tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 22

The Hogarth Club Ch. 22


Roger stirred, he risked opening his eyes, when he did he beheld the most wonderful sight. Georgina was looking at him with a smile on her face.

"Did you enjoy your birthday?"

He pulled her to him and moaned, he seemed to hurt all over.

"You are so special, who would ever do that for their fiancee?"

His eyes fully opened, "Fuck you even helped me get it in Lola's arse."

He had an image from childhood, his mother's lacquered nails guiding a stallion's cock towards its target. He laughed, not because of the act, which was quite normal on the rural scene but the incongruity of the nail varnish. He told Georgina the story.

She snuggled, "Do you still respect Lola after taking her cherry?"

"Yes, I do. I was being prudish before."

She was quiet, waiting. Roger said nothing.

Out of character, she spoke first.

"Can we enjoy the incredible feeling of connectedness with your cock deep inside me?"

He wished he had never uttered those words. It was a long time before he answered.

"You are not Lola," he said.

Even after thinking about what he was going to say, he hated the words as soon as they left his mouth. He knew he was in trouble by the speed Georgina was out of his arms and in his face.

"...and she's just a slut?" she said ominously.

"No," he said defensively, "Lola has an inner beauty and a resilient soul. There is nothing she does which could demean her, in my eyes."

He spoke the truth but was pleased, he felt he was off the hook, Georgina's words shook him.

"So it's me then?"

It was her, she really was Artemis, a goddess. He could only worship her. The act seemed too base for Roger to consider. Again he didn't think long enough.

"You are a virgin."

"Not by the end of the day," she said quietly.

She gathered her clothes and walked naked out of his room.

"Georgina, wait."

She did not respond.

By the time Roger dressed, the whole house was against him. He knew she was in the drawing room because Crash was standing in the door, with his arms crossed.

"Excuse me please Crash?" Roger said, hoping he'd move.

"She doesn't want to talk to you."

Crash stood implacable, resolute. Crash was Roger's man, how come he was obeying Georgina. A small smile played with Crash's eyes, as if he had read Roger's thoughts.

"They haven't had tea yet," he whispered.

"Thanks Crash."

Roger turned and headed for the kitchen. The kettle was hot Georgina had obviously interrupted the important, first cup of the day, ritual. He put six cups an a tray, and when the kettle boiled filled the monster tea pot. He found some biscuits, which with rationing was a rare commodity, loaded the sugar filled the milk jug and walked back to the drawing room, with his laden tray.

Crash smiled, he took one of the cups added sugar and milk and poured himself a full serve. He looked at the biscuits, Roger nodded.

"Best of luck with that, I've only been on her bad side once. I don't intend to visit again."

He walked away.

"Morning tea, door please!" Roger shouted.

Reggie opened the door.

"She's not here, she out rooting some football team."

She couldn't help the grin, thinking about last night, she winked. There was no doubt where everyone's loyalties lay but Roger was not excluded, he took heart.

He placed the tray on the center table.

"Shall I be Mum," he asked.

"No you'll probably fuck it up!"

There was no forgiveness in Brielle, she looked fiercer than Georgina.

He bent his knee and reached for Georgina's hand, Lola did not relinquish it.

"If you are planning on fucking a football team, I'll come and inspect their cocks for VD before I let them near you."

"I thought you didn't like playing with cocks?"

Roger had refused when the policemen were cuffed to the lamppost.

"There is NOTHING I wouldn't do to keep you safe. And when you've fucked the first eleven, you will still be my fiancee and will still be my wife."

A tear formed in the corner of her eye.

"Can we talk privately?" he asked.

The softness in her face disappeared.

"These girls are good enough to fuck, but not good enough to keep your secrets?"

He would really need to think harder, before he opened his mouth.

"Like you, I'd trust them with my soul. That was an attempt to protect my frail ego which I'm sure will be shredded, before you find your way back into my arms."

"Ahh..." Reggie said.

Even with all the abuse, she still managed to be a romantic.

He snatched her hand from Lola, "Georgina, I will fuck you anyway you want."

"Fucking idiot," Brielle said, "she's a woman look deeper."

He turned to look at Brielle.

"...and shut your mouth," she added.

He avoided all the eyes, he stared into Georgina's lap. One female was more than he could handle but four. He didn't know what was troubling Georgina but he would be honest with her as he had vowed to himself.

"Georgina, you are are goddess, beyond reproach. How can I defile the prototype of femininity."

"Goddess, I'm a slut!"

It was a harsh, unforgiving declaration. She held up her hand defeating his negation.

"The worst whore on Strumpet Street just enjoys sex, she shares it or sells it but I am morally corrupt."

He found the wisdom to be quiet, he rubbed the tears from her cheeks with his thumb, then stood and kissed them. He returned to his knees. He tried to pour all his feeling through his contact with her hand.

The quiet was unnatural.

"You put me on a pedestal, I am a fake."

He kissed her hand, again being still.

"Sluts are equal partners in an act, yet they take all the blame and the moral outrage. I am blameless in your eyes yet I have no morals. I AM A MURDERER."

