tagIncest/TabooThe Horned God Ch. 02

The Horned God Ch. 02


This is a work of fiction.

(A big thank you for the all the people that sent feedback on ch. 1, I really appreciate it. Read on and enjoy!)


A lot of things were running through Suzie's mind as she ran out to grab her friends. She was deliriously happy, sexually satisfied, and it was all because of her brother and her friends, what else could really want? Of course she had wanted a lot of things before tonight, but now all those things seemed small and trivial compared to what she had now. Clothes, cars, money, none of it seemed to matter, all she really wanted now was to be loved by her brother, she wanted his cock, his tongue, and his strong arms around her, she wanted him and nothing else.

Stepping outside into the cool night air she saw her friends Kim and Alyssa locked together in a 69 position a few feet from the entrance, each licking the other furiously.

Walking over to them she said. "Hey guys."

Kim, who was on top, looked up dreamy eyed and said "Hi Suzie, David told us we could take some of the pressure off. We knew it wouldn't be a long wait but we were about to die from being so excited, we really needed some relief." At that she grinned and gave Alyssa one more lick before climbing off her and getting to her feet. Standing Kim offered her hand to Alyssa who took it and stood beside her, both of them smiling at each other they turned to Suzie and waited expectantly.

"He said for me to come get you guys and bring you inside." Suzie said turning away and walking back in.

Alyssa and Kim followed her inside where she was just walking back up to David, who had his eyes closed and was now reclining on the animal skins he had just fucked his sister on. Suzie walked up and knelt beside him, taking her hand and smoothing some of the hair on his forehead, the ritual headdress with horns was laying next to him.

Feeling his sister's hand on his head David opened his eyes and smiled at her. Suzie smiled back, feeling love and contentment for the first time in her life, a feeling that was so new and alien to her it almost scared her. But it was something she accepted with her whole heart and she never wanted it to go away.

Kim, kneeling beside Suzie started stroking David's chest, rubbing his nipples and slipping her hand over the ridges of his stomach. Alyssa took the other side and slowly massaged his legs, going from his thighs down to his feet and back, switching from one leg to the other, rubbing his calves and thighs softly.

To David this attention was most welcome, of course it was what was expected of them he thought, but still it was certainly nice to have three women paying this much attention to him. Yes life is good he thought.

"Well Suzie, I guess you're wondering what I meant when I said you had a lot of work to do." David said leaning back closing his eyes.

"David, as long as I get to be with you it doesn't matter, I love you." She said reaching up and kissing him softly on the lips.

Once Suzie had sat back on her heels David spoke again.

"Yes Suzie, I love you too, and yes you will get to be with me, but the work you must do is not on me and it is not for me. It is for the goddess, Ix Chel" He said.

"Whatever you want David" She said, still running her fingers over his face and neck slowly.

Opening his eyes David stood up brushing the three girl's soft caressing hands aside and said "We will get to your task in a moment, now I feel the need to explain to you the things that were troubling you earlier. Tonight you are one of us Suzie, and as such I will now answer your question."

Suzie still on her knees was listening with her eyes but her eyes were locked onto his still very hard cock, its purple head still looking angry and swollen, even after the sublime fucking she had received from it earlier. Out of the corner of her eye she also noticed Kim and Alyssa had locked eyes on it and couldn't look away either. Each of the three girls mouths were watering, just aching to place that gorgeous shaft into their mouths and suck for all they were worth.

"Suzie, I am what you would call a disciple of Backlum Chaam, the Mayan god of male sexuality. That is why you and your friends can not resist me, I am touched by him and no woman may refuse me. All except those of my blood, they can, although it takes a mighty effort." David said with a note of finality in his voice.

Suzie had looked up when David had started speaking, and hearing his explanation had felt a little uneasy. Uneasiness because it was almost as if he was saying she was a slave to him now, and not a mate. But the feeling passed and contentment returned, the feeling of warmth and love and safety she felt when she was near him. She smiled up at him as he continued.

