tagRomanceThe Hot Gymnast Ch. 01

The Hot Gymnast Ch. 01



Monica was a young girl I'd noticed since moving into the neighborhood a month before. She had long, straight brown hair that hung down the sides of her face. Her small, but nicely rounded, breasts were molded high up on her chest, jutting out straight, firm, and slightly pointed. Her chubby, large shaped ass created soft curves on her chubby girlish body, and she looked incredibly sexy from behind. At the age of 20, almost 21, she still looked like a young girl.

She had an easy laugh and a loose manner, and I could sense her budding sexual longings in her shapely body. I found out later that she was a virgin, which was unexpected considering she was almost the legal drinking age.

She was a regular baby-sitter for the young family across the street and I would often see her playing with the toddler in the yard. She'd glance across the street at me as I worked in my yard and we occasionally said 'hello' to each other, always with a big smile.

One day, I watched her cross the street and come up to the house.

"Hi, I'm Monica, the sitter across the street. Do you think you could come over and help me set up the pool? I just can't seem to get it right."

I gave her a big smile and let my eyes scan her curvy body, dressed in tight jeans.

"Sure," I said, and we headed across the street.

It wasn't really a big deal and we got it sorted out and set up almost right away. She explained that she sat for the young toddler all day several days each week, except on the weekends. As we worked together setting up the pool, occasionally our bodies bumped and touched, and each time it was like a spark jumped between us. The sexual energy seemed to crackle between us, and when the sexy twenty-year-old girl looked at me I could tell she felt the same thing.

We talked about how hot the day was going to be and the need to cool off. When everything was set and the small pool was filling, Monica thanked me, her shy glance making her more attractive than ever. Then, she looked into my eyes with a decided boldness and asked if I wanted to come over later in the afternoon and cool off in the water, seeing how I'd done so much to help put it up.

I readily agreed. She told me to come over right after lunch time because that was when the child she sat for would be down for her nap. Then we'd have some free time.

After lunch I changed into my swim suit. I have two: a regular suit and a brief racing suit that I wear when I'm feeling adventurous. I put the racing suit on and a pair of cut-offs over them and headed across the street.

The back yard was surrounded by a large, solid wooden privacy fence about eight feet high. I found the gate and walked into the yard.

Monica was already laying out on a blanket near the small pool. She was lying on her stomach and, as I approached, looked up and turned over slightly, giving me a little welcoming smile. My cock gave a jolt. She was wearing one of those little bikinis, the kind that are held together with little strings. Two thin triangles of material barely cupped the roundness of her tiny little breasts and another, slightly larger, triangle spread up over her smooth, round ass. I could see the bottom part was held together by two short strings tied together on the sides of her hips. She looked incredibly sexy.

If she was going to wear that, then I wasn't going to be shy about my brief racing suit. As I came up to her I paused, unsnapped my cut-offs, and threw them over on the grass, settling down on the blanket next to her.

"Hi," I said, "you look terrific in that suit."

"Thanks, I like yours, too." She couldn't miss the large lump of my semi-hard cock.

We talked for a little while. I sat next to her as she laid on her stomach. I couldn't tell if she was looking at my prick or not. I sure couldn't take my eyes off her young, wide body.

"Could you put some baby oil on my back?" I heard her say after a little while.

I got up on my knees beside her, took the bottle of clear oil and spread some on my hand. I began to rub it into her back, my hand sliding over the string that held her top on. She could tell it was getting in the way and reached back with one hand, pulled at the knot, and untied the two strings, letting them fall off onto the blanket next to her body. Now, I could easily spread the oily over her smooth back.

I began at her neck, gently kneading the softness of the back of her neck and shoulders, letting my fingers caress and tease her young body. I used the tips of my fingers along her spine, around her shoulders and upper arms and down her back, occasionally letting my finger tips slip down underneath her arms and along the smooth side of her little breasts.

The young girl felt incredibly good as I spread the oil over her rounded, youthful body. My cock felt very hard, now, throbbing inside the brief suit I was wearing. The tip was beginning to push up against the elastic waistband and I knew if I moved too much it might slip out. Her head was laying on the blanket and was turned toward me. I couldn't see her eyes through her sun glasses, but felt her gaze as she stared at my prick.

Eventually, I began to work my way down her twenty-year-old body, inch by sensual inch. I let my finger tips follow her spine down to her lower back and the swell of her round ass. Her bikini bottom didn't even cover her behind completely, and the top several inches of the cleft of her ass ran up above her bikini bottom.

My hand slipped lower with each up and down movement as I spread the oil over her back. She hadn't said anything about stopping, so I wasn't about to. Down her spine, through the small of her back, and over the swell of her behind I worked the oil into her skin. My finger tips brushed the top of the cleft of her ass several times before I finally let my middle finger slip down a little more, sliding under the thin string that held her bikini bottoms on and slipping between the cheeks of her fleshy behind.

"You have a great ass," I said quietly, my hand now freely roaming and caressing the narrow valley created by her butt cheeks, gradually working my way lower and lower underneath the thin material of her bikini.

