tagNovels and NovellasThe Hogarth Club Ch. 33

The Hogarth Club Ch. 33


Reggie woke an hour later, surprised that they had slept at all. She wriggled out of the embrace, which had entirely too many arms, and slipped into her clothes. Both Georgina and Judith were still sound asleep. Judith the strong woman, who succeeded in the male dominated world of publishing, was snuggled under Georgina's chin, as if seeking comfort.

Reggie knew Roger would be pining by now, so she tip-toed over to Georgina's side of the bed to wake her. She had intended a gentle shake but she couldn't help herself, instead she licked Georgina's ear and blew on it. Georgina shuddered and a line of goose-bumps appeared on her neck which acted like a welcome beacon to Reggie's tongue. Georgina's growled rather than sighed but she still didn't wake. Emboldened Reggie sucked her ear lobe into her mouth and ate it. She was not surprised that Georgina's obvious pleasure turned her on but she was surprised by the speed of her arousal.

Georgina, who was now faking sleep, heard the pattern of Reggie's breathing change, she knew her friend well. Her arm which had been carelessly thrown out of the bed snaked up Reggie's leg and non too gently pinched Reggie's nub.

The panting in Georgina's ear was unmistakable and Reggie was now using Georgina's hand, instead of the other way around. Georgina smiled to herself, enjoying Reggie's pleasure. It felt like a blood hound was wheezing in her ear savaging it with a wet sloppy tongue.

When Reggie's breathing returned to something approaching normal and Georgina had her hand back Reggie said. "I thought I should wake you, Roger will be super randy. He's been an hour without your company."

"Thanks Reggie, you've made sure those feelings are reciprocated. I'll tell Roger who to thank."

Georgina slipped out of bed and dressed. Afraid she wasn't the only one who could fake sleep, she pulled Reggie in so she could whisper.

"Reggie, Judith needs to consolidate, she needs to come again. Do you know any lascivious bitch who could help her?"

Reggie looked shocked, she whispered back. "I couldn't Georgina, she's my mothers friend. She was an Aunt, it feels incestuous."

Georgina pulled her into a hug. "Reggie, you are in control of you. That's OK. While she's here, show her the Dungeon. She has agreed to help you."

"What are you two whispering about?" Judith said.

"Come on, get up and dressed. Georgina said I have to show you the Dungeon."

Judith was disappointed the girls were dressed, she'd remember to sleep more lightly around these two. There was no alternative to compliance.

At the bottom of the steps to the cellar Judith was met with a bold epigraph on the door in Gothic style, The Dungeon. It looked so ominous it should have had a sub-script, - 'Beware all who enter here!'

Despite the potent of the dark door and forbidding sign, Reggie tripped in like a schoolgirl at the zoo, enamored of the wonders she was about to see.

"Look, isn't it awesome, Georgina built it."

It was indeed awesome, it looked like a gymnasium. There were various arcane machines around the wall. Not arcane intrinsically but esoteric only to Judith, who could scant image what they could be used for.

"What do they all do?"

"Well, do you want me to explain the bed?" Reggie said, raising an eyebrow.

Judith would have described the bed as, Industrial Georgian. It was manufactured in metal, it had a frame supporting a canopy. The wrought iron surrounding the mattress ended in closed loops rather than the normal swirls. The loop theme was emulated throughout the bed.

"You'd better," Judith said.

Reggie smiled, it was the correct answer.

"Perceptive. OK, the mattress is waterproof, it is covered in Ventile."

"Not the stuff they invented for fire hoses?"

"Yep, Germany controlled the bulk of flax production, so you're right Ventile was invented to make hoses. But they use it now for airman's flight suits. When it's wet the fibers expand and stop water ingress. Georgina said it adds twenty minutes to the life expectancy of a pilot shot down over the water."

"How did she get it?"

"One of her companies makes it."

One of her companies, Judith was going to do some SERIOUS research on Georgina.

"Here in the headboard is a secret stash of equipment you could use on the bed."

