tagErotic HorrorThe Horror Beneath Ch. 01

The Horror Beneath Ch. 01


Please send suggestions on what you'd like to happen; I've never written horror before and have some ideas but am willing to hear yours!

* * * * *

Jessica Chambers walked home from her last day of school; she had turned eighteen three months ago and the last couple of weeks in school had almost sent her insane. The days had never seemed to end and, though she'd sat all her exams and was just waiting for the results, the school's headmaster had insisted that all pupils continue to attend until the end of term. Now it was all over and, if she could just convince her parents, she'd be free to pursue her dream of becoming a model.

There was no doubt she had the looks and figure for it: her face was flawless, her eyes the deepest green; her mane of long red hair hung to her waist; her legs were long, her ass firm and taut, her waist trim and her bust . . . Jessica was in no doubt where her fortune lay. Her tits were each as big as her head, but firm enough that she could often go without a bra, and were topped with nipples that seemed to get hard at the drop of a hat. She knew she could easily get into glamour modelling and, once that had happened, she was aiming for the world of porn and the dizzy heights of stardom.

As she walked through the small alleyway towards her street, she passed the same piece of graffiti that she did everyday and smiled. Scrawled in red spray paint were the words "Jessica is a SLUT". There was no sense denying the truth, she'd often thought as she walked past it. She'd willingly given up her virginity some time ago and had enjoyed more men and boys than she cared to remember, even one or two of the school teachers. With her tits heaving to get out of her blouse and the school skirt only just long enough to cover the tops of the stockings she habitually wore it was no wonder the teachers had been tempted.

Once she got into modelling, however, she knew she could leave the small town boys behind and concentrate on bigger things.

Jessica was surprised to see her mom's car in the drive when she got to her house; she was normally in work for at least another hour. She shrugged and let herself in, calling out "Mom, I'm home."

A muttered "Mmmmff" was her only reply, but it came from the basement. Jessica frowned and went through the open basement door, down the steps and stood in shock.

Her mother, Holly, lay on the basement floor, her clothes in tatters. Bursting out of the ground around her were perhaps a dozen or more thick tentacles, each one looking like nothing more than huge cocks, complete with apple sized glans that seemed to constantly ooze cum; her mother was almost covered in the stuff. One of them had coiled around both of her large tits and pushed them together, doubling back on itself to fuck the slippery cleavage it had created. Two others were buried between her thighs, one sliding back and forth in her pussy, the other stretching her asshole wide as it fucked her butt. Another thrust in and out of her mouth, making her gag repeatedly before withdrawing momentarily to allow her to breathe. Others writhed around her, obviously waiting their turn.

Jessica watched as the tentacle-cock in Holly's mouth withdrew and began spewing cum in long blasts, each single shot containing more spunk than a single man could deliver in a full ejaculation. She was amazed, however, to see her mother open her mouth wide and stick out her tongue to receive the load, moaning in obvious delight as she swallowed as much as she could.

"Oh fuck yes!" she cried through a mouthful of cum. "More! I want more!" As if in response, the cock between her tits began cumming, spurting streams of spunk over Holly's huge breasts, up her neck and into her waiting mouth. Cum began pouring out of her pussy and ass as the two cocks inside her joined their fellows, Holly's body unable to contain the torrent.

"Mom!" Jessica cried.

Holly turned to look at her daughter. "Jessica?" she said quietly, cum dripping from her lips.

The tentacles not holding or fucking Holly turned towards the schoolgirl on the stairs and instantly stretched out to her, winding round her waist before she could turn and run. They lifted her screaming off the stairs and placed her on her hands and knees beside her mother, twisting around her clothes, pulling and tearing her skirt and blouse apart.

"Mom? What the fuck is going on?" she cried.

Holly knelt up and took hold of her daughter's face in her hands. "Drink." She said, kissing her, her tongue pushing the remaining spunk from her mouth into her daughter's. Jessica gagged at first but was unable to stop the cum trickling down her throat and even among this madness she was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted; warm and sweet, the best she had ever had.

As she swallowed, she relaxed and felt a warm flush run through her body. Her nipples hardened, her pussy moistened and somewhere in her mind she realised she was getting turned on; she was feeling hornier than she ever had. Jessica returned her mother's kiss with passion, feeling the tentacles around her waist loosen, one of them pushing between the two women's mouths, making them kiss and suck on it. Another tentacle wrapped itself around Jessica's big tits, pushing them together before sliding between them, tit fucking her slowly. She moaned in delight as a third slid inside her pussy, filling her up with one thrust while a fourth pushed into her asshole.

"Oh fuck me." She gasped, reaching out to cup her mother's cum slick tits. The tentacle that had been tit fucking Holly was still there and, not really believing she was doing this, Jessica dipped her head allowing her mother to accept the cock that had moved between them into her mouth. Jessica began licking as much of the cum off her mother's tits as she could, occasionally pausing to suck on the head of the tentacle that was still Holly's breasts. It slid between Holly's tits, pushing into Jessica's mouth and, though it had cum only moments before, began spurting another load. Jessica swallowed as much as she could but could still feel it dribbling out of her mouth.

When one came, it seemed they all did: Jessica felt her pussy contract as an orgasm wracked through her body when the cocks in her pussy and ass both came at the same time, filling her with their warm seed which overflowed and trickled down her legs. The tentacle between her own tits lurched and began spraying her neck and breasts with cum; above her head, the cock her mother was sucking unleashed another torrent of jism which Holly eagerly accepted, while the two that were double fucking her shook as they came again.

The basement door crashed open and out the corner of her eye, Jessica saw two people, a man and a woman, run down the stairs. They each held something in their hands that at first looked like a cross; they pointed them at the mass of tentacles and cum covered mother and daughter and began speaking in a language Jessica didn't understand.

Almost instantly, and to Jessica's and Holly's dismay, the tentacles withdrew from their bodies and one by one returned to the ground, disappearing down the holes they had burst from.

Holly collapsed on to the floor and Jessica lay next to her, idly licking the still warm cum from her breasts.

"You both need to come with us." The man said.

Jessica looked at them both. He was tall and stocky, dressed all in black with a priests collar at his throat. The woman, however, looked as though she had stepped from a fetish magazine. Knee length boots and a mini skirt that rode low on her hips; a one piece costume underneath it that was cut high at the sides showing her tiny waist, it had a diamond panel cut into the chest, revealing her deep cleavage while struggling to contain the large breasts that caused it; her arms were bare except for fingerless elbow length gloves; her hair was covered by her headpiece that flowed half way down her back. Jessica guessed they were a priest and a nun, by she had never seen a nun like this.

"I'll see if I can find some towels and robes, sister." The man said before climbing the basement stairs. When he was gone, the nun knelt beside Jessica and her mother.

"Well haven't we been naughty?" she said with a smile. She ran two fingers through the cum that lay across Jessica's breasts and quickly licked them clean. "Mmmm. I think we're going to have some fun with you two."

Jessica heard the priest returning a moment before she slipped into unconsciousness.

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