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The Hollywood Madam



This is a work of fiction. All characters are simply a figment of my imagination. If one of the characters seems familiar, it is only because you are a well read individual possessing good taste.


To my special gal, she knows who she is.

Part 1:

Chapter 1:

It was another of those sparkling San Diego days. The sun was shining, and a pleasant sea breeze was coming in off the Pacific .It was one of those days that you read about in the travel books. Around this time of the year, we get days, which can only be described as having sea breezes, which make the palm trees sway, and the temperature ranges in the 70's.

Over here is, the Del Coronado Hotel, which is a famous historical landmark around here. Over there is, the North Island navel station, and that is where they train the Seals. Those guys are some tough dudes, which you do not want to meet on a dark night in wartime. Orange Avenue is the main street in this part of town, and here is where I grew up.

My name is Jasmine Jones, but all my friends call me J J. I guess that I am kind of popular around here especially with the guys. I guess I'm good looking at least that's what the guys tell me. I am a little tall at five foot and seven inches. When I wear my high heals, I'm five foot and ten inches tall. I have long raven black hair, and my eyes are the color of emeralds. At least, that's what some guy told me once. After he told me that, I figured that was worth a good blowjob in the back seat of his car. I measure out at 38 - 25 - 35, and I am about 135 pounds in weight. I am about to turn 19 years old soon.

I have been studying drama in school. I want to become an actress, and I plan to go into show business. I guess it's because my parents used to be in show business a long time ago. My father was an agent, and MY mother was a showgirl. Unfortunately, neither of them hit the big time. It's all right anyhow, we are doing pretty well because daddy is a real estate broker, and he makes a lot of money. For example, daddy bought me one of those little red sport cars, which come from Germany. Mommy said that I would get into an accident in that hot rod, but daddy said that he thought I could handle it well enough. Well, I may be getting a little ahead of my self. I want to tell you a little about my self so that you will understand what I am about to tell you. You may choose to believe it or not, but I know what happened to me.

Well, I guess you already know all about this kind of stuff, but I'll tell you anyway. When you are a pretty girl in high school, all the girls hate you because they think that you're going to steal their boyfriends. As far as the guys are concerned, they just want to fuck your brains out. Like that time in Health class, the teacher was talking about methods of protection from pregnancy. The teacher was showing us a bunch of condoms. She even told us about how they used to do it in the old days. The teacher told us that women would tie a ribbon around a peace of sponge, and they would insert the sponge in their pussys before they had sex with their husbands. Well while all this shit is going on, all the so called good girls are making believe that they are embarrassed. At the same time, all the guys are growing a forest of woodies.

My boy friend at the time grabbed me after class, and he told me that he would pick me up that night for a date. I had been going out with this son of a bitch for a couple of weeks, and he was giving me the big come on. Until that time, he was being a nice guy not trying any thing.

So that night, he takes me for a ride in his car. While we were driving, I asked, " Where are we going? ". He tells me, " You will see when we get there. ". The next thing I know, he pulls into this deserted road in the middle of nowhere. He pulls up and parks. I figure o k so he wants to make out. From what was going on in class this afternoon, I figure he must be a little horny just like all the other guys. All of a sudden, he starts grabbing me under my dress. I tell him to stop being so rough. Then, the son of a bitch slaps me across the face real hard.

He tells me that if I don't put out I'll be walking home. I think to my self O K I'm fucked. I'm in the middle of nowhere, and I am in a car with some crazed fuck head. So well, it was not like I was a virgin trying to hold on to her cherry. I look at the fuck head, and I start coming on to him like a whore who has not been fucked in a year. Just as I am going at this jerk, the strangest thing happens. The lame gets off me, and I notice that he has a frightened look on his face. For the life of me,I don't know what's wrong. Then, I see it. The fuck head has lost his hard on.

Well, I could not help myself. I just started to laugh. The more I laughed; the jerk became more self aware of his dead dick.

All the way home, the jerk is threatening me. Telling me that if I tell anyone at school about what happened, he would make me regret it. Of course, the very next morning at school, I told everyone about what he tried to do to me. I also told them about his dead dick. For all that day and for some time after, everyone was calling the jerk by his new nickname. You would hear them call him D D for dead dick. Also, all the girls at school were going around telling a running joke about the sponge and the ribbon. I guess it was because of what the teacher was talking about in health class that day and how all the guys were getting woodies. The girls would say after that time," don't forget your sponge ".

Chapter 2

This is what I kind of mean. Even though you are a good-looking girl like me, you still have trouble getting the right guys to go out with you. The nice guys are some times too shy to ask you to go out on a date. So then, you are often stuck with these ego driven nincompoops who are in their own minds God's gift to women. I once had a heart to heart talk with my mom about this sort of stuff. She was telling me about how it was when she was in show business. She told me that show business is crammed full of those types of guys. This was when I told my mom that I was thinking about going into show business myself. She said, " Honey in show business a woman is nothing but a peace of meat ". She began to explain to me that only the women who knew how to handle those kinds of guys were the women who became successful in show business. She told me that I was a very pretty young woman, and Those guys in show business are going to come after me like hungry lions after fresh meat. One of the reasons that I was never that successful in show business she remarked was because I was unwilling to put out for every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

I told my mother that I was bored with my life as it was, and I wanted more out of life than to be just a housewife with a gang of kids. She told me that if I was really sure that if that is what I wanted I will have to learn how to handle those men in show business, or else I would turn out just like all the rest of the women who became studio sluts and the like.