I hadn't noticed it, but the tip of my cockhead had pushed up and under the waist band of my suit and had popped out.

"You have a nice cock," I heard the twenty-year-old girl say with a slight giggle.

I shifted my weight a little so I could move my hand further down into the bottom of her swim suit and the move caused the head of my cock to slip completely free. It stood straight out the top of my suit, red and sticky from the drops of pre-cum juice that bubbled from the little hole in the tip.

The string holding her bottoms on was too tight and I couldn't get my hand any farther down the crack of her ass. With my free hand I reached down and pulled at the tie holding the left side together and gave a little tug. The knot pulled loose immediately, and my other hand slid down. I let my fingers play over the round undersides of her large, fleshy ass, my finger tips making little circles over the round softness of each large cheek.

Gradually, my fingers slipped lower along the crack of her ass, sliding it down over her virgin slit.

I could feel the softness of her pussy lips and knew right away that she had practically no pubic hair, just a little soft fur to tickle my fingers. I gently wiggled my finger back and forth over the folds of soft flesh, moving the thicker outer lips of her cunt back and forth, enjoying the sensation of fingering the young girl's pussy. She was already wet. I felt the oily wetness along her slit and it coated my finger tips as I gently rubbed them up and down, over her girl opening.

Her legs had been nearly together until now, and I felt her spread them out slightly, making it easier for me to play with her cunt. With more room I pushed the tip of my finger down between the outer lips of her pussy and into her a little. She was tighter than I thought she'd be, and it crossed my mind that maybe this was the first time she'd had someone slip a finger into her cunt. I wondered, too, if she'd even had one of her own fingers in that opening before.

I leaned over her, keeping my finger moving around the entrance to her moistening pussy, and pulled at the knot keeping the other side of her bottoms tied together. When it pulled free, I pushed the material of her bikini bottoms down and off until it lay on the blanket between her legs, her beautiful behind completely uncovered.

I pulled my hand out from between her legs and let my middle finger slide up through the cleft of her ass and over her back again. Using the back of my hand I pulled my finger nails lightly along her spine from her neck down to her ass, allowing my fingers to slip down between her legs and play with her wet pussy lips before dragging them back up and over her behind. Back and forth my hand traveled, caressing the young girl's skin. I felt her body shiver and wiggle slightly beneath the light touch of my hand. I love feeling and touching the bodies of chubby girl's like this.

Like many slighty overweight girls, she had an awesome ass: round, jiggly and soft with no blemishes and a deep crevasse running down between the round mounds of their behind. Monica's was perfect now, and I enjoyed letting my fingers run over the bottom curves of her big butt, slipping over the smoothness, now wet with the juices from her pussy.

As my own body moved I could feel the waist band of my suit work it's way down, my hard, pulsing cock being more and more revealed. I looked at Monica's face and could see her mouth and lips open slightly, her breathing fast and heavy as she became more and more aroused.

I began to concentrate my fingers more and more around her girl opening, plunging my middle finger further and further into her slit. In and out my finger moved several times until I pushed it all the way to her hymen. I finger-fucked her wet pussy, beginning to move faster and faster. I heard a low moan as the sensations began to build between her soft, chunky thighs even more.

The creeping of my swim suit down my cock was really beginning to bother me. With my free hand I pushed it down, lifting my knees, and sliding it off my feet.

My hard shaft stood out from my body, pulsing and erect, a drop of almost clear liquid flowing from the hole in the tip.

"Are you going to take my virginity?" I heard Monica say, her voice almost a whisper.

"Do you want me to?" I asked.

"Yeah, I do."

"Then do it, I'm so horny..please, but be gentle."

I moved over her reclining figure and straddled her large, rounded ass with my knees. Pushing my cock down, I rubbed it up and down through the narrow crack of her ass several times before wedging the tip into her little wet slit. When I felt the warm wetness of her opening close around my cockhead, I let go of my shaft and gently, but firmly, pushed forward with my hips. I didn't know how tight she would be; I was ready to deflower her.

I slipped in easily. I felt the first half of my cock slide up into her right away. Pulling back a little, I thrust my hips forward again, breaking her hymen penetrating between the young girl's pussy lips and slipping into her. With a final push I felt her smooth, fleshy ass cheeks against my loins and knew I was completely buried inside her cunt, my balls wedged tightly against her moist little slit.

I paused for a minute, wanting her to get used to my prick and wanting to enjoy the sensation of my hard cock pushed up into the tight, wet pussy of this young twenty-year-old girl. God, she felt great. The rounded curves of her shaply, large behind were wedged in the crease of my thighs as I sat mounted over the backs of her legs, our bodies making that pleasurable, hot connection. I could smell the musky odor of her pussy juice as her wetness spread over our loins.

Leaning down, I ran my hands along the sides of her body underneath her arms, feeling and caressing the soft skin of the sides of her little breasts. She moaned again, quietly.

"How's it feel?" I asked quietly as I made small circles with my finger tips over her smooth, tender skin.

"God, it feels sooo... good. It hurt a little but I'm ready.

