tagAnalThe Homecoming Pt. 02

The Homecoming Pt. 02


Sofia woke up in a very good mood the next day. She was still tingly and horny, but she knew today that Matt would be home. And she was intent on making it a very special homecoming for him.

His plane was scheduled to land at 2:15. It would take him a few minutes to clear Customs and Immigration before he could begin the one hour ride home. He should be home by 4:00 if everything ran according to schedule.

That was still a long time away, but at least she had something to look forward to. So Sofia went about her normal morning schedule for a Wednesday. Taking her long morning walk before her 9:30 workout with her trainer at the club. And afterwards she spent another hour and a half on the driving range and putting green. So it was after 1:00 by the time she returned home. Still plenty of time to clean up, find something sexy to wear, and to put together something to eat to welcome Mateo home.

She glanced at her phone and noticed a text that had come in while she was practicing. It was from Mateo. He said his flight from Dallas was going to be a little late taking off, but hopefully no more than an hour or so. He would text her when he landed.

Damn, Sofia thought. She hoped it wouldn't be delayed longer than that. The weather in Dallas was always so unpredictable. She texted him back, but she was glad when he didn't answer because it probably meant that he was already in the air.

As Matt had settled in for the the additional wait in the boarding area, he noticed one of the other passengers waiting for the flight was a member at their golf club. Dan, a guy he golfed with only every so often, came up to him and shook his hand. "Good to see you, Matt," he said. "You must be heading home too". And the two of them agreed that the nearby bar would be a much better place to wait out their delay. The additional time went by quickly and they were pleased that they were able to board 40 minutes later.

As soon as the plane touched down in Queretaro three hours later, Matt texted Sofia. "Just landed. See you soon ❤️."

Sofia quickly replied "Can't wait ❤️👅😘."

After Matt emerged from Customs without issue, he scanned the waiting area for his scheduled driver. It didn't take long for him to see that there was no one holding a card with his name. Frustrated, he continued to look around him, but it soon became evident that his car service had not got the information about the flight delay.

Exasperated, he reached for his phone, but just then Dan emerged from Customs with his bags in hand. "Hey Matt, do you need a ride? I kept my car here in the lot and would be happy to drop you off." Dan knew that Matt and Sofi lived in the residential community of Mesa del Malanquin, which was near his own colonia of Los Frailles.

"That would be great." Matt said. "Seems my driver isn't going to show up". On the drive home, the guys continued the conversation where they left off in the bar that afternoon, discussing how quickly San Miguel was growing, the new club house the golf club was planning to build, and the general gossip that even men engaged in when they lived in a town as small as San Miguel.

Dan mentioned that he was "batching it" for the rest of the week while his wife was out of town. Matt immediately extended an invitation for Dan to stop and have a drink with Sofia and him before he headed home, figuring that his refrigerator would be bare. It didn't take much encouragement for Dan to agree.

Sofia knew that Matt would be hungry after a day of traveling and so she had decided to fix a tray of appetizers that she could serve in bed. Cheese, a sliced apple, almonds, smoked salmon and crackers. She also set out glasses and some Don Julio Reposado, his favorite tequila. Matt had come to truly appreciate tequila since they had been together.

And then Sofia had turned her attention to herself. Knowing that Matt's favorite outfit on her was nothing at all, she decided to forgo his favorite blue sundress that she had put on after her shower and she opened her dresser, searching for just the right accessory for her nudity. She decided that Matt would appreciate stockings and heels. She felt just a little silly putting them on at 4:00 in the afternoon, but she knew Matt's reaction would be worth it. She checked out her reflection in the mirror. Her bare skin had a shimmer to it from the lotion that she had carefully and thoroughly applied just a couple of hours ago. The black thigh high stockings were a dramatic contrast to her light colored skin. Her nipples stood out in contrast to it as well. In her mind, her bare pussy was begging for attention. She selected some of Matt's favorite music to complete the mood.

She turned down the bed and placed the tray of food to one side. And she returned to the kitchen for the glasses and bottle of tequila. Her back was towards the door when she heard the key turn in the lock.

