tagErotic HorrorThe Horror Beneath Ch. 04

The Horror Beneath Ch. 04


Please read the first few chapters to help this make sense. As ever, everyone's over 18 in the story even if it's not stated. Please send feedback - I love to hear from you!

"Well, mom? How do I look?" Jessica asked.

Holly looked at her daughter and couldn't help but smile. Sister Corina had been right; in the two months they'd been at the Church of the Protectors, the Ctholoid semen they – along with all the other nuns in the Church – had to consume in order to survive had altered both of their bodies. Jessica had always been an attractive girl but she was now beautiful. Her long red hair was thick and lustrous, hanging down to her taut buttocks; she'd grown a couple of inches as well, her legs lengthening; her waist was tiny and her breasts . . . she had been blessed with a large bosom since puberty but her chest was now huge. Each one was much more than a handful and was topped with a rosy nipple that hardened at the slightest touch.

But Holly knew it was Jessica's outfit that she wanted a comment on.

Over the last two months, mother and daughter had learned much about the work of the Church and while Holly had ended up in a clerical role, Jessica had been accepted into the Markham Order, the group of nuns named after the founder of the Church. She wore thigh length boots, elbow length fingerless gloves and a mini skirt that was barely more than a belt. Beneath the skirt was a one-piece body suit cut high at the hips revealing her tiny waist, and with a large circular panel cut out of the front exposing her massive cleavage and the sides of her swelling breasts. Covering her head, but leaving her face free and her hair allowed to spill down her back, was a nun's wimple and hood. The whole outfit was a pure virginal white.

"Oh, baby, you look good enough to eat." Holly said.

"You both do." Sister Corina said from where she stood in the doorway. She looked Holly up and down, noting the changes that had occurred to her, changes that were perhaps a little more noticeable than Jessica's. Holly was approaching 40 but now looked to be only a couple of years older than her daughter; her butt and stomach which she'd tried to keep in shape with exercise, had now slimmed down and firmed up; the few streaks of gray in her hair were gone; her large breasts which had sagged a little due to age were now easily as big and as firm as Jessica's.

"But we've got to go, Jessica." Sister Corina said. She was wearing the outfit that the mother and daughter and first seen her in – basically the same as Jessica's but in black.

"I'll see you when I get back, mom." Jessica said, hugging her mother and kissing her with love and passion, their tongues darting around each other.

"Take care, baby." Holly said when they broke apart. "Look after her, Corina." She said to the nun.

"I'll make sure she gets back safe and sound." Corina said with a smile.

She lead Jessica out of the room she shared with her mother and to the elevators.

"Are you nervous?"

"A little." Jessica answered.

"That's understandable. But don't worry; you're just an observer today. Myself and Father Adam will be doing all the work. You just watch and learn." Corina hugged her and kissed her gently, Jessica eagerly returning the kiss. Corina's hand went to Jessica's huge breasts and eased between them, using the panel in her costume to slide into her cleavage. "And if you're good, when we get back, I'm going to stick my cock between these wonderful tits of yours and fuck your tits till I cum."

"Oh I'll be good." Jessica gasped.

The elevator came to a stop and they stepped out into a basement garage; since coming to the Church, Jessica had seen many things that made her re-evaluate the world she lived in. There were demons in this new world and magic; one thing that had not changed, however, was to get from A to B, you still needed a car.

Father Adam, a tall, ruggedly good looking man, sat at the wheel of a car and smiled as he saw the two busty nuns walk over, his cock hardening at the sight. He'd known Corina for a couple of years and had worked with her on several occasions; if she hadn't been such a slut for pussy he'd probably have asked her to go steady with him. As it was, he was happy with the status of occasional fuck buddy.

"Hey Adam." Corina said, opening the rear passenger door for Jessica. "This is the new novice, Sister Jessica." Corina slid in to the back seat and closed the door behind her, snuggling up to Jessica. "Think you can keep your eyes on the road and off our tits for a while?" she asked with a chuckle.

"I doubt it." Adam said with a laugh. He started the car and they drove up a ramp into the bright sunlight.

Some time later, they drew up outside a deserted farmhouse, miles from anywhere and bordered by fields and a small wood. Corina had explained to Jessica during the journey that a Ctholoid had been detected by the Church's Sensitives – those few women who, following their own rape by the monsters, had developed the ability to find them. It was down to Corina and Father Adam to find and banish the thing before anyone fell victim to it.

"Thankfully, somewhere as out of the way as this place should stop anyone finding it." Corina said as the three of them stepped up to the front door. "We need to find it first, though. Jessica, stay behind us and keep your ears and eyes open. We'll check the house first, see if it has a cellar. If there's nothing there, we'll check the barns."

The front door creaked as Corina pushed it open and then stepped inside; the place was filthy and had obviously not been used for many years and it didn't take the three of them long to work out that not only did the place not have a basement, but nobody had been here in a long time. They stepped outside and headed for the nearest barn, a dilapidated structure that they didn't even have to enter: there were so many holes in the walls they could see it was empty. The next and last barn, too, proved to be deserted.

"You think the Sensitives were wrong on this one?" Father Adam asked Corina as the three of them stood in the yard, wondering what to do.

"Unlikely." Corina said. "They've never been wrong before."

"Could the thing have been and gone?" Jessica asked.

