tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 26

The Hogarth Club Ch. 26


The girl's arrival was so timely that were both walking towards each other on the Outer Circle. They met at Kent Street and kissed each other's cheeks.

"To the second!" they said together, then laughed.

They didn't speak as they walked towards the lake, making their own path across the grass. Haggith was deep within her own thoughts. If she was part of Ultra dolorem, sisters in pain, then it was with her sister Michal, whose death she was still to avenge and Abigail who was walking by her side.

They arrived at their bench on the edge of the lake at Regents Park. It was their bench because it was too far across the lake for anyone to lip read without a telescope and that would be obvious.

"Dark thoughts, Haggith. Have they become your friends, are you reluctant to betray them?" Abigail said.

"Yes, yes and no."

Abigail just laughed and raised an eyebrow which said, explain.

"Yes, my thoughts are dark, yes they have become friends and NO I am not reluctant to betray them. Anyway it is not a betrayal. I will speak for them when we rule Britannia."

"Is their lovemaking vanilla, boring and British?"

Abigail made British sound like an insult.

"No, they have no idea how pain enhances pleasure but they are adventurous, very un-british."

It was Abigail's turn for dark thoughts. Until her last visit to Koenig she had always enjoyed her reward sex but she still had difficulty sleeping thinking about the dog.

"Dark thoughts, Abagail?"

"Koenig used the dog on me. I thought it was Baron, the fucking thing came inside me." She shuddered.

When Abigail had been mauled by Baron she was eleven. Haggith although a year younger, adopted the role of mother and had shared Abigail's pain, recovery and later, her terrors. She knew how her sister was feeling. She put her hand on Abigail's knee as an indication of support. Abigail enjoyed the contact until she was able to bring herself more under control, then she removed Haggith's hand. Koenig had punished the girls for cuddling, he never allowed his girls to fraternize. He said their only purpose was to please men not each other.

"Some of the John's who fucked me were really caring, gentle and considerate. I was more than a fuck but it feels like I only get joy in Koenig's cruel hands." Haggith said.

Abigail smiled, it was true.

"He has either enlightened us or spoiled us," she said.

The girls nodded it didn't matter which, it was what it was, they were never complete outside of his arms.

They stared at the lake, they watched the ducks paddling around dipping for food. The ducks were the only living thing in the park that didn't know that Hitler would be in England by Spring.

Abigail looked around, they were alone.

"What are your plans for the takeover?" Abigail asked.

"The club is not set up yet and Georgina is so good at that sort of stuff we'll leave it until she's finished."

"OK, how long?"

"She's at the Dorchester fucking her new husband but I think a week after she's back."

"That's fine, how will we gain control?"

"We need their compliance, Roger is tight with the MI5, so we can't take over from the top. The top probably is MI5."

"So what, turn them?"

"No they are hopelessly patriotic. Georgina is the key without her it would all come undone. We should kidnap her and hold her to ensure secrecy and compliance."

"OK, I'll arrange for her to be kidnapped."

"It wont work, I don't believe we have anyone good enough. I've seen her fight. She told one man mountain what she was going to do to him and he still couldn't stop her. I'll have to do it."

"You aren't a fighter!"

"I'll blind her, then even I could restrain her. I'll need a van to bundle her into."

"What, the water from boiled chillies."

"Yes, It will hurt but no lasting damage."

"Good thinking Haggith, will you get the Colonel to help you?"

"No he's a lame brain and such a fuddy-duddy he certainly wouldn't attack a woman. The fat head would probably help her."

"Do you want me to send Uriah to help?"

"No, I'll manage but make sure he's in the van, he has a few brain cells as well as muscles."

Abigail nodded, she was comfortable that Haggith had covered the angles.

"Here you go, your excuse for being out."

Haggith caught the reel of cotton that Abigail threw.

"I'll be sorry to leave the Dorchester," Roger said.

"You're sorry that we won't be naked all day."

"I can settle for, early morning, lunch, and all night."

"I love your optimism, Roger."

They looked in to see if Octavian was in his alcove, he wasn't so they caught a cab back to Little Sanctuary.

The place looked to be buzzing, Ashley had been put in charge of procurement, food and beverages and at her insistence Claire, her sister, had taken on the role of manager. The choices looked inspired the Hogarth club looked like the Dorchester.

Claire heard of their arrival, the grapevine was as good as the Dorchester's too.

"Welcome back Countess, your Lordship," Claire dipped.