Mateo came through the door followed by his friend, Dan. "Hello Sweetheart" he announced once he was through the entry. As he rounded the corner to the kitchen, he smiled broadly and softly laughed when he realized the mistake he had made not to call Sofia and tell her about bringing Dan home for a drink. Sofia was totally naked with the exception of black stockings that ran up her long legs and stopped just a few inches from the top of her thighs. They were like a road map leading to her beautiful pussy. Her bare breasts were softly rounded and her nipples hard. She was wearing her sexiest heels, which made her legs even more shapely than usual. His cock stood at attention almost immediately.

Sofia turned around, expecting to embrace her handsome husband, but she stopped and took in the scene in front of her... her husband being followed by one of his golf buddies. Sofia didn't know whether to be angry, or to be embarrassed; instead she just laughed.

She pulled Matt toward her... in part to cover her nudity, and in part to kiss him. She gave him a deep kiss, which Matt reciprocated, while pulling her toward him with his hands on her soft, smooth ass.

Still hugging Matt to her torso, Sofia leaned to the side to look past him and to greet their guest. "Hi Dan... sorry to put you in this spot. Let this be a lesson to us all to always text your spouse with any change in plans! Please sit down and pour yourself a drink... I'll be right back."

Dans eyes grew big, and from the bulge in his pants, it appeared that something else was getting big as well. He watched as Sofia used Matt as a sort of shield to walk her back to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, Matt closed the door behind them and burst out laughing. "Only you, Sofia! I adore you." And he slapped her ass playfully.

Sofia loved it when Matt teased her and she loved getting into wrestling matches with him. She playfully took out her anger by beating him in the chest "Pinche cabrón!" She cried, "Why didn't you tell me you were bringing someone home?"

He pulled her close and pinned her against him until she could no longer struggle - the way he always won their wrestling matches. He kissed her deeply to quiet her protests and his hands explored her body, which was so totally accessible. She felt his stiff cock pushing against her. As he continued to kiss her, his hands found her pussy and confirmed just how wet she was.

"Fuck," he said, "I need to have you." And he unzipped his pants and left them fall to his knees as he leaned her over the dresser. He was rock hard and he knew how wet she was, so he pushed his thick cock inside her with one strong thrust.

"Baby, Dan is just outside," she said.

"I don't care," he said between breaths. He knew this wouldn't take long.

He trust deeply inside her while the dresser supported her weight. He pulled her into him with one hand on her hip while the other hand found her clit. Her moan said it all... she was on the verge of a strong climax. "Baby, don't make me cum. I will scream... Fuck, you feel so good... Don't make me cum, baby, don't make me cum," she begged.

But within moments, she struggled to stifle a scream as his cum shot deep inside of her.

Once their orgasms were silenced, Matt pulled his pants back up, tucked in his shirt, and watched as Sofia composed herself. She slipped the blue and white sundress on, and traded her stockings and heels for some summer flip flops.

Matt headed back to the living room where Dan was trying to look comfortable. His face was a bit flushed and Matt didn't know if it was because he had been tossing back the tequila, or because of the situation he found himself in. There was no way that he didn't hear Sofia scream just a few feet away. But Matt had a way of putting people at ease, and his broad smile and quick laughter helped Dan to feel that he wasn't really intruding.

Sofia came out moments later, carrying the tray of appetizers that she had put next to the bed. With a flirty grin, she set it on the coffee table in front of Dan. "Just a little something I whipped up in the bedroom," she said. And then she poured another drink for Dan and one for her and Matt as well.

They chatted for a bit and got to laughing over some of the most embarrassing moments they had ever had. They found themselves getting more and more relaxed the emptier the tequila bottle got. Eventually, Sofia got up to retrieve another one from the kitchen. As she walked away, Matt was quick to notice a wet spot on the back of Sofia's dress. She was wearing no panties and he knew instantly that it was his cum seeping out of her.

Suddenly he was hard again. All he could think of was putting Sofia on top of the kitchen island and licking her clean. He cleared his throat and tried to focus on the conversation he and Dan were having. But he noticed Dans eyes were also glued to Sofia's ass and the spot of dampness just below it.

