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The Hook Up


Josh wasn't the most popular kid in high school. He was outgoing enough that everyone knew who he was, and he had plenty of friends, but he wasn't the most popular. Like many boys his age he still fantasized about many of the girls in school. Josh had even had girlfriends, a few of them too. He had his first kiss in 8th grade and even got his first blowjob in 10th grade. Though, Josh was ashamed to say as an 18 year old senior, he hadn't lost his virginity.

As the year passed on it grew increasingly important to Josh that he lose his virginity, although he didn't want to sacrifice the sanctity in it. He wanted it to be special. One day in early April, the last of the melted snow had dried away and the sun was getting hotter by the day, Josh began a conversation with a girl names Alicia. Alicia was a very petite brown haired girl in his class. Although he had no classes with her, he knew that Alicia thought he was 'cute' and he also knew she wasn't a virgin. Josh knew that this was his chance.

He drove to the park in the center of town where Alicia and a couple of friends were hanging out. He sent he a quick text

Hey do you want to come hang out with me at my place?

He figured subtlety was the best approach. As he pulled into the parking lot, he knew he would need to wait for a reply. Alicia and her friend Becca were walking over to his car. Alicia excitedly hopped into the passenger seat and Becca walked up to the driver's side window. Josh rolled the window down to engage the conversation.

"You be good to her," Becca said with a devilish smile on her face. Josh gave Alicia a quick look, she was smirking.

"We will be back later," Josh replied with a wink. He then rolled the window up, and backed out of the spot. Once he got on the road he felt obliged to ask some questions.

"What was she talking about?" he asked.

"Oh, uh," Alicia began, a hint of nervousness in her voice, "nothing really, I think." She looked gorgeous. She was wearing short red athletic shorts and some addidas, with a white tee shirt. It was the weekend and she had no reason to dress for the occasion, and Josh loved that. Her hair, obviously straightened hung on each side of her shoulders and fell just a few inches passed.

As soon as they reached Josh's house, they ran inside to avoid the sudden thunderstorm that had drenched the countryside. Once they sat comfortably in his basement, on the couch, Josh flicked the TV on. Without hesitation, he sat next to Alicia and put his arm around her. He had never been too nervous with girls. This also seemed to relax Alicia a bit. She leaned up against him as Thunder clapped in the distance.

After a while, Alicia looked up at him and smiled. Then she leaned up and gave him a peck on the lips. Josh quickly returned the favor as the blood rushed away from his head and into his pants. They continued kissing for minutes until Josh brought his hand to her side. She was so tiny, perhaps 5'3" and nay 100lbs. She had the smoothest flat belly. Josh reached his hand around and caressed the small of her back. She also rapped her arms around him. Then she stopped him.

"Maybe you should show me what your room looks like." Alicia whispered.

"Okay," Josh thought it was unusual timing but he didn't argue. They stood and walked upstairs and down the hallway to Josh's Room.

"There isn't much to it," he said, "that's my bed and there's a bathroom right in there, nothing special." He now stood directly in front of his bed.

"Oh, shut up." Alicia said, surprising Josh. She threw up a hand and pushed him back onto the bed. He lay on his back looking up at her. She was so beautiful, her hair swayed back and forth and she smelled of the sweetest perfumes. She hopped forward and landed right on him.

She began to kiss him ferociously. Josh could feel himself get hard in an instant and knew the Alicia could feel his bulge, because she was sitting directly on top of it. Josh returned his hand to the small of her back. Then he moved his hand downward. Still kissing Alicia, his hand slipped into her pants and he gently massaged her ass. She had a wonderful behind, very plump, and perfect for her size. Josh grabbed it with his right hand and she increased the violence in her kissing.

The excitement of the situation was almost too much for Josh. He had no idea what to do next so he went off instinct. He continued to move his hand down until he felt the heat of her pussy beneath his fingers. After a quick moment of conscience decision he touched her tight slit. It was cleanly shaven and dripping wet. Josh gently brought a finger into it and moved it back and forth from the base of her clit to the bottom. He felt her muscles clinch, and she stopped kissing him.

"Are you okay?" Josh asked, thinking he had gone too far.

"No, no sorry, lets try this a different way." She said with a grin on her face.

She bent forward and grabbed the bottom of Josh's shirt. When she pulled up on it and removed it she was surprised to see a quality sculpted body outlining the muscles Josh had worked on his whole life. It wasn't much, he was no body builder, but it was enough to impress girls.

"Wow, that's hot." Alicia said.

Without warning she began to kiss down his neck and onto his chest. Josh felt the bulge in his pants and though to himself that I might have been the hardest it ever has been. Alicia slowly descended to his belly button and continued to kiss and suck. With her left hand she grabbed the outside of his pants where his boner was poking through. Then she brought that hand up to the crease of his pants. She stopped kissing and unbuttoned his pants. Josh could feel the temperature of her hands so close to him.

In a quick motion she tugged down his pants revealing only boxers. His penis sprang upward searching for a way out of the boxers. She then pulled the boxers down and off as well. He knew she might be impressed. It was no secret that Josh had a larger penis than most, but she gasped.

"Holy shit Josh."

"What? What's wrong?"

"That thing... its enormous, it's going to take some getting used to."

She bent back over and grabbed the full thickness of his shaft in her tiny hands. Both hands easily covered it and there was even space for the head. She caressed it gently and then whispered.

"Josh, how big is this?"

"I don't know," Josh replied, lying. He had checked several times, but wanted her to check for herself.

"Where is a ruler?" She asked, playing right into Josh's plan.

"On the bureau." She got off the bed leaving his penis to flop onto his stomach. She retrieved the ruler and came back to the bed. She grabbed his dick and pulled it straight up to face the ceiling. She then put the ruler next to it.

