tagNonHumanThe Hole Ch. 02

The Hole Ch. 02


She squatted down to pick up the belt, as she wanted absolute certainty, a small part of her still clung on to the remote possibility that she was wrong. As soon as she touched it, her pussy contracted so violently that she orgasmed again. As she was trying to wrap her head around the fact that she had cheated on her husband for real – not with some sort of non-corporeal manifestation, but with an actual human being – her pussy kept contracting powerfully and continuously, sending waves of pleasure through her body, preventing her from standing up again. The contractions and the resulting waves of pleasure kept intensifying and Vicky soon dropped to her hands and knees, grunting and groaning. Although she couldn't understand why her body was reacting this way, there was not much she could do about it. The contractions that were ravaging her body were generating so much lust that it was pushing all other feelings of uncertainty and guilt to the background.

At that moment, the foreman walked back in, looking for his belt. When he saw her there on her knees and one hand, the other hand deftly at work between her legs, he whispered, "Are you still horny, you poor thing, why didn't you say something before?"

He walked up to her, pulled her to her feet and put his hands in her armpits, lifting her up as easily as if she were a book. As he pressed her up against the nearest wall, he whispered, "Leaving a woman as gorgeous and sexy as you unfulfilled is a crime against nature."

Vicky's body shuddered as she heard those words. There were so many thing she wanted to say to him: that he had pleasured her properly before, that his cock was bigger than her husband's, how well he seemed to know his way around inside of her.

Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew she should also mention that she was married and didn't want to cheat on her husband, but for some reason that didn't seem so important. Just when Vicky noticed that the involuntary contractions down in her pussy had stopped, the foreman maneuvered her body so that her groin was directly in front of his face. Then he hooked his arms under her legs one by one, so that her legs were hanging over his shoulders and pushed his face between her thighs, licking her with his strong, wide tongue. Vicky moaned – foregoing any residual intention of stopping him – and enjoyed the expert licking he was giving her. With her body now resting on his shoulders, the foreman had his hands free. One of them went down to his trousers to unbuckle himself and free his cock. After the most invigorating oral sex Vicky had ever had, the foreman put both his hands on her ass and took a small step back, letting her back slide down the wall while keeping her feet on his shoulders. In this rather lewd and uncomfortable position, he shoved his massive cock into her soaking pussy.

Although Vicky realized she was willingly and wantonly cheating on her husband now, she couldn't have cared less. All she could think of, and all she wanted, was to feel his big cock ramming into her, over and over again. He fucked her hard for minutes on end and Vicky came, yet again. Not distracted by her climax, the foreman kept fucking her until he too was ready to cum. Letting go of her legs, one at a time, he let her put her feet back on the ground before pushing her down, into a squatting position. She knew what was coming and didn't care or mind. After a fuck like that, he'd earned that privilege, she reckoned, as she just sat there panting and breathing fast and shallow, looking at him wanking his massive shaft inches from her nose.

Seconds later, he splattered a massive and disgusting load all over her face, using the tip of his cock to massage it into her skin afterwards, soiling her entire face, neck and hairline. After stuffing his cock back in his pants and helping her to her feet, he whispered, "Thanks, angel!"

Vicky looked at him with just the one eye still open and smiled as she felt a tiny contraction down below after hearing him call her that. He smiled, nodded and left the room, the belt in his hand.

Vicky collapsed on the bed and closed her eyes, utterly satisfied, but also starting to feel guilty. She had cheated on her husband, again. Despite the guilt, she didn't regret what had happened, what she had allowed the foreman to do. It had been exactly what she needed, exactly what she had wanted; his cock was so incredibly big and hard, bigger and harder than...

Vicky's eyes shot open as she could actually hear herself stop thinking; she sat up and repeated her previous thought to herself, "...exactly what I needed, exactly what I wanted..."

She jumped off the bed and looked around for a few seconds.

Relying on instinct and wishful thinking, she whispered, "I am still inside!"

"It's the only explanation," she thought, "It would explain the strange, powerful contractions and the foreman's perfect timing, not to mention her two mind-blowing orgasms."

