tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Horror Beneath II Ch. 03

The Horror Beneath II Ch. 03


As it's been a while since I've submitted anything, you might want to re-read the preceding chapters to get a handle on the story!

I've changed the category to sci-fi/fantasy as that seems to fit better as the story goes on.


Janine closed the book she had been reading and looked at herself in the dressing table mirror. Despite all that she had learned of the Ctholoids and the world they came from she was still a little nervous about her plan. If it didn't work then everything she had done, and everything she had made her brother Frank do, would be for nothing. True, the changes that had happened to her body would remain which, if nothing else, would be worth the risk, but she wanted so much more. Frank, she knew, would be happy to live out his days fucking the six girls that lived at the Chambers Academy for Wayward Young Women, but that wasn't enough for her.

There was literally another world out there and she wanted it.

A knock at the door brought her out of her reverie.

"Come in."

In the mirror, she saw the door open and one of the school girls, Kelly, stepped in. Dressed in the school uniform of short pleased skirt, ankle socks and blouse, she looked exactly like the slut she was. Her blouse was buttoned up but only just, the sides pulling apart, leaving large gaps between the buttons. With no bra beneath it, Kelly's huge tits were brazenly on display, her cleavage visible even if the top three buttons hadn't been left undone. Janine licked her lips as she looked at the girl, her favourite of the students, remembering the previous night when Kelly had shared her bed. She had spent hours fucking the wonderfully submissive girl, using each of her holes with the several large dildos she had.

"Everything is ready, Miss Chambers." Kelly said.

Janine stood, her voluptuous form covered by a simple bathrobe, the top revealing just a hint of the deep cleavage that formed between her big tits.

"Excellent. And are you ready, my dear?" she asked, stepping over to her. "Ready to begin a new life with me?" Janine reached out and cupped one of Kelly's tits, kneading it roughly, feeling her nipple harden at her touch.

Kelly gasped and arched her back, pushing her tits closer to her teacher, letting her have as much of her body as she wanted.

"Yes, Miss Chambers, I'm ready." she sighed.

"Excellent." Janine said again, using her other hand to take hold of the girl's long black hair and pull her head back. She dipped her head and kissed her roughly, the girl's tongue eagerly tangling with her own. She broke the kiss and looked at her. "Move your ass, girl. I don't want to be late."

Janine spun her round and pushed her out the door, Kelly stumbling in her high heels before she regained her footing. As the girl walked down the corridor, Janine watched her ass wiggling, thinking again of the previous night.

They walked to the stairs at the end of the corridor and went down to the single classroom where Janine had taught the girls. Any normal lessons had long departed and over the last couple of months, she had made the girls act out her own particular fantasies. As the effects of the Ctholoid cum had taken hold, the girls had eagerly embraced her wishes. The girls had taken it in turns to act as the teachers or even mothers of unruly pupils, punishing them at Janine's urging. Time and again the girls had been bound by ropes as their "teachers" and "mothers" had fucked them with huge fake cocks as Janine had watched.

As they entered the classroom, Janine was happy to see those ropes had been put to good use once more.

Her brother, Frank, sat naked, tied to a chair. Around him, the other five students stood in various states of undress, kissing, fingering and playing with each other. Despite the ropes, Frank didn't look unhappy; his impressive cock was at full mast and glistened with a mixture of spit and pussy juice. When he saw Janine walk in, his dick lurched and he grinned.

"Janine." he said. "Have you come to join in?" In all the months they had been together, she still hadn't let him get his dick inside her and he wondered if this game the girls had played was to get him ready for his sister.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you, Frank?" Janine asked. She undid her robe and opened it, revealing her gorgeous body to his gaze. "You'd like nothing more than for me to spread my legs and slide my pussy down that big cock of yours, wouldn't you?"

"God yes!" he gasped. The girls around him all laughed gently at the desperation in his voice.

"Or maybe let you ease that tool of yours up my ass? Would you like to do that, Frank, to ream out my butthole?"

"Oh fuck yes, please Janine. Can I?" Frank begged, again making the girls laugh.

Janine smiled at him and closed her robe again.

"No, I'm afraid not, Frank. I have something different planned for you but I think you might like it." She turned to the girls. "Ladies, if you would bring Mr Chambers along with you."

