The Honeymoon Eclipse


To Simone it felt like the two most important people in her life were giving her a blessing, permission to do as she pleased in a moment like this. "Providing Mike gets to watch it appears," she thought to herself. "Can one of you grab my skirt and top?" she asked as she looked at the two men who were propositioning her.

"Sure, Jay pick them up," said the older brother, nodding his head towards the items as Simone took hold of his hand. Slowly, he guided her to her feet and she stood before the two brothers naked but for a small set of bikini briefs. "Shall we go then?" he asked as he took Simone by the arm, his younger brother copying the movement almost immediately.

The three of them walked in the direction of Mike and Simone's hotel room. A brother on each arm, Simone was sandwiched between them and showing off her every curve as they walked. Entering the lobby of the hotel, the three approached the lifts and the older brother pushed the button. While they waited for it to arrive, Simone turned all her attention onto him. "I know your brother is called Jay, so what should I call you?" Simone purred as she talked and taking her arm from Jay she slowly stroked it up and down the nearest arm of the target of her affection.

"You can call me Ben."

"Mmmmm, Ben," said Simone gently and she moved around so that she was positioned directly in front of him. "So Ben, do you find girls like me often?"

"All the time." His response was casual and he grinned as he said it. "Loads of white girls come to this island for only one thing."

"Hot black guys?"

"Hot and hung black guys," he corrected her.

A ping from the lift, indicated it had arrived and the three of them stepped inside. As the doors closed, Simone turned her attention to Jay. "You're pretty new at this?" she asked and Jay looked her body up and down before nodding his reply. "The silent type, I like it," Simone said before leaning in and kissing Jay gently on the lips. As she pulled back she saw that he had his eyes closed and seemed to hold himself as if he had not realised the kiss had ended.

It didn't take long for the lift to reach floor four and with another ping the doors opened to reveal the door to Simone's room almost directly in front of them. Holding the door open so that it revealed an inviting bed beyond, stood Mike. The three approached them and using a hand Simone guided the two brothers into the room beyond before stopping in front of her husband. Looking him in the eyes, she smiled and their lips met in a brief caress before she carried on inside as Mike let the door click closed behind her.

"Last time I was in this situation I was drunk and I don't really remember it, I want to make sure I remember every inch of these two." Simone winked at the two brothers as she spoke before stepping forward. Her hands hung down and she naturally grabbed the front of their shorts as they stepped up to her. Through the shorts, Simone could immediately tell she was not going to be disappointed even though neither cock was even close to being hard. Having already kissed Jay, she turned her head towards Ben and let him pull her in fully so that only her one hand remained in contact with Jay. They kissed fully, Ben's tongue slipping into her mouth in the process and Simone thrilled at the contact.

I'm just going to sit over here, in this chair, and watch," interrupted Mike and as he spoke, Simone could tell he was breathless and that there was a distinct tremor of nerves in his voice. "Just, ummmm, just act like I'm not here."

Ben and Simone continued to kiss and she could feel his hands take hold of her hips before slowly moving around. They cupped the cheeks of her ass as his cock slowly grew under the gentle caresses of her hand through the material of his shorts. Meanwhile, another hand joined in as Jay took hold of her left breast and started to stroke the skin and play with the now erect nipple. Jay's other hand slowly brushed against the skin of Simone's stomach, touching the slightly soft yet flat belly with his fingers. Then his hand slid downwards towards the bikini bottoms, the fingers gently and quickly moving the material so that Jay could slip his hand underneath.

A gasp escaped Simone's lips as she parted her legs at the thrill that filled her as Jay touched against the very top of her labia. Removing her hand from the younger brother, she used both hands to pull at the waist band of Ben's shorts until there was enough of a hole to fit her hand inside. Then, leaving one hand there to seek out the flesh of his cock, she reached up with the other to pull Ben in for a deeper kiss.

As her fingers finally found the base of Ben's cock, she wrapped them around his length and shuddered as she realised just how big he was. Breaking off the kiss for a second she looked Ben in the eyes, their foreheads meeting as she spoke, "I need that so badly."

Ben smiled on hearing Simone speak, his breathing already laboured and heavy from the intense petting that had taken place. Taking Simone by the waist, he pushed her back onto the bed so that she naturally fell over though by keeping hold of her he made sure she was slowly lowered into place. From her new position, lying on the bed, Simone watched in awe as Ben pushed his shorts down. Each inch of his hardened cock being revealed as the shorts dropped lower until. After what seemed like an eternity, he had reached the head of what Simone could only think of as a truncheon and it popped upwards with a jerk to bounce erect in front of him. "Wow," she mouthed and watched speechless as Ben climbed onto the bed until his whole length danced like it had a mind of its own, inches from her face.