As she moved towards the wall where the portal had previously appeared, she ran her hands over the wall and whispered, "Come on, show yourself."

As nothing happened, Vicky started to doubt herself, less convinced of her theory.

Eventually she gave up, sneering to herself as how desperate she was to explain her own weakness. She had cheated on her husband, for real, it was as simple as that. She picked up her nightgown and walked into the hallway, heading for the bathroom, wondering how she was going to tell her husband and whether he would believe her crazy story. Suddenly, she bumped her foot on something. Vicky looked up from her half dream state and realized it was a wooden crate, a wooden crate from the attic! By stepping out of her bedroom, she was back in the attic. It HAD all been a ruse, she never cheated on her husband, she had been inside the phenomena the whole time!

Her feelings of relief were curbed as she realized that she had cheated on her husband in the simulation, without knowing it had been a simulation. So as far as she was concerned, it had been real life... and she had willingly let a stranger fuck her lights out and cum in her face. It was all confusing and scary, and Vicky looked at the wall for the first time with hesitation, even some slight resentment. She decided then and there that she would stop using it. It was simply too dangerous; recent events had surely proven that. If she couldn't trust herself when she got horny, she had to stay away from the attic and the hole. She closed the door to the attic behind her and walked down the stairs, checking her room – fearing for a moment that this might be yet another simulation within a simulation.

After walking and glancing around her room for several minutes, she realized that she didn't know what she was looking for. There was no way to be sure! Eventually, she relied on logic and convinced herself that, because she had stepped through the wall only once, the one exit was enough to bring her back into the real world. Afterwards, she hit the shower and then went down to check on the construction crew. For the rest of the day, Vicky couldn't stop thinking about what had happened: the more she thought about it, the more adamant she became of not using the phenomenon again, ever. It had tricked her in the most detestable way.

When Dave came home that night, she threw herself at him, trying to make up for something that had never happened – at least not in this reality. She gave him one hell of a blowjob and then bounced up and down his big shaft for a while, draining every drop of cum from his balls.

"Where the hell did that come from?" Dave asked, panting, as they lay naked, her head on his heaving torso.

"I just love you so much," Vicky whispered, not knowing what else to say.

"I love you too kitten," he moaned, running his hand through her hair.

The following morning, she surprised him in the shower, getting on her knees without saying or asking anything and just sucking his morning wood until she got a mouthful of cum. Needless to say, Dave went to work with a huge smile on his face. This went on for several days, Vicky pleasuring Dave morning and evening, while keeping herself busy with the garden and the other rooms of the house. However, by focusing solely on his pleasures, Vicky was neglecting her own. Dave did his best, but whether he was making sweet love to her or fucking her like a dog, he was unable to fully pleasure Vicky. Even in the rare occasion that he did manage to make her cum, the resulting orgasm faded in comparison with the ones she had become used to.

But that was ancient history, she told herself over and over again – nearly every time she took Dave's cock and cum in one of her holes. By neglecting her own needs, her pent-up lust kept on growing and became more dangerous with every passing fuck and suck. Vicky showed remarkable self-restraint and fought the good fight for almost two whole weeks, settling for just a minor orgasm now and again. But then she started getting wet and horny at random times during the day, while doing basic household chores. When she was on her knees or on her back for Dave, it was worse, a lot worse! As more days passed, her craving for the hole became more powerful, and pretty soon it was all she could think of. Staying away from the attic was becoming a full-time effort.

To make matters worse, Dave had taken on several more contracts, which meant he was home a lot less and thus, had less time to shaft Vicky and give her her daily doses of sperm. The extra work was really taking his toll on him and instead of an energetic fuck, he began settling for a quick handjob or a sloppy blowjob. Although Vicky was only to happy to provide them, it only added to her own frustration. She needed a good drilling, in each one of her holes... she craved cum, and lots of it!

She tried to keep herself busy with garden work and household chores, preferably as far away as possible from the attic. She also made a lot of trips into town, just to get out of the house.

