tagInterracial LoveThe Honeymoon Eclipse

The Honeymoon Eclipse


The bed felt so smooth and comfortable under Simone's body as she entered the first stage of stirring from a deep, alcohol fuelled, sleep. Instinctively she reached with the thumb of her left hand towards the base of the ring finger. She stroked the underneath of the gold rings that sat there, a clear signal that she had finally married the man of her dreams the day before. Under the silk sheets she could sense that her body was recovering from a night of intense sex, cum still dripping from her pussy.

Keeping her eyes closed so that she didn't fully wake up, Simone rolled over and reached out an arm to find her new husband. As she stretched out she realised the sheets were cold and empty where she should have found her man. Opening her eyes, she blinked them as she realised just how white and bright the marital suite was as it bathed in the early morning sun. Suddenly struck with panic she lifted herself up onto her left elbow and looked around the room until her eyes settled on the man she loved.

Sitting in a chair, just inside a large, open patio window, her husband, Mike was still wearing the suit that he had worn the day before. Only now the jacket and cravat had been removed and his white shirt, the top three buttons undone, looked slept in. In his hand rested a half full bottle of whiskey and as Simone stared at him he slowly raised it to his lips and took a swig.

"What's wrong?" asked Simone, her voice nervous at the sight of Mike sitting in the chair and drinking. He smiled at the question and took another swig of whiskey. Lifting herself up more, exposing her breasts from under the sheets, Simone sat in the bed and lifted her legs up. Wrapping them in her arms as she looked at her husband. "Please Mike, what's wrong?"

Taking a third swig of whiskey Mike grimaced back at Simone. "I always knew you wouldn't be faithful to me in the long run but on our wedding night? In front of all our guests?"

"I don't understand," replied Simone, "I don't know what..." she cut herself off as memories of the night before flashed through her mind. Dancing outside, near the hotel swimming pool with two tall, hunky black guys. Kissing one of them, first as a bet then because she wanted to and then the three of them entering the marital suite; hot, sweaty, bareback sex, filling her with their cock and their cum.

"It's all coming back to you?"

"Oh God, your mother saw me taking them to bed."

Mike didn't need to say anything as Simone jumped from the bed and ran into the bathroom. Once there she ran the shower until it was almost too hot to touch and climbed in. Her mind conflicted, Simone tried to scrub the memories from her. As she did so, she hoped that the reality of the night before would wash down the plug hole along with the cum that she was pulling from inside.

Thirty minutes later, Simone stepped from the shower feeling that she had at least washed away the physical traces of her sin. Picking up a towel she dried herself fully before wrapping it around and stepping from the bathroom and back into the bedroom. Mike was nowhere to be seen and worried he had jumped from their balcony she stepped out on to it, making sure the towel was wrapped tightly around her first. Looking down there was no sign of him but then her eyes settled on the pool bar where she could see Mike sitting with his parents and brother. "Fuck," she mouthed to herself before ducking back inside the room before any of them saw her. Pulling a dress from the wardrobe, she dropped the towel and then tugged the grey, material over her head. Dressed but still barefoot, Simone ran from the hotel room and using a rear entrance she ran out onto the beach, feeling the warm sand engulf her feet as she went.

Simone wasn't sure how far she had walked, or how long she had been walking for when she came across a low collection of rocks and boulders. Climbing up onto them she noticed the distinctive sound of the waves crashing on to them. Finding a large boulder that looked comfortable enough to sit on and which was far enough away from the sea that the spray couldn't reach her. She sat down, resting on her right bum cheek and for a moment, forgetting all decorum she sat with her legs slightly open. A slight, cooling breeze from the sea blew up her skirt and tickled her waxed pussy. "Maybe the wind will blow away the last of this fuck up," she thought to herself as her eyes settled on a small boat bobbing in the waves about 300 metres from the shore.