The girls pushed him out of the way, not vindictively but they saw her pain.

From the tangle of supportive arms Georgina said, "Not a murderer who reacts passionately or even one seeking revenge for injustice. I am a cold hearted assassin. I have killed and tortured because someone told me to. If I am a goddess its Keres the goddess of violent death."

Roger was allowed to touch her, she looked into his eyes.

"Why am I a virgin?" she asked.

She was tolerating his touch, he didn't want his mouth to undo this little sign of progress, he thought hard.

"Because it was important to you that you were."

"Don't stand on the edge, show some balls or fuck off!" she snapped.

He reacted to the tone not the words. It was important to her that he understood.

He had killed, from the air. The horror of bombs separating limbs, families and buildings often sought him in his dreams. His defense against these night terrors was virtue, he was fighting for what he believed in. Then he remembered Cynthia and understood.

"You felt grubby, and it was a virtue you could hold on to."

"And you want to adulate me for being weak. Roger I was kidding myself, I can't marry you. I am amoral, dishonorable. You are too good to be corrupted by this filth."

He scattered the girls like nine pins, he pulled her into his arms. He said nothing he just held her. She looked up.

"I have to go, Roger. I can't do this with you..." she added in such a little voice that he could have imagined it, "I love you."

He got angry, angry with the war, angry with his brother for using her. He also felt Rage, he professed to love her, yet he had blindly let these feeling fester within her."

"You claim to be amoral. Fuck Georgina, your morals are so bright we are all blinded. You undertook a difficult job because it needed doing yet unlike most killers you owned your actions. I except your honesty, I accept but disagree with your assessment of yourself. Georgina you could eat babies and I would still love you. I am going nowhere, get used to it."

"And there is something that is worse-"

"There is nothing worse, nothing will destroy us Georgina."

He pulled her to her feet, so the girls could join in the cuddle.

"We all adore you Georgina, you have been tempered by fire, despite the heat you have emerged from the furnace as warm, malleable, compassionate, giving. Fuck I could talk all day and still not find enough adjectives to describe your positive attributes."

He had glimpsed her soul he needed to add the balance to make his comments real.

"Your negative attributes are that you disobeyed orders to kill on a number of occasions. You always sought alternatives, where there were none you honored your commitment for the sake of your country. Many would see that as valor."

She looked hopefully into his eyes, "I don't disgust you?"

He couldn't find the words, he picked her up. Holding her in his arms, like a baby, he carried her back to his bed. He stripped her and tucked her in, then shucked his own clothes and joined her.

When their legs and arms were so hopelessly intertwined that escape seemed unlikely he said, "We are not made to kill, yet this war demands we obliterate our enemy. I know your experience was more personal but I wish I could have seen the reproach in the eyes of those I've bombed to death. If everyone could do that there would be no war. Disgust me, Georgina, I adore you more. I only hope I can scale that pedestal to reach you."

"Roger there is something else-"

"There is nothing else Georgina just you and me, fuck everything else."

She kissed him and decided to enjoy him for a long as she could before she had to wreck it by confessing her infertility.

"Thank you," she whispered, then fell asleep she was emotionally drained.

He woke to a clink, he turned to see Reggie quietly putting a jar of Vaseline on the bedside table. In was clear what the girls thought he should do.

He put his finger to his lips and was able to disengage his limbs without waking Georgina. He beckoned Reggie and repeated his signal to be quiet. Georgina groaned and searched for his warmth.

To Reggie's surprise he he unbuttoned her blouse and corset. Her breasts were full and firm, her nipples were not very prominent but were rock hard just from being stripped of a bit of clothing. The tension in her nipples puckered the skin on her areola. He sighed but ignored her inviting breasts. Instead he unbuttoned her dress and pulled down her knickers. She was moist already.

He pulled her to him and whispered, "Keep her warm and loved. I have to organize something, I won't be too long."

He stood and watched as Reggie filled his position. He quickly dressed and was soon on the street. He had an urgent issue to discus with his brother.

He came back smiling, his mission had been very successful. He crept back into the bedroom his mouth dropped. There were three naked females in the bed cuddling Georgina who was blissfully unaware of their presence. However, he felt she could feel the love, he did.

Reggie was sitting in the bed, Georgina lay on her back between her legs. Reggie was caressing Georgina's hair while her head lay on Reggie's stomach. Lola and Brielle looked like a pigeon pair, one on each side. Their legs draped Georgina's thigh and met between between her legs. Each girl was grasping a breast on the opposite side, their arms crossed over Georgina's chest. He wondered how they had managed to work out the logistics there was little of Georgina that was not in contact with another girl.

With every eye except Georgina's on him he picked up the counterpane and draped it over the girls, their focus had been Georgina all the girls had goosebumps. Then he picked up a throw from the chair and laid it over Reggie's shoulders. He sat in the chair and watched.

He pondered the events of the day, after his special birthday it very nearly all came undone. It wasn't fixed yet but it soon would be.

