tagErotic HorrorThe Horror Beneath II Ch. 01

The Horror Beneath II Ch. 01


This is a direct sequel to "The Horror Beneath" - it doesn't really explain anything so to understand the characters etc you'll need to read the first one.

If you're not into big tits, dickgirls, tentacles, incest and cumshots, this probably isn't for you! As ever, everyone's over the age of 18.


"And you're sure this will work?" the man asked, watching two delivery men grunt and groan as they carried a heavy wooden crate down the stone steps and into the cellar.

"Of course it will." The woman next to him said. They stood at the head of the steps, watching the men, and looked like the definition of opposite: he was short and fat, his balding head gleaming beneath the thin hair that had been combed over in an attempt to hide his scalp. She, however, was rake thin, possessed of no curves at all except where her bony hips poked out; her hair was long and dark, but there was also a smudge across her top lip which remained no matter how often she shaved. Both were pale and had green eyes, the only hints that they were actually brother and sister.

"You want us to open this?" one of the delivery men asked, pointing at the crate.

"No." the woman said. "You can go now."

The two men went, edging past the odd couple, trying not to laugh at either his comb-over or her moustache, neither totally succeeding. Once they had gone, the man looked at his sister.

"What now?"

She began to walk down the steps. "Now? Now I open the crate and let our little friend out and we begin our journey into a new life."

"Won't it be found? I mean . . . it's something . . . someone might . . . "

As she walked, his sister pointed out various symbols and glyphs that were painted on the walls. "These will prevent anyone sensing our friend here, allowing us to do what we like without being disturbed, as I've told you a dozen times."

"I know, but . . . I mean how do I . . . you know . . . "

She sighed. "I will collect its semen and mix it in with your food. You won't have to worry about being turned gay, dear brother," she said with obvious contempt at the idea. "You won't even know you're eating it."

She reached the crate and, taking a key from her dress pocket, unlocked the padlock, allowing one side of the box to fall down. She stepped back and watched as a small Ctholoid hauled itself slug like from the box, burrowing into the loose soil of the basement until it was completely submerged.

"Has it escaped?" the man wailed.

His sister ignored him and began unbuttoning her dress, letting it slip from her body leaving her skinny frame exposed.

"You can stay and watch if you want. It wouldn't be the first time you've spied on me." She said, kneeling on the floor.

He flushed at her words, hating himself as he felt his small penis harden. He'd hoped he'd been free of his sister and had been for many years until his wife had left him, taking their beautiful daughter with her, without a word three months ago. His daughter that he'd secretly watched, wondering where her beauty had come from – it obviously wasn't from his side of the family. He'd been crushed and who was there to pick him up but his sister who he had hardly seen during the eighteen years of his marriage; his sister who had instantly taken control and told him how his life could be so much better now that he was back with her; now that she could tell him what to do.

The ground beneath his sister stirred and a long tentacle, shaped like a cock rose from the earth, almost seeming to sniff the air before reaching for her.

"Is . . . is that it?" he gasped, partly in disappointment.

"Why?" she asked over her shoulder. "Desperate to see me gang raped by this thing?" She took hold of the cock and stroked it, feeling it grow in her hand. "There will be more once it gains its strength."

He shuddered as he watched her take the thing into her mouth, feeling his own penis lurch in his underwear, spurting a small amount of semen into his pants.

As new lives went, he thought, this was a strange way to start.


Morenna groaned in disgust as she heard the cell door open. For the last two months, since the escape of Jessica Chambers and her mother, Lord Gardo had ordered her stripped of all titles and imprisoned in a cell beneath Blackhold Keep. Her only visitors during that time had been the guards who would use who for there own pleasure whenever they wanted, and Kaylith, one of the Low People who had previously been her servant. Now, however, he too had full permission to do what he liked with her and over the last couple of months had enjoyed himself day in, day out.

She was shackled by her ankles and wrists, the chains attached to the walls long enough to allow her to stand and walk, and to be turned in any number of positions that Kaylith wished, but that was it. Sigils and glyphs on the walls prevented anyone in the room from casting spells, leaving her unable to escape in any way.