"Jesus Christ Josh, you're like nine inches!" she exclaimed. "How come nobody knew this?" she asked

"I don't know, is everyone supposed to know the size of my dick?" Josh asked jokingly.

"Do you know how many girls would fuck you if they knew?"

"None," Josh said with a smile on his face.

"Oh, shut up," Alicia replied and pushed him backward onto the bed again.

Tossing the ruled aside she began to work on his penis with her hands. Josh had never known how good a hand job could feel. Her hands were so soft and she knew exactly how to knead him and work it to pleasure. She worked it up and down alternating two hands and one. Finally she bent forward and kissed the top of his penis.

"I'm not sure how well this will work," She said.

She lowered her head and licked up the side of his dick. It was the greatest feeling he had ever experienced. He had received a blowjob before but Alicia was by far the greatest at giving head to his knowledge. She licked his balls and up the underside of his shaft and made her way back to the top. With a deep inhale to plunged over his giant cock. Her mouth barely fit over the first two inches. Not only was his dick long, but it was thick too. She bobbed up and down which made Josh moan in a low tone. The slurps and gurgles turned Josh on even more. She pushed her head as far down as she could, working away almost six inches of giant cock in her throat. She came back up for air.

"Oh my god, that thing is so huge. I want to get it all in though," Alicia said with spreading determination on her face.

She returned her head to his lap and bobbed on his dick again. With a might gasp she plunged again and took almost seven inches of his shaft. Her mouth was so tight around his cock he almost could not breathe. Her wet lips massaged the sides of his dick as she began bobbing on the first few inches again. She opened wide and pushed hard for a third time taking in almost eight entire inches of his bulging rod. The width of his shaft at the bottom was enormous. She didn't hesitate on the fourth try and pushed as hard as she could. With very little grind from her teeth she slipped all the way down, her chin rested on his ball. She had all nine inches of his thick shack in her mouth and it spread her jaw to the brink of searing pain. She gagged hard and brought her mouth back up.

"Wow that thing is big," she said.

"You like it?" asked Josh, happy to have received the finest blowjob in his life.

"Oh, I like it alright," she replied. She reached down and pulled the bottom of her shirt up. Her belly, slim and flat made Josh crave for her. Once her shirt was off, it only left a black lace bra on. She had great breast. Not to large so that they sagged but a perfect B-C cup. She reached behind he back and unhinged the hook of the bra. Josh was so anxious to see her tits that he reached and grabbed the bra himself, ripping it off to the side. Her tits left dangled slightly. They were beautiful and perfect. Josh reached to grab one. It was a perfect handful with the perfect firmness. Her nipples were small, about the size of a quarter, and they were rock hard. She was so horny at the moment Josh wasn't surprised. He began to suck on her nipples. She produced a small little moan.

She pushed back off him, stood and looked him in the eye. "You ready?" she asked.

"Of course," Josh replied anxiously. She pulled down her shorts to reveal matching black panties. She didn't waste any more time and began to pull them down her small legs. Josh could see it now, her small little pussy shaven but dripping her juices.

"I don't know if it'll fit, but let's try," she said moving back on top of him.

She grabbed his shaft, still rock hard, and pointed it upward towards her soaking wet pussy. She stood on top of Josh for a moment, and then slowly descended. As the tip of Josh's penis entered her crease they both let out a squeal of joy. The wetness enveloped Josh and he felt instant ecstasy. Alicia continued to push down as her vaginal wall spread apart. This was by far the biggest dick she had ever seen, let alone tried to fuck. She reached a point where she could not push any further and began to pull back up. She had only managed two inches of his big cock in her pussy. She repetitively bounced those two inches for a minute while her tight pussy got used to the giant rod.

"Oh my fucking god Josh, your dick is so big!" she shouted, "ahh, yes!"

"Oh god, yeah Alicia, you have such a tight pussy. God that feels good." Though their dialogue was corny, it was fitting.

Alicia worked his cock for a few more minutes. She had only managed to get about half of his dick in her when Josh pushed her off and rolled her over. She didn't say anything. Josh laid her on her back and spread her legs. He could see that her pussy was red from stretching to the size of his cock. He aligned the tip of his dick and thrust it into her tight pussy with authority. She screamed.

"Ahh fuck! Your dick is so big Josh; fuck me with your big dick!"

He acquiesced and began pumping deeper. He got almost his entire dick in her crease and she screamed and moaned very loudly the entire time. Josh felt the tightness around his dick and felt an orgasm approaching. He fucked harder and deeper. He pushed as hard and far as he could and held it their.

"Oh shit, Josh, I got your whole dick inside me," Alicia shouted. "I'm going to cum!" She shook violently and screamed at the top of her lungs. Josh was sure the neighbors could hear. "Ahhhh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yes!" She sounded so pleased.

At that moment Josh couldn't hold it any longer. He pulled his giant shaft out of Alicia with a mighty tug. She moaned as it left the base of her vagina. He brought his dick to her tits and sprung loose his load.

"Ahhh fuck!" Josh shouted in glory. He rained several silver ropes of cum onto her breast. He came more than he ever has. So much, he could have filled a glass to the top with it. It came in blasts and finally shortened to squirts. He came for a solid minute and when he had finished. She lay covered from belly button to chin in a thick layer of slime. He stood slowly.

"I'm sorry, I-"

"No its fine, I'll shower. You did great Josh. That was the first orgasm I've ever had."

"That was amazing."

"Yes it truly was."

"You are so beautiful Alicia."

"Thank you and you have the biggest cock I have ever seen," she said smiling.

"Thanks," replied Josh, laughing.

"We are going to do that, more often," Alicia promised.

The End

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