tagLoving WivesThe Homecoming

The Homecoming


"There's so much to do!" Katherine thought as she wiped the sweat from her brow.

There she was, kneeling in the smothering heat of the attic as she stared in disbelief at the many boxes of her husband's things that she put off dealing with for so long. Michael had gone missing the year before when his plane crashed on his way home from the teaching safari where he was honored for his research on indigenous people and human sexuality. In recognition, he was given an honorary plaque, and a professorship at UC Berkeley.

She smiled at the plaque she held in her lap and ran her fingers over his name as if she was somehow touching a part of him still. This was going to be the start of a new life for them; instead, Katherine was forced to try to conceive life without him. With a deep sigh, and a final light kiss on his name, she rose and moved to yet another box of memories. She worked throughout the day – doing her best to hold back the memories, and hold back the tears. When she was done, all of her husband's belongings were packed, wrapped and neatly organized in the vast expanse of their mid-Victorian attic.

Exhausted, Katherine left the attic with nothing on her mind but a glass of wine and a long, fragrant soak in her whirlpool tub. She padded into the kitchen and began stripping off the sweaty shorts and tank top that had absorbed all the effort of the day. As she pulled her shorts down over her long, tanned legs and kicked them into the corner, she thought she caught a glimpse of someone outside the kitchen window.

"What the HELL?" she thought aloud, and leaned over the sink to get a better look. Of course, there was no one.

"Just the trees…I do need a drink!" she muttered, shaking her head and moving to open the refrigerator door.

She grabbed a half-full bottle of wine and a glass in one hand, a few candles in the other and headed to her bath. She lit the candles one by one and turned out the lights. She perched on the edge of the 2 person- tubs she and Michael insisted on having when they moved in. As she started running the water, fragmented memories of their shared baths flashed through her mind. She raised her face to the mirrors surrounding the tub and took in the image that greeted her.

She was still very young. She was 27 when Michael disappeared. Her skin was still soft and firm. She and Michael had always been active, and that didn't change when he left. If anything she turned to any form of exertion she could take to get her mind off things. She lifted her tank top over her head and really looked at her naked body for the first time in a very long time. Her breasts were firm and round. "The kind you want to hold all day!" Michael would say, she remembered with a smile. She missed the way his tongue would play over her nipples, and the way he would give them a gentle tug with his teeth. In response to her memory, her nipples became very erect to the point of aching. She tried to wipe the image of his mouth on her body away, but she hadn't made love to another man since he left. Once started, she rarely could stop herself without satisfying her body's needs.

As she stepped into the steaming bath, she realized that despite the warm water, she knew she was already wet. She reached up and released her long, dark tendrils to cascade down her back in silken waves. She lowered her body into the warm water and felt the whirlpool jets caress her flesh; infusing their warmth into her. She settled back and closed her eyes.

With the fingertips of one hand she began tracing her high brow; leaving little droplets of water running down her face. She traced her high cheekbones, and defined the elegant curve of her chin, and the sleek hollow of her throat. With her other hand she gently caressed the mound above her cit – teasing herself by barely brushing by, but not touching it.

Again she saw his mouth on her. His lips leaving light kisses on her belly as he made his way down to pleasure her. She watched as he grinned and his tongue stretched out before leaning forward to taste her. At that moment she thrust her fingers onto her clit and pinched her aching nipple with the other hand. She gasped as bolts of pleasure moved through her. Her clit was hard and her body opened to her as she reached her fingers deep inside. Her moans echoed off the vaulted ceiling intensifying her pleasure - building the warmth inside her as she writhed. Her fingers worked furiously, pumping deep inside her as her thumb kept pressure on her clit. Building and building, her passion erupted as she arched her back and her body spasmed as her orgasm shook her.

When Katherine finally opened her eyes and looked around she saw how carried away she had been. Water was in puddles all over the floor. She covered her face playfully and laughed. As the water started to cool she rose up and turned off the whirlpool. She poured herself a glass of wine and strode dripping wet into the bedroom. Even though it was dark it was still hot, and so was she. Her hand didn't seem quite enough tonight. She walked to the French doors to the balcony and flung them wide. She stood, silhouetted by the dim light streaming in from the hall, transfixed by the beauty of the rising full moon.

She moved out onto the balcony heedless to who might see her. She walked over to a lawn chair and lay lazily back – drowsy already from the wine and her exertions. She fell asleep as the moon reached its peak in the sky. Her dreams granted her no reprieve from her body's aching need. She felt the touch of hands and the long sharp pleasure of being impaled over and over.