A tug on her bikini, distracted her for a moment and Simone glanced down to see Jay kneeling between her legs. Removing the small amount of material that still covered her modesty, she watched as Jay leaned forward to place his tongue against her clitoris. She thrilled at the touch, lifting her head in the process only to bump into the enormous cock that Ben was still holding over her. Her sudden impact with it, brought it back into focus and Simone stared at it, almost cross eyed as she tried to absorb its size. Reaching up with her right hand she took hold of it and slowly stroked up and down along its length before pulling it down to the first touch of her tongue.

Licking the length, Simone worked away towards the head and noticed a small amount of pre-cum appearing. As she reached it, she opened her mouth wide and stretched out her tongue to taste it. The sensation was incredible on her tongue and Simone let out a long and low moan as it combined with the feel of Jay lapping at her pussy.

Turning her head slightly, Simone pulled Ben's cock down another couple of inches so that she could place her lips around the head. She sucked on it appreciatively, working it further into her mouth as she went until the tip of it completely blocked her throat. By now she was desperate to feel it enter her and she removed from cock from her mouth. "Get your brother out of the way and give it to me now," she said with a sense of urgency and desperation in her voice. As she spoke, the sensation between her legs stopped and she looked down to see Jay standing back up, a grin on his face.

Just behind him, to her left, she got the first glimpse of Mike since she had first kissed Ben. His trousers round his ankles, he sat there beating his cock repeatedly at the sight of his young, white wife with two black strangers. Simone smiled at the sight of her husband, he had never been a disappointment in bed. That was until now when having seen Ben's cock, Mike just looked very small and very average in comparison.

The sensation of Ben climbing on top of her, took her mind off Mike and brought her back to the thought of her own pleasure. He hitched her legs up onto his biceps, and holding his massive cock in one hand he started to rub it up and down against her labia. "God!" she said with a gasp before he had even started to enter her, "put it in me please."

Sliding the cock back down until it reached her hole, Ben slowly pushed forward causing the head of his cock to gently part her labia lips. Simone gasped again as she felt her pussy relax and adjust to the feeling of Ben entering her. Suddenly a thought entered her mind and she pushed herself up onto her elbows, "condoms!" she exclaimed and Ben stopped himself from entering her further.

"You don't need condoms, black men like this don't need condoms," came the voice of Mike from the far side of the room.

"I can't fuck a stranger without a condom," said Simone, her voice pleading. "What about the risks?" In that moment she pushed Ben away and jumped to her feet to confront Mike. "Seriously, Mike, I'm not on any birth control you know that."

Not moving from his seat, Mike met the stare that Simone was giving him. "We'll worry about that after the event, besides it didn't bother you the other day, in fact you thrilled about it."

"I was drunk."

Mike shrugged, "just go for it, enjoy it, please!"

Looking around at Ben and Jay, Simone found her eyes settling back onto the monster that only seconds before had been ready to enter her. One of her hands naturally strayed between her legs and she started to play with herself. As she did so, she realised just how wet and desperate she was to be fucked by the two brothers.

Dropping to her knees, Simone beckoned over Jay and with her hands slowly undid his shorts. Then, lowering them carefully, she watched as, yet again the movement seemed to go on forever before Jay's cock sprang free from its constraint. Staring at it, Simone quickly checked back towards Ben to confirm in her own mind what her eyes were clearly showing. The younger brother was even bigger and it seemed, harder, than Ben. Holding Jay's length in her hand, Simone kiss and licked the tip before sinking her lips onto it.

In doing so, Simone, stuck out her bum towards Ben and opened her legs so that he could see the inviting slit of her pussy between her gorgeous ass cheeks. As she fought to take Jay deeper into her mouth she held her breath for a second with the feel of Ben positioning himself behind her. His cock now slowly working its way into her from the rear. "Mmmmm, spit roast," whispered Mike.

The two brothers entered Simone from top and bottom and she her holes stretching as they opened to accommodate them. Ben, growing in confidence as his inches disappeared inside the newly married Simone, took hold of her by the hips and waist. Increasing his speed and thrust he started to push himself into her so that Simone could only moan or grunt with each buck of Ben's hips.

Removing Jay from her mouth, Simone held onto him with her hand, the natural vibrations of her body jerking him back and fore while Ben continued to pump into her. "Fuck!" she screamed and in that moment, she came, the orgasm sneaking out of Simone as Ben thrust himself deep into her. It had come from nowhere but it made Simone scream repeatedly as each penetration of Ben's cock heightened the sensations she was feeling.