Georgina was the strength of the group she organized everyone with quiet efficiency, she led from behind. Not in a cowardly officer sort of way who hid behind his men as they advanced from the trenches but in an uniquely Georgina way. She led so that the person felt empowered, her machinations in the background did nothing to rob her friend of the feeling of self achievement. Then he realized she didn't lead at all, everyone willingly followed her, even Crash, and it only took him a few bruises.

He chuckled he was totally in charge of himself too, as long as Georgina approved. Yet the empathy she showed was reflected, he looked at the bed. Even with all that love she felt unworthy of him. Of him, it was the other way around, she was a goddess and him an unworthy supplicant.

She was damaged by what she had done. Octavian had told him but he was too dumb to read between the lines. Was he the immature adolescent his brother alluded to. So wrapped up in his own needs that he failed to see Georgina's?

He sighed, he rather thought he was but it was time he grew up. Georgina needed a man, and a man who through empathy could let her see who she really was because her opinion of herself was wrong.

There was a stirring in the bed.

"Where's Roger?"

"Here," he stayed in the chair, the girls needed to share their love with her.

Georgina kissed the closest appendage of each girl.

"This is a lovely surprise, thank you... you too Roger."

Georgina's words started a wonderful piece of choreography. Brielle left her side and slipped between her legs. Lola slipped up the bed and kissed her. Reggie stayed where she was and fondled her breasts. Georgina moaned, like Roger last night, she was overcome by the concentrated pleasure. The girls worked slowly, they were driven solely by Georgina's unstated desires. He watched them pleasuring her and wondered how they communicated without words.

The tempo increased and Brielle's hand unerringly found Lola's minge, her fingers were skilled Lola was thrusting against them already. Pleasuring Georgina must be a turn on for them all, he suspected that Reggie had already come too.

Brielle's arse was in the air, she was the only one who was not being pleasured. Roger rose and tentatively goosed her. He heard a slurp that sounded like yes please.

He dropped to his knees and licked along her slit. Brielle seemed to want control, so he held his tongue still. She maneuvered so that his tongue slid from her cunt to her clit. Having been shown what she wanted, he took over. Her moan was all the approval he needed. He could see Brielle eating a moist pussy, someone was yelping he suspected it was Georgina, so he reached through Brielle's legs and caressed Georgina's upper thighs, she parted them more.

He defied the odds, he was a man but he was doing two things at the same time very competently, still pleasuring two females was dream work.

Seeing his hands, Brielle lifted so he could run his fingers down Georgina's valley. Brielle had added to Georgina's moisture it was dripping off her. Roger moved his hands to give Brielle full access again while he worked hard on her Brielle's snatch, she was thrusting against him, the tempo of the groans around the bed indicated that maybe all the girls were close.

Roger ran his finger down below Brielle's mouth and found Georgina's puckered ring, he wiped the copious amounts of lubrication around it. He gently tried to insert his finger, he got the tip in before it was repelled by her muscles, which clenched against the strange protrusion.

He could hear everything around him, Reggie was screaming, Lola moaning, Brielle thrusting and he felt Georgina's muscles beginning to spasm, so he thrust his lubricated finger firmly up her arse.

Georgina screamed in pleasure, that was the lead domino. Brielle came she almost suffocated him with her demand for greater contact. He could feel Brielle's hand working feverishly. He replaced his mouth with two fingers which slipped into Brielle smoothly before they were crushed with her contractions. He looked up Brielle had one finger inside Lola, one outside and with a pincer grip was driving Lola over the edge. He had no idea how Reggie was being titillated but she had been screaming for a long while.

Then as if an order was issued they all collapsed into an orgasmic heap.

Roger was surprised when he was pushed and maneuvered to Georgina's side replacing Brielle, being little she lay on top of Georgina who kissed Roger.

"Was that your finger?"

He kissed her back.

Dinner was a lazy affair, languid, with much touching, cuddling and kissing. Even Crash and Ashley were not excluded but they were pleased everyone was dressed it could have easily turned into another orgy.

"Reggie, find some glasses I have something special."

Roger reached to the back of a deep cupboard, his hand triumphantly returned with a bottle of aged port. Reggie took it and sloshed it into the glasses like a poorly drawn pint.

She looked at him defiantly, "None spilled!"

He kissed her on the forehead.

"Before I offer a toast, can I crave your indulgence."

He knelt in front of Georgina, took her hand and kissed it.

"Georgina, beacon of love, will you marry me?"

She flew into his arms and bowled him over, he rolled onto his back with her lips fastened to his. After her tongue had done some magic she pulled him up and said, "Tomorrow, next week, whenever you want."

She then pulled him into her seat and sat on his lap. She licked his ear and whispered, "Can we try the finger again tonight?"

Roger was bowled over by her reaction figuratively as well as physically, he looked a little bemused.

"Forgotten your toast?" Reggie asked, putting his glass into his hand.

"To Georgina, our glue, our kingpin, our mentor and soon to be my wife."

Merrily repeated, "To Georgina, our glue, our kingpin, our mentor..." the toast dissolved into giggles when they got the pronoun muddled up with the wife bit.

"I have booked a table at the Dorchester to celebrate our engagement tomorrow night. Your attendance is mandatory.

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