Well, I knew that my mother was right about those unsuccessful women. They usually became little more than paid whores put out by the big shots from the studios. I vowed to my self that I would not become one of those women even if I had to marry one of those ugly fat rich guys who has enough power to put you into the best parts with out no questions asked. I was determined to become successful in show business. The trouble is I never seem to be able to meet the right guys even though I am kind of a knock out once I put my mind to it. You know, I fix myself up with some make up and some nice clothes and a new hair do, and I stand out from the other girls. You notice me especially because of my long black hair and my green eyes, not to mention my nice pair of tits.

Chapter 3

I got to thinking about what my mother told me. So that night, I decided that I would take a look in my parents keep sakes from show business. They had some old trunks full of stuff, which they kept in the storage. I don't know what I was looking for, but I started going through all the old stuff. There were articles and pictures from shows that my mother was in. There was not much about my father mostly because he was an agent and not a performer. I have to say that my mother was a looker. From her showgirl pictures, she looked damn good. I never thought much about it, but I guess that I must have gotten some of my looks from my mother. There were those green eyes, and She had a nice pair of tits when she was young.

I made myself comfortable by sitting on the floor in the storage. I began to read through the stuff in the old trunks. Some of the stuff went back a long time. In fact, some of the stuff went back to the 1920's and 1930's. Most of the people in the pictures were unfamiliar to me. Then, I came across a show bill from the old days. I wondered why this was in here. Fay East sex goddess of the age brings to you the show of the age. Featuring Fay and her muscle man review. Along with the show bill there was an 8 by 10 color picture of Fay East herself. The picture showed a blue eyed blonde wearing a long floor length Black lace gown. It was cut low in front to reveal a great pair of tits. In addition, she was wearing a matching broad brimmed hat and carrying a matching parasol. She topped off this killer outfit with what looked like a double strand diamond necklace; The upper strand of diamonds hung closer to her throat while the lower strand of diamonds supported a large pear shaped diamond which hung down almost into her cleavage. To go with that pigeon egg sized rock, She wore a couple of shoulder dusters which terminated with a matching pear shaped diamond. No doubt, this babe had style.

Next, I came across another picture showing Fay East standing next to a little girl. There was an autograph and inscription, which read to my little lost cousin. Fay was still wearing that killer outfit, but there was something familiar about the little girl. As I looked closer at the little girl in the picture, I started to notice that the little girl had green eyes. Could this little girl be my mother? If it was my mother, what was she doing with this sex goddess?

It was at that time that I decided to ask my father to help me to get an audition. He had not been in show business for a long time, but he still had some connections in the business. It was mostly because he had bought and sold some houses for the people in show business.

So then, I put all the stuff away and put it back into the storage. I was still curious about the little girl in the picture with Fay East, but I decided not to say anything about it. Besides, I did not want my parents to know that I was snooping around in their stuff.

Soon after that, I approached my father, and I popped the question. I asked him if he could help me with my plans to go into show business. Well of course, he was unsure about it. He said that he would talk to my mom first before anything could be done.

Then came the big sit down. My parents and I talked about me going into show business. Well, they talked and I listened. My mom was unhappy with the whole thing. She was quick to remind me about the little talk which we had. Of course, my father had no idea of what we were referring to. They were very supportive, but they were not sold on the idea. They begin to tell me about how hard is to get along in the business. They told me that when they were in the business, they tried as hard as they could to become successful only to find themselves behind the 8 ball. I was not sure what " behind the 8 ball " meant, but it sounded like a real bummer.

I began to make my case to them. I told them that I am a big girl now, and I have to make something of my self. My parents have always been supportive with me, and I did not want to lay it on them too hard. They always have been good to me, but they have sheltered me too much. Still, I was going to tell them that if they would not help me; then, I would make my own way. Daddy was a sweet heart. Jasmine darling he said if you have made your mind up. Then what else can we do except to help.

So it came to pass, I had an audition and a possible job up in Hollywood. Of course, my mom was frantic with fear. She said, " I suppose she's going to drive that little red hot rod up there. ". Daddy assured her that every thing is going to be all right. She will meet some people that I know, and they will take good care of her. This was the big day. I loaded what I could into the hot rod as my mother called it, and I set off for the big time.

Part 2

Chapter 4

The traffic on the I- 5 interstate is always a bummer at rush hour. So, I decided to set off at the end of the afternoon rush hour. I planned to drive up to Hollywood in the evening to beat the traffic. As luck would have it, there was some kind of accident up ahead. I didn't get far before I realized that I was being detoured. I was not prepared for any thing like this. I mean who reads maps anyway? I loaded up the car with the things, which I thought that I would need. Yaw, you guessed it. The Last thing in the world that I thought that I would need was a map. The car radio was describing one of those traffic nightmares. It seems that a large gasoline tanker had jackknifed across all four lanes of the northern bound I-5. I knew that I had passed these- 78 turns off already. So, I knew that I was somewhere between San Diego and L A. I had taken the 78 on my way out to the desert in the past. One thing that I knew was that you could get lost on these back roads in the mountains.