In the end, it was too much and Simone threw herself forward and off of Ben's pole. She lay on the ground, her body and pussy shaking as it recovered from the orgasm. "Wow!" she said with a tremble in her voice as she lay on the floor. Then, she could feel Ben picking her up in his arms and placing her onto the bed. He climbed between her legs again and he carefully pushed himself back into her. Simone had no objections to Ben entering her again though she was not certain that she would have been able to stop him even if she had not wanted it. This time he bent down as he slid into her and they kissed. "Wow!" she mumbled again in between the thrusts of his cock into her body, "I need you to cum, fill me, please!"

Ben fucked Simone powerfully, his gorgeous cock seeming to plunge deeper and deeper into her with every thrust. His grunts echoed around the room and merged with the sounds of his lovers screams. Putting his arms around Simone's back, Ben lifted her into a sitting position. An already used Simone looked down and from her seated position she could see him penetrating her. The dark colour of his penis contrasting with the pale whiteness of her smooth skin and the pinkness of her vagina.

He growled and clawed at the skin on her back as his cock started to twitch. From Simone's position it looked like a large needle filling her with medicine as she felt the burst of his cum as it shot from his balls and into her. The feeling was enough to tip her over the edge again and she threw her head back and gave out a long and keening whine. To someone who could not see Simone's face and body you would have thought she might be in pain but to Mike it was clear that she was having her most powerful orgasm ever.

They both collapsed, Simone backwards on to the bed while Ben fell backwards onto his haunches before lying down on the cool, white tiled floor. Sweat covered her body and she carefully rolled over on to her side, swinging her legs round so that she faced her husband. Smiling at each other, Mike broke into a grin as Simone vaguely picked up the sense of another person walking around the room. "You've not finished yet," he said as the bed shook gently at someone climbed onto it. Feeling a hand on her leg, lifting the upper one so that her pussy became accessible. In the ecstasy of her final orgasm, Simone realised that she had forgotten all about Jay.

Even though Ben had already taken her hard and opened her up in a way that had never happened before. As Jay entered her she realised that his cock was not just slightly bigger but it was noticeably bigger. It was like he owned a Python in response to his older brother's Boa. Ben's deposit of cum helped act as a lubricant and while she was stretched to new limits it did not take long for Jay to full enter her. They spooned on the bed, his monstrous tool sliding in and out of her while his hands groped her tits from behind. Pulling her in close, Jay bent forward and kissed and nibbled at her exposed neck, almost as if they were making love rather than aggressively fucking.

Looking Mike in the eye she could see how happy her husband was at the sight of her used by two hung black guys. Then her eyes rolled back in her head and she became lost in the sensations of being taken by Jay. The younger brother lacked the stamina of his elder sibling though and soon he was pumping in and out of Simone hard as he felt his orgasm building. It was enough for Simone though and she was already lost in her third orgasm as he pumped hot, thick, streams of white cum deep into her pussy.

Climbing off the bed, Jay slowly raised himself to his feet, a slight embarrassment showing on his face. "Sorry," he said while looking down at a semi-conscious Simone, "I'm still trying to develop my stamina."

Rising from his chair, Mike walked over to him and placed a hand on Simone's head. "Don't worry about it, she is more than happy," he whispered while giving a gentle nod towards his wife. Then, looking down at Jay's cock as it glistened with cum Mike bit his bottom lip, "can I have a taste?"

"Just a lick," replied Jay and Mike slowly dropped to his knees and putting out his tongue he licked the enormous cock from head to base. Picking up the cum of both Jay and Simone as he went. "That's enough," snapped Jay, grabbing hold of Mike and pulling him back to his feet, "you need to think about your wife right now."

Mike sat on the bed, next to the head of his wife and continued to stroke her hair while he watched Ben and Jay get dressed. "See ya," they said in unison before bolting from the room with big grins on their faces.

Alone with his wife, Mike pulled Simone round on the bed so that her head was on the pillow. He stripped naked and climbed in alongside her. Kissing, and stroking her body he then set about cleaning her up with his tongue. When he finally reached his wife's vagina, she gently rolled over and opened her legs. Letting out a long, low moan, Simone let her husband eat the cum of Ben and Jay from inside her.

Parting her lips, Simone spoke quietly and gently, just enough for her husband to hear. "Thank you."

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The way you capture the inner lust, hunger and helplessness us BBC sluts feel is truly masterful!! Wow

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