tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Home Office

The Home Office


I have been watching her for a week now. Late twenties, 5'4", long blonde hair. Yesterday, she was wearing denim and silk blouse; today she is wearing an off-white dress with thin little straps. Long enough to be respectable, but still short enough to highlight her awesome legs. Most definitely a woman who takes great pride in her appearance.

I creep by the house again. Looking in the window, I see her sitting at her desk, back to me. I see that she is absorbed in her work. I see a mirror directly across from her desk, and panic as I see myself staring through the window at her.

I duck quickly, and work my way to the window in the next room. I force the lock. The frame creaks loudly as I open it. I panic again, and freeze. Hearing nothing, I open it fully. Climbing through the window, I take a look around. The door to the office is cracked open. Looking through the narrow gap, she is still at her desk. She can't see me, but I can see her.

I strip myself down to my glorious nakedness then open the office door. She looks up sharply. I hear a gasp escape her lips as she sees me, naked. I can see the fear in her eyes as she meets my lustful gaze. I step towards her, and she bolts for the door to the hall. I grab her by the waist knocking the air out of her and hold her tightly. Quickly she catches her breath.

I turn her around, forcing her against the office wall. I tell her to keep quiet, not to cause a ruckus. She nods her head slowly, tears rolling down her cheeks. I loosen my grip on her body. I tell her to strip. She is still sobbing, but starts to slip her outfit off her shoulders. Now she has only panties to cover her from my eyes.

I can not believe my eyes. She is the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her breasts stand proudly from her chest. Her skin is smooth and creamy. Her ass is round, firm and luscious. Her stomach is flat, with just a hint of muscle. I know now she works out regularly.

I motion for her to continue, and she starts to cry harder. Her face is pale as she hooks her thumbs in her panties, and slides them down her toned legs. I spy a thin strip of hair on her mound, which she quickly tries to hide. I grab her hands, slapping them to her sides. I gaze at her beauty, now fully exposed to my eyes.

I grab one of her breasts, and she moans quietly. I stroke my cock a few times. I reach out and graze my fingers down her neck. My hand moves slowly down her body, my fingers tracing circles across her toned flesh. I cup her ass with both hands, pulling her against my body. I push against her, forcing her into the wall, making her feel my hardness against her stomach. I feel her knees go weak as I rut my body into hers.

I can no longer wait. I look for a place to ravage this beauty. I sweep off her desk. I lay her shaking, quivering body down on the top. I spread her legs wide, readying her to accept me. Her face is covered in fresh tears; her eyes are puffy from sobbing. I hear her voice, soft and raspy, begging me to stop, offering me money, pleading desperately.

There is no way I could stop now. I can feel my diamond-hard cock screaming for release. I climb on top of her. I force my tongue in her mouth. I suck her lips. She is so beautiful. I kiss down her neck, across her chest and pauses at her breasts. She cries out as I suck on her nipples. My fingers find their way between her legs and feel the heat and the wetness there as her body betrays her mind and readies for me.

Without warning, I force my rock-hard cock into her, and start pumping. I hear her gasp as I fuck her, harder than she has ever experienced. Her delicate little hands cover her eyes, and continually wipe away her tears. I need to see her eyes. I hiss at her to look at me. She lowers her hands to her sides. I see her eyes, red and moist from crying. I want to think I can see lust there too, but I know otherwise.

I continue to pound her. I feel the rhythm, in and out, in and out. She continues to cry, to beg, to plead with me to stop. I feel her erect nipples press against my chest as I fuck her harder. I lower my mouth to her nipples, catching one. I slowly suck on her flesh, my tongue dancing around inside my mouth, tasting her salty, sweaty skin.

Across the room, I look into the mirror, with our lewd scene on display, reflected back to us. I revel in the sight of her, flat on her back, legs dangling over the side of her desk, her naked body being claimed by a naked stranger. Watching this vision, I slam into her. More and more, I force my body into hers. Her body is glistening. I can feel her body responding softly to my thrusts. Her fingernails claw my back leaving long red marks.

Her mouth is hanging open, gasping for breath, her tongue licking her lips. Her eyelids are fluttering now, in perfect time to my hammering pace. I push harder still, I tell her to give in to me, to stop fighting, to relax. She nods slightly. I pull out quickly, flip her on her stomach and slam back into her.

I hear her breath escape her body, and the loud, sucking intake of air. She is meeting my thrusts now; her body is moving in time with mine. I can hear her moan each time I bottom out inside her. I see her hands gripping her desk tightly. I tell her to look into the mirror.

Our eyes meet in reflection. I see her hair matted to her forehead, sweat pouring down both our faces. I see her breasts crushed her weight on the desk. My fingers are pressed deeply into her hips. I can feel her body starting to shake. I see her eyes close tightly. Her thrusts back at me are becoming erratic. I feel her body contracting. I hear her scream in climax. I feel her pussy grip me like an iron vise.

I respond with vigor. I hear her now, protesting again. She gasps that she is not protected. I respond with more vigor. I stare into the mirror, my eyes locked on hers. As our eyes meet, I realize I have broken her. I see tears streaming down her face again. I tell her to relax. She nods in reply. She is mine now.

I imagine her taut figure becoming heavy and swollen with our child. I can see her full of life; our baby growing inside of her. I explode deeply inside of her, spraying my seed in her passage. I can see our child now, as stream after stream shoots deep in her womb.

I lay down on top of her, gasping for air. I see her skin rippling as my hot breath blows across her neck.

Again, looking into the mirror, I stare into her deep green eyes. I almost feel sorry for her.

I slip out of my newly claimed beauty, and scoop up legs, rolling her onto her back on the desk. I kiss her forehead. She lays still, sobbing quietly, her body still shaking slightly, with my white seed leaking down the globes of her ass.

I softly caress her body, and lean in to kiss her. She does not resist, does not fight me. Her will is truly broken. She is mine now. I smile at her, and offer my hand. She hesitates for only a second. I pull her up and kiss her deeply, our tongues mingling.

Breaking our embrace, I pick up her clothes and dress her. I slip her panties on, and slid her dress over her body. She does not resist me. I dress quietly, gazing at her the whole time, watching her. Her will is broken.

I quickly pack her a bag. She stands in silence. We walk to the front of her house and see that no one is anywhere near. She follows me without a word, leaving behind her past life.

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