tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 25

The Hogarth Club Ch. 25


"How long have you been staring at me?" Roger asked.

"A long time. I can't believe that you are mine."

"That goes double for me!"

"Roger I have loved you, irrationally, since I was eighteen. This was my ideal outcome and now it's come true. I have enjoyed the incredible feeling of connectedness with your cock deep inside me."

"Would you like to do it again?"


Roger was used to being surprised around Georgina but NO took his breath away. Georgina smiled, shut his mouth and kissed his eyes.

"They were popping out, you don't need popped eyes."

"No!" he said.

"We're married now we don't have sex, or sexual adventures."

He was almost sure she was joking but as usual her face gave nothing away.

"Georgina don't be silly a marriage is the place for sexual adventures, stretching limits, learning bodies and gaining the knowledge to truly satisfy your partner."

She just stared at him, could she be serious he thought.

"About my wedding vow-"

"You don't have to obey," he interrupted. He knew she wouldn't anyway. "This isn't the way I planned to spend the morning. I was hoping for physical rather than philosophical," he said.

"You promised to forsake all others be faithful only to me, I didn't."

He stilled and played over the events of the previous evening, he was an emotional mess but she was right. When Ralph had given her permission to omit obey she had missed, forsaking all others, too and no one noticed. The impact of what she was saying hit him.

"Are you going to get your sex elsewhere?"

He didn't believe he'd ever doubt her. She kissed him, the passion of the kiss burned those doubts with a heat that precluded even smoke.

"Silly Billy. After waiting for so long and saving you my virginity why would I desert you?"

He tried to emulate the passion in his kiss.

"I want you to make a new vow, I'd hate for you to miss out on another birthday celebration."

"OK, what do I promise?"

"If you match my promise I will release you vow of monogamy."

Georgina put her hand over her left breast, he wished it was his hand.

"I promise to make my marriage the place for sexual adventures, stretching limits, learning Roger's body and gaining the knowledge to truly satisfy him emotionally and physically. Ours will be a marriage of love unsullied by boredom or duty."

Roger covered her hand with his, took her other hand and placed it over his on his heart.

"I promise to make my marriage the place for sexual adventures, stretching limits, learning Georgina's body and gaining the knowledge to truly satisfy her emotionally and physically. Ours will be a marriage of love unsullied by boredom or duty"

"We can have sex now, if you'd like?" Georgina said with a cheeky grin.

"Georgina, I'd follow you blindly over a cliff, I know what I've just promised but what does it mean to you?"

Georgina smiled, Roger refusing sex, he must be serious.

"It means when I'm old, worn and wrinkled I still want sexual adventures and I want most of them with you."


"Of course, I love you!"

"No, I meant who else?"

"Whoever we decide."

Roger really did look perplexed.

"OK," he said, "we are both old and wrinkled, tell me what a sexual adventure might look like, so that I understand."

"Well maybe through the week we have failed to find a role play or sexual position that pleased us, so we might ask Octavian and his wife around to play."

"So you want to fuck my brother..."

He stopped, her grin was so wide it met at the back of her head.

"Sorry Roger, that was mean. If we both agree we should include other people we love into our play."

"Yes please!"

"You agree?"

"No, but as I recall you asked if I wanted sex, Yes please."

She smothered him with her body. When he found air again, he said, "Georgina, I love you and trust you. I know you will only add spice to our marriage. I like your suggestion because I love Reggie, and Brielle and Lola would certainly add flavor."

"Don't you love Brielle and Lola?"

"No, not in the same way as Reggie. Lola doesn't know what love is. I'll probably love Brielle when she finds the ability to love herself and trust others, she is certainly more damaged than she looks."

Georgina wanted to hear more, she loved this amazingly perceptive man.

"Isn't that a stronger reason to love them?"

"Yes but Lola walks around my offer of love as if she doesn't recognize it and Brielle can see it but thinks it's deception."

"Don't stop caring though."

"I couldn't, why are you sharing my words and not my body?"

Georgina fixed his problem.

The phone rang at an opportunistic moment, they had played and rested and were ready to re-emerge into the world.

"It will be your brother."

Roger raised an eyebrow and picked up the receiver. He just listened.


"He's coming to see us, ten minutes."

Georgina sprang out of bed.

"Can I help you get dressed?"

"You can watch or we'll blow the ten minute deadline. Although I don't mind your brother catching us fucking."