"You are mine Suzie, but if you were to wish it, you could become a disciple yourself..." He said slowly trailing off.

Suzie looked at David in confusion. How could a woman become a disciple to a male god she thought. This whole disciple business was bit out there, but for some reason she believed and trusted David. In the back of her mind she silently wondered if she was going crazy, but she quickly crushed that thought, she was in love with her brother and for the first time in her life she was happy.

"What do you mean David?" Suzie said still kneeling and looking up at him.

"What I mean Suzie is that the old gods are returning, and even now the world makes ready for them. Backlum Chaam chose me, and now his opposite, Ix Chel, the goddess of sex, needs her worshippers as well. But she needs a disciple to begin again and she needs someone, a woman, from our family to make as her own to accomplish her goals." David said.

Getting to her feet she walked over to him and wrapping her hand around his cock asked "Why us David? Why you and why me?" Saying this she had slowly started stroking his cock, she didn't know why, she just felt the need to do so.

"Because little sister, we are descendents of the first of their priests and priestesses, the ones only known to the gods and goddesses themselves."

Seeing her confusion he began to explain.

"Hundreds of years ago when the Spanish first came to the Yucatan peninsula they had found abandoned cities, houses, temples, all simply empty. The Mayans had known for years that the Europeans would come and knowing this had sent the population into the jungle, vanishing into the wilderness. The priests of Backlum Chaam blessed seven beautiful men and the priestesses of Ix Chel blessed seven beautiful women, all blood related to the priests and priestesses, and instructed them to go into the north and that the gods would speak to them on what to do."

Pausing a moment to collect his thoughts David looked down at his sisters hand slowly working over his cock feeling the soft small hand slipping back and forth over his skin gently. Looking back up at Suzie he continued.

"Those men and women went north; through the jungles of what is now Mexico, and eventually made their way to Tenochtitlan of the Aztecs. It was already under Spanish control at the time, but they had been told to wait there, for the gods had come to them in their dreams. For what none of them knew, they had only hoped the god and goddess would reveal to them what to do next. Of course you know what happened, the Spanish destroyed Tenochtitlan and built present day Mexico City there, using the blood of the fallen as the mortar. But what you don't know, is those seven men and seven women were sent there to mate with the Europeans, to ensure that the bloodline continued."

Gently reaching over David left his fingertips brush his sister's face, his fingertip's softly following the line of her jaw.

"Over the course of their lifetimes two of the men died without leaving any offspring and three more were killed in the first week of the falling of Tenochtitlan and one of the women were killed when she fell into a river and drowned. The two remaining men were taken as slaves back to Spain and were used by several women of the nobility for pleasure. The children from those unions were secretly disposed of, either on the auction block, or killed outright. The remaining six women were taken as consorts to several men after the initial sacking of the city and rape of the country side. One in particular caught the eye of one of the Spanish bishops that had come with the conquistadors. He took her as his maidservant but in reality he took her to relieve the pressure of celibacy." David said with a laugh.

"The remaining women had each been taken by one or a group of men, three died from internal bleeding a week after the sack of the city. No doubt as a result of the gang rapes they had suffered. And one managed to charm her way out of the whore's tents and into the tent of a noble, newly arrived from Spain. The young nobleman's name was Fernando Rodriguez Miller; he was the child of a Spanish noblewoman and an English earl that had married for political reasons. He was a good man, he hated to see the people of this land treated the way they were. But at the time there was simply nothing to be done."

He met the young Mayan woman one day while strolling through the city ruins, looking for small collectibles he could send home to his mother. Coming upon one of the stone temples he heard the sound of moaning and a woman's agony accompanied by several men's laughter. Deciding to investigate he entered the stone building and found a group of men violently raping a woman upon an alter, one that looked as if it had been used by priests for ritual sacrifice. Horrified at what he saw he immediately grabbed the one atop the young woman and flung him to the floor, threatening to kill him and the rest if they didn't disperse immediately."

David grunted. Kim and Alyssa had now come over while he had been speaking and both now had their lips going back and forth over his cock and his sister's hand. David continued.

