tagMatureThe Hot Mom Ch. 02

The Hot Mom Ch. 02


Kevin made several attempts over the next week to see Angela again only to either have too much homework or not able to get her alone. They had their second game of the season and it was another away game. Kevin had a great game he scored forty points and pulled down fifteen rebounds; Jimmy scored eight points and handed out fourteen assists. Most of the assists went to Kevin, the game was a barnburner though and they managed to pull out 75-71 victory thanks to a couple quick baskets by a couple other members of the team. Kevin hoped that after the game he and Jimmy would be offered a ride home by Jimmy's father. Yet they were already gone by the time they got out of the opponents school and got on the bus for home. During the ride home it was Jimmy to give Kevin the opening he was looking for.

"My dad and I have to drive to my Aunt Janet's to pick up my little sister tomorrow." He mentioned to Jimmy.

"Oh yeah, so how long will you think you will be gone? I was going to pick you up tomorrow because we were going to get a pick up game going." Kevin asked.

"Well we are leaving at nine in the morning and the pick up game is not until noon, it is only a thirty minute drive there and back, I will tell Dad I have plans so we don't stay and chit chat too long." Jimmy explained.

"How come your mother is not going?" Kevin asked.

"Oh, she says she has too much laundry to catch up on, I think that is why dad is making me go with him instead." Jimmy said. "He really does not like Aunt Janet too much."

"Cool, I'm glad you will be back in time for the pick up game, maybe we can get the other guys to step up a little more with some extra practice." Kevin said as he put his headphones on and dozed for the rest of the trip.

The rest of the ride home his dreams were filled with the beautiful Angela and how he would go out to Jimmy's house early enough to visit her. It was only a matter of time until he would have his cock into a hot mom, instead of some high school girl.
The next day arrived and Kevin got up early enough to take a good long hot shower and he shaved. It gave him an excuse to put on some aftershave and not have his mother think he was up to something. He said his goodbyes to his mother and drove out to the home of Angela Winter's. Angela did not hear anyone pull up she was down in the cellar putting a load of laundry in the washer. She carried a basket from the dryer upstairs and then she took the basket upstairs. She put the basket into her son's room and then went to her own room; she took off the flannel night shirt she was wearing and put on a tight pair of faded blue jeans and an old flannel shirt of her husbands. Then she heard knocking at the front door, she ran her fingers through her hair and ran downstairs. She got to the door and opened it, she gasped when she saw it was Kevin and he did not wait for her to invite him in.

"Kevin what are you doing here?" She asked him with some annoyance in her voice.

"I'm here to pick up Jimmy." He replied. "Where is he at?"

"He went with his father to pick up our daughter; he won't be back for at least another hour." She explained. "You can come back then."

"Trying to get rid of me Angela, after what we did in the backseat of your van. I thought you would like to spend more time with me, so close that door and get over here." He said plopping down on the couch.

Angela shut the door and locked it, but she did not walk over to the couch, instead she stood staring at Kevin. She had a look of confusion on her face, as if she was a child trying to decide right or wrong.

"Kevin as much as you want me too come over there I can't, I'm a married woman and what we did was wrong and will never happen again." She said crossing her arms across her chest now wishing he had a bra on.

"Well if the mountain won't come to Mohammed or something like that." He muttered getting off of the couch and walking towards her in three quick steps.

He grabbed her by the arms causing her to shriek out in surprise and pushed her up against the door. He leaned into kiss her and she turned her head away quickly, Kevin then nuzzled his face into her neck. He began kissing and licking her neck up to her sensitive ear lobes. Angela could feel her resistance falter and her knees were getting weaker by the minute. This young stud and his big cock wanted to have her and she was becoming more powerless to stop him. After he finished with her neck he looked up into her face, he could see her eyes had now become glassy and he could tell that her resistance is gone. He leaned in and their mouths met, they were soon kissing passionately at the front door. Kevin slid his tongue into her mouth and she eagerly returned his kiss with a loud moan. He ran his hand up the front of her shirt and gave one of her breasts a gentle squeeze, he was pleased to feel her nipples were rock hard and she had no bra on. Instead of unbuttoning her shirt he reached up and ripped it open, sending the buttons everywhere. He dove down and was now suckling on one of her sensitive nipples making her moan aloud and hold his head to her breast. He worked his mouth over both breasts and had his older lover where he wanted her.

"Where should we do this?" He whispered to her.

"Make love to me in my bed." She whispered back.