She opened the concealed cupboard, it was full of clamps and whips. Reggie opened a secret panel on the side of the bed, it was full of chains and cuffs. The matching cupboard on the other side was chocked full of cotton rope.

"So you've guessed, with the chains, ropes, clamps and loops you can position a body in any position you like."

Reggie moved to the foot board, flicked a catch.

"Oh! a stock?"

"Want to try it?"

"No I don't think so?"

Reggie toured the room opening various cupboards containing more ropes, chains and cuffs, also whips, floggers, crops, canes, paddles, clamps, pin wheels, various stainless steel instruments that looked surgical. Reggie's explanation of their use was going right over Judith's head. Reggie saw her glazed look and stopped.

"I can't take it all in Reggie, it's too much. Georgina must have spent a fortune."

Reggie's smile slipped for the first time, of course Georgina had spent a fortune. Reggie's mouth tightened and rare creases appeared between her eyes.

Judith was worried about her, she wanted her to speak. Judith knew a conversation, once started was hard to stop, so she re-phrased her question. "Are you OK, Reggie? Are you worried about the cost of the Dungeon?"

"Georgina didn't spend money on the Dungeon she spent it on ME!"

Judith still didn't understand, but she pressed. "Why is that a problem?"

Reggie looked hard at Judith, why should she share. SHE wasn't family. Reggie was hit by the dichotomy of the statement. Georgina WAS her sister they shared love, sex, and friendship. Yet she'd refused to help Judith's progress, based on thoughts of incest. She was a hypocrite.

"Regina, why are you troubled?"

Reggie hated the name Regina, it reminded her of her parents banishing her to an orphanage, then getting themselves killed. It hurt more because they had rejected her first, then died. Regina, coming form Judith resonated.

"A trouble shared-"

Reggie interrupted. "I told Georgina I wanted no part of her money. I told her I was afraid our friendship would be tainted and made her promise NOT to spend money on me."

Judith was wise, she didn't respond. She wanted to think first but hoped Reggie would be the next one to speak. It was a long wait, Reggie had withdrawn again. She remembered William's story about the motorbike. Georgina was ecstatic, only at his acceptance.

Reggie was close to tears, Judith put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, it was the trigger required.

"I said I'd be a Goddess and sell my body because everyone else did. Even though Georgina said it would never happen, I was frightened I'd be thrown out. But I don't really want to sell my body. Georgina knew this and found a way to save me. I remember her coming back from the library delighted because Dominatrix don't have sex with clients, it would erode their authority, she said.

"All this is for me, so I can be part of the club and only have sex with those I choose. That's why there is so much money here." Reggie waived her hand around the room. "She wants to make sure its a success."

"You won't reject her gift... will you?"

"NO, it would hurt her."

Reggie turned inwards again. She realized that money could never turn her friendship with Georgina, she would have to tell her that their love could NOT be polluted even with money.

Reggie's smile encouraged Judith to pull her into a hug. She had seen Regina as a child stop and think things through, then... the smile indicated she had resolved her issues, she hoped it was still true.

"All sorted?" she asked.

Reggie nodded, stepped out of the cuddle and pointed to another contraption.

"This is a cruciform, we rescued Ashley from one like this, she was being abused by Jock Mosley."

"The Glasgow Kiss, he was killed in prison," Judith said.

Reggie's smile which was back made Judith realize she should research more than companies.

"I built this one, It's counter balanced, even loaded it is stable in any position."

A wicked grin appeared on Reggie's face, she walked to a cupboard and grabbed her favorite whip, it had two strands so it made a lot of noise but wasn't too painful. She swiped Judith across the stomach.

"Get your clothes off... SLUT!"

Judith stood with her mouth open, she was fighting her father's conditioning.

"NOW!" Reggie shouted, augmenting the command with another swipe, this time across Judith's breasts.

Judith trance-like, stripped.

"Stand in the cruciform!"

She did and Reggie strapped her in and spun it so her feet were off the ground.