"The men, seeing a noble, had left with sullen apologies and Fernando was left alone with the woman. He took her in his arms and brought her back to his quarters and cleaned her up. Fernando eventually, after a few months, taught the woman to speak Spanish and gave her a Christian name, Maria. And that was the beginning of their lineage. Fernando never returned to Spain, he chose to stay and had many children with his new native wife. And their sons and daughters had children of their own and so on and so forth." David said, his voice straining now as his sister had removed her hand, knelt and had put her mouth over the end of his shaft and was sucking greedily as her two friends played with and sucked on his balls.

Grabbing Suzie's head he shoved hard into the back of her throat and suddenly let loose a torrent of sperm that had been building the moment she had taken his cock in her hand. Jerking with small movements after initial blast he pulled back a bit and continued to unload into Suzie's mouth, until finally there was nothing left and he withdrew as she sucked the last of his cum from his shaft, his cock still as hard as when they started.

Kim and Alyssa both turned their attention to Suzie and each wanted a share of his cum. Alyssa was first as she kissed Suzie and shared his cum with her. Kim not to be left out pushed Alyssa away and had her own making out session with Suzie, but to her disappointment there was little left. Sitting back on her heels she looked at Suzie and Alyssa with envy in her eyes as they enjoyed David's sperm, swallowing it and licking their lips clean with their tongues.

Seeing Kim's disappointment David reached down and smoothed hair, her beautiful slightly slanted eyes looking up at him with love and happiness. He promised her silently that she would be satisfied soon. Kim seemed to understand and smiled back at him. Raising back up David continued his story as the three girls finished their snack and sat back on their heels waiting patiently to hear the rest.

"Now of those descendents only a few survived the coming years, all of them named Miller after their sire. All of the lines died out, except one. Our great-great-great-great grandfather Suzie, was a politician named Benjamin Gaius Miller, he had ship wrecked on a small uninhabited island outside of the Caribbean while on his way to England with his sister, Susan Miller, as an ambassador from the United States. Being alone there for several years they did what came naturally, they feel in love and had children. After several years of living in the jungle landscape they and their children were eventually rescued by a French privateer. Privateers were often pirates in those days, but as it happened they were a friendly sort, only interested in wrecking British shipping and gave them passage back to the U.S. They let them off in Savannah, a bustling port city in the south."

David paused for a moment and looked down at Suzie who was still listening intently as he told the story of their origins. She was fascinated and it showed in her eyes as she sat there, gazing up at him in rapt wonder.

"Benjamin and his now wife Susan decided not to go back to Washington and stayed in Savannah for a few years. Benjamin getting work as a local lawyer and writer. Years passed and their children grew older and again the cycle started. The bloodline spread out through the south and into the north."

"Then, the civil war came. There were Miller's on both sides of that war and again only one line survived. John Miller had been a sergeant in the union army, he fought well, and after the war was given several posts of his choice as a reward. He chose Wisconsin and found a wife and had children. After his retirement he had started the cattle ranch and it remains in our family today, our aunt lives there with her daughters, our cousins." David finished with a small secretive smile at his sister.

Suzie was confused. Their aunt was their mother's sister and her name was Yates, not Miller, how could she be related to us except by marriage she thought.

David saw the confusion on Suzie's face and explained.

"During the pandemic known as the Spanish flu a lot of people died that year, in fact it killed our great-great-grandfather and our great-great-grandmother. Leaving their two sons and daughter the sole survivors of the flu in that county. There weren't many residents there at the time, a handful at best. The eldest, who was just turning thirty that year, took control of the ranch. And the younger son and daughter, both a little over twenty years of age at the time moved away. Wanting to forget the death of their parents they left Wisconsin and moved to Illinois to start a new life. The elder brother eventually married a much younger woman, over ten years his junior and had one daughter. The younger siblings knowing no one in their new home eventually found comfort in each other's arms and married."

David paused for effect.

"Those people Suzie, were our great-grandparents, Jacob and Karen Miller."