As she tried to walk by him to lead him upstairs her grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. She was shocked when in one swift motion he picked her up and carried her up to her bedroom. The door was already open and he carried her over to the bed where he gently set her down. He then pulled off his tee shirt to reveal his muscular frame; Angela was getting the shirt off. Kevin reached down and undid the button on her jeans so he could slowly pull them down off of her long shapely legs. He then pulled her panties off to reveal her well kept pussy, the lips of the labia a light brown and he could see a beautiful pink on the inside. Her black pubic hair was short; it was very neat and almost as if she shaped it into a perfect v. He pulled his sweatpants off and she smiled when she saw his large throbbing member, she instinctively spread her legs and he climbed between them. He positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy and pushed gently to get the head of it in.

"Take your time baby; I'm not used to a cock as big as yours." She moaned aloud as he pushed another few inches in.

Gently he had his full length deep inside her hot warm pussy, she was very tight as he could feel the walls of her pussy grip him like a vice. Then he gave her a passionate kiss as he gently started to thrust a couple inches in and out, gently fucking her.

"Oh god it feels so good, go slow baby." She moaned digging her nails into his back.

For several long minutes he gently fucked his older lover, bringing to an orgasm as she was getting used to his size. Then he started to pick up the pace postponing his large member in and out of her faster. She was now grunting and groaning louder, he pushed her legs up onto his shoulders and he could swear he was hitting her cervix now.

"Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me stud, fuck me with your big cock." She moaned aloud.

"Yeah, you like that don't you. Oh yeah I'm going to make you a slut for my cock baby." He said as he was grunting harder.

"Oh god I'm cumming, oh god I'm cumming." She screamed aloud as she felt wave after powerful wave of orgasm. "Oh shit, I'm going to cum too, Ugh God!" He yelled filling her with his potent young seed.

He let her pussy milk his cock of all of his cum and then he pulled it out with a audible pop. Angela felt like she could hardly move after the hard physical sex she just had with Kevin. She grabbed some tissue and placed it between her legs as she could feel his cum ooze out of her. She began to cry closing her legs and curling up into a fetal position on her bed.

"What's wrong babe?" He asked spooning next to her.

"I'm such a slut, I saw your big cock when you slept over and I have been wanting it ever since. Now I let you fuck me on my marital bed, the bed I share with my husband, oh I'm such a slut now." She sobbed.

"No, no you are not. You are one beautiful lady Angela, I guess you just have desires that you need fulfilled and you need to have satisfied." He said trying to soothe her.

"I mean it Kevin we can't ever do this again, Al would be devastated Jimmy what would he think." She said pulling away from him and running to the master bathroom. "Kevin you better hurry and get back out to your truck, act like you just got here or something."

He could hear the bathroom door lock and the shower come on; he knew that this session was over. But how could she not want to do it again after he just rocked her world for the first time in her life. He got dressed and did as she said, going back outside and sitting in his truck. Jimmy got home and the two of them were off to play hoops, Kevin a few hours later brought his friend home. He could see Angela glance from window and he waved as she quickly closed the drapes. The team had played in it's third straight road game, this time they won again Kevin though did not have as good of a game as usually did. He only scored twelve points, they were lucky that the other team was not that good and they played good defense. Angela was in the stands but did not say anything or wave to him when he waved to her. She must have really meant what she said when she said that they could never do this again. Once again they rode home on the bus and on the way home they discussed that Friday was going to be the homecoming game against the toughest team in the league. Then the following Saturday they had a big homecoming dance and Jimmy was excited that Mary Beth Richards the head cheerleader had agreed to be his date.

"Do you have a date?" Jimmy asked.

"I have not had a chance to ask anyone." He replied.

"Well if worse comes to worse maybe I can get Mary Beth to have her friend Christine to go with you." He said to his friend.

"We'll see." Kevin muttered.

The following day in school Kevin found out that Angela was a volunteer to help set up and plan the homecoming dance. So he asked Jimmy how he could help out with the planning and other stuff.

"Well we will be spending the rest of the week getting all of the decorations made so that Saturday we can hang them all up. We have this giant banner we are working on right now, I'm sure my mom will thrilled if you help out." He explained.

Thursday night Kevin showed up in the school gymnasium to help the homecoming committee make decorations. Angela gasped when she saw him come into the gym; she did not think he would go this far to be around her. She hated to admit that he was a pretty big help and they got everything done in no time at all. Mary Beth was talking on her cell phone and she stomped her foot in a fake pout, and then she shut it. She walked over to Jimmy, Kevin and Angela; they knew she was going to ask something of them.