He watched as her hands caressed her body. Her fingers seeking first her mouth, and then seeking her thighs. Her moans of dream pleasure almost made him cum where he stood. He stripped down to nothing in the doorway and moved towards her. First he leaned and gently caressed her hair by her face, careful not to wake her. She responded to his touch and nuzzled his hand with her cheek. Still she moaned, and he grew bold. Seeing her lying there, naked in the moonlight set him on fire! He wrapped his lips around her erect nipple and teased it with his tongue. She gasped and he raised his head expecting to see the full force of her fury, but she slept on. He resumed his attentions and drank in the scent of her. He straddled the lawn chair and proceeded to kiss and taste her hard nipples and the round of her breasts. His tongue made a soft trail over her naval, and he looked up to find her eyes still closed, mouth slightly open. He gently placed his hands on her thighs and pressed them apart to reveal Katherine's swollen, wet pussy, fragrant with lust. He was so aroused the tip of his cock gleamed and dripped in anticipation. He positioned himself above her, staring at her beautiful face. He longed to see her ebony eyes. Gripping his swollen cock in his hand he guided it to her dripping hot hole. He eased the head to the opening and leaned down and kissed her full mouth passionately. She awoke struggling and afraid! He pulled his face away from hers and smiled.

"Michael!" she breathed.

And he thrust into her deep and hard! She cried out her pleasure and gripped him tight, thrusting her hips to meet his. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face to meet his and kissed her hard.

She came to her first teeth clenching orgasm and he turned her over and took her from behind, not giving her a moment's rest. Her screams of delight echoed in the hills as they had echoed off her walls earlier. He grabbed her tight ass as he thrusted deep inside and held it there so he could feel her pussy tighten all around his cock. He almost came then, but held it back.

She turned her face to him and tightened her pussy and slowly pulled off of him. She looked from his face to his cock with fire in her eyes and licked her lips. She kneeled down in front of him and took his penis in her hands, lowered her face to wrap her lips around the tip and played with it with her tongue. She could taste herself on him, and it sent a surge through her. She swallowed his cock and massaged it from within her mouth with her tongue. She slowly pulled back and began licking his cock from base to tip, paying particular attention to the slender curve of flesh around the head. His body jerked in fevered response. The small noises he was making were driving her wild. As she swallowed his cock to the base and back again and again, she moved one hand down and started stroking her engorged clit.

He knew he couldn't take much more of this and gripped her hair again as she looked up at him with his cock pulsing in her mouth. He wanted to cum so bad…but he wanted to be inside her. Sensing his desire she rose to her feet and kissed him feverishly, her tongue exploring and tasting his mouth. Lifting her hand to their mouths, she shared her juices with him as they kissed before walking into the bedroom and sitting on the bed. He followed and lay on his back as she led him to do. His cock was pulsing and rock hard. She straddled him and reached down to guide him into her. She ran his head across her clit to her hole and back again, then leaned back and took him in until he felt his balls beneath her.

They gasped in unison and their faces contorted as waves of pleasure surged through them while she rode him. Their hips bucked together and their breath become shallow and hard. She increased the rhythm and reached down and rubbed her clit and moaned. Sweat poured off their bodies. He pulled her down to him and kissed her as she gasped and moaned in his mouth. She slowed and pulled her body up the length of his cock and down again – enjoying the feel of him inside her again. Her eyes closed and her face became taut with pleasure.

He could stand it no more. He grabbed her hips and held her as he began ramming into her fast and hard. Her moans became cries, and their cries merged together in a fever pitch. Their bodies tightened and convulsed as their orgasms shook them. His cock exploded into her, and as she felt his cum, her pussy tightened and she rode out the longest orgasm of her life.

When it was over she collapsed on top of him…his cock still twitching inside her. She caught her breath and slid off to rest her head on his chest. They lay holding each other for what seemed like hours in silence. Afraid to speak for fear of waking from a dream. Finally she hid her face in his chest as she softly asked,

"Are you real?"

He reached down and lifted her chin with his curled index finger to gaze into her eyes where tears were already starting to form.

"I'm real," he said, "and I'm home."

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by Anonymous10/16/18

I’ll Watch It

“It” being the whole story. Because no way was this a story, this was pretty much just a thirty second tv commercial for an hour long show on HBO or the Playboy Channel. Nice teaser, though.

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by laptopwriter03/30/18

How did I miss this?

This was well done. I would have preferred a little more explanation as to where he'd been and why the delay but it wasn't really necessary. Excellent piece.

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