"No, it would have left some sign of disturbance: holes in the ground where the tentacles break through; signs of a struggle; semen everywhere. There's nothing like that here so it's still got to be around here somewhere."

A scream, high pitched and loud, suddenly burst from the small wood off to the side. Instantly, Corina, Adam and Jessica rushed forward, following the scream into the trees as it came again. They ran for a few minutes, following the occasional scream until they burst into a clearing, stopping in their tracks.

A young girl, her tattered clothes and long black hair sticking to her mostly bare flesh with huge wads of semen, was on her knees in the clearing, surrounded by the tentacle cocks of a Ctholoid. Her stocking clad legs had been gripped by the tentacles and pulled apart, allowing two of the thick cocks to thrust between them, one penetrating her pussy, the other pushing between the pert round cheeks of her bubble butt and fucking her asshole. Two more tentacles pulsed in her hands which were covered by the torn remnants of black, fishnet gloves. Her tiny black mini-skirt had been torn from her trim waist and her black T-shirt had been torn aside, allowing the tentacles to roam freely over her huge breasts, sliding up and down her cum-filled cleavage. Her head was held in place by one tentacle while three others hovered in front of her face, each one taking turns sliding into her mouth and fucking it for a moment before withdrawing. Her black mascara had run with the amount of spunk on her face, leaving trails like dark tears down her cheeks.

Corina could barely believe this gorgeous Goth chick hadn't already been altered by the Ctholoid semen – she was so good looking – but it took weeks to take effect. Father Adam, meanwhile, stepped forward and retrieved the amulet needed for the banishment spell from his pocket.

"Jessica, keep a watch!" Corina said, drawing out her own amulet and stepping forward, next to Father Adam.

Together they began chanting the banishment spell, fully expecting the tentacles to withdraw almost instantly. Instead, however, one of the tentacles that had been sliding over the Goth girl's body whipped around to them and darted out, striking Father Adam on the forehead, making him stagger backwards. He tripped over a tree root and landed on his back, winded and shocked, the amulet falling from his hand as he slipped into unconsciousness.

"Oh shit." Sister Corina whispered as more of the tentacles turned their cum leaking heads towards her. She quickly changed her chant, swapping from the banishment spell which obviously wasn't working, to one of protection. As the spell activated, a glowing orb appeared around both her and Jessica, separating them from the tentacles. "Jessica! Wake Father Adam! Now!" she cried.

"But the girl?" Jessica asked.

"We need to wake Father Adam first. The banishment spell needs to be said by both him and me."

"Then you wake him; I'll distract the tentacles from that girl. She can't take much more of that treatment. At least I'm used to it now."

Corina thought for a moment, unwilling to send Jessica out of the protective orbs, but then nodded. "Be careful and I'll be as quick as I can."

Jessica pulled her mini-skirt up and undid the small clasp holding her body-stocking together beneath her pussy. She pulled it up and out of the way, then tore at the circular panel that showed off her cleavage, ripping it open until her huge breasts were free. Corina cancelled the protective orb around Jessica and moved back toward Adam, trying to wake him.

As soon as the glowing orb fell away from her, the tentacle cocks turned toward Jessica and pounced, wrapping themselves around her and pulling her roughly into the clearing. She landed on her knees in front of the Goth chick, the tentacles pushing them together, their big tits squashing and sliding against each other, Jessica's tits quickly covered in thick spunk.

"Oh fuck yes!" Jessica moaned, feeling two tentacle cocks slide deep inside her, one easing into her pussy, the other inching its way deep into her ass before they both began moving. Two more wrapped around her huge tits, pushing them together before both of the thick lengths began fucking her cleavage. The cocks that had hovered in front of the Goth girl, taking turns fucking her mouth, now turned towards Jessica, one of them darting forward and sliding between her lips. She felt the girl's arms wrap around her and saw her lean forward and down, taking one of Jessica's big tits in her mouth, sucking on her hard nipple.

The Ctholoid tentacles swelled momentarily and shook before each of them began spewing out vast amounts of cum. It poured into their pussies and asses, spurted over their big tits, blasted into Jessica's mouth, shot over the girl's hands, erupted over their faces. Jessica felt herself cumming as well and grabbed the girl's big tits, squeezing the cum-slick flesh as the cock between them unloaded itself into her cleavage. The cock in her mouth pulled out for a moment as the Goth chick moved up, the pair of them instantly locked in a deep kiss, swapping the creamy spunk back and forth.

From the side of the clearing came the voices of Sister Corina and Father Adam, once again speaking the banishment spell. With the tentacles distracted by the charms of Jessica as well as the Goth chick, they had no problem completing the spell this time and – with some disappointment, she had to admit – Jessica felt the tentacle cocks withdraw from her body, sliding back into the earth.

"Make them come back." The Goth chick said with a slight whine. "I like them."

"It's okay honey." Jessica replied, pulling her close, their bodies slippery with cum. "I'll see if we can get you some more later."

"Will you look after me?" the girl asked, looking straight into Jessica's eyes as she slid down her body and began licking and scooping the spunk from Jessica's huge tits. "I'll be ever so good."

Jessica smiled. "I bet you will."

Sister Corina and Father Adam looked on from the edge of the clearing.

"Looks like Jessica's found a fan." He said with a grin.

Corina frowned.

"Yes, it does." She said, staring at the young girl in Jessica's arms.

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