tagMatureThe Hot Mom Ch. 03

The Hot Mom Ch. 03


The next morning Angela got up and went through her usual routine, after showering and getting herself ready for work she then got the kids up and her husband. Her husband let Davey use their bathroom first and then he was getting in. By the time he was done Angela had already had her daughter on the bus and her son got a ride with Kevin. She returned to the kitchen to put the breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, as she bent over her red lace thong showed.

Davey stood in the doorway admiring her well rounded backside and let out a snide little chuckle. Angela was startled and nearly jumped a mile high at the shock of her husband's old friend leering at her.

"Just as hot today as you were all those years ago in school, remembering that night after graduation?" He asked her.

"Please don't bring that up, not in front of Al." She said not turning to face him.

"I remember how hot you were that night, down on dead end Miller road, in the back seat of my dad's caddie." He said coming over next to her and pouring a cup of coffee. "Well those days are probably over; years with Al have probably cooled you down."

"Those days are definitely over Davey." She said to him thinking if you only known.

"Hey hon. we will grab something on the way, we are running late." Said her husband Al coming into the kitchen.

"Come on, we can take my car." Davey said to Angela winking at her as they departed.

After she heard the car pull out of the driveway Angela went into the living room and sat down on the couch. She knew she had to leave shortly for work herself but she could not help but to think of the night she and Davey almost had on Miller road.

She put her feet up on the couch and closed her eyes, her mind filled with the night in question. Davey had called her up after he found out Al had to work late and would not be able to keep her date. He told her how Al said that it would be okay if she went to the movie with him instead. Al back then had this hero worship of Davey and would let the jock talk him into about anything even letting him take his virgin girlfriend to a movie.

She remembered what she was wearing a tight purple tank top on that hot summer night and a pair of jean shorts. She remembered watching the movie and then driving in his father's car, when he turned down Miller's road she did not say anything in protest.

Al never took her down that road and she often would wonder what went on when kids went down it.

Angela sat dumbfounded in the front seat when Davey got out and walked around to the passenger side and let her out. He then ushered her into the backseat and he sweet talked her into making out with him. Back then she could remember having a sick feeling in the back of her stomach over what she was doing now she could only see this as the hottest sexual experience of her young life at the time.

Angela now had her shirt unbuttoned and she softly running her hands over her firm bra clad breasts teasing the nipples through the material. She could now remember fighting off numerous attempts by Davey to feel her breasts back then. Finally he unhooked her bra and she was getting so worked up by his experienced kissing to let him feel her up. It felt electric when his hands were gently squeezing and needing her flesh of her firm breasts. She could feel his tongue slip out of her mouth and work its way down her neck to a sensitive nipple.

Her right hand now slid down her flat stomach and she undid a button on her slacks, she slid the zipper down. She spread her legs and slid her hand down inside her thong, through her pubic hair to her wet pussy. She was now thinking it was Davey's hand as he too explored further and got her shorts undone, he had his hands down her shorts and he was frigging her pussy. She never had anyone do this to her before and she was panting hard as he brought her to orgasm in the backseat.

On the couch Angela was now frigging herself in frenzy; she was thrusting her pussy against her hand wildly. Just like in the backseat she was now cumming all over a hand only this time it was her own. Once her orgasm subsided she called work and told them she was running late, she washed up and re did her make up, putting on some fresh perfume. Then like all of those years ago she was out the door, when Davey tried to get her shorts off after her orgasm he paused to pull his own jeans down, she came to her senses during that brief interlude. She pulled her tee shirt down and buttoned her shorts back up; she ran out of his father's car and walked home.

At work with Al and Davey, Al gave him a tour of the place and they found the office where Kevin's mother was working. Al brought him in to introduce the two of them and to the mother of the schools star player.

"Davey I'd like you to meet Sharon Adams the mother of our new star player Kevin Adams. She just started here a couple months ago and has been a fine addition to the company." Al said.

"Sharon, so you are the mother of the boy I've heard so much about." He said shaking her soft hand.

"Nice to meet you Davey, are you happy to be back?" She asked.

"Well years ago I could not wait to leave and now I'm happy to be back." They both laughed. "Sharon seeing how both of us are new and the homecoming dance are open to alumni, parents and students I was wondering if you would accompany me to the dance?"

"We just met." She said shocked.

"Okay I will take you out for a nice dinner so we can get to know each other a little better." He said making her giggle.

"What the heck, I guess it could be fun to have a date." She said accepting the date.

Davey eyed the mother of the star player for a moment as she got up from her desk to get a file from the filing cabinet. Her shapely figure was very alluring in the business suit she was wearing and he could tell she was quite chesty. He was definitely looking forward to seeing her on Saturday night.

The homecoming game came and they pulled off an amazing come from behind victory led by Kevin and Jimmy. The two of them got there inside outside game working and they combined for forty points in the second half the rest of the team played great defense and they won by a score of 86-80.

Everyone was looking forward to the homecoming dance the next night, Kevin decided to go stag. Jimmy and Mary Beth were going together; Al and Angela were going and his mother and Davey. When his mother came down the stairs in her short black skirt and her tight red silk shirt, Kevin gasped.

