The Holiday That Changed Our Lives

byThe Pack©

We decided to head off to a little beachside bar that we often had lunch in. We grabbed our usual table and ordered. We had not been there 10 minutes when Tim and Jan walked in both smiling from ear to ear.

They told us that Tim's tender had been submitted early and they had 4 or 5 days to play with and so they thought they would join us. As this was our local last year they thought it was a good place to start and bingo here we all are.

This was the cue for a long boozy lunch. We were both anxious to hear about what happened when Jaz spoke to Claire. She told us that the day after we left she had met Claire at the club as usual and done their stint in the Gym neither wanting to bring up the subject that was first and foremost on both of their minds. Eventually Claire asked if Jaz wanted to go for a drink afterwards and as that seemed to be the easiest next step that was what they agreed to do.

As it turned out, the showers were where the ice was broken. It was Jaz in fact who made the first move as she entered the shower after Claire she was confronted with the beautiful sight of Claire's 36C tits and her neatly trimmed bush. As Jaz explained it, "we just looked into each others eyes and moved together our lips, breasts and pussy's crushing up against each other." "We didn't care if any one saw us although the showers were empty at the time."

She went on to explain that after that they were both eager to explore each other fully. Jaz suggested returning to her and Tim's place, as it was closest. Claire asked if Tim was home. Jaz asked, "Would it matter if he was?" "No, I just want us to get down and dirty," she replied. "Me too," said Jaz. They drove the three miles to Jaz and Tim's place with Claire following Jaz in her own car. Jaz took the opportunity to phone home to Tim but there was no answer.

On reaching the house some of the heat had gone out of the situation and the two girls sat down on the sofa with a glass of wine which with them talking quickly turned to two then three glasses. As the wine went down the conversation got easier and they started to talk about their feelings right at this moment. Claire admitted that apart from some larking around she had never had a true lesbian experience before either and was unsure why she felt this way about Jaz.

"God, it's exactly the same for me," said Jaz. With that the same look passed between them and they moved together again except this time the kiss was softer and more sensuous, their tongues explored each others lips and mouth. Jaz moved her hand to cup Claire's breast and slowly undid her blouse almost on autopilot. Claire's hand was making long stroking movements up and down Jaz's thighs never quite reaching her panties. Slowly but surely they gradually undressed each other until they lay naked alongside each other on the sofa. Jaz's fingers were slowly tracing lines along Claire's cunt lips not quite pushing her finger in. Although as she was getting wetter and wetter with each movement Jaz was finding the urge to slip at least one finger in more and more difficult to resist.

Claire took Jaz's fingers away from her cunt but moved her own head down between Jaz's thighs and started to caress her clit with her tongue. Jaz had only ever been licked by Tim before and she was amazed at how different it felt. She felt like she was getting mini electric shocks and almost immediately her cunt started gushing. She was unsure how long she could stop herself from coming. On one hand she didn't want to stop herself as she often took 10 minutes or more before she could come again. On the other? Well fuck it, she thought and let herself have one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had. The next shock was that it didn't seem to stop, as she had another and then yet another orgasm.

Ooooh Fuuuck she moaned. Eventually having to push Claire's head from between her thighs.

"That was sooo good," said Jaz. "I never thought anybody could beat Tim for oral, could I try it on you?" "I wouldn't let you out of the house without you returning the favour," said Claire.

Jaz climbed off the sofa as Claire lay down and invitingly opened her legs. As Jaz went around to the end of the sofa and knelt over the edge she saw Tim standing in the hallway peering through the partially opened door. He was fisting a massive hard on. Jaz winked at him and seductively licked her lips before starting to lean over the end of the sofa to lap at Claire's cunt. She reached up and squeezed Claire's nipples as she sucked and nibbled her clit. Claire was gradually building up to her first orgasm when she also saw Tim standing in the doorway trying to get a better look at his wife eating some pussy.

"I uugh th-think your husband want to fffuuuccckk something" said Claire in between grunts of satisfaction. Tim, seeing that he was rumbled but not hearing any objections, took his trousers off from around his ankles and removed the rest of his clothing walked into the room with a very stiff cock pointing at the ceiling.

He got behind his wife and got down on his knees, he spread her thighs and sunk his tongue deep into her sopping wet cunt before licking right around to her arse and back again several times. He then got up and placed the tip of his cock against her cunt lips. Tim had never felt her so wet. The cum was almost running down her thighs.

His cock slid into her cunt with minimum resistance and he started to piston in and out of her. The force of Tim slamming into his wife from behind was forcing Jaz's tongue into Claire's cunt with each thrust.

Tim was sure he was not going to be able to hold on for long.

Claire started a low moan "uuooaa I'm gonna cum, uuuhhh. With that Tim withdrew from Jaz's cunt and stepped around to get a better view of Jaz lapping at Claire's cunt all the while he was pumping his cock furiously. With a loud grunt he blew his load right over his wife's face and Jaz's cunt.

Jaz did not stop until she was sure that Claire had finished cumming.

Tim was sure that this was the most erotic sight he had ever seen, his beautiful wife's face covered with his cum and her tongue pushing the white gooey mess into another girls cunt.

They all three lay around for a while. During the next hour Tim got to fuck his first women other than Jaz since their marriage. Jaz had her pussy sucked while kissing Tim. They tried all sorts of girl/boy/girl combinations before saying goodnight to Claire. They promised that this was not going to be the last time they got together.

For the 20 minutes or so that Tim and Jaz had taken to tell their story both myself and Tina had been holding hands and listening. I was getting randier and randier and by the way that Tina was crossing and uncrossing her legs I guessed that she was feeling the same way.

"Well shit, I guess that makes our holiday seems tame so far but the best is yet to come," I said. I went on to explain that we were off to a very interesting party that night. We were sure that Tim and Jaz would be welcome if they wanted to go. We explained about Rik and Lars and the barbeque and also how they suggested that things sometimes got a bit wild.

"We have more or less decided that we have to go," I said. "How do you feel about it? I asked.

"Hey, it sounds great to me" said Tim casting a look at Jaz. Neither couple voiced the suggestion that by the end of tonight our relationship may be very different from now but I am sure that it was in all our minds. After the discussions that Tina and I had had recently I was sure that we were both ok with it. My only thought was could we not all just head back to our apartment and get down to but I guess that was just my erection talking.

I'll let you know what happened later that night in the next part but right now, after telling you all this I have to go and have a wank. See yah.

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