Reggie brushed her cunt with her fingers.

"Slut, like all sluts you you are shaved, Why?" she demanded.

Reggie gained compliance by making Judith fill the 'slut' persona, but she'd do her no good unless she orgasm as a lady.

"Well, Your Ladyship, why are you a clean as a baby?"

Reggie trailed the whip across Judith's breast, her nipple hardened.

"What are you going to do, Regina?" Judith was back, although the voice was tentative.


"So I can encourage men to make me come."

"Well done my Lady, I'm going to make you come. Like an express train!"

The whip caressed a hard nipple, Judith's aureole exploded in goose-bumps.

"Oh Judith, you like that."

Reggie whipped her breasts, lots of noise but only a minor sting. Judith panted. "Oh Regina, I do!"

Reggie explored Judith's body with the whip, she seemed to respond wherever the whip kissed her. Reggie returned to the cupboard and found a flogger, it consisted of multiple strands of material. The one Reggie chose was soft, it would sting but not mark. She returned and slashed Judith across the stomach. By the time she had moved up and down her body with the flogger Judith was panting.

"Don't stop, Regina."

Reggie put the flogger on Judith's stomach, and played wither her naval.

"Regina, the whip... please."

Reggie stopped tantalizing, and swung the cruciform so Judith was upright, she kissed her. Judith responded eagerly. Judith curled Reggie's toes.

"Is it too late for me to attend a Swiss sex school?"

"Finishing school," Judith said as she stretched for another kiss.

Reggie grabbed her breasts and molded them into her hands, she pulled the nipples Judith's intake of breath told a story.

"More whip please Dear." The words were polite but it sounded like a plea.

Reggie kissed her again, then stepped back when Judith's tongue got busy. Unless she was careful Judith's tongue would dominate HER.

"Delayed gratification my Ladyship, builds character."

Reggie swung the frame and worked on Judith cunt. Reggie's nibble fingers stroked her valley toying with Judith's clit in passing.

Judith moaned her frustration.

Reggie dipped her finger, then added another.

"Fuck Reggie, do that!"

Reggie stepped back and smiled, this was her first attempt at domination, she was enjoying it.

"What would you like me to do?"

"Anything you want, but do it NOW!"

Reggie was pleased, this was Judith, the Lady, the accomplished business woman not a needy slut.

Reggie swung the flogger across Judith's breasts. Stomach then along her valley.

"Was that, if it pleases you Mistress?" Reggie asked.

"Yes, Mistress... please!"

Reggie struck her shoulder and dragged the strands across one breast then repeated the other side. Judith was fighting to get free, this was too slow for her.

"Oh naughty, I'm going to punish you."

Reggie returned with two chrome clamps, she held them for Judith to see. She gulped. Reggie applied the nipple clamps, then tugged them to make sure they were firm, Judith gasped. Reggie wiped her finger along her valley, collecting nectar which she grazed again across her nub. She offered her finger to Judith. Her eyes sparkled, she sucked Reggie's finger.

"More Mistress?"

Reggie collected more nectar with her tongue and passed it to Judith. Judith welcomed the nectar and Reggie's willing mouth. Reggie pressed against the frame, the added titillation was not necessary Judith's mouth was all she needed. Reggie panted into Judith's mouth, the second time in hours that she had panted like a puppy.

Judith smiled, "You are such a joy Reggie, you are supposed to be tantalizing me!"

Reggie hid her smile and straightened the frame so Judith was standing.


"Mistress!" Reggie demanded.

"Mistress, me too!"

"I don't hear you begging?" Reggie hit her with the flogger before she turned her back on Judith.

"Mistress, I love what you do to my body. Please continue and make me come. Please Mistress, Pleeease!"

Reggie returned with some weights and attached them to the clamps. Judith's nipples stretched. Reggie swung the finely balanced frame of the cruciform and caused the weights to swing.

"Oh... Thank you mistress that is so strange but nice."

