tagErotic CouplingsThe Horsey Girl Ch. 01

The Horsey Girl Ch. 01


Chapter One! Enjoy the build up. It's going to bed hot!

Detective Senior Constable Andrew Richards was on a mission. So far, his investigation seemed to be going around in circles. He had questioned every person he could think of, and looked at it from every angle.

The weather was warm, causing him to feel more toey than usual. And the more irritated he became with his current problem, the more his sexual frustration increased. He considered finding a deserted street and having a pull, but he shook the thought away.

Suddenly, an idea struck - he could check out the horse paddock around the corner. It was highly unlikely that anyone there would be of help, but it was his last remaining hope. He took a sip of water from his bottle, and turned his unmarked police vehicle around.


Rose pulled the reigns to the left; Caesar obliged obediently, and swung around to the left. He was a graceful Andalusion stallion with a shiny black coat and a wavy, soft mane. Rose had been his carer for ten years - and under her calming spell, he'd progressed from a wild and ferocious beast to a reasonably obedient horse.

She was proud that she had been able to tame him where many others had previously failed. Rose and Caesar hit it off from the start, developing a strong bond of trust and friendship. She loved to watch his muscles bulge and ripple as he moved - he was so healthy, powerful and proud. She liked to think he was the envy of all the other horses in the paddocks.

As she rode, the wind picked up her long, wavy hair and spread it like a fan behind her. She loved the feeling of the wind as it gently stroked her long strands - it made her feel sensual and feminine as she rode her strong stallion. Her milky white breasts bounced slightly as she rocked her hips with the motion of Caesar's canter, and her nipples hardened in response. The feel of the hard saddle rubbing against her mound was hard to ignore - though she did try - and she felt herself becoming aroused. I will have to stop and have a break very soon, thought Rose.


Andrew parked his car in the driveway leading into the paddock, got out and locked the door. I hope I find something here, otherwise this whole day will be a waste, he grumbled to himself as he headed for the gate. Just as he opened the gate and slipped through, he noticed movement to his right.

There, a woman riding a huge black stallion. She appeared not to notice him as she manoeuvred her steed, her hair gently flowing behind her in the breeze. Andrew's heart skipped a beat as he stared, transfixed, at her gorgeous, womanly form. He licked his dry lips unconsciously as he watched how her hips moved, in perfect harmony with the movements on the horse. What an elegant picture, he thought, as he took in other details - not just her long, wavy hair but also her long, strong legs as they gripped the saddle, the curve of her neck and the swell of her breasts. Damn. Glad I didn't miss coming here! he mused.

Andrew waited patiently for her to notice him, still so captivated by this elegant woman with her powerful machine between her thighs - so captivated in fact, that he didn't quite realise just how prominent the bulge in his strides was becoming.


Rose was getting ready to bring Caesar to a halt. She was feeling extremely aroused now, and needed to head to her little office and sort herself out. She knew it wouldn't take her long to reach her first climax, and she knew that she'd need at least two!

As she rode Caesar towards the fence, she got a bit of a fright to notice a tall, brown-haired man standing there, watching her and seemingly waiting for her. Once she was at the fence, she agilely dismounted and loosely tied Caesar's reigns to the fence.

Her legs were slightly wobbly from her arousal as well as her fright at seeing a man standing there so, she gave herself a minute to collect herself. But when she heard the crunch of footsteps close to her, her heart dropped into her stomach. She whipped around to face him, trying to keep her face neutral.

"Excuse me Miss, sorry to startle you." said the tall man, his voice gentle.

"Oh its fine, I just wasn't expecting to see someone standing there!" she chirped, smiling disarmingly despite her galloping heart. My, my...he's handsome!

The man smiled and held up something in his hand - a police badge. "My name is Detective Senior Constable Andrew Richards. I'm investigating events that took place on..." The Detective explained what he was doing there, but Rose had trouble focusing on what he was saying. She was too busy staring at his big, brown eyes. Beautiful eyes!she gushed inwardly. She let her eyes flick to his lips, feeling a stab of arousal as an image of those lips around her nipple entered her mind.

"Well I wasn't here that night, so I'm sorry to say that I can't be of any assistance." Rose said, her tone regretful. Her mind scrambled for a way to keep him there for longer, and she chewed her bottom lip.

"Ahh okay. Thanks anyway, for your time." he said, smiling warmly at her.

The way his eyes briefly flicked to her cleavage was not lost on her however, and she had to restrain herself from flirting with him, despite the temptation of having fun with a handsome detective.


Come on idiot, think of something to say!Andrew admonished himself. He found himself intrigued; this gorgeous creature with her wild, long hair and her creamy breasts just begging to be nuzzled. He'd always had a thing for horse-riding women and here he was, fudging up an opportunity to have some fun with a particularly sexy horse-riding woman.

"Um...so...have you been riding long?" he asked, his voice not coming out as strong as he'd hoped.

Her eyes lit up - clearly she was happy to chat! "Yes, I've been riding since I was twelve. I'm 37 now. This is my horse Caesar, I've had him for ten years. He's an Andalusion stallion, and nobody could get near him before I came along and..." Rose prattled on for a few minutes, and Andrew was amused - she's nervous! he figured.

As she gave him the story of the horse, he took a good long look at her. He let his eyes linger on her twinkling eyes before he settled on her shapely, sensual lips. Mmm, how I'd love to kiss those lips... Next, he let his eyes wonder down over her womanly neck, and down to those deliciously milky breasts. Though her shirt was of a flowing, Boho style, the chest part was quite snug against her breasts. He swept his eyes over her long, long hair and imagined seeing her bare breasts partially obscured by those waves. He longed to get closer to her, to bury his nose in her neck and inhale her scent.

By now, he had pre-cum dribbling freely from the tip of his cock. He wondered if she noticed how he clasped his hands in front of his crotch to hide his growing erection.


Rose was making as arse of herself, she was sure of it! Her mouth had gone dry, and the way the lovely Detective's eyes roamed all over her made her squirm exquisitely. She didn't quite know how to handle the situation - she'd never been in this position before. So she just raved on about whatever popped into her head, to try to alleviate the growing tension in the air.

She wondered if he could smell her pheromones - she was by now aching for sexual relief, and the sexy man before her was making it like pure torture. The way he was looking hungrily at her was all but bringing her to her knees! If she'd been a braver woman, she'd have grabbed him and taken him back to her car, to use him to satisfy her needs. But she wasn't brave, and despite the obvious desire in his eyes, she could do naught but babble.

But then, then, he took a step closer to her. Her mouth snapped shut, and her eyes did a quick flick to his crotch. He's hard! Her pussy throbbed hotly in response, and she knew that there was no other end to this story other than the two of them fucking.

When her eyes returned to his, her heart skipped a beat. He was looking at her with an intense heat that she'd not seen in a long time. Obviously he'd noticed her eyes flick to the sexy bulge in his pants, and now that it was out in the open, he was going to claim her.

"Um..." she whispered, nostrils flaring.

"Um." he mimicked in a voice now low and husky as he approached her. Rose felt her knees grow weak as his body heat washed over her, causing her décolletage to flush pink.

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