"I take it I look good." She said to him.

"Heck if you weren't my mother I would take you tonight." Kevin said.

"Well I guess the date I have for tonight is a lot like you." She replied.

"Really, I was going to ask who this Davey guy is anyways." He asked his mother.

"Apparently he went to school with Al Winters years ago, he seems nice and Al said he was an okay guy." His mother explained.

"Well if Al says he is alright, I guess you can go with him." He said kissing his mother on the cheek. "Have fun."

"Thanks Dad and do I have a curfew tonight?" She asked giggling.

"He better have you home by midnight." Kevin chuckled.

"Oh there he is and he is taking me out to dinner first." She said putting on her coat and going out the door.

Kevin watched from the door as his mother went down the walk and got into the car with this guy he did not know. He was tall and athletic looking, was he really me twenty years ago, will I grow up and a single player like him. He shook the image from his mind and went upstairs to get ready himself.

Kevin got to the dance and he stood by the wall of the gym scoping out the lay out, he was looking for Angela. He saw her and her husband talking with his mother and Davey by the punch bowl. Then he saw Jimmy and Mary Beth on the dance floor, Jimmy gave him a small wave trying not to let Mary Beth notice he did it.

About an hour into the dance Kevin finally got his opportunity to talk to Angela alone, Davey and his mother were dancing, Al was over on the other side of the gym talking to several men he knew. Kevin approached her slowly and admired the view at the same time; she had really out done herself tonight.

Angela was wearing a very short skirt that showed off her long stocking clad legs and the blouse she wore was low cut. Even though her breasts are small they are still worth trying to steal a glimpse or two at. He got to the table and poured himself a punch, he gave her a smile and she returned it.

"Wait a few minutes and then go out, if anyone asks you are going to the bathroom." He told her.

"Okay." She said.

Kevin walked out of the gym and waited out in one of the empty hallways, a few minutes later Angela came out to join him. He took her by the hand before anyone could see and led her to the teachers lounge. The door was not locked and once inside he locked the deadbolt knowing only person with the key was the head custodian.

"Oh Angie you look so hot." He said kissing her passionately on the mouth.

"I thought you would like this skirt, Al is pissed that I'm showing off so much leg tonight." She panted as she pulled off his shirt.

Angela kissed her way down his muscular chest and stomach; she sat down on the couch in the lounge and undid his pants. She pulled his hardening cock from his pants and ran her tongue up it lovingly. She had never been this brazen when performing oral sex on her husband. The room was usually darker and she would never allow him to see her put it in her mouth turning her body away from him so he could not see her perform the act.

Her hand stroked his cock up and down, while her mouth continued to plant soft wet kisses on it. Soon he was rock solid and she then engulfed him into her mouth, you could her mouth slurping as she sucked on it hungrily. Kevin placed a hand on the back of her head and slowly encouraged her to move her head up and down.

He stopped her a few moments before he was going to cum; she pulled off her blouse and undid her bra. Kevin kissed her on the mouth and then he laid her down on the couch, he suckled on her sensitive tits making her arch her back up to him. Then he kissed his way down her stomach, he sat up and then pulled her legs straight up. He pulled the stocking off, to discover that tonight she wore no panties and she had completely shaved her pussy.

Kevin returned the favor and got down between her legs so he could sample her musky pussy juice. He worked her clit with his tongue in a rapid flicking motion and fingered her pussy at the same time with two fingers. Angela began to hump his face like mad as she was cumming, Kevin waited for her orgasm to subside and then he got up and shoved his cock in.

"Ugh, uh, fuck me honey." She moaned.

Kevin fucked her fast and hard in the teachers lounge, her pussy was wetter than he could remember from the last two times they had done. She was really hot and horny tonight; she pulled her legs up tight around his hips squeezing him in deeper. Their lips mashed together whenever they kissed and her breasts felt as if they were on fire whenever he sucked on one or touched them.

"Oh Kevin, oh yes I'm cumming again. Oh yes, yes, oh cumming." She moaned aloud.

"Yeah, my hot milf likes that." He said to her as that orgasm subsided.

"Like, oh god I love it." She said to him.

"I'm going to sit up and I want you to climb on and ride my big cock." He told her pulling his cock out with a pop.

He got out from between her legs and sat up on the couch, Angela got up onto top of him straddling him. Then she eased herself down on top of his cock, once she got used to the new position she began to ride his cock up and down.

Kevin roughly grabbed her ass with both hands and sucked hard on her tits; Angela was moaning and panting very loudly with passion. If anyone walked by they would definitely know someone was getting fucked in the teachers lounge.

"Oh shit Angie I'm going to cum, oh yeah here it comes." He groaned.

"Yeah Kevin, cum into me, oh yeah shoot your load in me." She begged.

She rode him long enough for him to finish shooting his cum into her, and then she got off and cuddled up next to him fondling his flaccid member. They kissed tenderly for several moments and then got dressed to return to the dance. They would both stop at the bathroom and freshen up though before returning.