One day however, Dave asked her to look for one of his old sporting trophies as he had promised the guys at work to show it to them. Vicky had reluctantly agreed, but she didn't have the nerve to go up there by herself. Figuring the trophy thing was just a fad, she decided to forget about it, hoping her husband would too. The next day however, at breakfast Dave asked for the trophy again and asked if she could try to find it before he left as he had promised to bring it to work that day.

Vicky, wearing nothing but her flimsy nighty looked at him and said, "Hon, I really don't want to go up there right now, okay?"

Surprised he said, "When did this start? When we just moved in, you were always up there."

"Yes well, I don't want to go up there anymore, okay?"

"Oh for heaven's sake Vic, you're a grown woman, it's just an attic, there's nothing to be scared about... here, I'll go with you," he replied as he extended his hand. Hesitant, Vicky took his hand and followed him up the stairs, all the way to the attic. As soon as they entered the attic, Dave headed straight for the big pile of boxes.

"Jeez, I thought you had cleaned up in here," he said as he started opening boxes, looking for the right one. Vicky didn't reply, her gaze was fixed on the wall. God, how she had missed it, the wall, the hole, the... NO, she thought to herself, she had to be strong!

Dave glanced back at her and, mistaking her horniness for fear, said, "Come over here hon, there's nothing to be scared about, it's just an empty room with some boxes in."

Left with no alternative, Vicky walked up to her husband, positioning herself behind him, less than three feet away from the wall. Vicky's heart was pounding in her chest, her pussy was already moist and her nipples were hard enough to cut glass. She squinted her eyes and prayed that Dave would soon find what he was looking for. Suddenly, she felt some gooey substance splattering against her leg closest to the wall. Vicky didn't need to look to know what it was. A few seconds later, another spray against her thigh, right where her nighty ended and her beautiful, bare leg began. Although she kept her eyes closed, she gently reached down and touched her thigh, just to be sure she wasn't imagining things or wasn't going crazy.

When her fingers touched the thick, warm cum, she sighed as a shiver ran up her spine and her pussy contracted.

"H-hu-hurry up Dave, will ya," she said with a broken voice. Dave ignored her and kept looking for his trophy. A few seconds later, she felt another salvo of cum hitting her right arm, immediately followed by another squirt onto her hand. She was getting cummed on by a fucking brick wall. The rational part of her brain knew that all she needed to do was to tell the wall to stop. She tried - repeatedly - but it was no use; she wasn't even convincing herself. She wanted this, she needed this, and the hole knew it! If she couldn't make the hole stop, she figured she'd simply step away from the wall.

The futility of this maneuver became apparent as soon she turned to face Dave – and the wall – and received a full blast to the face. A ribbon of thick, warm gooey cum splattered against her face with great force. She gasped and her pussy contracted again, harder this time. God, she was so fucking horny. Although it was a supernatural phenomenon, Vicky was truly impressed that it had been able to cum right in her face from that distance, without spilling a single drop. Realizing there was no safe place in the attic, she used the short sleeve of her nighty to wipe the cum off her face and then walked towards the wall, holding her hands up in a non-threatening, manner, signaling her surrender. Upon reaching the wall, she turned and put her back against it, glanced at her husband for a second – he was still looking for his trophy – then turned her face sideways, perpendicular to the wall and whispered, "Go ahead."

Almost immediately a large erect cock appeared right in front of her face. Vicky instinctively opened her mouth and started running her tongue all over the shaft. Barely a few moments later, the cock began to throb and started leaking watery cum onto her shoulder.

"Son of a bitch," Vicky smiled as she looked down at her shoulder, but not moving out of the way. As soon as that cock was done dripping cum onto her and disappeared, Vicky felt another one pushing against her right hand. She opened her fingers, wrapped them around the fat shaft and started gently jerking it. When she felt something nudging her left hand, she instinctively knew what to do and, pretty soon, she was jacking off two monster cocks barely a meter away from her clueless husband. When she felt a third cock pushing up against her butt crack, no doubt about to stuff itself up her ass, she realized that her horniness – along with the fact that she hadn't had much practice lately in projecting her thoughts - had made her lose control over the situation.

"Please," she pleaded in her mind, realizing she wasn't strong enough to resist, "Don't let him find out, I'll make it up to you, I promise."

