tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 24

The Hogarth Club Ch. 24


Lord Alveston's sexual exploits were well known at the Dorchester, so three women demanding to see him was not outside the realm of possibilities. The receptionist rang Roger's suite, there was no answer. He was about to apologize to the ladies but Lola interrupted.

"Try our room, he may be there."

He did, he allowed the customary six rings and was about to hang up when he heard a voice.

Roger had managed to reach the phone without disturbing Georgina.

"Your Lordship there are three... Eh... ladies who are demanding to see you."

"Send them up to me, they are expected."

"Send them up, Your Lordship?"

Roger was amazed at how the words dripped with condescension. Had he not been so full of joy he would have dealt with the insolence.

"Yes up, room 207 where this phone call confirms I am."

The response was too slow for Roger.

"Immediately!" he snapped.

Georgina stirred, she pulled him closer and resettled.

There was a rattle at the door and the girls entered, Georgina's sleep did not survive that intervention.

"Ooh-la-la, afternoon delight!" Reggie said as she bounced on the bed and pulled Georgina from Roger's to her her own embrace.

"I hope you haven't left a wet patch?" Lola said.

"The smell of mingled juices nothing better to kick off a titillating night," Brielle said, her grin was mischievous.

Brielle ostentatiously placed a bottle of lube on the bedside table.

"We could have done with that earlier," Georgina said.

The girls hugged unperturbed by Roger's nakedness. He was excluded by a scrum of bodies and squealing multiple conversations. He decided to dress and meet his guests.

"Are you still here, Roger?" Reggie said with a grin.

Roger decided he was lucky his feelings for Georgina was all consuming because all these girls had won a space in his heart.

Wicklow had decided that a function with a Duke an Earl and a Lord was deserving of his special attention. The women had nothing to do with it but four beauties did nothing to dissuade him.

"Shall I ask Wicklow to call them?" Roger asked.

Octavian just laughed, his Lothario brother pining for the attention of a woman would have been fanciful just last month and now he was here for a wedding.

"Best not, Lad. They're not late yet," said Ralph.

"Uncle, they should have been here at 7.00, it's almost 7.30."

"Almost, Lad, Women seem to think half an hour late is on time."

"Not Georgina, she is as timely as a man."

Octavian scoffed, "Can I have your rose colored glasses when you've finished with them. I tire of life's realities."

Three visions of loveliness entered the room forestalling what was sure to be a brotherly fight. Roger being used to the girls was the only male whose eyes were not popping out of their heads.

As glorious as Lola, Reggie and Brielle looked Georgina made them look plain. She was glorious.

She was wearing a wool dress that didn't drape but caressed her figure, it wasn't tight but every fold or crease seemed to accentuate Georgina's femininity. From the square padded shoulders, thin waist and full skirt it oozed sexuality. It was light blue. Georgina had added a red and white neckerchief with a corsage of red and white roses. Finished with a pair of babydoll pumps also in red and white. She looked patriotic, refined and sensual.

Roger looked at his guests, their mouths were still open.

"Can I have my glasses back please?"

The snipe broke their attention, Octavian launched from his chair.

"Georgina you are a vision, you'll make those beautiful flowers die of shame."

The brotherly fight looked like it might be on but Octavian took her hand led her to Roger and placed it firmly in his brothers grip.

"You almost deserve her, Rags," he said, as he left to guide the other ladies to their chairs.

The men behaved like all men in the presence of beautiful women, they fought for attention. The women like all women egged them on. The dinner was a loud, fun, raucous affair.

Wicklow disappeared for the evening with the last of the dinner things, thanks to a bit of flirting from Lola, even he seemed to enjoy himself.

"Now we are on to the Port, Georgina I have a present for you."

Roger handed her an envelop. Georgina opened it with a big smile.

"What is it Roger?"

Roger just smiled, he knew she'd love it. She pulled out a slip of paper. Georgina's face fell.

"It's a special marriage license," she said, her voice shaking.

"Yes, and Uncle Ralph is a Justice of the Peace. Georgina will you marry me, NOW!"

Roger looked around the faces, proudly. They were divided along gender lines, the men beaming, the girls angry. He looked back to Georgina who was trying hard not to cry but her tears refused constraint they had already flooded her cheeks and were dripping off her chin. She stood and almost fell, Brielle was her savior.