Tears started to roll down Simone's face as she dwelled on thoughts of how her entire life had gone wrong in one moment of passion. She was just starting to think of entering the surf and swimming away when the sound of someone calling her name broke through the crash of the waves. Taking a moment to work out where it was coming from Simone turned her head in the direction from which she had walked. There, in the distance, walked a bikini clad female, blonde and arm in arm with a stocky black guy. She studied the two of them, not immediately recognising either as she did not know any blondes who had black boyfriends. As they got closer, the face of the female came into focus and Simone finally realised it was her chief bridesmaid 'Tash.

Leaving her boyfriend at the bottom of the rocks, 'Tash climbed up until she could sit next to Simone. Instinctively, she laid her head on 'Tash's shoulder and gave out a sniffle as the tears continued to fall from her face. "I'm sorry," she mumbled, "I've ruined everything."

'Tash put an arm around Simone's shoulder and hugged her in close. "Shhhh, don't cry, things will work out."

"Really? You think that?" asked Simone, lifting her head to look into 'Tash's dark, inviting eyes. Being so close, a memory flashed through Simone's mind, a moment when 'Tash and Simone had been more than friends. Once upon a time they had been lovers locked in a competition about who could fuck the most cock. That was before Mike though, the man who had occupied her thoughts for the last two years.

"Last night I should have spent the night enjoying my husband on our wedding night, instead, in front of all his friends and family I've taken two black guys to our bed. Let them fuck me and fill me." Simone looked back out to sea and the boat that was still bobbing on the waves. "I didn't even use a condom, the two of them filled my pussy with their cum."

"There is something about black guys," offered 'Tash as she raised a hand to point towards the lover she had arrived with, "look at what I found last night."

Following 'Tash's gaze, Simone looked over at the newly found boyfriend again before letting out a gasp as a fresh memory from the night before sprung into her brain. "I was competing with you!" she said, pulling herself upright and looking 'Tash in the face.

"Me?" grinned 'Tash, "me?" she said again though neither was delivered with much effort.

"Yes, you... you... you, I found you...", Simone struggled to get her words and thoughts in order as the shock of the memory flooded her brain. "I went looking for you, and I found you, on the beach riding his cock." She pointed towards the boyfriend again, "you were riding his gorgeous, black, cock and there and then I just needed to compete with it. Doing something crazier than you was something I just had to do"

"So it was my fault that you took two black guys to bed in front of your mother in law?"


'Tash tried half-heartedly to smother a laugh, snorting out through her nostrils instead. "That's about right and from what I could see, you loved every second of it."

Standing up, Simone let out a loud scream, "fuck!" before clambering over the rocks and down to the sea. Reaching them she started to head out into the water, fighting against the waves as they tried to wash her back to shore. Once up to her hips in the water she pushed off the rock beneath her feet and started to swim.

Behind her the sound of 'Tash and the boyfriend calling to her, begging Simone to come back to the shore reached her. Ignoring it, Simone continued to swim, leaving the beach behind her. As her mind racing, Simone could think of nothing but the idea that sinking beneath the waves and disappearing forever would be a fitting punishment. She dived down into the warm waters of the Caribbean, hoping that the sea would envelope her and take her away. Then, just as Simone reached a point she thought was too deep, a place where she would not be able to make it back; an arm grabbed hold of her. Simone pulled at it, trying to escape but the grip was too strong and she found herself being dragged back to the surface.

As she was ready to start breathing in the water Simone instead found herself breaking the surface through no fault of her own. She coughed and spluttered as the boat moved in close to her, the waves slapping against the side of the wood. Arms reached down from the boat and pulled her over the side and free of the sea. Simone looked around to see a tall and muscular black man standing over her as her rescuer climbed back into the boat. Seeing the two of them stood together, she realised that they looked like brothers. "Papa, get us back to shore!" said the one who had dragged her into the boat and the idling engine sprung to life causing the boat to bob at speed through the waves.

Slowly, Simone recovered her energy and pulled herself up into a seated position, resting against the planks that formed the side. Looking around her, she could see the two brothers standing and watching while an older man stood in the small cabin to the right as he steered.

Simone had no idea how long the boat ride was but it seemed to take forever. Either way, by the time the sounds of the boat knocking against the quay reached her ears the warm sun had already dried her skin and clothes completely. A hand was offered down to her by one of the brothers and Simone took it, feeling the power in his muscles and he helped bring her to her feet. A female voice called to her from the quay, "what the hell was that Sim, what the hell did you think you were doing?"