As the third cock stopped forcing its way into her butt, she knew she was getting through.

"I'll be the biggest cum whore you've ever seen... just get him out of here!" Vicky thought.

Almost immediately, all three cocks vanished into the wall. Moments later, a cardboard box came tumbling out, in between herself and her husband. As it fell open, Dave's much sought-after trophy fell out. Hearing the clinking sound of metal behind him, Dave turned and recognized his prize, shouting out, "You found it! Thank you honey."

After picking it up and looking at it for a few seconds, he looked at her and said – mistaking the cum on her face and nighty for sweat, said, "Jeez, you're all clammy! If you're really that afraid up here, maybe bringing you up here wasn't such a good idea after all."

"No, I am all right," Vicky said, trembling with lust.

"Are you sure? Because I've gotta get going, I don't wanna be late for work," Dave said.

"I've just got to confront my fears, that's all," Vicky said, gasping for air at this point.

"That's my girl, " Dave said as he gave her a peck on her moist chin and walked out, "Don't forget to take a shower, you look like you could use one."

As she heard him hurry down the stairs, Vicky – realizing she had a promise to keep – turned towards the wall, took a few paces back and pulled off her nighty.

"A shower... yes, I think I'll have a shower," she whispered as she closed her eyes and extended her arms to the sides – mimicking the famous stance from Titanic – and sending a single thought into the wall, "CUM!"

Mere moments later, ribbons of cum began splattering against her skin, from different angles and from different heights. She smiled widely and her body twisted out of sheer lust as the barrage of cum continued. Her cunt contracted as she heard her husband close the front door on his way out. She hadn't even waited for him to leave the house. By the time she heard his car drive off, there wasn't a clean spot left on her body. Every pore of her young, beautiful skin was saturated with cum. From the top of her head all the way down to her toes, she was covered in a thick, disgusting layer of cum several millimeters thick. She opened her eyes as well as she could – and, using her blurry, cum smeared vision, wobbled closer to the wall.

She was delirious with lust and was in desperate need of some seedy and coarse treatment. She sank to her knees and whispered, "Fill me up," as she sent some very explicit thoughts into the hole.

Immediately the barrage of cum stopped and the hole appeared right in front of her face, sprouting a massive – throbbing – cock. It extended all the way to her tongue and promptly started ejaculating warm, juicy sperm into her mouth. While her hands rubbed herself all over her cum-soaked body, Vicky swallowed as much of it as she could. She smiled widely as she started fingering herself, massaging the strange cum into her clit. Although she orgasmed as she was swallowing her fourth mouthful of cum, Vicky knew this climax was nothing compared to what the hole could provide, and so she remained psychologically unsatisfied.

As her body quivered and ached for a proper pounding, Vicky decided to get on with it and told herself she could do anything, as long as she kept at least part of her body out of the hole. After asking the phenomenon to pause for a moment, she got on all fours, facing away from the hole, pushing her ass up against the wall. Immediately, the hole relocated and adjusted its size to encompass Vicky's lower half.

"Now fuck me," Vicky thought, pushing herself off on her hands. She slid into the hole legs first, followed by her ass, all the way to her middle. Without delay, a huge cock was pushed into her willing and dripping pussy, and started pounding her hard and deep.

She closed her eyes and clenched her mouth shut while her body rocked to meet the thrusts she was receiving, slamming herself onto the big, hard cock over and over again. After about two minutes, on Vicky's mental request the cock pulled back, giving her the opportunity to assume a new position.

Flipping over onto her back, she pulled up her knees and grabbed hold of her feet, pulling on them until her knees were pressed up against her chest, leaving only her butt inside of the hole, which was precisely what she wanted. Again the cock penetrated her, only a lot deeper now, as she was spreading herself open to the maximum extent she knew how. Her first earth-shattering orgasm didn't take very long to set in and once it did, she couldn't help but whimper and moan as her hands were busy holding her legs and thus couldn't cover her mouth. It took her a few seconds to realize that there was no need to keep the volume down, and so, she screamed and howled for minutes on end, until her climax was finally over.

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