie thought it looked like an Automotive Museum. The walls were lined with cars and bikes, hidden under dust covers. Except for the Norton International which was their magic carpet to Oxford.

"Oh that's beautiful, it's a Cammy Norton," she looked hard, "A model 30?"

"Yep it's a 500," Georgina said proudly. It seemed Reggie shared her love of motorcycles.

"How do you know motorbikes?"

"Dad used a JAP in dirt and grass track racing, I won a junior cup with his old OEC."

"Douglas seemed to be the bike to beat on the rough tracks, why did he use a JAP?"

"J.A.Preswick was a camera maker before he produced motorcycles."

Georgina laughed, "I would have enjoyed your Dad."

"Yes, but he died and left me."

It was a foolish thing to say, so Georgina spoke about the bike.

"It's a Winter Norton. Winter Engineering order a fully optioned Norton then race tune it. It has a bronze cylinder liner, an aluminum head, higher compression ratio, and the carburettor has been re-jetted for it's racing cam."

"It has telescopic forks," Reggie couldn't hide her excitement despite her maudlin thoughts.

"Can it do a ton?"

Georgina's smile filled both their faces, "I've had it over the ton, the speedo said 107mph."

"Can we?"

"The road is pretty good past Stokenchurch."

The jumping up and down that got Reggie banished from Roger's company was merely a vibration compared to her current reaction. Georgina grabbed her to hold her still but got an exuberant wet kiss, so they jumped around together.

They eventually stopped with tears of joy running down their cheeks.

"What is this place?" Reggie said in awe.

"My garage."

Reggie went very still and thought, Georgina, with a smile on her face, let her. Roger had asked her to find out what Georgina's rent was so that the Hogarth Club could pay it. She had implied that she owned the apartment but Roger knew that the five story building had not been subdivided, they were all tenancies.

Facts started falling into place for Reggie. A premium street level apartment had been converted to hold Georgina's automotive toys, her claim that she didn't pay rent.

"Fuck, you own the whole building."


"Roger wanted to pay your rent, he asked me to find out how much it was."

"It's not a secret, I told him I didn't pay rent."

"You must be worth thousands."

Reggie was shaking, she didn't know why. She felt ashamed, she was just common, she didn't deserve Georgina's friendship she was way below her. Many of those doubts were reflected in her face.

"Reggie, if you are feeling what I think you are, I will be angry with you."

Reggie flew into her arms, Georgina could just decipher her mumbles expressing her doubts and fears. Georgina held her close, then when her shaking receded she pushed her away. Georgina held her shoulder with one hand, the other on her chin turned her head to maintain eye contact.

"I love you Reggie, you are my sister. There is no divide between us."

Reggie's eyes flew around the garage.


Georgina interrupted, with an edge of anger, "Money does not define, it enables."

Again Reggie was given time to think, when a smile played with the corners of her mouth Georgina added, "It enables me to live the life I want with the people I want to share it with. It doesn't change anything."

"Yes it does, that is why no one knows."

It was Georgina's turn to look away.

"Georgina, promise me. I want NONE of your money don't ever give me any. I don't want money to taint how I feel about you. I love you because of you. Sorority nobis."

Georgina was shaking now, "Sorority nobis," she repeated, weakly.

Reggie saw a shape that looked like a limousine and tugged Georgina to it. She pushed back the covers, it was a Humber Pullman coach built by Thrupp and Maberly, but Reggie didn't know that, she just thought that it was big enough.

She opened the rear door. Georgina was still shaking. Reggie pulled her into the sedan and snuggled in and held Georgina close. It was a reversal of normal role where Georgina held Reggie until her night terrors fled. Reggie hummed and rocked Georgina just as she did.

When Georgina's shaking stopped Reggie kissed her.

"You are beautiful with or without money," she said.

She puzzled why Georgina's kisses tasted salty until she broke the kiss and found tears flowing down her cheeks.

Reggie pulled her closer, "What is it Georgina?"

"Will it change my relationship with Lola and Brielle?"

Reggie was so used to Georgina taking charge, this was a departure. Georgina's strength had allowed Reggie to be weak, much to her chagrin she realized it was an invitation she had accepted. She wondered if Georgina found her reliance draining.

"No Darling, it will make no difference, like Roger we would all continue to accept you if you ate your own babies."

"That's impossible..."

Then Georgina broke down, the earlier tears had been a sprinkle. Reggie held her even closer and shared all her new found strength.

When the chest heaving stilled to an occasional sob Reggie said, "Do you want to tell me about it?"

Reggie thought Georgina had fallen asleep but she stirred in her arms.

"I am infertile, I haven't had a period since my stomach was sliced..." then she wailed, "...and I haven't told Roger."

Reggie held her, rocked her, caressed her until she was breathing normally. Georgina broke from Reggie's grasp and kissed her. A demanding kiss that went well beyond comfort or affection.

"Thank you for being a rock, Reggie."

