tagIncest/TabooThe Hormone

The Hormone


An Oedipus County Tale

This is a work of fantasy. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, and the actions contained herein should not be duplicated. It's all pretend, folks. Enjoy.

It was two-thirty in the afternoon on a gorgeous late summer day, and Jonny Maxwell awkwardly stepped out of his car, shouldered his bookbag and lurched up the driveway towards his house. The house would be empty for a few more hours, which meant Jonny would be able to provide himself with some much needed relief. His mom was Xybochem's top biochemist, and she got that way by working long hours. Particularly after Jonny's dad died.

He adjusted the lump in his shorts and slipped through the side door, stumbling through the kitchen and straight to his room. Jonny threw his bag on the floor and, quickly undressing, threw his clothes beside it. He breathed a sigh of relief as his cock, no longer confined within boxers and canvas shorts, stretched out to it's full, prodigious length.

It was nearly as thick and long as his forearm now, and his balls had swollen almost as big as his fists. They needed regular emptying these days, often as much as five or six times a day. This would be his third for the day. Once in the morning before school and once in the boy's bathroom during lunch. On the drive home after school he had felt his cock stiffening of it's own will and knew he would have to jettison a load of sperm soon, or risk making a mess. That had already happened once recently, and Jonny had no interest in repeating the incident.

Jonny grimaced as he gripped his engorged member and began to stroke, urging the pent-up cum to spray. This wasn't how it was supposed to happen, he thought.

Jonny had always ever been a slight boy, thin and reedy with a mop of dark hair and soulful brown eyes. Quiet and reserved, he wasn't part of the popular crowd. He'd never had a girlfriend. There was his lab partner in biology though, a curvaceous redhead named Ashley Poole. Beautiful and funny, she made Jonny simultaneously dread and look forward to science class. There were two main problems, however. First, Jonny was a complete wallflower. Secondly, Ashley only ever dated football players.

Which was why the crazy plan was first hatched: Jonny decided to join the football team. The try-outs were grueling, the physical demands not nearly as difficult to face as the other player's taunts and jabs. He washed out, naturally enough. But desperation and teenage hormones breed immense stupidity, and while visiting his mother at work one afternoon, Jonny decided to grab some pills from her lab. If nature had cursed him with a frail physique, Jonny hoped science would remedy the situation.

He thought they were steroids, but he wasn't sure. He started popping them anyway, and he did experience physical changes. Not quite what he expected, either. His chest did broaden, he gained some mass, and working out regularly started to turn that mass into real muscle. It was the side effects that threw him; his hair darkened and his beard thickened, his voice grew deeper, and his cock and balls swelled to immense proportions. It was almost as though he was going through puberty again, and everything that made his freshman year hell was making the start of his senior year just as nightmarish.

He was constantly hard and his new size made hiding that fact difficult at best. Even some of the better looking teachers would give him a stiffy, nevermind the hot teenage girls that swarmed around him every day. He was starting to get funny looks from girls, but he didn't have the skills to interpret them. He did hear giggling on occasion. Even Ashley was acting funny around him, when she wasn't hanging on the arm of her quarterback boyfriend.

Thinking about Ashley while he masturbated was fairly common. He imagined what it would be like to have her doing this for him, her slim hands wrapped around his meaty cock beating him off... or better yet, her full lips sucking lightly on the mushroom head, licking away the slick precum that jetted from the opening... or her buxom, long legged body writhing beneath him as he pounded his throbbing cock into her pussy again and again and again...

The door to his room burst open. Jonny's hands froze in midstroke as his heart skipped a beat. There standing in the doorway was his mother Melody, and she looked pissed.

Jonny's mother had always been the "hot mom" on the block, even when he was little. Not much had changed in the intervening years, and even at thirty-eight Melody was something of a knockout. She was almost as tall as her son, with shoulder length glossy black hair that she commonly tied back into a ponytail. Warm brown eyes looked out from behind thick-framed glasses that emphasized her intelligence. Her nose was a bit too thick and her lips somewhat thin, but those imperfections balanced her natural beauty. Today she wore a dark suit with matching skirt and stockings, a sensible and professional outfit that couldn't quite hide her hourglass shape.