"Good morning, my lady." Kaylith said as he unlocked the cell door and stepped inside. He placed the tray of food to one side on the floor and rubbed at his crotch where Morenna could see his small erection poking at his trousers. "Time for your breakfast." He said with a grin.

Morenna could admit to herself that she had been cruel to him when their positions were reversed – he was one of the Low People, after all, and she was a Hexen, a witch woman – the Low People were destined to be her kind's slaves. Now, though, he was the one in power and she hated him for it and, finally, the stupid bastard had made a mistake which, with a bit of luck, she could exploit.

"On your back, witch!" he shouted suddenly, undoing his belt and trousers. She assumed the position he wanted, pulling her simple, dirty dress up to her waist. She looked at him as she slid her fingers through her pussy lips, dipping one finger inside as he watched.

"Will it be my pussy or ass today . . . sir?" she asked him.

Kaylith stopped for a moment then smiled.

"So you've finally stopped fighting it, eh?" he asked. "After all these weeks of me forcing you, you've admitted you like me fucking you?"

"Yes . . . sir." Morenna said, hating the words he made her speak.

He stepped up between her legs, wanking his short cock. "Pull the dress down. I want to see those gorgeous fucking tits of yours while I fuck you."

Morenna did as he asked, pulling the already low neckline of the dress so that her huge tits were freed. She cupped and squeezed them for him, her seven inch tongue sliding out of her mouth to lick at her own jugs.

"Fuck, you're a horny bitch." He gasped, laying between her legs and pushing his cock into her. Due to his short height, his head barely reached her tits and Morenna had to prop herself up on her elbows to allow him to lick and suck at her nipples as he mechanically banged away at her pussy. She thought back to the days of her reign in Blackhold Keep, remembering the times she had been well and truly fucked by the Ctholoids, by the big cocked men of the army, or by Neela and Tala, the hand maidens that had been blessed with their own twelve inch dicks. It was the only way she could get through the boring, straightforward thrusting that Kaylith seemed limited to. Whether it was her pussy, her asshole or her tits he was fucking, it was always the same: jump on and thrust until he came.

Which, thankfully, was never too long.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Take it! Ahhhh!" he groaned as she felt his cock spurt a couple of times inside her. He collapsed with a sigh on top of her, smiling to himself.

Morenna wrapped her legs around him as tight as she could and spun herself, the chains on her ankles and wrists rattling against each other and knocking against her body as she reversed their positions, trapping Kaylith beneath her.

"What? What the –?" he said before she punched him full in the face. He groaned in pain, feeling blood running from his nose and, to Morenna's surprise, began to cry.

"You've fucked up, you little worm." She said. She reached around behind herself to where they were still joined together, rooting around at his belt until she came away with a steel ring which had two keys hanging from it. "Every other time you've left the keys outside but I guess you were just too eager today, huh?"

As he began to babble and cry, asking her to forgive him, Morenna used one of the keys to unlock the manacles on her wrists before taking them and locking them on his.

"Please, my lady, please don't, I was only following orders, please forgive me." Kaylith cried as she gratefully moved off him, letting his dick fall from her. She unlocked the manacles on her ankles and again replaced them on her former servant and rapist. "Please, what are you going to do?"

Morenna stood and straightened her clothing.

"You see the symbols on the walls? They've stopped me using magic. They prevent any spells being cast in this cell." She walked out of the doorway and looked back at him. "Of course, now I'm out of the cell, I can cast a spell on you." She murmured a few words, pointing at him all the while, making him whine in terror.

Nothing happened.

Kaylith stopped crying and looked at her. "Ha! You're too weak!" he spat.

Morenna smiled, however. "You can't see a difference, Kaylith, but from here you look just like me."

"What do you mean?"

"Everyone else will look at you and see me, which includes the guards who'll probably be down in an hour or so for their morning gang bang session with me. Only, they'll see me in the cell, but it'll be you they'll be fucking, you little shit. Don't try telling them anything, either – the spell also affects what they hear. You'll be screaming at them to stop fucking your ass, but all they'll hear is words of encouragement."

Kaylith stared in horror at her.

"Enjoy your stay." Morenna said, closing the cell door and locking it with the other key on the ring.