"I cant, Roger," she managed before she escaped the room heading for the powder room.

Roger stood open mouthed, then he saw Reggie. Reggie was Georgina's handmaiden, Reggie was always there for Georgina, yet there she sat. Roger felt that was more ominous than Georgina's departure.

"She'll be back, Lad. You know how emotional these silly young things can get," said Ralph.

"I know Uncle," Roger said without thought.

The crack of Reggie's slap gained everyone's attention.

"You are obviously blind, I didn't think you were stupid too. She has been trying to share a secret for days. She not a silly young thing but a complex caring woman, who loves you too much to marry you. If you had listened instead of letting your pompous male ego intervene maybe you have saved both of you this embarrassment."

"I don't understand, Reggie."

"No you don't."

"Reggie, please help me."

"I'll help you, If you hurt her when she refuses you, I will kill you."

No one in the room doubted the accuracy of the statement.

"I will not refuse her, I'd sooner die."

Reggie looked at him hard, she saw his pain.

"Reggie please."

Roger had been kind to Reggie, the first man who was. Reggie loved him for that, she almost smiled.

"You will not want to marry her when you discover the truth," Reggie held up her hand, Roger left his thought unexpressed. Reggie pulled him into a hug and whispered.

"You know she can read you, if what she tells you is not a deal breaker. You'd better convince her because you'll get no second chance. Now go."

Roger went to escape but Reggie held him. "Best of luck," she said. Roger could feel her tears too.

Roger crashed into the female domain of the powder room although he was becoming quite acquainted with it.

"May I speak to my future wife?" Roger said.

Brielle and Lola left wordlessly, their frowns were so deep they almost tripped over them.

He took Georgina in his arms, she was still shaking.

"I'm so sorry I didn't listen to you-"

Georgina interrupted, "No I'm sorry Roger. I have been so selfish. When I tell you it will be the end, I just wanted you for as long as I could."

She put her head on his shoulder, he held her.

Lola and Brielle were joined by Reggie they guarded the Powder Room. An elegant lady swished into view.

"Excuse me, I'd like to go in," she said.

"Sorry, It's unavailable," Lola said.

"I don't believe that is your decision to make."

She ducked under Lola arm and entered the room.

Roger who was comforting Georgina heard the commotion, when the door opened he pulled out his revolver and without taking even an ounce of attention off Georgina. He pointed it at the door and cocked the trigger. The ominous click was more effective than Lola, the lady spun on her heel and exited.

"Ooh he's such a man. Who is he?"

Lola carelessly gave her a card.

Roger was surprised he heard Georgina laugh, "You wouldn't have killed her would you?"

"Her and anyone else who tries to get between us."

The laugh disappeared.

"Roger, you have to let me go, I am infertile. I can't give you the progeny that is so important to you."

Now Georgina was surprised, Roger said, "Thank Christ for that."

She studied his features, he was telling the truth. She held her breath in hope.

"Georgina I don't want to bring children into a world that we have fucked up. The Germans own Europe they are standing on the edge of the channel our survival is unlikely. You'd have to be criminally insane to condemn children to this madness."

Georgina didn't want to over-think it, she believed him.

"So you still want me?"

He picked her up and carried her back to their function room, he picked up a coterie of nubile bodies on the way. Octavian and Ralph cheered when they arrived. Roger put Georgina in a chair and knelt at her feet.

"Georgina, nothing will thwart us, we are both an irresistible force and an immovable object, we will defy the world to be together. Will you marry me?"

Georgina threw herself at him, her inertia toppled them both onto the floor. They kissed oblivious to everyone but themselves.

Octavian eventually said, "The longer you roll on the floor, the less time you'll have in your suite."

Georgina rose and pulled Roger up with her. Ralph blinked a suddenly moist eye, she pulled him up on his good side, no one would have know that he had lost his leg. His nephew had chosen wisely.

"Come here children," he said.

They all gathered around Ralph, he handed Roger a card.

Roger read, "I, Roger Athelred Godrick Stetson-Hoyden, take thee, Georgina Grace Winter-Smith, to my wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse: for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish, and forsaking all others be faithful only to her till death us do part and thereto I plight thee my troth."

Ralph handed a card to Georgina, Roger's confidence was a bit shaken he was delighted when Georgina started reading.