Typically preoccupied with work or some other intellectual pursuit, Melody rarely had time to spend with her son, and since becoming a teenager he had become sullen and withdrawn and difficult to talk to. She had made some half-hearted attempts to connect with him, but a promotion at Xybochem distracted her. Usually she respected Jonny's space. But not today.

The empty pill bottle in her right hand was clue enough as to the source of her anger.

"Jonathan Emery Maxwell!" Melody roared. Her son's nudity barely registered on her as she stormed into the room. She waved the pill bottle in his face. "What in God's name did you think you were doing?"

"Um... I... that is... uh..." Jonny stammered ineffectually. To make matter's worse, his engorged cock refused to lose any of its stiffness. Jonny looked for a blanket or a shirt with which to cover himself, but his mother's voice cracked like a whip and brought his attention back to her.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" She roared. Melody jabbed a finger in his bare chest. Jonny flinched. The head of his cock butted up against her stomach. She didn't appear to notice, luckily. "Stealing from my office and taking drugs! Is this how your father and I raised you?" She blinked and trailed off. Looking down, Melody noticed his distended member bobbing between his legs and bumping against her torso.

"Jesus Christ," she said. "It's worse than I thought." She stepped back from her son, frowning and biting her lower lip, her eyes glued to his dick. With visible effort, she tore her eyes away from her son's crotch and looked him in the eye. "Why?" she said. She was angry, but there were tears forming in her eyes as well.

"I... I'm an idiot," Jonny said. He sat back on his bed and grabbed a pillow with which to cover himself. In the face of his mother's fury and disappointment, his own fears and guilt, he told her the truth. About Ashley, the football team, the desperate need to make an impression, and how it had all backfired.

Melody's harsh expression softened a bit. "You're young and allowed a certain number of mistakes. It looks like you've learned your lesson, too." She paused. "You have learned your lesson, haven't you?"

Jonny nodded his head emphatically. "No more steroids for me, ever. I can find better ways to impress girls."

Melody bit her lower lip again and bounced the pill bottle in her hand. "That's part of the problem, honey. These aren't steroids. They're part of a fertility experiment Xybochem is conducting."

"A... fertility experiment?"

Melody nodded. "On farm animals."

"On... farm animals?" Jonny groaned and dropped his head into his hands.

"When did you stop taking them?" Melody asked.

"About a week ago," Jonny said into his hands. "The changes started before then, but I was dumb enough to think... I don't know what I was thinking."

Melody sighed and sat down on the bed beside her son. She put a hand at the base of his neck and slowly massaged the bunched muscles there. "I don't think you took them long enough to cause irreparable damage. I may even be able to reverse some of the changes, but I'll need a blood sample." She sighed. "And I'll need to keep it secret from my boss so I don't lose my job."

"Oh crap," Jonny said, looking up.

"Relax," Melody told him. "I'll figure something out. You know you're grounded, right?"

"Yeah," Jonny said. "I kind of figured."

"Six weeks to start. No television or computer privileges, either."


"Are you going to argue with me?"

Jonny thought a moment. "No, I guess not." A sudden, stabbing pain in his balls caused him to wince.

"What is it?" Melody asked with concern.

Jonny frowned, turning red. "Well, I have to... um, that is... "

"Oh," Melody said. It was her turn to blush. "That's one of the side effects. We've only started the testing stage, but the engorged genitalia and increased semen production has been prevalent in the rats we've been using. We haven't graduated to the larger animals the formula is designed for, and they were never designed for human trials." She looked down, noticed the wet spot on the front of her jacket where her son's cock had nudged against her. She touched it with a fingertip, then looked at Jonny. "Maybe I should take a look at it."

"At... at... at..." Jonny stuttered.

"At your penis, yes," Melody finished for him. "I have seen it before. Recently, in fact."

"Yeah, but, I mean, you're my mom," Jonny stammered.

"I'm also a scientist," Melody said. "And unless you'd prefer a trip to the emergency room, I'm the only doctor qualified to examine it."

Jonny opened his mouth, shut it, then slowly nodded. With a grimace, he removed the pillow from his lap. His cock leapt up and slapped against his abdomen. A trail of precum oozed from the head and dripped onto the bedsheet between his legs.

"Oh my," Melody breathed. He was a good twelve inches, thick and sturdy with a beautiful purple head and a fluff of ginger hair at the base. He was slick with a sheen of precum, and the juice was pooling in the hole, overflowing and dripping down his length. She reached out a tentative hand and grazed the flesh of her son's cock with her fingertips. He winced, and she finally noticed the swelling of his testes. She cupped his ballsack gently, noting the enlarged size and shape.