She walked down the corridor, paying no attention to Kaylith's cries, until she found a small window set high up in the wall, the glass obscured slightly by the leaves and grass against it. From the outside, it was obviously at ground level, but there was no way she could reach it from here.

Kaylith had been right about one thing: she was weak, and had no idea if she had the strength to do what she was planning, but she had no other choice.

She gathered her thoughts for a moment, murmured a spell and, with a brief flash of light, vanished from the corridor and appeared outside, in front of the small window. Instantly she shivered – it was almost the end of the year and snow was dotted around the grasslands in front of her and lay thick and heavy on the mountains to the North. She glanced briefly at Blackhold Keep as it reared up behind her, then began to run, holding her large breasts steady with her arm – as magnificent as her bosom was, it wasn't designed for running.

The grasslands quickly sloped down and she followed them, entering the woods at their base, losing herself in the shadows. She had to find shelter quickly, somewhere that she could find food and clothes otherwise her escape would be for nothing.

In the meantime, thoughts of revenge would keep her warm: revenge against Lord Gardo who had imprisoned her; revenge against the nuns of the Church of the Protectors; and most of all, revenge against Jessica Chambers whom she had turned into a Hexen and who had betrayed her.


Jessica stared at the glass of water on the table in front of her and concentrated as hard as she could, frowning slightly with the effort. The water in the glass shimmered a little, the glass misting as a thin layer of ice formed on the top, thickening to about an inch or so before Jessica let out a tired sigh and stopped concentrating.

"Not bad at all, Jessica." Father Bruce said. The tall, handsome man picked up the glass and examined it before smiling at her. "That's perhaps the best you've done so far. Congratulations."

"Thanks, Father." She replied. She leaned back into the comfortable sofa, tired out by the mental exercises she had been doing for most of the day. "It's still going to take a lot of work before I can use all my Hexen powers."

"True, but we're all learning with you. We've never had a Hexen actually on our side so we're all keen for you to succeed and are willing to help as much as we can."

Jessica smiled up at him and brushed her long red hair off her expansive chest, cupping her huge juggs which were straining against her tight T-shirt.

"You could give me a hand with these, Father."

The priest chuckled, feeling his cock stir in his trousers. "I wish I could, my dear, but I have a very important meeting in less than five minutes. Sadly, it's one that I can't be late for."

Jessica sighed. "Oh well, your loss, Father." She said with a smile and pushed herself up from the sofa. "I'll see you for tomorrow's lesson, then?"

As she walked out of the room, Father Bruce watched her long legs moving gracefully, her pert bubble butt wiggling a little beneath the skin-tight jeans, and cursed his secretary for arranging the meeting directly after his lesson with Jessica.

Jessica walked through the corridors of the Church of the Protectors, smiling at the other people she knew, looking longingly at the few nuns who walked by, their large tits proudly displayed in their cut away uniforms. With any luck she would pass her own exams fairly soon and move from a novice to the rank of nun just like her lover Corina. Thinking of Corina just made Jessica even hornier than she already was and she hurried to the room that she shared with her and her own mother, Holly.

"Jessica, we were just talking about you." Holly said as her daughter entered the room. Corina sat next to her on the sofa while opposite them on a chair was the Church's Mother Superior whom everyone called Mother. Holly wore a tight blouse that, like most of her clothes, struggled to contain her big tits, and a short skirt that just showed the tops of her stockings. Mother, despite it being winter, wore her usual summer dress that had a row of buttons from the hem to the low cut neck, most of which were undone. Corina looked like she'd just come from the gym as she was wearing a pair of lycra shorts and a sleeveless T-shirt.

"Really? Nothing bad I hope?" Jessica said with a giggle. She walked in and sandwiched herself between her mother and Corina, leaning over to both of them and giving them long, open mouthed kisses.

"That depends on your definition of bad." Mother said. She picked up a file that was on the floor beside her. "Tell me, Jessica, do you know any of these girls?"

Mother took a number of photographs from the file and spread them on the table between them. Each of the photos showed a full length picture of a girl, all of them gorgeous with the typical figures of girls who'd been transformed by the Ctholoid cum: slim, long legs, and very large breasts.

"I recognise a couple of them, but only by sight. I don't know their names." Jessica said, looking at the photos.