"I, Georgina Grace Winter-Smith, take thee, Roger Athelred Godrick Stetson-Hoyden to my wedded husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse: for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health; to love and to cherish and... Oh, Roger I cant do this!"

Roger's face fell, anger, disappointment, and loss fought for prominence but before any could win Georgina was in his arms.

"No Roger, I just will not promise to obey."

"Well?" Roger said to Ralph.

"Leave it out," he said.

Georgina smiled and continued.

"... to love and to cherish, till death us do part and thereto I plight thee my troth"

Octavian was quick with the rings before some dastardly fate befell his brother.

Roger read the card which his uncle held, "With this ring I thee wed. With my body I thee worship and all my worldly goods, I thee endow."

He gave Ralph a caustic look, but smiled at Georgina as he slipped the ring onto her finger.

Octavian had slipped Reggie a ring, she appeared at Georgina's shoulder and handed it to her.

"With this ring I thee wed. With my body I thee worship and I endow thee my soul, in your care forever."

Ralph noticed the word change, she was clearly more honest that Roger.

"You may kiss..."

It was too late, they were eating each other. Roger broke the kiss.

"Are we married Uncle Ralph?"

"Yes lad!"

"Are we married Georgina?"

"Yes Roger."

Reassured it had actually happened he picked her up and carried her to the lift, the Honeymoon Suite was the next stop.

"How do I get you out of this dress?" Roger asked.

"Oh no, you first. I have never seen your body only felt it. Strip Lad," Georgina said, imitating his uncle.

"If you do it well enough I will reciprocate."

Roger felt shy, he couldn't think why. Before he could ponder Georgina kissed him and said, "I'm shy too, that's why you are first."

Roger removed his jacket and bow tie he slipped his braces off his shoulders. With much gyrating undid his shirt buttons, they revealed his hairy chest. He remembered Georgina spinning her blouse so her did the same, shucking all but one sleeve her spun the garment and launched it at Georgina. The tinkling of her laugh made it worthwhile.

Georgina advanced towards his bare chest, eager to get her hands on him.

"No touching, you wanted to see," he waved her away. "Back you wanton wench."

Again he was rewarded with her laugh and a brief touching of her lips. Roger felt his reticence return, he was ashamed of his leg. He looked at Georgina, she smiled and mimed undoing his fly. Fuck it he thought with no fanfare he dropped his trousers and stood there looking dejected. He stood feeling a little less of a man.

"Come on Roger get to the good bit!"

He looked up Georgina's eyes were on his groin.

"You don't care?"

"Of course I care, I care about your pain. Now get the rest of your kit off."

He couldn't help himself he wrapped her in his arms. Her play had a deliberate intent, she knew how he'd feel about his leg and she'd taken all his fear away."

"I don't deserve you," he said.

"You won't unless you stop distracting me with your body and take your kit off."

He found it easy he was soon standing naked and proud in front of his love. Georgina ran her fingers over his chest and abdominal muscles on her way to his cock. He pushed her gently away.

"Oh no, it's your turn," he said.

Her smile would have broken the heart of a mass murderer.

"Oh Roger, the girls put it on, I'll call them for help."

She walked towards the telephone a growl stopped her.

"I have always wanted to be a Ladies Maid, come here!"

Georgina looked away, her demure look was entirely feigned. He found four buttons on the back and two at the waist he brushed it off her shoulders. He knew now why she looked so sensuous in the garment, it was all she wore.

"God, you are beautiful," he said.

She stepped out of his intended cuddle.

"Touching first!"

She knelt and felt his dick and balls, she seemed fascinated. He would have felt like an anatomical model had her discovery session had not deliberately included titillation.

"It's beautiful Roger. We may be busy tonight but can I touch and kiss it all?"

There was no answer needed to a question like that. He pulled her up. He knelt and caressed her breasts, like her he discovered them. He traced where the swell began and traced it over her nipple then her under breast where it merged smoothly back into her chest without a crease. She had perfect orbs, the type of tits that begged to be fondled and kissed. His lips barely touched her when she stood back.

"My turn."

He stood and kissed her fleetingly, he presented his body with his hands.

"All your's madam, what is your pleasure?"

Georgina seemed never to forget anything, her fingers unerringly found every nook of his body where he had expressed pleasure at her touch.

Roger was more than hard, any stimulation individually was enough but together; naked Georgina, the promise of sex, her flirtatious look, her concentration on his body but her glissand touches was demanding control he didn't realize he had.