Suzie was now looking at him in disbelief. Our grandparents were brother and sister? How in the hell had something like this never come up? Did our parents know she wondered.

David answered her question as if he had read her mind.

"No Suzie, our parents didn't and still don't know. Our grandparents never spoke or saw their brother again. Preferring to leave the past in the past they started a new life and chose to erase the past. And as time passed, the Miller ranch became the Yates ranch and is now as you see it, in a separate family's hands." David finished still smiling down at his sister as she looked up at him with awe.

Sitting David waited for her to respond, he knew it was a lot of information to digest so he let her take her time. Suzie was now sitting with her eyes on the floor, her mind going over everything David had told her.

Looking over at Kim and Alyssa, David could see they too were lost in thought, eyes glazed with thoughtful expressions.

It was Kim who spoke first.

"So you and Suzie and your cousins are the last descendents of that original bloodline from the Yucatan?" She asked David.

"Yes Kim" He responded simply.

Suzie then spoke.

"Well then that means that our cousins and our aunt can be these disciples too right?" She asked.

David smiled and nodded his head yes.

Suzie looked down again in thought and then raised her head back up and said.

"But, what if..." She paused, clearly struggling with something.

"But what Suzie?" David asked softly.

Suzie looked at her brother and spoke.

"What if we don't want to become one of these disciples? What if we want ... something else..." She said slowly.

"And what do you want Suzie?" David said, leading her up to the answer he knew she was struggling to come out with.

David seeing a tear slowly trailing down her cheek, making a trail through the paint she was wearing, wiped it away with a finger.

"I want to be with you David." She whispered.

David hearing that gathered his sister into his arms and held her there, while she cried into his chest. She had been on an emotional roller-coaster tonight and it had taken its toll on her. David ran his hand through her hair as Kim and Alyssa softly stroked her back.

"Suzie, disciple or not you can still be with me. The choice is yours, I only hope you make the right choice." He stated, still stroking her hair.

At hearing this Suzie looked up at him from where she lay on his chest and suddenly wondered, for the first time since she had become his woman, what had happened to her? Her normal attitude seemed like someone else, as if she had started a new life in his arms, her usual bitchy self was gone. In its place was a young caring woman, someone she didn't know, she wasn't afraid, but was excited to find out more.

"David, I love you, and will do whatever you want me to. But I know little about these gods you spoke of, how do I know what choice to make?" She whispered.

"Open your heart little sister and pray to the goddess so she might make her mind known to you and show you the wonder Backlum Chaam has showed me." David replied in a soft whisper.

Hearing that Suzie silently prayed to this goddess, wondering in her mind if she was in fact real or if she was dreaming. Hoping against hope she prayed she wasn't going to wake up in her bed and all of it turn out to be just images in her head as she slumbered.

Suzie prayed.

At first she just felt her brother's warm embrace as she whispered silently against his chest. Then the warmth grew, it wrapped her in its cloak of heat and took her away. It invaded her body and suffused her with light, so bright it penetrated her eyelids as she squeezed her eyes shut trying to keep the blinding glare out.

And then it was gone, she no longer felt her brothers arms around her, she felt something else. Head no longer resting on her brother's hard muscled chest, but was now nestled in between two warm globes of flesh.

Still keeping her eyes tightly closed she felt an arm move from around her and a hand lightly tilting her chin up.

"Open your eyes daughter..." A soft and motherly voice said. The kind of voice that set one at ease with a single word, the word didn't matter, but the tone left no other feeling except love.

Suzie slowly opened her eyes to see a raven haired beatific face staring down at her smiling. Eyes the colors of almonds and with brown glowing skin she looked like she had just walked out of the center of a fiery sun. Her breasts were large and with her hips being those of a mother, she stretched the material she was clothed in tightly. She was so beautiful that Suzie felt tears trickle down her eyes and she hugged the being tightly, never wanting to let go.

Ix Chel looked down at the young woman and spoke.

"Daughter, you have prayed to me, and now I will answer your prayer." The goddess said smiling as she stroked her new daughter's hair.

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