"Each of them has been here for at least eight months, most of them over a year. Plenty of time for all the effects of the Ctholoid semen to take hold." Mother looked at Jessica. "In the last three months, all of these girls have developed just like your mother and Corina did."

Jessica looked at the three of them in turn.

"You mean all these girls have got cocks? But I thought the rate of that was about one in fifty?"

"You're right, it was. Over the last couple of months, however, each of these girls has found themselves blessed with a Ctholoid cock and, if we're honest, they're more than happy with them. But there's another whose been blessed as well." Mother handed a last photograph to Jessica. She looked at it and then back at her.

"You've got one too?" Jessica asked.

Mother nodded. "We don't know why this has happened, but we do know it's happened since you returned from Blackhold Keep as a Hexen."

"You think this is my fault?" Jessica gasped.

"Not really, honey." Holly said, placing a hand on her daughter's shoulder.

"We just needed to be sure." Corina said.

"Sure about what?"

"There's so much we don't know about Hexens, Jessica." Mother said. "So, bluntly, have you done anything deliberately to give these girls their cocks?"

"No! I don't even know them!" Jessica cried.

"We didn't think you had, darling." Holly said, "But we had to make sure."

Corina gently pulled her back into the seat.

"We've changed too, lover." She said. "You know how we had to stroke our clits to make the cocks form? Well check this out."

Jessica looked at the crotch of Corina's shorts where, without any stimulation, a bulge formed, quickly stretching the lycra until it clearly outlined her huge, throbbing cock. She looked at her mother and smiled as her skirt lifted obscenely, her own thick cock standing proud. Finally, she looked at Mother who smiled back as her summer dress parted as a large cock formed between her legs.

"It's possible that this is a side-effect of living in close proximity to a Hexen." Mother said, slowly fisting her huge cock. "Not only more girls getting their own cocks, but being able to grow them with just a thought."

"Mmm, I wish I had one myself." Jessica said with a smile.

"Well there's three in this room you can have right now." Holly said. She lifted her butt off the sofa and slid her skirt up to her hips, showing the tops of her stockings and her suspenders, her huge cock springing free and resting against her firm belly and reaching to her big tits. Jessica reached out and took hold of it, stroking it slowly, watching the flared head start to leak pre-cum, her hand quickly becoming slick with the slippery liquid. Beside her, Corina pushed her lycra shorts off and laid back down, letting Jessica take hold of her cock in her other hand, wanking her mother and her lover together. Mother stood and, with the pop of a few buttons, slipped her dress off, standing naked in front of them, her huge cock looking incongruous with her enormous breasts. She stepped around the small table and stood in front of Jessica.

"Think you can manage all three of us?" Mother asked.

Jessica looked up at her with a smile. "I'll give it a go." She chuckled. Leaning forward slightly, she allowed her tongue, all seven inches of it, to slide out of her mouth and wrap around the thick length of cock in front of her. Mother sighed and moved forward slightly, her cock head slipping between Jessica's lips. Beside Jessica, Holly and Corina both sat up, their own dicks still being handled by Jessica, and began pulling off their own and her clothes, tearing her T-shirt to get at her huge, firm tits.

Jessica pulled her mouth off Mother's cock and told Corina and Holly to stand and strip. The three hugely busted women quickly got rid of the last of their clothes and stood, Mother in the middle, in front of the young Hexen. Jessica in turn threw off her ruined T-shirt and pulled off her jeans before falling to her knees in front of the three women.

One by one, she took each of their cocks in her mouth, sucking and slurping on them in turn, the three women leaning in to each other and kissing and stroking their big tits. As Jessica worked along the line and ended up in front of her own mother, Corina stepped back and stood behind the Mother Superior.

"I'll be damned if I can wait much longer." She said, helping Mother raise one leg, placing her foot on the coffee table, allowing Corina to bend her legs slightly and position her thick cock between her legs. Holding Mother's trim waist, Corina stood, sliding her fat cock into her pussy, making her moan in pleasure. Mother turned her head as her lover leaned forward, the pair of them kissing as Corina began fucking her while they were both stood up. As her own prick plunged in and out of her twat, Corina took hold of Mother's big tool and began stroking it, jerking her off as she fucked her.

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