Georgina brushed the hair out of Reggie's eyes and kissed them, then her lips. The message of the kiss was clear, it was gentle but strongly sexual. Georgina licked Reggie's lips and tongue with a tentative contact, Reggie reciprocated. She remembered their game of lead-me where Georgina had followed, this time that was Reggie's role.

Georgina repeated the kiss, Reggie felt a tingling down her spine, which she suppressed. She took over the kiss and caressed Georgina's lips and mouth with her tongue.

Georgina bit her neck, Reggie found the route of the nerves which ran past her ear, she licked them then blew gently, Georgina shuddered and moaned. Reggie did it again, this time she kissed the area that Georgina had most responded to and kissed her. A light kiss with barely any contact. Reggie sucked in a large breath, Georgina shuddered again, the flesh around her neck became pocked by goosebumps.

Both girls were dressed for the bike, Georgina had found a set of leathers for Reggie too. It was not gear that could be shed as easily they had become accustomed, so in the absence of readily available flesh they kissed and tongued each other erogenous zones above the shoulders. Although Reggie was the aggressor deflecting Georgina's attempts to please, she climaxed first. It was explosive, no muscles obeyed her command until well after her orgasm had abated. Georgina was still fondling her breasts outside her clothing. It had extended her pleasure.

Reggie took over again, she kissed licked and slurped at Georgina's neck she kneaded her breasts, although Georgina was softly relaxed she was not close to release. Reggie remembered in their play Georgina had responded to touches across her belly button along the belt line. While eating Georgina's neck she managed to un-tuck her shirt and underwear, she fingered the area of skin that was exposed, she could feel Georgina's muscle tone change, she thought she was relaxed but now she was boneless. Maintaining her glissand stroke of Georgina's stomach Reggie kissed her firmly running her tongue across the areas of Georgina's mouth that elicited the most response.

Georgina pushed her midriff into firmer contact with Reggie's fingers, She felt a warmth generated in her stomach which was inching outward, everywhere the heat traveled it seemed to trip a pleasure center. Reggie's mouth found Georgina's belly button, she kissed and slurped as she had on her neck. Georgina gasped and arched her spine both in pleasure and to gain better contact.

Reggie could have grabbed a nipple or a clitoris through clothing to push Georgina over but she persisted. Georgina moved her body into Reggie's tongue, the wave emanating from her center progressed like a flame front. Georgina had never known such exquisite pleasure pain, she was unsure which is was but it was her core, nothing existed outside of that inexorable flood of feeling.

Reggie was well versed in the signs of orgasm, in fact she was an expert. Georgina's breathing rate increased and Reggie could almost feel the clatter of Georgina's racing heart.

Georgina screamed with the first pulse of her orgasm, the wave from her center had turned into a fire and with a joyous release was now a conflagration. Georgina felt Reggie's mouth sucking on her stomach and felt another pulse of greater pleasure, then another and another.

Even inside a soundproofed limousine in a locked garage Reggie was concerned someone would think a murder was being committed, so she kissed Georgina both because she wanted to, and in an attempt to reduce her screaming. Her fingers however remained true to the task of stroking Georgina's trigger.

Reggie fought to keep her tongue engaged in adding pleasure and her mouth connected. Reggie felt Georgina spasm again and again, Reggie joined her, they communed in orgasmic pleasure. They rode out the strongest orgasm either had ever enjoyed and collapsed into each others arms.

Reggie recovered first and with a fiery passion possessed Georgina's lips with her own. Georgina returned from a sun soaked beach in a country where life was pure pleasure and war had never existed. Her eyes flew open.

"God Reggie, you can do that anytime. That's the sort of orgasm I want more of."

"Well Darling, you were really tense. An orgasm washes away everything, the tighter you were the looser you are."

It seemed like a good philosophy for life. Georgina smiled at being called Darling, she thought she was being supportive of Reggie but felt she had been patronizing. Strangely that was the last time either were to use the word.

"I'm as sticky as a treacle pudding," Georgina exclaimed.

"It's a beautiful feeling enjoy it, we need to get to Oxford."

Roger, Lola and Brielle met in Toby's office, it had a kettle. They were laughing at Roger and Lola's performance. Brielle slapped a cup in front of everyone.

After a sip, Roger said, "What do we know?"

Lola said, "Well firstly you and Georgina solved the murders. We knew all the girls killed didn't appear to have pimps. We thought that made them easy. Instead they were the target, killed to frighten pimp-less girls. Had we made the same leap as Georgina, Jock Bloody Mosley would have been in the frame."

They all sipped their tea.

"We know that Arthur is a disappointment," Brielle said, "and I have a cold ear."

"Not really," Roger said, "no names or confessions but we know that he procured the girls and Jock killed and marked them."

"OK," said Lola, "I'll type up a his statement it will include a confession and mark Mosley as an accomplice."

Brielle smiled, Roger frowned. He was wondering how Lola had got there.

"You were too busy staring at Georgina's body to pay attention," Brielle said.

Then Roger smiled, "Good idea!" he said.

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