Jonny bit his lip as his mother touched his throbbing cock. This was the first time anyone besides himself had ever done so, and despite the fact that it was his own mother doing it, he couldn't help feeling intense pleasure as her slim fingers gently stroked his flesh and cupped his nuts.

Melody was suddenly aware of her nipples hardening and wetness between her thighs. Her brain might recognize this magnificent cock as her son's, but her body was obviously having different thoughts. Her body was also reminding her that it had been a long time since she last had a man, and that the dildo she kept hidden in the bottom drawer of her nightstand was not only a poor substitute for the real thing, but a pathetic imitation of the amazing trunk of flesh between Jonny's legs. She shifted on Jonny's bed, rubbing her thighs together.

Melody gripped Jonny's cock at the base with her right hand and tentatively touched the spongy head with her left index finger. She traced around the plum-sized helmet and then pressed the pad of her finger against the hole, coating her fingertip with his precum. She pulled her finger away, but a sticky trail of juice connected them still for a moment. Almost in a trance, Melody brought her finger to her lips and slipped it into her mouth. Jonny's precum was buttery and sweet and unlike anything else she had ever tasted.

She came back to herself momentarily, and saw Jonny looking at her with a strange expression, halfway between shock and lust. Melody realized her expression must have mirrored his. Her grip on his cock tightened.

"Jonny," she said, "I'm going to suggest a radical idea. Rather than let you take care of this yourself, I'd like to help alleviate your suffering." Her tongue felt thick in her mouth for some reason, though her mouth was watering.

Jonny swallowed. His mother was looking at him funny, in a way he couldn't understand. But his balls hurt and her hand felt wonderful on his cock and he found himself wondering if she could make him feel even better. At the thought, his huge cock bucked and throbbed in her hand, squirting a dollop of precum from his cockhead. The juice splattered on the back of his mother's hand. Her hand flew away, and for a heartbeat Jonny thought the magical moment had passed, but Melody only brought the hand to her mouth and licked the precum away.

Jonny's mouth was dry and he felt lightheaded. "Okay," he said weakly.

That was all the encouragement Melody needed. Without hesitation she dropped her head and lashed at the mushroom cap of Jonny's cock, licking up that marvelously tasting precum that flowed from him like a river. She licked and kissed and nuzzled his cockhead with abandon, reveling in the sweet taste of his juice and his sheer throbbing maleness. Melody opened her mouth wide and tried to fit the entire cockhead in her mouth. She managed, just barely, stretching her jaw to the utmost. For a moment she let him sit there while she lapped up the precum squirting from his cock and swallowed it as quickly as she could.

Her nipples itched against her brassiere, aching to be freed and teased and sucked. Her pussy gushed with her own precoital fluids, and she felt her panties growing wetter and wetter. She resisted the urge to jam her hand down her skirt and shove her fingers as deep as they could go.

This was getting out of hand, a quiet voice at the back of her mind observed. She had come home in a paternal rage, ready to rip her son a new one, and now she was sucking him off and trying not to imagine what it would feel like to have him inside her.

At that thought, her pussy contracted and she felt the rumblings of a mini-orgasm shake her lush frame. She had to release Jonny's cock to avoid choking. Gasping and shuddering, she held him away from her lips for a moment and then kissed him again.

"Mom," Jonny gasped, "I'm going to... to..."

Oh Jesus, Melody thought. If his precum tastes that amazing, what would his jism taste like? "Yes, Jonny. Cum for mommy!"

She began to stroke his exposed length, firm and vigorous and once more wedged his cockhead in her mouth. Saliva and precum mixed and dripped from her lips, trailing down his cock and slickening her grip on him. Melody felt Jonny's cock throb under her hand. The cockhead swelled in her mouth. She braced herself for the flood.

A wad of cum sprayed across her tongue and down her throat, almost choking her, but Melody swallowed quickly, even as another wad caused her cheeks to bulge. She fought to swallow, but the volume was simply too much and she couldn't handle it all. With a shuddering cough she released him. His cock bobbed in front of her face and continued to spit its precious load, splattering her lips and chin. Melody swallowed the load in her mouth, as sweet tasting a confection as she'd ever ingested, and swept her tongue across her lips to taste more.

