tagAnalThe Holiday Ch. 06: Final

The Holiday Ch. 06: Final


Trigger warning: Non-consensual anal.


Still tipsy from the booze, and now almost incapacitated after her earth-shattering orgasm, Sarah struggled to make sense of what just happened. Astrid .. and Bill. Were they in on this together? What just happened?

"So," said Bill. "What's this about the shower?"

As they slowly put their clothes back on, Astrid filled Bill in on how she'd found Astrid masturbating in the public shower and the cunt licking and self pleasuring that followed.

"You little slut," chuckled Bill. "Ted has never let on what a gorgeous, horny slut he's had right under our noses."

"Yeah," giggled Astrid. "I always thought you were kind of a prude."

Stung, and not thinking straight, Sarah snapped back: "Well, I wasn't a prude this afternoon. Ask Bill."

The campsite went silent. "Well," chuckled Bill - now there was a nervous edge to his laughter. He glanced at Astrid. "If it's ok for you to have fun with Sarah, well then, it's ok for me too, right."

Astrid glared at him. "We promised full disclosure," she said, her voice hard..

Bill went on. "Sarah and I .. er... got a little busy this afternoon."

"Go on."

"Um ... I caught her masturbating on the beach. And then later, when she was bent over that sink doing the dishes ... I just couldn't resist."

"I'll say," said Astrid. Her tone softened. "She's pretty irresistible. But don't forget - full disclosure means you tell me before, not after it happens."

"Yeah, I fucked up," said Bill.

"No, you fucked her," snorted Astrid.

"That too," he smiled in response. He moved over to Astrid and grabbed her hand. "We both did. How about I take you to bed and make it up to you?"

Astrid looked up at him, face aglow. "Sounds good to me. Good night Sarah, sweet dreams."

Astrid headed off to her tent, while Bill helped Sarah bank the coals and put away the campsite for the night. Sarah, mind still awhirl from the events of the evening, found her wondering if she'd get as warm a reception when she returned to her tent for the night.

She found herself longing for the easy, casual openness of Bill and Astrid's relationship, and if she was being honest with herself, a little jealous. The two of them were so hot, so good at giving pleasure, and - nicest of all - so generous with who they gave it to. That's how sex should be, she thought.

But Ted - Ted was another story. He was her little teddy bear, but her Ted had a jealous streak. He was kind and generous when it came to the family - but he was pretty reserved when it came to bedtime fun - he loved getting head from her but he rarely did it in return. Having Astrid's hot mouth on her clit had been revelatory. Even just thinking about it made Sarah flush. Ted was not going to take any of this news very well, Sarah thought. But well, that's a problem for tomorrow. Now, it was time for bed.

After Bill retired to his tent after giving her a brief but warm hug and kiss, Sarah headed towards hers. She unzipped their tent fly carefully, trying not to wake Ted. The children were snoring away in their little vestibule - the real perk about camping as a family meant having those big tents with a wing for the kids, and a little privacy for the adults. She and Ted even had a nice big inflatable Queen mattress.

As she crawled into bed, her movement jiggled the mattress and Ted rolled over. "I've been waiting for you," he said, his face dark with emotion. Uh oh. "What the hell is going on?"

"I ... um ... " stammered Sarah.

"You don't have to lie to me," Ted spat out through gritted teeth. "I heard. I saw. Everything. You fucking slut."

Sarah looked at him. "I'm sorry," she said softly. "I don't know what came over me. I guess I really am a slut."

In a swift move, Ted rolled over and pinned her face down with his body. He easily outweighed her by almost a hundred pounds, so Sarah knew struggling now would be futile.

"So, my little slut, tell me. Was it worth it? Ruining everything we have, for another cock in you?" ground out Ted. "I thought we were happy. I thought you were happy. What did he have that I didn't?"

With one hand, he began roughly grabbing her sore nipples. "Did you like how he touched you?"