Janine and Kelly left the room as the five semi naked school girls managed to lift and drag Frank, still tied to the chair, after them. They headed out of the building, into the grounds at the back, the cold winter air making all of them shiver. Before he realised, Frank was dragged into the centre of a circle that had been painted on to the floor with sigils and symbols around it.

"Janine? What's going on?" he asked, a hint of panic in his voice.

"I'm leaving you, dear brother." she said. "You can have the school and the other girls but I'm going and taking Kelly with me."

"Leaving? Where to?"

"A whole new world, Frank. One where I aim to become quite powerful."

She took off her robe completely, standing naked in the cold air, her nipples hardening instantly. Beside her, Kelly stripped out of her uniform until she too was naked. The two women kissed passionately, Janine's hand roughly grabbing at the girl's huge tits. Despite the cold and the unusual setting, the sight was enough to make Frank's cock swell.

Noticing this, one of the other girls, Sharon, stepped forward and knelt between his legs, taking hold of his dick.

"There's going to be some changes after Miss Chambers has left." she said, stroking his hard on, pre-cum dribbling from his knob head and coating her hand. "We're going to be in charge and you're going to do what we want you to otherwise this big cock of yours - " she leaned forward and licked the shaft, her tongue running up its length to the big red knob. " - is never going to get inside one of us again."

The other girls surrounded him, their uniforms still in disarray, revealing their huge tits and hairless pussies. Maria straddled them both, spreading her legs wide apart and inched down, Sharon holding his cock upright and aiming it at Maria's pussy.

"Sharon's right." she said, his cock slipping inside her tight cunt. "Mmmm . . . Unless you agree to us being in charge . . . Ahhhh . . . This is the last time . . . You'll ever fuck me." With no little regret, Maria stood up, letting Frank's dick slide out of her pussy, and moved to one side.

"Or me." Caroline said, taking her place, sitting on Frank's cock as Sharon held it up, pushing her big tits in his face as she rode him for a moment.

"Or me." Judith said, doing the same once Caroline had moved off.

"Or me." Leanne said, taking her turn.

"Or me." Sharon said, standing up and sitting on his cock, taking his big dick deep inside her pussy. "What do you say, daddy?" she asked him, well aware of his favourite fantasy. "Think you can live without us, daddy? After all, we've got our toys, each other and the cock monster in the basement so we won't be missing out. Are we in charge now?"

"Oh yes, fuck yes." Frank gasped, trying desperately to hump his cock in and out of her tight pussy.

Sharon stood up, sliding herself off his cock making him whimper, but she returned to her position between his legs. Behind her, Janine and Kelly were still entwined, Janine's hand busy between her pupil's legs.

"Bet you'd love to fuck your sister, wouldn't you daddy?" Sharon asked, fisting his big cock. "Shove this big prick of yours right up her twat and fuck her brains out. Or butt fuck her. Get every inch of this cock right up her ass and then force her to take it in her mouth, tasting her nasty ass, just like you did to me and Leanne last night. You'd love that, wouldn't you daddy?"

With a groan, Frank started to cum, his cock lurching in Sharon's hand as he watched his sister and imagined doing what Sharon had suggested. She quickly clamped her mouth over the end of his knob, her mouth filling with jism almost instantly as he spurted thick ropes of spunk between her lips. With her mouth full, she moved off him, taking another couple of spurts on the face as his cock continued cumming. The other girls rushed to take her place, sharing out the remains of his seed as Sharon turned and walked to Janine.

Breaking away from Kelly, Janine cupped her own big tits and smiled, winking at Frank, as Sharon dribbled his cum on to his sister's tits. He stared as Sharon and Kelly massaged his spunk over Janine's tits, coating them in the sticky fluid.

Janine began muttering in a foreign language and Frank gasped as a white light appeared behind her. Suspended in the air a foot off the ground was a white line about six feet tall that shimmered and sparkled.

"What's happening?" Frank asked, the girls at his feet watching as well.

"The spell required me to be a maiden unsullied by man and covered in my brother's seed." Janine said. "Despite the toys, the girls and the Ctholoid, no man has ever entered my pussy so, within the limits of the spell, I'm still technically a virgin. A shame, dear brother, as I was tempted to let you have me on more than one occasion, but it was not to be." She looked at the girls who knelt at his feet. "Farewell, my girls. Try not to be too hard on him."