Jonny's mighty cock continued to spasm. Arcs of pearly white cum sprayed all over Melody's chest, soaking her suit jacket and blouse. The fabric stuck to her skin as the gelid semen painted her. With a lusty moan, Melody brought her lips to her son's cock once more and let him spray her tongue with his seed. Another mini-orgasm shivered through her as she slurped up Jonny's sperm. While her mouth and throat worked, another tremendous load splattered against her chin and lips. She felt it begin to drip, hanging like a white curtain. She scooped it up with her fingers and fed it to herself, licking her fingertips. Her other hand aimed Jonny's cock away from her face once more, and wash after wash stained her upper body.

She'd never be able to wear this particular suit again, she thought. Still Jonny came, a never ending torrent of pearly spunk, a flood of viscous semen, each wad ejected with as much strength and power as the last. She felt each jet as it splattered against her, warm and wet and heavy. It soaked through her jacket and burned into her flesh. She thought he would never stop, and she didn't want him to. Yet the flow eventually subsided. Jonny collapsed backward onto the bed, gasping for breath, his face and chest slick with a sheen of sweat.

Melody scooped up his cum where it puddled on her clothes and fed it to herself, licking finger and smacking her lips as she did. She couldn't get enough of the sweet spunk. Whatever biochemical changes the drug had forced upon Jonny, they were sublime and far-reaching and apparently focused on his reproductive equipment. A cock like that with sperm like that was a dangerous and powerful thing. Obviously, if it was enough to make a mother suck off and then fuck her son.

She didn't actually decide to fuck Jonny. It was simply a foregone conclusion. She silently thanked the foresight that had made her tie her tubes shortly after Jonny was born. There was no way she'd get out of this encounter without a pregnancy otherwise. She needed to feel that weapon firing deep inside her, and she wasn't going to leave the room until she did.

It was still hard, Melody noted. Even after an explosion like that, Jonny's proud cock stood straight and tall, dripping with juices. So amazing and gorgeous. Melody smiled slowly.

Jonny sucked in big lungfuls of air through his mouth and tried to make sense of strange turn his life had taken in the last fifteen minutes. He had just had the most amazing orgasm of his life, had just felt the most intensely pleasurable sensation he had ever felt, and it was his own mother who made him feel it. Ashley Poole's face was already fading from his mind, being replaced by Melody Maxwell's cumstained visage. He risked a glance at his mother, his heart pounding.

She was smiling at him, her lips covered in a layer of his jism. A few ropes had fallen across her nose and forehead and covered the left lense of her glasses, but the visible eye was watching him with something between humor and lust. His mother removed her glasses and set them on the nightstand by his bed.

"I notice you still have an erection," she said. She licked cum from her lips. "Do your testicles still hurt?"

"Not... not really," Jonny admitted, staring dumbly at her.

His mother unbuttoned her jacket and shrugged it off her shoulders. "Are you absolutely certain?" she asked. The top of her blouse was soaked through with his ejaculate and stuck to her skin. Jonny could actually make out portions of her bra through the shirt. He wondered what she was up to now. Then she began to unbutton the blouse, and a slow realization came upon him.

"Um, yeah, jeez, Mom, my balls sure do hurt. Ouch."

Melody smiled. "Well, what kind of mother would I be if I didn't look after my son?"

The blouse fell to the floor, a sodden mass. Melody's heavy tits shimmied in her black bra, showing off their pale upper slopes and a generous cleavage. Melody reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, then she wiggled out of it, causing her breasts to jiggle and jump in confinement.

Jonny felt suddenly lightheaded, and his cock throbbed hungrily, slapping against his belly. For a moment, Melody stood before her son in nothing but bra and panties, her lush frame exposed to his avid gaze. His mother was never particularly modest, nor terrifically exhibitive, and Jonny had long known his mother was a beautiful and well built woman. But he had never been interested in that fact. Until now.

Her tits strained against the confines of her bra, cantilevering sharply over a smooth, flat stomach. She wore a pair of dark panties stretched taut against her hips and pulling sharply up against her pussy, allowing the outline of her nether lips to be seen. Moisture soaked the front of her crotch, making the fabric almost diaphanous. Enough, at least, for Jonny to realize that his mother kept her pubic area clean of hair.

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