Reggie wondered if this was just Judith or if everyone would respond like this. She didn't want to hurt Judith but she was such a willing slave it was time to test some of Reggie's innovations. Reggie plugged in her shock machine and turned it right down. She took the electrode and sparked it on one of the nipple clamps.

"Too much?" she asked, concerned.

Judith shook her head, Reggie touched the other clamp. Judith's smile encouraged her. She walked to the chain cupboard. She clamped a short chain between the nipple clamps, clipped on a wire and set the machine to random.

Judith was moaning almost non-stop. Reggie leaned over and kissed her.


"More than OK, Mistress."

Reggie got more equipment, a belt and a large chrome butchers hook. Judith's eyes flew open.

"Do you trust me slave?"

"More than anything, Regina... sorry Mistress."

The electric pulses were doing a better job than the weights, so they had to go. Reggie was shocked as she undid them but it was very mild. She tied a belt around Judith's waist then swung the frame so Judith was horizontal. She stood between her legs.

Reggie slid her finger into Judith's depths, she was so moist Reggie dipped her tongue too.

"Yes Mistress, pleeeease!"

Reggie was an expert on coming, Judith was close. Should she finish her off, or play?

Judith settled her indecision.

"Do what ever you want with the hook Mistress but make it quick!"

"Please Mistress?"

"Please Mistress!"

Reggie slipped the hook inside, Judith swallowed it. She clipped the outside end of the hook to the belt to ensure it couldn't twist and hurt. Reggie turned down the voltage.

"Oh!" Judith said, like a spoiled toddler who'd had their ice cream stolen.

"Patience, slave!"

"Sorry Mistress."

Reggie clipped a wire onto the butcher's hook and turned the machine back on.

"Oh Fuck!" Judith screamed. The hook was deep inside her pulsing, but it was the contact with her clit that was doing most of the damage. Judith was trying to ride the hook but it just moved with her.

Reggie watched, then grabbed another hook, slipped her knickers off, and slid it up herself. She used the last wire from the machine. She now knew what Judith was screaming about. Her muscles spasmed and clamped her nub. Christ, she was only going to last for seconds. Reggie leaned over and kissed Judith. The kiss was the trip wire, they both fell into monster orgasms, screaming in each other mouths but seeking more contact with eager lips and tongues.

They rode the physical pleasure and the emotional contact until they were exhausted.

"Fuck, Reggie!"

The comment broke the contact. "Fuck is right."

Reggie undid the paraphernalia and released Judith from the cruciform, she could hardly walk. Reggie guided her to the bed.

"Get rid of your clothes and join me please Reggie."

When Reggie approached the bed Judith pulled her into a hug "Thank you, I came as me!"

"You sure did. Look what you've been missing out on."

"Come here!"

Judith dropped between Reggie's legs and used her tongue skilfully. Reggie came almost immediately. The spasms of pleasure flowed from Reggie's core and emanated outward leaving tingling pleasure in its wake. Judith was no stranger to the female body, she could feel Reggie's pulses of pleasure on her stomach. She kept her humming along, extending her orgasm, or orgasms to one continuous string of bliss.

Reggie had to push her mouth away.

"God Reggie can you teach me that Primrose Path?"

"Maybe you are a slut, My Lady. Non-orgasmic to Primrose Path in one session."

Judith's heart went out to these people, Georgina and Roger and now Reggie.

"God I wish I'd met you three when I was young!"

"No old is better."

Reggie grabbed her capitulated orbs. The skin was creased and the tone was, well, not young. But they understood pleasure. Reggie twisted the nipples. Judith rose so they found Reggie's mouth."

"Please," Judith said. "This was the best bit of motherhood."

Reggie rolled Judith onto her back and suckled like a baby. She felt Judith's excitement and found her nub in time to drive her to another orgasm. Judith shuddered like a wet dog, then fell into to Reggie's embrace.

They snugged, moist and warm. Enjoying the female contact, not even Reggie needed another climax.

"We have a client tomorrow at nine, want to come."

"Yes please, and I'll help tomorrow."

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