Taking Kelly by the hand, Janine turned to the white line. Both of them put their free hands on either side and drew them apart, opening the line like a pair of curtains. Beyond, Frank and the girls could see rolling fields covered in snow and nearby, a small town.

"Looks like we're going to have to hurry before we catch cold, my girl." Janine said to Kelly. Together they stepped up and into the other world, the breach closing behind them and vanishing altogether.

Sharon looked at the four girls and Frank.

"Lets get inside, girls. Dear old daddy here has some chores to do before he gets to fuck us again."


True to their word, Lady Aimee Snow and her son Adaric gave Morenna a ride in their carriage to the town of Ho-Tomol. Aimee gave her their address and said that they would be happy to have her visit at any time. Morenna was surprised to feel touched at the offer; as the former Lady of Blackhold Keep, she would no sooner have entertained Aimee and her son than she would her servants. The change in her fortunes and standing, however, had made her appreciate their kindness and, should she retain her former power she would not forget them.

Leaving Aimee and Adaric, Morenna quickly walked towards one of the back streets of the town. Refreshed and strengthened since her escape from the Blackhold dungeons, she was able to perform a small spell, altering her hair colour from the rich, raven black to a bright golden blonde. She was still on the run and there was no telling whether anyone in the town would recognise her. It would pay her to be in disguise for now.

Stepping back out into the main street she was more than aware of the glances she was receiving from the people, both men and women, who milled around going about their business. She still wore the dress the old woodsman had given her and her huge tits strained against the laces at the front, her deep cleavage on display for all to see. More than once on her journey through the town she was propositioned by men who thought she was nothing more than a common whore.

Finally she reached her destination: a large house in the better area of town, set apart from its neighbours by a large garden surrounded by a high wall. She entered the grounds through a gate and strode up to the front door, striking it with the large brass knocker. A moment later and a maid opened the door.

"Yes, madam?" she asked, her gaze drawn to Morenna's cleavage for a brief moment as Morenna's was to her own impressive tits.

Morenna had met the girl on several occasions but it was obvious her disguise was working as there was no recognition in her eyes.

"Please pass this to Lord Taran while I wait." she said, handing her a note that she had written on paper borrowed from Lady Snow. The girl took the note and closed the door.

Morenna waited on the doorstep for the few minutes it took for the girl to find the master of the house, pass the note over and get a reply. When the door reopened, the girl stood aside and let her enter.

"If you'd like to follow me, madam." the maid said. Morenna couldn't help but watch her pert ass wiggling slightly beneath the short skirt she wore and wondered how many times her master had fucked it.

The maid took her through the grand entrance hall and into a study where Lord Taran stood waiting for them. He was a tall man with long dark hair and was strikingly handsome, dressed in breeches and a long shirt that was untucked.

"Thank you, Demi. You may go now." Lord Taran said and the maid bowed and left, closing the door behind her. When she was gone, Taran moved to Morenna and embraced her.

"Oh my dear sister. It is so good to see you again." Morenna returned his embrace, smiling as she felt his hand clutch at her enormous tits. They kissed passionately, their tongues searching for each other, his fingers pulling at the laces on her dress. "By the Goddess how I've missed you." The last of the laces came undone and the sides of the dress fell away, revealing her huge tits. He dipped his head, cupping her tits in his hands, and kissed them, sucking on her stiff nipples.

"Oh Taran." Morenna said, cradling his head to her chest. She gently pushed him away after a moment. "I have missed you too, little brother, but please, let us talk before you throw yourself at me."

Reluctantly, Taran agreed and led her to a large sofa at the other end of the room. A full length, free-standing mirror stood at one end of it and Morenna glanced at her reflection, stroking her newly blonde hair.

"The blonde look suits you." Taran said, sitting beside her, the pair of them looking into the mirror. Morenna smiled as her irrepressible brother reached round and cupped both her big tits, groping at them and playing with her nipples. "I really have missed you, you know."

She turned in his grasp, facing him and again gently pushing him away.

"Time for play in a moment." Morenna said, pulling the side of her dress closed as best she could. "Tell me what's happened at Blackhold Keep."

Taran sighed dramatically and smiled at her.