His hand yanked up her shirt, and pulled her bra open with such force one of the straps gave. "Did you? Answer me, you slut."

This was a side of Ted that Sarah had never seen before, and it scared her. She started to wriggle away. He slapped her on her exposed ass - "Stop moving, slut. Good wives get respect. Sluts get punished.

"Now tell me. Did. You. Like. How. He. Touched. You." He hit her - hard - with each word.

"No," whimpered Sarah.

"Liar." Another smack. This one was so forceful, it radiated pain down Sarah's legs.

"Stop it, you're hurting me," she begged.

"You deserve it. Now. Tell me. Did ... you .. like .. it," he said, continuing to rain hard blows on her.

"Yes," she gasped. "Yes I did, ok? Are you happy now?"

"Slut." He spanked her again.

"And what do sluts get?," he asked.

"P...p-punished," moaned Sarah. He smacked her again, leaving bright red marks on her ass. The pain had sharpened Sarah's mind, and now she could feel her pussy respond to his rough touch. Betrayed again by her involuntary response to the touch of another, Sarah surrendered to whatever was coming.

"So punish me then," she gasped. Saying that made her realise how badly she did want him to punish her. She could feel her nipples harden, and her cunt lips swell already.

"Oh, I will, believe me," said Ted. He rolled fully onto her, and Sarah could feel a hardness grinding into her butt. Was that his erection?

Ted reached down and roughly pulled Sarah's panties aside. Sarah realised - too late - she hadn't cleaned up after Bill had come in her, and that her panties were damp with his and her secretions.

Ted wasn't a fool. "This is disgusting. You filthy slut. How dare you come crawling in here with his .. his cum ... all over you. I'm going to give you what you deserve, and you are going to take it."

"No," Sarah protested, weakly. "Stop.. the children .. not now .. no ..."

"Shut up then," said Ted. "You should have thought of that before you fucked everyone."

With one hand pinning Sarah down, he forcefully parted her legs and brutally shoved his penis into her cleft. Even has he saying those hard, harsh words to her, Sarah could feel his member stiffening as he spoke. It now lay huge and hot between her butt cheeks, pushing insistently into her virgin asshole. They had never had any butt play before - she didn't even know that Ted was interested in it. This side of Ted, this new Ted, was both terrifying and unstoppable. She tried again to wriggle free but he was too heavy, to strong for her.

With his full weight on her, he began to penetrate her tight anus. The pressure was unbelievable and slowly, her opening began to yield. The pain, despite all the whisky, was like nothing Sarah had felt before. Her world dimmed to a point of sensation - Sarah's world was utterly consumed by the white-hot pain radiating from her virgin ass.

"Stop," she begged. "Please."

"I thought you wanted to be punished," mocked Ted. "Show me you mean it." He thrust roughly into her, and this time, his head popped in in a blinding flash of sensation. Sarah moaned.

As the pain from the dry penetration of her asshole subsided, and Sarah grew accustomed to the feeling of Ted's hard cock, she began to relax. If she was going to survive this, she knew she had to relax and let him in. She began to bear down gently, and could feel his cockhead slide in further, past her second ring.

"Oh, you've decided to play nice," said Ted. "That's it. Take all of it. I'm going to fuck this ass tonight, and you're going to like it."

Despite the soreness and the dryness, Sarah arched her back and tilted her hips at him to let his cock settle deeper into her bowels. Ted pulled back and thrust in savagely once more. As he continued pumping in and out, the wetness from her cunt and Bill's cum began to moisten his cock, and the once-painful strokes slowly became bearable, then pleasurable. Sarah found herself bracing to meet his every thrust, and she could feel her arousal mounting.

Soon, the tent was silent except for the sounds of Sarah's quiet panting and Ted's balls slapping against her ass. There was a feeling of fullness like she had never experienced before as he drove deep into her.