"You have been practicing, do we have many peers?

"Yes, the Colonel's twelve friends also referred, so the club membership has grown during your honeymoon. It's now one hundred and eighteen."

"Who did the interviews?"

"Me and the goddesses."

Georgina was delighted, she hadn't been able to delegate much during the set up but clearly she had empowered.

"You are not needed, let's go back to the Dorchester."

"Georgina, please don't," Claire said, looking worried.

"Really!" Roger said, his hope dashed.

"Reggie said we have to be able to run the club without you but we need your flair to set it up right. Can you at least help before you go?"

"I'm not going back to the Dorchester," she eyed Roger, "my husband will need to get used to seeing me clothed."

They all laughed. Georgina pulled Claire into a hug. They were soon parted by Reggie who flew into the room like she was being chased by banshees.

"I've just got back, god, we've missed you."

"I've only been gone ten days."

"I know."

Reggie pulled Claire back into the hug. She was the first to break away.

"I have work to do," she said.

"Where is Brielle and Lola?" Georgina asked.

"Both out."

Georgina leaned across and whispered to Reggie, she was like a shaken bottle of champaign, so bubbly she was likely to pop. She looked at Georgina and with the wickedest smile Roger had ever seen on her face nodded, shrieked and exited.

"What was that about?" Roger asked.

"A discussion about female hygiene, do you really want to know. Well-"

Roger interrupted her with a kiss.

"There is nothing about you that I don't want to learn but that can wait the longest."

Georgina worked all afternoon with Claire and Ashley, they had dealt with Claire's list and at least doubled it with additional items. They were close to finished when a little head poked around the door.


Claire turned, angry. "I have told you NOT to go wandering around, stay with Granny!"

"Are you going to introduce me to your daughter?" Georgina asked.

Claire nodded resignedly while Ashley laughed. Claire beckoned her daughter in. She was beautiful like her mum right down to the impish smile.

"Hello Countess, I'm Joanie," she held out her small hand and curtsied.

Georgina took it, "Please call me Georgina, Joanie."

Her eyes were ice blue, the palest eyes Georgina had seen. They were framed perfectly by her golden hair.

"Go, tell Granny, Auntie Ashley and I will be up soon."

There was no disputing that tone, Joanie spun and disappeared.

"NO wonder Jock wanted to sell her, she is beautiful. Now tell me the story."

"Some creepy bastard pays a fortune for blue eyed blond children. Jock saw Joanie and that was it."

"So what do you know, what have your heard, what do you surmise?"

"Knuckles might know more but if I'm not limited to provable facts. He's blond, tall, blue eyed and has a white dog."

Georgina didn't interrupt even though she wanted to.

"He'll pay three hundred pounds for the right child. One of the girls told me Jock had accepted a one hundred pound deposit for Joanie. Another girl told me no one double crosses him, once he pays a deposit he gets the girl. Knuckles obviously believes it which is why we're here."

Claire stopped talking like she'd hit a brick wall.

"He ain't getting Joanie!" she and her sister collided again, their hugs were different.

"Tell me about the dog?"

"The dog?"

Georgina nodded.

"Big and white, an Alsatian, or a wolf maybe."

Reggie clattered in held her hands over her mouth.

"Have I interrupted something?" she asked.

Georgina shook her head and smiled

"No, we are going," the sisters said together.

When they had gone, Reggie's smile grew, "Do you still want to do it?"

Georgina rose from her chair and grabbed Reggie by the hand. She led her to her old bedroom, well it wasn't old yet but it would be tonight when she joined Roger officially in his bed. When she shut the door Reggie was in her arms.

"Can I do it too?" she asked.

"Why not, two for the price of one. You get the water."

By the time Reggie came back with a steaming jug Georgina had all the equipment laid out.

"Race to see who's naked first," Reggie said, she had her hands on her buttons.

Georgina's nod produced some frenetic activity which resulted in two naked women.

"Oh Georgina!" Reggie said, she approached Georgina and caressed her breasts.

"Do they hurt?"

"A bit but the bigger pain is missing Roger's hands, he thinks I'm made of glass."

"Did he do that?"

"Yes we had a role play. He was talking dirty, he promised to grab them massage, twist and grind them until they are red, sore and throbbing. Then suck, bite and own my nipples until I screamed for his cock."

"Did you?"

"Oh yes, I don't like the pain but it was an intense orgasm."

"I know!"