"You'll be able to see how it squirts soon," he said, hoping to stop her.

"Oh, yes please," she said.

She grasped his dick and wanked him purposefully while she played with the most powerful of his erogenous zones, the one across his stomach. He came.

Georgina laughed as a string of spunk shot over her shoulder.

"Missed!" she said.

She aimed him at her breasts, like a well sighted rifle he obliged. Georgina was unperturbed about the come dripping over her chest.

"Isn't it magnificent Roger, your first squirt went for miles. Would I feel that if you came inside me?"

Roger hadn't realized what a gift a sensuous woman with an inquiring mind could be, he looked forward to dark interesting nights with his wife.

"I don't know, you'll have to tell me."

She stood and kissed him. "I want you inside me, first your semen then your cock."

Roger knew what she wanted, he rubbed his man cream into her breasts, all three parties enjoyed it Roger, Georgina and her tits. Her nipples dented his palms as he fondled her mounds, her breasts were puckered and goose-bumped. Georgina pushed them into his caress she was sighing softly.

When his cream had been fully absorbed and Georgina's sighs had become groans he picked her up and carried her to the bed. He fell backwards with her on top of him. She reached and unfastened his leg, it clanged to the floor.

"You on top," Roger said, "you seek the depth and speed you need."

Georgina kissed him so passionately he almost came again. He would need a liquid replenishment plan around this woman. He wondered if you could become parched just through coming. That thought totally disappeared when she grabbed his cock.

"Are you always hard, Roger. I don't think I've seen it soft?"

"You are such so sexy, I wonder if you will?"

"You say the nicest things..."

Her lips found his and words became redundant, she slid her valley along his dick, there was no doubt about her arousal. Then she broke the kiss and straddled him. She grabbed him again and guided him to her entrance and slipped him in a little.

"Oh Roger, that is nice."

Roger had another vision to add to his collection, her eyes were shut, her smile angelic, her breasts proud. She let a bit more of him in. Her smile broadened, she had dimples. He grabbed her nipples and twisted them the way she liked. The dimples grew.

She sank a little deeper onto him. She felt full in a way she hadn't realized she was missing.

"We need to do this a lot, I like it," she said.

Roger smiled, as if he'd object. He moved towards her.

"No me, Roger."

She lifted, he almost escaped but she slid back onto him he penetrated a bit deeper. She had found the way forward, each upstroke she felt empty, a want she filled with each down stroke. Georgina worked him with precision each stroke she was taking him deeper.

Roger was working her nipples and reveling in her expression. He was half way in her when pain fleeted across her face. He cupped her chin put his finger on her lips. She opened her eyes kissed the finger and rammed him fully home.

"Fuck, how have I done without this. Roger you are wonderful."

She bent and kissed him.

"If this is wonderful wriggle it about a bit," he said.

She hugged him and rolled them over.

"You do it."

Roger had never felt such affection for a woman, his focus for once was not about him. He tuned into Georgina and fucked her responding to the clues her reaction gave.

"More Roger, deeper, faster," she said.

Georgina felt him within her, she had never felt so complete. He was pounding her to death, she loved it. She could feel a tickling in her stomach. She grabbed his arse and drove him harder. The tickle grew to become a flower, then a ravenous beast as it consumed her. Her body shook like Reggie's, Roger slowed.

"No Roger, please more."

Roger delighted to please, carried on as she directed.

"I want to feel you come," she said.

God she was sexy, her hips were grinding against Roger's, she was sweating and she was coming again. That was it for Roger. He thrust into her as if it was possible to get deeper.

"I can feel it Roger, I felt two squirts, keep going."

He was amazed that he could but he was still rock hard and going for his third orgasm.

"Keep it in but I want to kiss you too."

Roger rolled them onto their sides and scissored their legs. It necessitated a less energetic approach but Georgina was growling. She kissed him hard, he reached for her breast and tweaked the nipple and squeezed her flesh.

Georgina's lips were like a limpet her tongue was busy, she was guiding his motion with a hand on his hip. She broke the kiss and whispered.

"Come with me Roger."

He balls were churning, he had been trying for control. He felt her cunt spasm around him. He released the volcano that he had been attempting to control pleasure flooded him almost to the exclusion of all else except Georgina.

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