tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 21

The Hogarth Club Ch. 21


Ashley was the latest adoptee, she was more than a cook, she had been the Sous Chef at a class London restaurant, where her husband also worked. She had no desire to return, which was a boon for the Hogarth club and the residents, breakfast was superb.

Ashley had turned rationed food into a gourmet delight there were so many groans of pleasure that Roger almost missed the phone ringing.

He picked up the extension in the kitchen, he waved for quiet which proved he was a wishful thinker. The girls did reduce their noise from cacophonous to noisy, so Roger could just hear his brother speaking. There were a few nods and the conversation was terminated with a thanks.

"Well?" the girls said almost in unison as Roger just sat and picked up his toast.

"Sorry, I didn't thing you were interested. I thought you all preferred chatting."

Georgina moved over and cupped his balls.

"Depending on what you intend to do, that could be good."

Georgina squeezed, the girls laughed at his reaction.

"Talk!" Georgina said.

"Through some administrative error, Arthur Dunn and Jock Mosley were held in the same holding cell at Wormwood Scrubs. Then to exacerbate the error Jock who had a few broken ribs was moved to the safety of a cell with George Dobie and John Croston. In the morning the brothers of two of the murdered girls were surprised that Jock had died. They claimed it must have been complications from the fight with Arthur, who didn't recover from the beating that Jock gave him."

"Of dear, what a pity, never mind," Lola said with a smile.

Georgina looked less happy.

"Are you OK Georgina?" Roger asked holding her hand.

She nodded and smiled, "Yes, I guess I am. It really is poetic justice."

"It was your idea," Reggie said thoughtlessly.

Georgina's smile stayed, "Yes, it was elegant and necessary but a life is still a life."

"Except if your name is Jock Mosley!" Ashley said.

She walked over with the final two breakfast plates, one for Crash and one for her. Crash had been keen to save a seat for her.

"Was last night eventful, Crash?" Georgina asked, she guessed why he went out last night.

He turned and smiled at Ashley, "Your shit of a husband had a little trouble speaking but he agreed never to speak to you again and to be especially polite should you choose to speak to him."

Ashley kissed his cheek.

"I have to report to Octavian do you want to come Crash?"


"Are you still here Roger?" Brielle asked.

They all laughed but the men took the hint.

"Roger, I want to go over the books with you tonight, please make sure you are here, OK?"

He nodded, it appears that his birthday had been forgotten, books would be alright as long as it was with Georgina. When the boys had gone Georgina said, "Ashley we are having a surprise birthday party for Roger tonight, do we have enough food to do snacks?"

"No, but you are running a commercial kitchen, I'll buy some supplies today."

"Thanks," Georgina said, she felt guilty but given their plans it was the sisters only, she was about to clarify the situation when Ashley said, "You don't mind if we don't come, Crash and I are moving my stuff tonight..." she looked down demurely, "I was hoping he would stay at my place."

"Fucking fabulous idea, that will fuck up your husband." Brielle said.

Ashley grinned so much her bruises hurt, "That's the idea."

Lola smiled she was glad she had spent some time educating Crash about what women wanted.

The preparations had been successful, when Crash and Ashley left, the drawing room was filled with plates of hors d'oeuvre and some nice bottles of wine, the only thing missing was Roger.

The girls decided to wait in the drawing room, Georgina the kitchen. She heard him in the scullery, he had come in by the staff door.

"Hello, georgeous Georgina," he said.

"You mean gorgeous?"

"No I was right, you mixed with anything makes it better."

She grabbed his hand, "Come on let's go and play with the figures."

She dragged him into the drawing room, she had made enough noise so the girls had time to hide.

Roger looked around, "Where are the books?" he said.

"I thought we could manipulate other figures for your birthday."

The girls jumped out from their hiding spots shouting happy birthday, Roger was inundated with nubile bodies all wanting to kiss and cuddle.

"Your birthday repast," Georgina said as she swept the table cloth off the food.

Roger walked to the table if he could fill three mouths with hors d'oeuvre he could avoid getting into trouble with Georgina.

"Here you are," Georgina passed a glass to everyone.

"To Roger have a fantastic birthday."

Everyone repeated the toast.

Then made short work of devouring the treats.

"I'll tell your fortune Roger," Brielle said.

She found a pack of standard playing cards.

"Cut and shuffle," she said.