Turning around so that she could face the quay and the voice, Simone already knew from the voice and the use of her nickname that it would be 'Tash. "How can I go back? Mike hates me and as for his mother, she makes the Pope look like a pervert."

"Oh Sim," said 'Tash as she helped her climb back onto the quay. "You're right about his mother but I think you'll find Mike a very different prospect when you get him on your own."


Nodding slowly, 'Tash couldn't conceal her grin, "you do realise he went with you and watched the whole thing?" The revelation shocked Simone into silence.

The three of them walked back to the hotel in silence, 'Tash and her boyfriend walking hand in hand while Simone walked behind, her mind wracked with fear. As they entered through the gate from the beach to the hotel she saw the one person she had hoped to avoid, Mike's mother in law. Dressed in a long, black dress that covered her from neck to ankle, a small white hat on her head she looked almost like a Nun. On seeing the three of them, the mother in law rose from her seat and approached a look of anger and hatred on her face. "I always told Mike that he was too good for a slut like you." The voice dripped with venom as she spoke, "when he admitted to me that you were not a virgin I knew then that it was wrong. A harlot who puts it about will never learn!" Simone had no choice but to just stand there and take the abuse as the woman of her nightmares continued to abuse her. "To not only be unfaithful to my son but to do it with two dirty, black men in front of all of us, you bring shame on us all, you and your whore friend!" As she finished Simone felt the sting of the mother's right hand as she slapped it across her face. There was nothing she could do though other than to clasp her cheek in agony and look to the floor. Tears welled up in Simone's eyes and she squeezed them shut as she did not want Mike's mother to see her cry.

"Oh, give it a rest," said 'Tash, stepping in to protect her friend from the abuse she was receiving. "The only reason you are so uptight and miserable is because you never got fucked by a real man."

Shocked at the sudden attack, the mother in law could do nothing but shoot 'Tash an evil look before turning and heading back to her seat. "Did you hear how those things spoke to me?" she could be heard saying to her husband and Mike who had remained in their seats. "You better stay well away from those two from now on!" she said while wagging a finger in Mike's face, "they are nothing but prostitutes." Mike clearly wanted to say something, his mouth opened and closed but all he could manage was to look like a goldfish.

"Thanks," Simone said weekly before kissing 'Tash on the cheek. "I think I'll head for bed now."

Five minutes later, as she entered her hotel room and let the door slowly close behind a noise from the doorway made her jump. Turning around, Simone saw her husband stood there, holding the door open with one hand. "My mother is leaving first thing in the morning, I've arranged to stay with my brother tonight, we'll talk tomorrow but for now just stay in your room and order room service." Nodding gently, Simone watched as her husband turned and walked away, letting the door slowly close over with a click as he left. Stripping off Simone headed for her second shower of the day, desperate to wash the salt and the sand from her body.

As she returned from the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her head but otherwise naked Simone heard her phone beep. She picked it up and stared at it, 'Tash was video calling her. Frowning as to what her friend wanted, she pressed the button to answer the phone. A moment later, Simone found herself looking at a live stream of 'Tash naked while her new boyfriend lay between her legs and pounded himself into her. "What the actual fuck?" she asked as she stared at the scene that must have been taking place at that moment somewhere else in the hotel.

Turning her head to look at the camera, 'Tash smiled, "once you go black, you never go back." Then taking a moment to let out a long, low moan 'Tash spoke again, "I know it, you know it and I promise you that Mike knows it." 'Tash looked back at the man who was fucking her just in time to orgasm as he clearly filled her with his own cum. Shocked at what she had seen, Simone simply pressed the red button on her phone to end the call and threw herself on the bed as tears streamed down her face.

Sometime later Simone woke with a start on her bed, the towel still partly wrapped around her head. The sun was streaming through the window just as it had been in the morning. Reaching for her phone she checked the time and realised it was eight in the morning, of the following day. Looking around the room she absorbed the pain that came with the realisation that she was still alone even though she must have been asleep for nearly 14 hours. Then the growl of her stomach made her realise how hungry she was, and the need to get food became the most essential thing of all.