"I do, I'll watch."

Roger smiled, Georgina was a tease it took her eight minutes to get her bra and knickers on and one minute to fully dress.

"OK, you have one minute," she said with a monster grin, "assuming you can get that," she nodded at his erection, "into your underwear."

"We could always refuse to answer the door," he said hopefully.

She shook her head, she had a bone to pick with Octavian.

"I'll call the girls. You lever your lever into some clothing."

Georgina grabbed the phone while Roger ran around like a headless chicken finding all of his scattered garments.

There was a bold knock at the door.

"People in Honeymoon Suites do not customarily receive visitors," Roger said, as he opened the door.

"I'm not a visitor, I am your brother."

Georgina flew past him and launched herself into Octavian's arms. Roger was surprised both at Georgina and Eight who caught her as if she was expected.

"Can I kiss my sister in law?"

"A chaste peck is acceptable," Roger said, but it was too late.

Although there were no lips, Octavian was definitely cuddled. He looked at Roger and winked when Georgina let him go. Roger was amazed he felt no jealousy.

"I amend chaste kiss, to whatever my wife finds acceptable."

"Why have you interrupted out matrimonial bliss?" Georgina asked.

"The German spies, we have trouble."

Georgina grabbed the phone and ordered morning tea for four. Neither Roger or Octavian commented they knew she loved sweet things. They chatted, mostly about last night. Octavian laughed about the interlude in the Powder Room.

"Why did you love my brother too much to marry him?" Octavian asked, just like an elder brother straight to the point.

Georgina raised an eyebrow at Roger. He got up and kissed her.

"If you can greet him like that, you can share any secret that YOU want to."

Georgina grabbed him as he was walking away and returned the kiss.

"When Roger told me about Helen, he said that continuing the family name is essential. I have been infertile since I was sliced-"

"Why the fuck didn't you tell me?"

"Why would you be interested in my plumbing?"

"MI5 or MI6 will pay for surgery to rectify the problem."

Georgina was touched, her eyes were damp.

"Thanks Octavian, I appreciate your concern. Paying isn't an issue though. The way the government works they'd probably think they owned my womb."

Georgina was crying now, Roger couldn't work out why she cried so easily but he liked that she expressed her emotions. Men would smile while their hearts were being broken, he thought women had the better balance.

There was a knock at the door. Georgina accepted the trays and shared the extra helping between them all. When all the banter and consumables had been dispatched, Roger said, "What's with the Krauts?"

Octavian grimaced. "When Mosley and Dunn were arrested for the serial killing we arranged for full press coverage. There was even a Sunday editorial. We thought that with Cynthia's death clearly being coincidental to her spying they would come and recover the files, they didn't. Our best brains have concluded that your operation has been infiltrated it's the only way they'd know it was a trap."

"Only?" Georgina said.

"Well no, most likely then. I'm worried about Brielle she doesn't have clearance, I'm worried about Reggie too but she is more open. Brielle has dark corners."

"Lola is OK because you fucked her last night?" Georgina said, the venom was thinly disguised.

Octavian didn't take the bait.

"No Lola has had a high clearance, since before the war. She has come through a review squeaky clean, unlike Brielle."

Georgina stood and in a tone that left not an iota of doubt said, "I would place my life in either Reggie's or Brielle's hands at the drop of a hat. If we are penetrated it is NOT them."

"So you'd be happy to bait a trap to prove their innocence?"

"Absolutely not, trust by definition does not need to be tested. You play your silly games but I will not be a part of it!"

"Will you tell them?"

"Only if I know!"

The room was subzero, no one stood up to Octavian. Roger decided to intervene before they all froze.

"Octavian, I support Georgina fully. If you want to test the loyalty of our friends, you do it!"

Georgina knew the value of loyalty, she was not prepared to filter her values for the sake of family harmony. She was looking forward to a deeper relationship with Roger's brother, that seemed to be off the table now. Through misty eyes she saw Octavian move, next she was in his arms.

"Georgina, you are a joy. I expected that from you but you've given my brother a backbone too."

Georgina just held him, his comment was so busy it would take a while to de-code. Octavian pulled Roger into the clinch.

"God, Rags. If I didn't need some pampered rich, landed, peer in my bed you wouldn't have come close to this treasure."

Georgina smiled

"But, Brother-in-Law, I almost meet your specification exactly."

"I know, Dear. You are not titled."