He did. Brielle's spiel was so convincing the girls could almost believe that she was reading the cards. She concluded with, "You will have an awesome memorable birthday."

"Doubt it, there's only four hours of it left, the first twenty were pretty shit, I thought no one remembered."

Brielle tidied the cards and shuffled, "I'd enjoy a game of poker, but men are so pathetic at it-"

"Who says men are pathetic," Roger said appearing to have swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.

"OK, it's your birthday. I'll give you a chance. Draw Poker, no wild cards," Brielle said as she delivered five cards to each place before they managed to sit.

The girls discarded, Brielle dealt them replacements. Roger was looking for some tokens to gamble with. He would have used the hor d'oeuvre had there been any left.

"I fold," Brielle said.

She stood and brushed the shawl from her shoulders, collected the cards and dealt again, the same thing happened, this time Lola folded.

"Roger, Brielle cheated, she took off her own article of clothing."

Lola stood in front of Roger pushed her chest out and said, "Buttons."

Roger looked at Georgina who was sporting an enigmatic grin.

"You're not going to ignore Lola, are you Roger?" she said.

Roger worked on Lola's buttons, they were large. He initially tried not to touch her breasts but every time he gripped a button Lola thrust herself at him and rubbed her tits across his hands. Roger wondered what the difference was between fondling tits with hands or fondling hands with tits, in the end he just gave up. He grabbed her breasts to hold her still then undid the buttons. When the cardigan was undone he brushed it off her tits, navigating her hard nipples and pulled it down her arms. Half way down Lola moved her arms behind her back, which pulled Roger towards her body. She kissed him warmly, then spun and sat down again.

Roger looked at Georgina guiltily but her smile still gave nothing away. He sat the next hand had been dealt.

"I fold," Reggie said.

"You can't you have to draw new cards first," Roger said.

"They didn't have to sketch anything," she said petulantly.

"Reggie can't even play poker, the game is a ruse. Now I understood why the women and the room are so hot. Line up here," Roger said.

The girls did as they were told.

"You too?" he said to Georgina, she shook her head, the smile slipped he saw approval. He sighed happily.

He kissed Lola and undid the top button on her blouse.

"It's my turn, just because I didn't draw any cards... Just fucking rip off my blouse."

Reggie walked between Roger and Lola. Lola kissed her ear.

"OK Reggie, don't get excited!"

He cupped her cheeks and drew her lips towards him. Reggie melted into his kiss, she sucked his lip he responded and reciprocated, he explored her mouth with his tongue, she responded and reciprocated. Both of them were caught in the moment, nothing else existed. Even after their extended kiss, there were no jealous outburst form the others, but when Roger eventually broke the kiss there was a round of applause.

Reggie kissed his forehead, "Can you take my blouse off now please Roger?"

Another quick glance at Georgina confirmed he was on safe ground, now this is some birthday present.

Roger, caressed Reggie's tits through her blouse until he felt her nipples harden, then maintaining his teasing touches he undid her blouse, she was wearing a silk bra. He slid the blouse off her shoulders, it fell deserted to the floor.

Her silk encased mounds demanded attention, his hands glided across her flesh, the silk seemed to lubricate his caresses. His hand flowed smoothly, apart from when they tripped over a hard nipple.

"Please, Roger..." Reggie was panting.

Reggie was too special to leave frustrated. He pinched a nipple through the thin material placed his lips her neck, he kissed nibbled, blew and sucked while Reggie screamed and ground against him. When the worst of her paroxysm had passed he kissed her again and gently brought her down.

"Fucking awesome, thank you Roger," she said and gave him a warm kiss, which after their recent experience felt almost sisterly. Reggie grabbed Lola's hand and pulled her in front of Roger.

"Sorry Lola," she said, then gave Lola a kiss that almost melted Roger's underpants. It repeated everything that she and Roger had enjoyed. It was sexier because both girls hands had dropped to their buttocks and each was grinding their sensitive nubs against each other.

He felt Brielle's hand in his.

"They are busy, I have some clothes that need attention... would you kiss me like that?"