As their mutual pleasure grew, she could feel a change in Ted's thrusts - from angry, savage strokes to a rhythm that seemed designed to bring both of them ever closer to the edge. With each stroke out, just as her pussy began to crave the fullness of penetration, Ted would linger a beat, then drive home to the hilt.

"I'm sorry," wept Sarah, her mind a whirlwind of pleasure, pain and guilt. "Just give it to me, please. Ohhhhhhh..."

Ted began to grunt. He was clearly beginning to enjoy this as well. "Oh I will give it to you alright, you slut. You're my slut now, you hear me? Take all of my cock. Oh god, it's so tight. Sarah, you feel so good this way," he moaned.

Sarah found herself longing for that feeling of absolute fullness as Ted continued to pound away at her ass. She could feel her wetness dripping down and pooling between her legs. She reached down to grind her hand against her hard nub, providing an extra delicious amount of friction for her clitoris as she rocked against each thrust.

"Harder," she gasped, writhing underneath Ted's solid weight, encouraging to go even deeper. "Deeper. More."

"Oh, Sarah, I'm so deep already. I'm going to cum soon, you're unbelievably tight like this. So ... tight ... I'm ... gonna ..." Ted began thrusting faster, his cock slippery now like a well-lubed piston, slipping in and out of Sarah's stretched asshole.

"Just cum in my ass, baby. I wanna feel you. I wanna feel all of you. Cum and I'll cum too."

And with a final moan, Ted bucked his hips violently. Sarah could feel his cock twitch in her depths as his cum splashed against the side of her bowels - hot jets filling her fuller than she'd even been. With each spasm of his cock, her cunt answered with an echo of pleasure as Sarah orgasmed again and again around her fingers.

Exhausted and spent, Ted collapsed on Sarah. As he pulled out with a pop, Sarah was startled to find that she missed the sensation of being filled - it was if her ass missed him already.

"I'm so sorry, Sarah," said Ted, gently. "I'm not sure what came over me. I was so upset I wanted to hurt you. Did I? I'm so sorry."

Sarah leaned over to embrace him. She kissed him on his mouth. "No, my love," she said. "I deserved it. And truthfully -"

"Yes, please," interjected Ted. "More truthfulness would be good."

"The truth?" asked Sarah. "Is that I liked being punished. That was the hardest I've come today. Maybe ..." Her eyes twinkled. "Maybe I should be more of a slut tomorrow if this is what I get."

"I think I can fuck you in the ass again, for sure," he sighed. "I'm not sure why I waited to so long to try. That was simply amazing. But -" Ted took Sarah's face in his hands. "We need to be honest with each other. And I'm not sure if I want to share you with other people. You hurt me today, Sarah."

"I didn't mean to, Ted. And it doesn't mean anything to me." Sarah filled Ted in on Bill and Astrid's agreement. "You know what means the world to me, is you, Ted. But I have needs - I couldn't resist what happened to day, I'd been so horny, for so long."

"So, what are you proposing?" asked Ted.

"Full disclosure, just like Bill and Astrid. And I won't do anything you don't want me to," she added. She leaned over to kiss him again, slipping a little tongue into his mouth.

"Don't you agree, it's made it hotter between us?" She breathed in his ear.

"I'm so turned on now, again." She nibbled down his neck.

"You, my dear, are insatiable," growled Ted.

"So is Astrid," giggled Sarah. "Who knew?"

"Maybe next time, I could watch?" asked Ted shyly.

"Why not?" responded Sarah. She kissed him again on the mouth, deeply. "That's something we can talk about tomorrow, when the kids are playing. We can try anything you want ..."

This holiday was certainly looking up, mused Sarah, just before dropping off to sleep, nestled in Ted's arms. It would be certainly be one to remember for a long, long time.


I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I have been enjoying writing it. Please, send me feedback - vote, message me, follow me for more! I have so many ideas now that I've started writing erotica and so many that I couldn't use in this story, but will appear in others. Which part did you like best? What do you want more of? Do you want to hear more from these two couples? Let me know!

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