"No, I'm not pampered."

The brothers stood open mouthed.

"Tell!" they said together.

"Until Mussolini, I was a Countess. A direct decedent of Caterina Sforza, the Countess of Forli."

"Titles only travel the male line," Octavian said.

"When Pope Sixtus died, Caterina Sforza's husband was killed and his lands overtaken. She escaped the Pope's murderers, formed an army and recaptured her husbands domains. Then supported the new pope, Pope Aleander VI. In gratitude he granted secession down the female line as a lasting testament to her male strength forged with female compassion. He credited her with defending his Papacy."

"You lucky bastard Rags, if I'd only known!"

"Then you still would have been my Brother-in-Law," Georgina said.

"See Eight, some people just are not good enough."

The brothers were shaping up.

"I have photos of your tryst with Lola."

They both dropped their hands and looked at Georgina.

"Sit down children," she said.

"Octavian, I was the top operative at MI6 and transferred to MI5 on the same terms?"

"Yes," he said, with a troubled frown.

"Your brother, though able, is at least five levels lower than my classification?"


"Roger asked me to handle his income too, as I do for all the girls. Why is he earning twice as much as me?"

"Georgie, you are at the top of the female pay-scale. There is no female higher paid than you."

Georgina just looked at him. He shook his head as if there was nothing he could do.

"My name is Georgie!"

He smiled, he was rarely outplayed.

"I suppose you want back pay?"

"No Reggie, Lolan and Gabriel my male helpers, would like back pay. You can use any money you owe me to pay for the Hogarth Club. Refund yourself, so it's all mine."

"OK, the Hogarth Club is yours."

Georgina kissed his cheek.

"You'll fix the girls too?"

He nodded.

"Before you go, Eight, I got Cynthia's shredded clothing from Toby. With all the... stress around our marriage I forgot to share my results," Georgina said.

"But we examined them and found some code, but it's useless without the frequencies."

Georgina stared at him. He rubbed his neck then looked up.

"I'm sorry Georgie, what did you find?"

"The knickers were probably made by Cynthia, she was good but not professional. I found a white dogs hair in the hem it was sewn in, and the cotton was strange, waxed like sail thread."


"The hair was pure white, so it came from an albino or a white breed. I spent an hour at the kennel club. The majority of pure white dogs are Shepherds. Oh shit... Oops sorry." Georgina held her mouth.

"What is it?" Roger asked.

"I knew I'd seen that cotton before, it's for sutures but it was rough, so it would be used by a vet."

"Well done Georgie, we are after a vet who breeds or keeps white dogs. I'll chase it up."

Octavian turned to Roger, "I told you she was smart."

"Yes, I chose the right brother."

"Touche, Thanks Georgie, I'll leave you two to play."

Georgina offered him a roll of film.

"Georgie Darling, despite your banter you would do nothing to hurt me. Anyway, I doubt a blank film would be too damaging."

He smiled and slapped Roger's back before he left.

"That's reassuring," Roger said, when they were alone.

"What is?

"I thought it was only me that you shredded."

"You should be ashamed of yourself, making rude comments like that, now drop your pants so I can smack your bottom."

Roger didn't need a second invitation.

"Now we've eaten, we can stay here until afternoon tea."

They had arranged to meet the wedding party.

"Put your trousers on. I am your brother's pampered, rich, landed, peer. Come into my bedroom and seduce me."


"Roger, replay your vow in your head. We only have five holes, two soft and one hard protuberances between us. We will soon run out of hydraulic possibilities but if we role play we may never get bored."

Roger kissed her and left the suite. His eyes were misty he wondered what he had ever done to deserve such a woman. When he had settled down he knocked on the door. It was opened on the catch a voice which was only just Georgina's said.

"Is that you Octavian?" her voice climbed in pitch when she uttered his brother name, like she was commanding him.

"NO, Prudence, it's Roger."

"Your brother isn't here Rags."

"I know Prue, Dear. It was you I have come to see."

"Oh me, you dear man but I am alone."

"Good, let me in."

The door was unlatched, Georgina was wearing his suit jacket shirt and tie, she had wrapped the table cloth around her waist.

"You look fabulous Prudence, may I come in... your-"

"I would dearly like you to come... in but what about your brother?"

"There probably wouldn't be room for both of us."

"Don't be silly, I have a monster room," she said, rhotasising, pronouncing the R as a W.