Reggie left his lips numb, Brielle sucked the rest of the life out of them but what a pleasurable death. Brielle's tongue was long, it found virgin places of pleasure in Roger's mouth, he shuddered at every new discovery. He worked hard to repay the bliss which was Brielle's gift, if her moaning was anything to go by he was having some success'

While they were exploring each other with their tongues, Roger dropped his hands to her waist, his mind was occupied with pleasure but his fingers found some buttons and were rewarded with the swish of a falling skirt. Brielle pushed toward his hand when it brushed her thigh. Her skin was warm and enticing. Brielle parted her legs, he did not ignore the invitation. He trailed his fingers slowly towards her cunt, instead of clothing he felt her pubic hair. It was moist, he searched for her wellspring. His finger slipped into her dark cavern, it felt lonely so he added another.

The rhythm of their kiss broke as his fingers penetrated past the second knuckle, he felt the word YES rather than heard it, their kiss continued, with full passion, just where it had left off. Roger added his thumb which unerringly found her nub, he remembered that she was sensitive so he kept his thumb light but he worked his fingers like a piston.

The kiss broke, her words were now clear and all of them encouraged him. Brielle lifted her foot onto the chair, she was open his fingers enjoyed the extra freedom. His mouth felt underutilized so he went in search of entertainment, he found it by smell.

Before he replaced his thumb, he tongued up her valley. She grabbed his head and directed it, she felt tongue would be better than thumb too, but her kept his fingers working.

Brielle was fucking his tongue she took over the responsibility for movement which soon became erratic. A scream was building in her throat, Roger sucked her clit hard and continued to suck. Brielle exploded. Her screams of pleasure drowned out similar noises which were coming from Reggie and Lola.

Roger titillated her clit, lightly extracting every ounce of bliss that her body would provide. Eventually Brielle's breathing stilled, she pulled his head up and dropped her leg. She kissed him warmly tasting her own juices.

"Thank you Roger, that was amazing." She growled.

Roger took a quick peek at Georgina, she had missed nothing, her color was high and her breathing harsh.

Brielle interrupted his scrutiny, "Before you go and kiss her..."

She pulled at her blouse.

Roger released the buttons, and pulled it off her shoulders taking the opportunity to kiss her neck, she too had a silk bra, his hands were drawn like magnets. The silk felt magnificent but he wanted skin, he fumbled for a fastening, Brielle smiled and released a catch at the back, his ability stopped with bows.

Her bra fell, she was now naked, her magnificent body drew his eyes but her tits demanded his hands. They were proud and hand sized. He caressed them, her nipple fitted naturally in the clef of his thumb. He rotated his hand squeezing her nipples as they passed. Even hard they looked pale.

She looked him in the eye, "I like that, but Georgina would like a kiss."

He kissed Brielle and left. Georgina's eyes were bright and moist it looked as if she would soon cry. He dropped to his knees concern ploughed all the pleasure from his face.

"Are you OK, Georgina. Have I hurt you?"

She laughed, a single tear fell, "NO Silly Billy, I do hope that you are enjoying your birthday?"

He took Brielle's suggestion and kissed her.

He thought he lips were dead to feeling but he smelt, felt and tasted Georgina each of his senses fought to exacerbate his erotic reaction. Georgina sucked him in like a black hole he was aware of nothing but her.

When Georgina broke the kiss he realized all the action around the room had stopped.

"Come on Roger," Georgina led him by the hand and left him in the middle of the room.

Georgina started the ball rolling with another blistering kiss.

"How come you are the only one dressed?" Roger asked.

"I'm your regular girl, not a present," she said.

He kissed her, "you are the only present I want for life. He pulled her into a hug.

Georgina pushed him back, "Be still," she said.

She fumbled for the bottom button of his fly, deliberately stroking him. His cock enjoyed the attention. Then she discarded his tie and shirt.

Reggie was next, "Thank you for my lovely orgasm."

She whispered wetly into his ear, he shuddered, "You have to stay strong Roger, I drew the short straw and got you last. I really want you in me."

She gave him a love bite. Then fumbled for the second button on his fly. He was glad he didn't have one of the fashionable zips. Reggie got her fingers into his fly and found a pleasing hardness to squeeze.

"Bend over Roger, I need to get your vest off."

He needed no second request, Reggie pulled the garment over his head. She ran her hands over his chest and traced what was left of his abdominal muscles, he hadn't regained the tone he lost in hospital. She kissed his nipples and whispered again for him to display fortitude.

Brielle ran her fingers down his chest, she leaned in and whispered, "Don't let Lola use you all up, I'm second."