I soon found myself following one those damned roads into nowhere. To make things more difficult, it was beginning to get dark. If you have never driven these roads which are in the mountains east of L A and San Diego, I can tell you that there are some death defying turns and drop offs which will scare the shit out of you.

I had been driving for what seemed to be hours now. God only knows where I was. To make things even worse, it was now starting to drizzle. Up in the mountains around here the weather can change in a hurry and turn nasty. FUCK! How could it be raining when it was a sunny day when I left San Diego? Well, I know this sounds like chicken shit, but I was starting to get worried. The road was getting worse by the moment. The damned road was getting hard to see, and there were sharp inclines and turns at the bottom. I was moving along at a good clip when I felt the tires let loose. I had just come down one of those steep inclines, and the road broke hard to the right. Have you ever seen one of those Grand Prix races where the guy loses control and starts spinning out? The car started to spin around and around as I went off the road. Thank God, It was a flat patch of ground, and not one of those about to die one thousand foot drops. The car careened into the trees, and I smashed into some thing hard.

I know that I must have hit my head because my head was throbbing to beat the band. I could feel where the seat belts crushed me from the impact. I must have hit the steering wheel because I could see a bruise just above my right eyebrow when I looked into the rear view mirror. I must have passed out and been sitting there for a long time because it was starting to get light. It had to be around five or six o'clock in the morning. Let me tell you that I was feeling like shit big time. My body ached. My head hurt, and I had to take a wicked piss.

I unloosened my belts, and tried to open the door. The dammed thing was stuck. It was at that time when I noticed that my car was in bad shape. I had hit something hard for sure. My left rear fender was mangled, and it looked like that I had cut down one of the trees. I am thinking to myself. If that tree hit in the front of the car, I would be a dead duck. So then, I make my way over to the right hand door so that I can get out of the car. Thank goodness, the door opens with just a strong push. I get out of the car and stand up to check for more damage. First, I rub my hands all over my self to see if have any more wounds or broken bones. I find that I am a lucky gal. It looks like that I am going to walk away from this thing. I take another look at the car, and I am stunned at what I see. The dammed car is totaled. WHOLLY SHIT! How did I survive that?

Chapter 5

So, where the fuck am I? I look around to find that I am in the woods somewhere. All around me are mountaintops, and this spot appears to be a small valley. As I'm looking around, I see something through the trees. I check twice to make sure that I am not seeing things. I start to walk in the direction of what looks like a house. As I get closer, I see that it is a house, but it looks like one of those bunkhouses that you see in the old cowboy movies. It is big, and it looks old and worse for the wear. I could envision twenty or so ranch hands living and sleeping in it. Well, this is California, and they did have cowboys here didn't they? The trouble is that the place looked abandoned. I thought that I would try knocking at the door, but now that I can see it up close, I was sure that nobody was home. What the hell, I will try the door, and see if I can get in. So, I turned the door handle, and I gave it a shove. I'll just see if any one is home.

What I was about to see was just amazing. I had seen pictures of places like this in the history books but not like the history books in school. It may have been a bunkhouse at one time, but this place had been remodeled to serve a very different purpose. It consisted of a large room. In the center, there was a very large round bed. Off to the far corner, there was hanging from the ceiling a swing. On the other wall, there was a wet bar which doubled for a kitchenette. Through out the room there were various love seats and couches. The room was decorated with a black rug and most of the furniture in the room was a shade of burgundy. Most of the wooden furniture including the bar was made of mahogany. As I walked through the room, I noticed a hall, which led to a very luxurious bathroom. Having to take a wiz, I made myself comfortable. I noticed a large bathtub. You could fit at least two or more people in it.

It was easy to see that whoever owned this place had to have a ton of cash to be able to afford it. I do not know about building houses in the middle of nowhere, but you got to realize that it is not a easy task to get running water into one of these places which are in the middle of nowhere. I mean to say that there was a lot of care taken to put this place together.

I decided to snoop around the place to find out who owned this house. I noticed a dressing table and mirror located on the far wall not far from the bed. I figured that it was as good as any place to begin looking. So, I sat myself down at the dressing table and started going through the draws. It must have been woman's intuition because when I opened the top right hand draw I found a package of letters and documents. This told me that it was a woman who owned the house. It is like a woman's code, we seem to know where a woman would put things. I began looking through the papers. They appeared to be letters and legal documents. Most of them dated as far as back as the 1920's and 1930's. Moreover, they seem to belong to a show business personality. I was busy reading some kind of a legal contract when I felt something in the room. I looked up and there in the mirror was a woman. Standing just behind me and to my left was someone that I recognized. She was a blue eyed blonde wearing a long floor length Black lace gown. In addition, she was wearing a matching broad brimmed hat and carrying a matching parasol. I couldn't miss that double strand diamond necklace and its' pigeon egg sized rock.

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