As we talked I lightly caressed the sides of her soft, little breasts with my finger tips. She must have liked it because she raised herself up and supported her upper body on her elbows so I could reach around in front of her and play with her soft little nipples. I pulled and gently squeezed the two little buds, rolling them between my finger tips, exciting them even more. She moaned quietly, her head tilting back and her eyes closed, and I felt her wiggle her chubby, shapely ass against me as little jolts of sexual sensations ran from her breasts down between her legs where I was firmly and completely imbedded in her tight cunt.

"Mmm...it feels nice, having you inside me. God, I'm loving it when you play with my nipples like this..."

"It feels nice being inside you. I like sweet girls like you. You have such a nice, large ass and you're so willing to learn and to please."

I enjoyed our frank talk, and it made me like her even more. I put my hands down on the blanket on both sides of her "larger-than-average" body and began to move my hips slowly back and forth, making love to her. I looked down between the round globes of her ass and watched the incredibly erotic sight of my smooth, hard cock sliding in and out the tight, furry little pink opening between this sweet twenty-year-old girl's legs. Her wetness coated my shaft and made it glisten in the afternoon sunlight. I pulled out of her until just the tip was lodged in the entrance to her cunt, then slowly slid my prick back up into the young girl, the tightness of her pussy walls caressing and milking my cock.

I wanted to take my time. This is my favorite position, as I could caress. her round, fleshy ass and it felt so good against my thighs and lower belly as I move my cock in and out of her tight, young slit. I know, too, that in this position my cock rubed over her sensitive clit and that I can make her cum easier and faster this way.

Making love to Monica felt so good I didn't want to climax too soon, and I wanted her to enjoy this first experience. I stroked my cock fully in and out of the young college gymnast several times, then pushed up completely into her, pausing for a minute to lightly run my fingers over her back and sides again. I loved touching her tender young body and, at the same time, feeling her tight, wet cunt grip my shaft deeply up inside her.

"It feels so good to touch you..." I murmured, my hands traveling down her smooth back and over the roundness of her ass. I let my fingers roam over her young body, probing and caressing her openings. I slid my fingers down along the sides of my cock and balls, touching the base of my shaft where it disappeared into her slit and caressing the soft, wet skin of her pussy lips. My fingers tips ran along the crease of her inner thighs and I could feel the light, silky hair that sparsely covered her most intimate area.

With my moistened, oily fingers I caressed the cleft of her ass, sliding them up and down between the cheeks of her tight little behind, letting them linger over her ass hole and enjoying the feel of this other sensitive opening. Some day I'd like to show her the pleasure possibilities here, I thought.

The sensations were beginning to build in my balls as the intense erotic contact with her larger than average body aroused me to a new level. I had to get this young girl off, to cum inside her. Again, I supported myself with my hands on the ground on both sides of her and rocked back and forth, slipping in and out of her tight wetness. Little moans of pleasure told me she was feeling that fire of her first orgasm build between her legs, too.

From behind, I slid into her a little faster, a little harder. It was almost too good to stop. The tight, warm wetness of her pussy gripped and pulled at my shaft like another mouth and for a minute. She was so wet now, we both could hear the squishing sound of our sexual union, her ass slapping against me with each thrust of my hips.

Monica pushed back against me, her great ass tilting up toward the inward thrusts of my cock. Harder I glided into her, my balls slapping into her clit with each penetration. I could feel the tension of her orgasm build in her body beneath me as I rocked back and forth, my shaft plunging hard and fast into her sexy body from behind.

Both of us were breathing hard and fast from our sexual arousal, grunting and gasping from the exertion, the fires in out loins growing and spreading as we neared our climaxes. With each deep thrust into the twenty-year-old girl as I felt her ass push up against my loins. The lips of her cunt seemed to close around the base of my shaft and squeeze like a soft rubber ring with each hard, deep penetration. God, she felt good.


Monica's head suddenly came up from the blanket and she tilted it back, her mouth opening in a silent scream as her orgasm rushed over her. Her body tensed and I felt her push back hard against me, her cunt muscles gripping my cock deeply inside her as I came, too.

The first spurt shot hard up into her. With each contraction of my balls the incredible pleasure shocked my body as I felt each spurt of my cock spew cream into her young, large body. Over and over again the spasms jolted me as her pussy lips held my softening cock tightly inside her. I felt her push back against my loins, her ass wiggling back trying to get me as deeply inside her as she could.

"God, that was nice..." I murmured quietly, still sitting perched on the backs of her chunky thighs, my softening cock firmly held by the tight elastic opening of her girl slot. I gently caressed her back and shoulders, dragging the tips of my fingers over her smooth skin, just enjoying the feeling of the young girl.

"Mmmm..." she moaned in agreement beneath me, lost in that floating feeling that follows great sex. "You can come over and do this to me anytime..."

"That's an offer I'll take you up on," I answered.

"Guess I've gotta get back to work," she said. "Maybe see you tomorrow?"

"Sure. I work at night so I'm home most afternoons. Just come on over whenever you're 'in the mood'.

"God," she laughed, "I'm 'in the mood' all the time. I'm just glad I found someone else who could do me so good, like you."

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