"I'm so pleased you have enough room."

"Why have you come and put my reputation at jeopardy?"

Roger grasped her hand and kissed it, "Because you are a chocolate which I want to penetrate with my tongue so I can confirm your center is, soft, sweet and moist."

Georgina actually blushed.

"What is your favorite flavor?"

"Passion fruit."

"Oh, I like to get my mouth around a fountain of vanilla cream."

"Prudence, you know I like you. Can I fondle your breasts?"


"Yes, run my hands over your naked flesh. Entice your nipples to attention and use them to tune your sexual desires to libidinous."

"Do you mean-"

"Yes, Darling, I want to fuck you."


"Yes, spear you with my rampant cock and pump until I hear you screaming, delightfully orgasmic."

"Surly Roger, you mean orgasmic delight. You mustn't use an adjective to describe a verb."

"Around you Prudence everything slips," he dropped his trousers.

"Oh Roger..."

"Yes Prudence."

"You've broken your buttons, would you like me to repair them?"

"Yes, I could use your nimble fingers, this thing standing to attention needs your attention."

"Roger, you are making me hot!"

She stood and undid the tie and pulled it through the collar.

"How would I make you hotter, my soft centered confection."

"If you were to precisely explain what your plans for my body are, with correct grammar, that would make me hot."

"Good grammar makes you hot?"

"No Silly boy. Salacious, lecherous conversation makes me hot, bad grammar makes me cold."

"Do you mean filthy and foul mouthed, or risque and scurrilous?"

"Both and erotic, immodest, immoral and improper."

"Prudence, I would like to rip of your clothes and stifle your screams with kisses."

Roger reached for the buttons on his shirt, it was too good to rip.

"No Roger, don't touch. I want to hear it first. If it is scurrilous and shamelessly profligate. I may grant you permission to debase, desecrate, exploit and pervert my poor innocent body."

Roger wasn't sure if it was a vocabulary game or a sex game. It was a silly thought he was super stiff, clearly one head knew what sort of game it was.

"Prudence, I'm going to ruin your tight cunt, you will be screaming for me to use you as a fuck toy. Your twat will be leaking its eager juices. You may be a Duchess but you will be my slut when I ram my cock up your arse-"

"Roger, I do so enjoy the front hole when it's skilfully plundered, might that do?"

He kissed her hand, "Of course my Petit Four."

"Oh and Roger, can we start at the top and work down?"

"Fucking hell!"

"No, I rather thought we could do it here."

Roger smiled, it was Prudence who was being a pain not Georgina.

"Prudence you are a sanctimonious fuck bucket, the next time you talk without permission I will ram my prick past your tonsils."

Prudence nodded, the grin was Georgina's.

"Prudence, I will grab your tits and massage twist and grind them until they are red, sore and throbbing. Then my mouth will own your nipples. I will suck, bite and if you are good kiss them until you are screaming for my cock to fill your quim. When I hear the drip of your, please fuck me juices, you will feel my cock teasing and teasing until you beg to be my sex slave."

"May I speak, Master?"

"Yes slut."

"Are you going to spank me?"

"Yes, you cunt, when the only thing in the world you want is my cock, I will paddle your arse for being a slut. Then I will spread your legs, grab your cunt flaps and pull you onto me like a winter glove. I will let you do the rest. I want you to prove to me what a dissolute, debauched, hedonistic, come bucket you are. If you do well, I will then allow you to touch me."

"Roger you may debase, desecrate, exploit and pervert me, just fucking hurry," that was Georgina.

Georgina undid the buttons but that was the only departure from the script. Georgina proved to be all of the adverbs and then some. When they had both come multiple times Roger gathered her thinking it was Georgina.

"I am a pampered rich, landed, peer. I should have a hairy chest too."

He dropped back into the role play.

"I'm glad you don't Prudence, I would hate anything to come between my hands and your pink bits."

"OH Really, do you really consider hair to be an impediment to passion?"

"Only with someone as beautiful as you my dear."

He kissed her gently.

"Hogarth Club," he said. It was the safe word.

"I enjoyed that Roger, did you?"

He looked at her, her tits were red and sore, she was dripping his come like an overfilled bucket.

"I prefer tender but it was good."

"You can be my considerate husband tonight."

"We probably need to get ready for afternoon tea," he said.

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by Northpacific201702/14/18


A very enjoyable tale, I await more chapters, and thank you for your efforts.


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