"Very well. Lord Gardo denied all my petitions to see you, let alone have you released, and has appointed a new Lady Blackhold. He is intent on finding the Hexen girl you created, Jessica, and has spies everywhere. Apparently she is now known as the Hexen Nun and it is feared that the Church of the Protectors in the other world will use her powers to forever seal us off. It's because of this that he - as far as he knows - keeps you imprisoned. Speaking of which, how did you escape?"

Morenna told him of tricking her former servant Kaylith and leaving him in her place. "Unfortunately, it was a weak spell and is bound to wear off sooner rather than later." she said. "I need to find somewhere to hide while I regain my strength."

Taran spread his hands. "You are more than welcome to stay here, Morenna, you know that. And I won't even charge you rent." he said with a laugh.

"Oh I think we both know you'll be making me pay somehow." Morenna said, letting the sides of her dress fall apart again.

Taran grinned and moved across the sofa, almost diving at her big tits, licking and sucking at them once more. They tore at each others clothes, the siblings become naked in a matter of moments. Standing in front of her, Taran presented his sister with his big cock and watched as her seven inch long tongue snaked out and twirled around the large, flared head.

"Fuck that feels good." he sighed. She reached out and drew him closer, swallowing much of his cock, her cheek bulging obscenely. "That's it, big sister . . . Suck my cock." he said, feeding her his length. He gripped her long blonde hair and thrust in and out of her mouth, listening to her gag and cough, feeling the thick spit build up over his cock.

Morenna groped at her big tits with one hand and her pussy with the other. Her brother was the only man she let dominate her in such a way; anyone else would have quickly regretted forcing her to gag on their dick.

Taran pulled his dick free, thick trails of spittle hanging from it. He bent his knees, Morenna sitting up and pushing her huge jugs together, letting him thrust his slippery cock between them.

"I love fucking your big tits." he gasped, watching the head of his cock poke out from her cleavage with each upward thrust before it disappeared between them as he moved out. He glanced over at the mirror and watched their reflections, Morenna following his gaze. "I have a surprise for you, sister." he said before uttering a brief incantation.

Morenna gasped as the reflection of her brother stopped tit-fucking her in the mirror and instead walked towards them, stepping out of the frame. As naked as the original Taran, the now flesh and blood reflection had blonde hair.

"I need to tell them apart from me somehow." Taran said, his cock still moving between her tits.

"Them?" Morenna asked. She glanced back at the mirror when he pointed and grinned as the reflections of both him and his double moved towards the frame and climbed out, both of them as blonde as she was. The trio of reflections moved over to her, their big cocks waving and bobbing as they approached.

"Morenna, meet One, Two and Three. My gift to you." Taran said, watching as his sister took the offered cocks one at a time into her mouth, sucking on one for a while before moving to another.

One sat on the sofa beside Morenna and pulled her over, away from the others, forcing her head into his lap where he held his big cock upright. As she began sucking at it, Two approached and poked his own cock into her face, slapping her cheeks gently with it before she raised her head and sucked at it. Unhappy at being left out, One pushed her head back down and the two reflections thrust both their cocks into her mouth at the same time. As she was laid on her side, Three took advantage of her tits being pushed together and slid his big cock into her cleavage, fucking her tits as he watched his doubles fuck her mouth.

"It seems they're as eager to get into you as I am." Taran said with a laugh, kneeling behind her and pushing her leg up. Morenna moaned around her mouthful of cock as Taran pushed his cock into her pussy, sliding all the way in on his first stroke. She was so turned on that her pussy was flooded with juice and he took full advantage, fucking her with long, deep thrusts.

Morenna pulled away from the two cocks in her mouth for a moment. "Oh fuck that . . . Mmpfff!" her moan of pleasure was stifled by Two pushing his cock back into her mouth, One forcing her head back down to take his as well.

"That's it, big sister . . . Take all those cocks." Taran laughed, fucking her pussy and watching all the while. After a moment, he pulled his dick free of her tight pussy, grabbed her arm and pulled her upright, away from his reflections. "Come on, sis . . . Taste your pussy."

Morenna eagerly swallowed as much of his cock as she could, her tongue lashing around it, loving the taste of her own pussy juices, Taran thrusting hard, making her gag and cough again. The reflections watched for a minute before One pulled her back over to him. She climbed on top of him, lowering her sopping pussy over his cock as he grabbed at her huge tits.

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