Suddenly Dan got up and announced that he really needed to get home. He thanked them profusely and apologized for barging in on them. Since she was now fully clothed, Sofi was able to give him the typical Mexican send off by embracing him and kissing his right cheek. Matt promised to see him soon at the club.

Then they closed the door behind him, to enjoy the rest of their evening. Alone.

After Matt slowly closed the door, he breathed a sigh and turned to Sofia, putting his strong hands in her waist. He looked down on her with an intensity that always made a Sofi feel that he was looking right into her soul.

A slow smile spread across his face, as he took in the view of his alluring wife. He kissed her and said, "Ok...let's clean up a bit and pretend that never happened."

"But first," he took her hand and led her into the bedroom, "Let's get you back into you original outfit. I liked it very much." He pulled the sundress over her head and tossed it into a chair. And he handed her the stockings that she had left lying on the bed, instructing her to sit down and put them on.

As she pulled them over her long legs, Matt clearly saw the moisture between her legs, and his cum tracing a line down the top of her thigh. He bent down and put her shoes on her then pulled her up to assess the outfit. "Perfect," he said.

She turned to go out to the living room and Matt stayed behind just long enough free himself of his travel-worn clothes before following her out.

Sofia picked up the bottles and and put them back in the bar. She returned to the living room to gather the tray of food just as Matt came back out. She smiled when she saw that he was naked. Her husband had a great body. Tall, lean, with strong shoulders and legs. And his hands. His amazing hands.

She asked if he wanted anything more to eat before putting the extra food away. "There is only one thing I want to eat," he said. He took the tray from her hands and put it on the counter. He lifted her up onto the kitchen island, seating her just on the edge. He spread her legs and he touched her where his cum was seeping out. He kissed her mouth, her breasts, and finally her pussy. His tongue probed deep inside her to gather his cum.

Sofia leaned back on her elbows and arched her back. She let out a low moan and then she watched her husband as he gently and rhythmically cleaned out his cum, occasionally coming up to kiss her and to share the evidence of their passion. Sofia loved this ritual. Except in the mornings. Morning cum was different. Morning cum was all hers.

Sofi had explained to Matt that morning cum was special. It was a secret that she got to carry with her all day long. The ever-present reminder of him. She loved how she could be golfing, or in a meeting, or having lunch with friends, and begin to feel Matt's cum ever so slowly oozing out of her. Something no one else knew she was feeling. A smile would cross her face as she felt it and she remembered how it came to be. Morning cum was all hers.

Sofia looked down at her husband. He had a beautiful head of hair. Now salt and pepper, it still complimented his dark eyes and his strong jawline. She especially liked seeing his head of hair between her legs. He never seemed to tire of caressing her with his tongue. Of tasting her juices, or of bringing her to the edge. He was a very attentive man. She watched closely as he used his right hand to stimulate her ass. And she was even more mesmerized by his left hand, which was stroking his own cock. It drove her crazy when he stroked his cock.

Finally, the wave of anticipation had built up to a point where Sofia could hold it back no longer. She shuddered and moaned and let herself be pulled under by the wave. And she lay back on the counter top, to catch her breath.

But before she had time to fully recover, Matt rolled her over on her stomach and slid her off the island to where her feet were now touching the floor. Her breasts pressed against the smooth, cool surface of the granite. He kissed her back and ran his hand along her ass and between her thighs. And then once again, he thrust his hard cock into her from behind.

Her juices had not stopped flowing all night, and he easily drove into the full depths of her vagina. Then, with his thick cock coated in her wetness, he more gently began to fuck her ass. Slowly at first, savoring the tightness that gripped his shaft.

"Baby," Sofi said, "I have a story to tell you. Remember when you phoned me yesterday and I was on the roof?"

And, leaning over the kitchen counter, she proceeded to give him a descriptive account of her experience, as Matt ravished her from behind. How she had been seen while he made her cum over speaker phone. How exciting it was for her to open her eyes after her climax and witness the man stroking himself. What a rush it gave her to spread her legs for him and to touch herself. With each new detail, Matt pounded her ass harder. As Sofia's voice deepened to reflect the excitement that she had experienced, his cadence became faster.

And finally, she described the tremendous climax she had when she saw the expression on his face as he came... it was all Matt needed to explode inside her.

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