It didn't take Simone long to get showered and dressed especially when she remembered what Mike had said; that his mother was leaving that morning. Picking out a white bikini that helped show off her figure and a white see through skirt Simone headed for breakfast by the most direct route she knew of. Heading past the reception she looked down to see her mother in law stood next to her suitcase as she begged Mike to leave with them. Turning her head so that the woman would not see her she hurried down the stairs and across the pool area. Moments later she took a seat at a table, a large plate of food arranged before her.

Eating in silence, Simone ignored 'Tash as she walked into the room alone and looking exhausted from the night before. Moments later she joined Simone at the table, a big smile on her face. "Why are you so happy?" Simone asked, watching the way 'Tash seemed to almost purr in the way she moved.

"Well after that video yesterday I got rid of that boyfriend."

Raising an eyebrow, Simone shook her head, "so you found another guy last night?"

"Another and he must have been a good inch bigger, I'm never giving up black cock."

"You're never going to grow up," said Simone as she took another mouthful of food and thought about how much more of a slut 'Tash was than she had ever been.

"Why have a boyfriend when they just get in the way of another cock."

Turning away from 'Tash, Simone let out a sigh, "well I don't know about you but I want to be happy with my husband and right now all I have proved is I'm a bit of a slut."

Reaching out a hand, 'Tash took hold of Simone's and pulled it towards her. Holding the hand between her own palms she kissed it gently. "You're different, you need to have a man in your life but you also know that you need to have more than just one in the bedroom." Staying silent, Simone just stared at 'Tash before pulling away altogether. Standing she threw down her napkin and headed for the pool.

"I'm going to wait until Mike is ready to see me."

Alone again, Simone felt relief as she saw Mike in the distance as he headed up towards the room that she had hoped to share with him. "Maybe he is getting over it all, maybe he will come and see me soon," she thought to herself as she took up a position on a sun lounger, pushing her skirt to the floor as she did so. Undoing her bikini top, Simone released her breasts and lay back, letting the sun bless her skin with its warmth.

Closing her eyes for a moment, Simone let the warmth of the sun warm her skin and she felt her body relax for the first time in days. Her mind went blank as she was finally able to forget about not only the build up to the wedding but also the anger of the days that had followed. Suddenly a long shadow fell over her as something blocked out the sun. Opening her eyes, Simone saw the silhouette of two tall, well-toned men standing over her. It took a moment for her to focus her eyes as they struggled to cope with the sudden changes in light levels.

As her vision finally adjusted to the circumstances, Simone realised that she was staring at the two brothers who had rescued her the day before. The one stood on her right, had a wry smile on his face as he studied the curves of her nearly naked frame. Meanwhile to the left the younger looking of the two brothers openly grinned as if his birthday and Christmas had come at once. Glancing up at the elder one, his eyes settled back onto Simone and she could see the open lust that was clearly flooding his mind. He held out a hand, inviting Simone to take it with a flirtatious wink and a knowing look.

"I think I've already caused enough problems by hanging out with black guys this week."

The older brother pointed with an index finger towards the block of the hotel that Simone's room was in. Slowly turning her head to see what the brother was trying to say, Simone noticed that Mike was stood on the balcony of her room. "He sent us, we're to take you to your room," he said, turning his attention back to Simone and proffering his hand one more time. Simone continued to look up at the balcony and as she watched the man she loved, he waved his arm, beckoning her towards the room.

"Really?" exclaimed Simone as she turned her attention back to the two brothers, looking from one to the other.

"Your man promised," squeaked the now over excited younger brother as he attempted to replicate his calmer and more serious sibling in offering Simone a hand. She pushed herself up on the sun lounger slightly and carefully scanned the area around the pool. The three of them would have been completely alone if it was not for 'Tash who was watching from the doorway to her hotel block. On seeing 'Tash, Simone caught her eye and then shrugged her shoulders hoping for some signal as to what to do. In response, 'Tash, slowly raised her right hand to her mouth and blew a gentle kiss in her direction.

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