"Jimmy could you take me home, my dad is working late and mom does not feel good." She said.

"Sure I guess let me ask my." Before he could finish the sentence Kevin grabbed his arm and pulled him aside.

"Dude is you nuts, ask your mom if you can take her home and I will take your mom home in my truck." He explained.

"Oh wow you saved me from making a total ass out of myself. You don't mind taking my mother home?" He asked.

"No she is no problem." Kevin replied. "Mom would it be okay with you if I took Mary Beth home and Kevin has offered to take you home." He suggested to his mother.

"I guess." She replied realizing she was now in a rock and a hard place.

They watched as they went out to the parking lot as Jimmy and Mary Beth left in the family van. Kevin held open the passenger seat door for Angela as she climbed into the truck.

"That was really cool what you did for Jimmy." He said to her. "He really likes Mary Beth."

"Thanks, I just hope he is careful." She sighed.

"I can't stop thinking about you, us." He said looking over at her.

"Kevin please just takes me home." She pleaded with him.

"Sure I just want to do one thing first." He said turning down Miller road.

"Kids still come here?" She asked.

"Yeah they do." He replied pulling up out of sight of the other cars.

"Hey that is my van!" Angela exclaimed.

"Let's just sit here and watch, see if Jimmy is careful." Kevin said.

Sure enough they could see two figures make their way to the back of the van; they could tell they were kissing passionately. About fifteen minutes later the van was rocking back and forth, Angela could not believe her boy was now a man.

"We should get going." Kevin said leaving the dead end road.

Angela fidgeted in her seat; she looked nice wearing a tight pair of grey slacks and a tight black turtleneck. Kevin pulled off to the side of the road about a half mile from her home. He moved closer to her and put an arm around her to pull her tight to him; she let out a soft whimper when he did. The two of them began kissing passionately in the truck and his hands roamed her body.

"Get out." He whispered.

"Why it's cold out." She said.

"Just does it okay?" He replied getting out of the truck. They got out of his truck and went to the front of it, and then they resumed kissing again. Kevin undid her slacks and spun her around quickly, he then slid her slacks down and got her to step out of them. Then he pulled her thong off, only this he put into his pocket, she tried to turn around. He quickly put and hand on her back, he pushed her forward until she had place both hands on the truck for support. He then pushed her legs apart; he stepped up behind her and slid his cock into her pussy. She moaned as he shoved it into her hard, then she began to fuck her from behind, she could believe she allowed this to happen again and only a half mile from home. Kevin got close enough to where he had one hand up her shirt fondling a bra clad tit roughly and the other holding onto her nice round shapely ass. He thought it would be funny if she had to explain to Al why her tits and ass looked like it got pawed.
Angela was cumming and she was hoping he would now cum too, and then with several loud grunts he shot his cum into her. The two of them stood and kissed, and then she got her slacks back on. They were uncomfortable to wear with cum oozing out of her pussy and Kevin keeping her thong as souvenir. When Kevin dropped her off she was surprised to see her husband's car in the driveway with a little sports car next to it. She got out of the truck and Kevin left her at her home, she went inside the house for a surprise.

"Honey you remember Davey Morton." Her husband Al said enthusiastically.

"Yes, I do you and Davey played on the last winning team in our school, he was the star player." She said.

"Hey Angela, you look great." A tall good looking man said coming out of the kitchen with a beer.

"Wow you do too Davey, nice to see you." She said as he gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek that almost touched her lips.

"I'm transferring back to town as the plant manager at the factory." Davey said. "Al offered to let me stay here on the couch this weekend; all of the motels are booked for homecoming weekend."

"Well that sounds nice of Al, especially seeing how he did not ask me if it was okay." She said annoyed at her husband.

"Honey we go way back, it should be okay for the weekend." He said to his wife.

"I guess." She said. "I'm tired and Jimmy had to take Mary Beth home, I got a ride with Kevin. I'm going to go up to bed we can catch up tomorrow Davey."

"Sure Angela, good seeing you again." Davey said as she left them to talk about the team.

Angela could not believe how unlucky she was and how this could ruin the weekend, she remembered how much of a horn dog Davey was when he was younger. She could only hope she would not have a horny adult and a horny teenager to fend off at the same time.

Next chapter Angela remembers an incident with Davey from high school, Davey meets Kevin's mom, Kevin and Angela try to steal some alone time at the dance.

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