tagMind ControlThe Homecoming Queen Ch. 2

The Homecoming Queen Ch. 2

byBones Malone©

Jason had just told me all about what happened with him and Erin after the dance last week. “So you hypnotized her, brought her to your house, watched her masturbate, fucked her tits, and then fucked her ass too?” I asked.

“That and a few other things, yeah,” Jason replied, grinning from ear to ear.

“You didn’t fuck her pussy too, did you?” I asked.

He thought for a second, “No, I guess I didn’t.”

You see, I’ve always had a major crush on Erin ever since middle school, so I was obviously extremely interested in Jason’s story. “No way, that’s bullshit,” I said. “I’m sure it makes a great story, but that doesn’t just happen in real life.”

Jason smiled. “Well it did happen Ryan, and I can prove it. Erin should still be hypnotized, so all I have to do is say “Echelon” around her, and I can have another go at her – both of us can.” Upon hearing this, my heart took a big leap.

“Me too?” I asked, beyond excitement. My mind started racing.

“Well of course,” Jason said, “Do you think I wouldn’t include my best bud in an adventure like this?”

I was jumping up and down. “Holy shit! If you’re kidding about this whole thing, you are so dead!”

Jason shrugged, “You can see for yourself later today.”

After school, Erin had cheerleader practice, so Jason and I hung around by the field to wait for her. I couldn’t help but watch as her breasts bounced around whenever she jumped or kicked. I became so hard when I thought about having her. I couldn’t stand it. When her practice finally ended, Jason approached her, with me close behind. “Hey, Erin. You’re looking pretty good out there.”

Erin looked up. “There you are!” she said, “Jason right? What the hell happened last week? I didn’t get home from school until six o’clock that day. How can that be? And why was I all wet and sticky?”

Jason was at a loss for words. “Well, um… oh forget it: Echelon!” Instantly, Erin’s face changed. She looked like she was daydreaming. Jason waved his hand in front of her eyes. She didn’t move. “Erin can you hear me?” Jason asked.

“Yes,” she replied in a monotone voice. “Good,” he said, “Follow us.”

We set off for Jason’s car. “Well, Ryan, do you happen to have a cheerleader fetish?” he asked.

I laughed a little and replied, “Yeah, I do actually.” We laughed some more. I could only imagine what I had gotten myself into.

Erin and I sat in the backseat while Jason drove to my house. I couldn’t believe how still Erin was; she could’ve been a mannequin advertising a cheerleader uniform. I reached over and felt her bare inner thigh, causing my cock to reach its very maximum potential. “Hey, don’t start without me!” Jason laughed.

Jason and I brought Erin up to my bedroom. We quickly removed our clothes from the waist down. Our boners unconfined at last both stood at attention. “Erin,” Jason began, “We’ve got two dry, rock-hard penises here that could use some lubrication. Please do the honors.” Jason and I stood opposite each other. Erin knelt down between us, with Jason on her left and me on her right. I watched as she turned to Jason and placed his cock head into her warm mouth. She slowly took his thick rod down her throat until she reached the base and could go no further. He reached out and held her head in place so she couldn’t escape.

They stayed that way for a while, allowing Erin’s saliva to soak deep into his penis. Eventually, Jason had to let her go so she could breathe. Erin then turned to me and did the same with my cock. It was the best sensation I had ever felt in my life. I don’t even know how I managed to stay standing. Jason reached under Erin’s skirt and pulled down her panties over her shoes and off. “Here you go Ry, a little souvenir for you,” he said as he tossed them over to me. I took a whiff - what a sweet smell!

Jason pulled up Erin’s skirt and beheld her beautiful naked ass. “What do you think, Ryan?” Jason asked, “Should I go for her pussy or her ass this time?”

“Stay with her butt,” I said, “We really should leave her vagina alone.”

“Fair enough,” he replied. Erin was still sucking on my cock because she hadn’t received any other orders, but that was fine by me! “Erin, please take off your top,” I said. “I second the motion,” said Jason between thrusts. Erin let my hard, wet cock pop out of her mouth so she could pull her sweater off. She just had her sports bra on underneath, so I had her take that off too. When she was topless, I could see her giant tits bouncing around again from all the ass-pounding Jason was giving her. What a picture! There was no way that I was going to be able to hold out much longer.

Erin was deep-throating me as if she had done this a hundred times before. All the smacking and pounding sounds were driving me wild too. When I climaxed, I told Erin to drink my cum right down, and she did! I shot my sperm into her mouth, and my beautiful homecoming queen drank my semen like it was milk! Jason was ready to shoot his load too, so he quickly moved around to Erin’s head and exploded into her mouth as well, giving Erin her second serving of cum in two minutes! He continued jacking off to deposit all his cum safely down Erin’s throat. She was after all complaining about stickiness earlier.

We placed Erin on the bed and each chose a tit to play with. What phenomenal tits Erin has – and they’re real! Erin moaned at the attention her boobs were receiving. I cupped her breast with both hands and sucked hard on the nipple. Jason was busily kneading Erin’s other breast with his fingers. After a few minutes of suckling and fondling, we were both hard again.

“Well, what now?” I asked.

“You should try fucking her tits,” Jason suggested, “I highly recommend it!”

It sounded like a good idea to me. I could never get tired of boobs like the ones Erin has. “Well, Erin,” I said, “You know the drill.” Erin got off the bed and knelt down directly in front of me, with her hands positioned on the outsides of her breasts. She did know the drill. I was hard as steel with anticipation. I placed my hard-on between her waiting tits, and Erin immediately brought them together like a bear trap on my dick. Her incredibly soft warmth engulfed my cock. I could feel her heart beating against my rod. It was the best feeling in the world.

“Didn’t I tell you it was good?” remarked Jason. I nodded furiously; I was beyond speech at that point. I pumped my cock in and out of her hole as I fucked her wonderful chest. Jason was getting turned on again so he turned Erin’s head to the side and started fucking her mouth. Jason pushed his cock to the back of Erin’s throat, while she stayed perfectly still, with her mouth open and her eyes closed. He would pull his penis all the way out, and then shove it all the way back and hold it there for a while, causing her to gag a little, but from the look on his face, I’m sure it felt amazing.

Meanwhile, my cock was experiencing a sensation that I didn’t know was possible before now. I was in heaven! Ten seconds later, I came all over Erin’s hot bosom. I kept pumping until I was sure I was empty. Erin let go of her boobs and they jiggled back into place. All this caused Jason to climax. He pulled out of her mouth and spurted his jism all over her gorgeous face. When he finished emptying himself onto Erin’s chin and cheeks, we both collapsed on the bed with Erin between us.

Jason said to me, “Well I guess you get the kiss, Ry. I got it last time. I’m gonna go hit the showers. Enjoy it, man.” The kiss? I hadn’t even thought about that. I rolled over and kissed Erin gently on the lips – the perfect end to the perfect day. I stayed there; holding her lovingly in my arms, until Jason got back, all dressed and cleaned up.

“Ok, bud,” he said, “I’m out of here.”

“Hey wait, what should I do with Erin?” I asked.

“Get her cleaned up and dressed and then drop her off at-,” Jason stopped right there, and a big smile came across his face.

“What?” I asked.

“You really like her, don’t you?” he asked. I looked over at Erin, who was still staring off into space.

“Yeah,” I answered, “Yeah I really do.”

After a pause, Jason headed for the door. Just before he left, he said, “Oh, and Ryan?”

“What?” I asked.


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