"God, I'm sorry Reggie. That was thoughtless."

"Don't be silly but it's love that gives you the best orgasms. Love and pain could be good, just pain doesn't work unless you are a... like me."

She corrected what she had intended to say. Neither of the girls intended to enjoy a sapphic interlude but Reggie was quickly pulled into Georgina's arms.

"Well done, you are getting really strong. I'm so pleased you are my friend."

Reggie melted into Georgina, they held each other enjoying the contact, the heat and the shared emotion. Reggie broke the hug.

"Let's get this done before we are missed."

They poured the hot water into a bowl to cool then laid some towels on the floor.

"You first," Reggie said.

Georgina grabbed the scissors.

"No me!"

She gave them to Reggie who dropped to her knees between Georgina's legs she started snipping the hair around Georgina's cunt.

"Mine is like that too, a real bush. When we've finished our clits will shine like new pins. I hope they attract a lot of attention."

Reggie mumbled away while she was cutting off Georgina's pubic hair. Georgina wasn't listening she was finding the experience very erotic.

"Where's the soap?"

"Oh sorry, on the bed wrapped in a flannel."

Reggie grabbed the soap. Georgina had almost fooled her but she had been enjoying that. Reggie smiled to herself, she would make the next bit much slower. She pulled the bowl over and wet the flannel and moistened the stubble that was left after the scissors. Then she wiped the remaining hair with the soap and slowly lathered it. She was very sloppy, her fingers often slipped into Georgina's valley.

"Stop it you slut, you are doing it on purpose."

Reggie kissed Georgina, "Do you really want me to stop?"

Georgina just looked away and smiled.

Reggie orgasmed first, when Georgina saw her stomach muscles betraying the coming climax she reached up and twisted her nipples. Reggie stifled her scream with Georgina's lips. Her stomach rested on Georgina's they shared her gyrations it seemed to last for ever.

"That was awesome, see it's better with those you love. I might do that again," Reggie said, proudly.

The bubbles hadn't survived Reggie's orgasm, so she started again but not playfully. When she was satisfied she grabbed Roger's razor that Georgina had borrowed or really stolen. Reggie was good, with firm confident strokes she cut away Georgina's stubble. She pulled on Georgina's lips to stretch the skin so she could use the razor without damage. She cheekily slipped her finger in.

"I need an anchor, you don't mind do you Georgina?"

She looked at Georgina for the first time instead of her cunt, her eyes were shut and the tension on her face revealed that she was very close. Reggie finished shaving quickly, Georgina looked like a pubescent girl. Reggie dried the area with a towel, then rubbed oil onto her hands and massaged her cunt to stop razor rash.

She rubbed her outer lips and Mons first, then slipped her fingers over the perineum and around Georgina's anus before returning. When she could identify Georgina by feel she looked at her face which her smile lit radiantly, joy was leaking out of every pore. Not long Reggie thought.

She re-oiled her hands, there was a disappointed moan which changed to a sigh when oily hands searched Georgina's inner lips and with steady pressure circled her hole, then her clit.

Georgina was lost in a cloud of bliss, she felt a tingle of pleasure, Reggie's hands were busy. The tingle became a bell like it was a locomotive, still far away. Then Reggie's hand stopped. The pressure remained, like the train had stopped at a station but its progress was assured.

When Reggie's fingers dipped into her valley, the train was upon her, urgent, powerful and euphoric. Her muscles vibrated with the throb of the engine pushing rapture to every nerve ending. Reggie's skillful fingers read the anatomy of her climax and exposed dark corners that had never before experienced such bliss. Then sadly the intense pleasure-pain receded to just ecstasy.

Georgina felt Reggie's lips on hers, soft and warm hiding a wily tongue which was seeking to extend Georgina's pleasure, she also felt Reggie's tummy signaling her arousal.

Georgina changed the kiss from receiving to giving, she kissed with all the skill she had recently acquired. She found the erogenous zones in Reggie's mouth and worked them mercilessly with her tongue. She knew Reggie could still breathe, she heard her gasping but Georgina long tongue manged to find more areas deeper in Reggie's mouth.

The two girls pushed each other's orgasms to extremes they didn't realize existed, then their bodies collapsed together.

For many minutes the girls were only aware of the physical, when Reggie spoke it surprised them both.

"Maybe we'll skip me."

"Absolutely not, roll over."

Reggie squealed.

