tagLesbian SexThe Horror Beneath Ch. 02

The Horror Beneath Ch. 02


Please read the first instalment and send feedback/ideas! Sorry it's short, but more to come!

When Jessica regained consciousness, she had no idea where she was. The eighteen year old schoolgirl lay naked in a bed, only a thin sheet covering her, in a room that was little more than a box six feet square. For a brief moment she thought she was alone, before someone stirred beside her. Glancing to her side, she found her mother laying under the sheet next to her, slowly waking up.

"Mom! You're okay!" she cried, sliding over and hugging her, realising that her mother, Holly, was also naked when their large breasts pressed against each other. Their arms went round each other and, without thinking, began stroking and caressing far more intimately than a mother and daughter should. Holly's hand kneaded her daughter's butt, pulling her closer, their thighs entwining and rubbing against each other's pussies.

"Oh Jessica, what's happening to me? I feel so . . . fucking horny." Holly began kissing Jessica's neck, her thigh pressing harder against her daughter's moist pussy. "I know this is wrong . . . you're my daughter . . . but those things in the basement . . . " she moaned between kisses. "I couldn't help myself . . . just like I can't now."

Jessica knew what she meant: she'd never been attracted to another woman, let alone her mother, and yet now she could feel herself becoming more and more turned on. She moved up the bed, using her hand to raise one of her huge tits to her mother's waiting mouth. Holly eagerly accepted it, sucking on the nipple, tonguing around it before trying to cram as much of her daughter's tit flesh into her mouth as she could.

"Suck my titties, mom." She gasped. "Suck your daughter's big tits." Jessica hooked her leg over Holly's waist allowing her mother to move her hand from her ass to her pussy and easily slide two fingers into her sopping cunt. "You like that, mom? You like fingering your daughter's cunt?"

"Hmm-hmm." Holly muttered, her mouth still latched on to Jessica's tit. She quickly slipped a third finger into Jessica's pussy for a moment, getting it slick and wet before removing it and pushing it gently into her daughter's asshole.

"Oh you dirty bitch." Jessica moaned as her mother finger fucked both her holes at the same time. "Go on, put another one in there." Holly did as her daughter instructed, adding another finger to her butt, thrusting two fingers into her pussy and asshole together, making her buck and moan as she came on her mother's hand. Jessica grabbed at her mother's big tits, pinching her nipples as she was being fingered, gasping as her mother increased her hand's movement, fucking her ass and cunt even faster. "Oh fuck mom! You're making me . . . come again!" she cried, almost falling off the bed as she came, her mother's fingers slipping out of her holes.

Holly brought her hand up to Jessica's mouth and offered her daughter her fingers, smiling as she took them all, one by one, and licked and sucked them clean.

"Baby, I know this is wrong." Holly said. "But I'm not sure I can stop."

"Mom, I know." Jessica said, still caressing her mother's tits. "It must be something to do with those things in the basement . . . I just feel so horny."

"You're right, Jessica, it is because of those things in your basement."

Mother and daughter turned suddenly at the sound of a woman's voice. Neither of them had heard the door open but they now saw a young woman stood in the doorway. It took a moment for Jessica to recognise her as the nun who had rescued her and her mother as she was no longer in the bizarre fetish style costume. She was barefooted, wearing a pair of low slung hipster jeans, her thong clearly visible above the waistband, and a short, ragged cut T-shirt that barely covered her large tits, with her dark hair tied back in a pony tail. Over one arm hung two long bath robes.

Though the woman had almost certainly seen them fucking, Jessica and Holly both grabbed at the sheet, pulling it up over themselves.

"Don't worry, you've nothing to be ashamed of here." The nun said walking into the room. She handed them each a white robe and watched as they put them on, her gaze running over their bodies. "I'm sister Corina and I'm here to let you know how much your lives have changed."

She walked to the door and both Jessica and Holly found themselves watching her perfect ass move beneath her jeans. Sister Corina stopped and looked over her shoulder.

"Follow me." She said.

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