While she was whispering her fingers had been working. She hadn't pawed him to release the last button, his trousers were pooled around his feet. Brielle offered her hand as support, he stepped out of them. Brielle needed no map to find his manhood, it would have needed an expert in camouflage to hide it. She caressed it through the material. She looked in his eyes and poked her fingers inside where she felt some pre-come.

"Almost as moist as me, lover boy," she said.

She stood on her tip toes and kissed him.

Lola arrived and hedonistically pressed her ample soft body into his.

"Oh Roger have I got a treat for you."

Lola won his underpants which had Dalmatian spots of pre-come decorating the front. She pulled them over his rampant cock and dropped them to his ankles. Staring at him lubriciously she spat in her hand and with spittle lubrication slid her hand over his foreskin. He smiled.

"What no shudders?" she said.

She knelt and gave it a generous suck, then blew on his head. She got the shudder she was seeking.

"Come on Inamorato."

She grabbed him by the cock and led him to a chair. It was a Chippendale carver an old solid chair with arms, he sat in it royally. His proud erection made him look more regal than the King.

Georgina came and sat in his lap, she found a flat spot with a little man handling. She kissed him again, lightly. She looked him square in the eye and undid the ribbon holding one of her pigtails and draped it over his forearm. She took the ribbon from the other pigtail and did the same, Roger was so absorbed in Georgina that he ignored the tugs on the ribbons.

Georgina stood, "Now the fun starts," she said.

Roger attempted to rise but the girls behind the chair had tied Georgina's ribbons over his forearm around the chair and then his bicep in a figure of eight, his arms and hence the rest of him was trapped.

Roger had no difficulties in going along with whatever they planned but he was a male and strong so he attempted to free himself but the silk ribbons were resilient and much stronger than him.

"What fun?" he said.

Lola knelt at his feet and grabbed his knob, she wanked him slowly.

"Roger, your safety word is Hogarth Club. We will ignore all protests but if you say Hogarth club we will stop immediately."

He nodded and was rewarded with Lola's mouth and tongue. He didn't believe he could become harder but Lola's tongue was magic. She then stood and left his cock cold and bereft.

Roger tied in the chair he had nothing to do but ogle three different naked bodies, all magnificent but all different. Lola was taller than many men and a genuine blond, unless she dyed her pubes. There was no hardness in her Rubeneque curves in a word she was voluptuous. Roger would be happy to fall into her body and never surface.

Reggie was tall too, but tall for a woman. She was no longer thin, she was now slender, food and love Roger concluded. She had fine light brown hair, the sort that flew away with wind or static. Her breasts were smaller than Lola's but looked more generous on her frame. She was still shy but having gained confidence from the other girls she was no longer able to hide her steely resolve.

Brielle was the smallest maybe 5'4". Dark would be the single word to describe her. She had black hair, eyes that looked like limpid pools at midnight and a wild beauty, too voracious for many men but for the man who could tame her she would be a diamond. Her breasts were small, the size Roger liked, but on her frame they were perfect. Her musculature stood her apart from any woman he had ever enjoyed. She moved towards Georgina he loved watching the muscles play beneath her smooth skin as she moved.

He looked at Georgina and smiled, in many ways she was the least impressive of the girls. She was the same size as Reggie about 5'8". She was slender like Reggie too, but muscled like Brielle. She had auburn hair, that had fond memories of once being red. She was not pretty but her face reflected her inner beauty and her smile dimmed all her imperfections. The most stunning thing about Georgina was the way she moved. She moved with economy and grace of a prima ballerina, yet when Roger had seen her move in defense of him or her friends that grace turned to menace. He smiled, she could have been fat with a face like the back of a bus. It was who she was that he loved, and what she did to him.

While he had been looking through Georgina's clothes he hadn't noticed the other girls had circled her.

Reggie was first. She gave Georgina a hot kiss, her body angled so Roger could see it all, then she kissed down her neck. With a wicked smile she stood behind Georgina and released each button of her blouse slowly then pulled it back to show a silk bra. Slowly and tantalizingly she tugged the blouse from the waist of Georgina's skirt then slid it off her shoulders, it slid to the ground. Her hands slid beneath Georgina's arms and she cupped and caressed her breasts, teasing the nipples through the sheer material. Happy that Georgina's nipples were standing to attention Reggie stepped back.

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