The process was repeated, Georgina was especially careful not to arose Reggie. Georgina sat up and whispered in Reggie's ear.

"If you hold yourself until I finish I have a special surprise for you."

"OK, stop immediately if I tell you."

It was very slow going but Reggie was eventually smooth and pink. Georgina basted her hands.

"Slowly!" Reggie pleaded.

Georgina had a change of heart, it was unfair to contain Reggie so she spread the oil on her breasts.


Georgina's hands glided smoothly across Reggie's soft skin. Her breasts were full and firm. Georgina teased her nipples they, hardened but did not protrude but they felt like little stones, each time Georgina's hand flowed over them Reggie shuddered. Georgina's fingers overcame the puckering to tease her nipples. Reggie came in no seconds flat and kept coming. Georgina just circled her breasts exalting in the feeling of firm mounds surrendering to demanding hands.

"Fuck, why do you make me come so hard?"

"Because it's better with those that you love."

Reggie snuggled up to Georgina, eventually she said, "I'm sorry I messed it up but it was worth it. I guess special is off the agenda?"

"No, it's on. I wanted to hit your safety release valve or you'd come in minutes."

"I still may."

Georgina smiled and continued, "Do you remember Lola and Brielle fucking each other?"

Reggie shuddered, "God just thinking about that could make me come, that was so hot... you're not... you don't want to... do you?"

"We are newly naked and oily. Would you like to?"

Reggie was on her savaging her with kisses like a willing puppy. Georgina pushed her off.

"Is that a yes?" Georgina said, the smile met at the back of her head.

"Too fucking right," Reggie said, with a bigger smile.

Reggie sprang from the bed, wet her hands with oil motioned Georgina to open her legs. With one hand on each of there pussies she massaged the oil in.

"Come on Reggie, you're three orgasm up, don't make it four."

The girls had difficulty emulating the position they saw the Brielle and Lola take. It was not physically difficult it's just that they couldn't stop laughing but when their clits slid across each other mirth disappeared, replaced by resolve. With their legs scissored and their cunts together they quickly found a motion which pleased them both.

"See if we can come together," Georgina panted.

Reggie ignored her, all she had to do was wait for Georgina, she wondered if she could. The motion was escalating both girls moving at the hip grinding onto each other, their lubricated cunts wiping each other, finding every touch to be erotic. They honored each other's femininity until Georgina groaned in orgasmic bliss. That was Reggie's signal she willingly joined her friend.

The orgasm was strong but not so much that it robbed them of muscular control. They continued to grind slippery cunts now augmented by their own juices together. They felt the release but also the warmth of love.

Both girls felt it, they spun around so they were facing, thighs penetrated each other and they ground slowly as much for the contact as the pleasure.

When they stilled, Reggie said, "Georgina, I'm not a lesbian. I don't seek this from you."

Georgina was surprised at the comment, she had been thinking similar thoughts and how to tell Reggie without offending or worse upsetting her. Georgina tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, an intimate gesture.

"Nor me Reggie. I love you as a friend-"

Reggie stilled her lips with her own.

When Georgina could speak, she said, "Yes, but can we still do this occasionally?"

Reggie stilled and a look of horror appeared on her face. She started crying. Georgina did not comfort her she wanted to know what had upset her.

"What Reggie."

"You pledged to forsake all others-"

Reggie was interrupted by Georgina's laugh

"No I didn't and I released Roger from his pledge, we have agreed to share with those we love."

The tears were now flowing down Reggie's face.

"Does that include me?"

Georgina pulled her closer, it was all the answer she needed.

Reggie snuggled, then lifted her head and with a short burst of a laugh said, "William Rivers is visiting tomorrow and I am planning on robbing him of his virginity, do you want to play."

"No he's all yours."

The girls by silent accord rose and dressed they left each other with a secret smile.

"Did Reggie upset Claire she was crying after hug?"

"Roger, how many women did you fuck?"

He looked away, shamefaced. Georgina kissed him.

"I don't care if you'd gone through the Women's Air Corp. You're with me now. All I wanted to say is you didn't learn much about women in the process. She was happy."

"I know they call WACS, officer's blankets but I didn't find much warmth there. Why was she happy?"

"If you gave Crash a hug and told him he'd done well in his absence would he be happy?"

"Not about the hug!"

Roger tired of the conversation.

"Why are you still clothed?"

They raced to be naked but Georgina kept her knickers on.

"You remember when I was Prudence... why Prudence, by the way?"

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