"Angela there is something I need to know before we go back in." He said to her.

"What is that honey?" She asked.

"Are you using any birth control or anything, I let it slip my mind by not getting condoms, because you are an older woman and not some little high school girl." He explained.

"Don't worry I've been on the pill since my daughter was born, been trying to get Al to get a vasectomy but he refuses." She explained.

"That is a relief." He said holding the door open for her.

The two of them went back into the gym, they could see Al looking for his wife and he smiled in relief when he saw her. Davey and his mother were leaving, Kevin also found out that Jimmy took Mary Beth home already; she claimed not to be feeling well.

"Hey Kevin we are having an after party at my house, the parents are out of town." Donnie the team's small forward said.

"Sure Donnie that sound cool, if you will excuse let me go say goodnight to my mother and her date." He said walking away before he could answer.

"Hey Kevin we are going to get going." She said to her son. "This is Davey Morton, Davey this is my son Kevin."

"Hey Kevin great to meet you, sounds like you are on pace to break my single season scoring record, well I guess it could not stand forever." He said shaking his hand vigorously.

"Nice to meet you too Mister Morton, hey Mom I'm going to go over to Donnie's for a little while after the dance if you don't mind?" He asked.

"No go ahead son." She said kissing him on the cheek and then leaving with her date.

Meanwhile at Mary Beth's house Jimmy had followed in the beautiful young cheerleader. She had just turned eighteen and her over protective parents finally trust her enough to leave her alone when they went out of town. She took his hand and led him up the stairs to her bedroom; she cleared the stuffed animals from the bed and laid down on it.

The two lay on her bed making out passionately, it had only been a few nights before that they lost their virginity to each other in the back of his mother mini van. Tonight however was going to be more special, she stopped kissing him long enough to light a big candle on her nightstand. Then she returned back to Jimmy and they continued to kiss, he unbuttoned her shirt and then he undid her bra. He was very gentle fondling her firm thirty six c breasts; her pink nipples were hard as diamonds. He then unbuckled the belt to her pants and unbuttoned them, he slowly slid his hand down inside. She was getting wet and even wetter from his touch; Jimmy was doing everything right as he made love to her.

Jimmy stopped rubbing her pussy long enough to sit up and take his clothes off and then he took her pants off, then her panties. He bent down and pulled a condom from his pants; he took it out of the wrapper and pulled it over his cock.

"This is not very romantic when I have to stop and put this on." He said to her hoping she was not disappointed in the delay.

"Less romantic if I'm pregnant and giving birth when the both of us are supposed to start college next year, I think it's very romantic that you think of me enough to use a condom." She said to him reassuring him.

"Mary Beth, I love you." He said climbing in between her legs.

"I love you too Jimmy." She said pulling him to her.

He gently eased his cock into her tight pussy, once he had himself all of the way in he kissed her on the mouth. He made love to his young girlfriend with slow loving strokes; he paid close attention to what she liked and what she did not respond to. Surprisingly their lovemaking lasted over a half hour and he managed to bring her to several wonderful orgasms, Jimmy filled the condom that when he took it off in the bathroom down the hall he thought he would have overfilled it.

When he got back to the bedroom she giggled looking at him naked and he smiled back realizing she had put her pajamas on after he left. She patted the bed and he slipped his boxer shorts on, then he climbed up next to her. The two of them talked about the dance, the future and how much in love they were. They eventually fell asleep in each others arms, which would lead to trouble later on for Jimmy.

At Kevin's house his mother and Davey had arrived, they were going to have a night cap. She made a couple of jack and cokes for them, and then she joined him on the couch. They sat on the couch for a while making small talk, then Davey made a move on her. He leaned in and kissed her on the lips surprising her with his boldness.

"Davey I don't usually do this on a first date." She said to him pulling back.

"I'm sorry; you look so hot tonight I could not help myself." He told her.

"Well you are a very handsome man, I would not mind going out with you again." Sharon replied in kind.

"Have you dated much since your divorce?" He asked her.

"No, actually you are the first one since the divorce." She said to him. "It has been almost two years now."

"You don't miss the touch of a man." He said to her moving himself closer to her.

"Well of course I do, I just have not had the time, career and son." She explained holding his hand.

He took her hand and slowly placed on his lap, she stared at him in utter disbelief when he did this. Yet she did not do anything to stop him from doing it either, she could feel his bulge and it was large.

"Feels good don't it." He whispered to her.

Davey removed his hand from hers, she left her hand on his lap and he reached up and undid the buttons on her blouse. Then he reached up and unhooked her bra freeing her breasts, they were large and working out at the gym had made them firm again.

"Sharon takes it out." He whispered to her.

She slowly with trembling hands now undid his pants and pulled his cock out of them, he had at least seven inches of hard cock sitting next to her. He smiled at her and ran his hand through her hair; as if she was in a trance she let him pull her head down to his cock. She automatically opened her mouth and sucked him in, he moaned as her wet mouth engulfed his prick.

Davey humped his cock in and out of her mouth; he held her head in place while so she could not pull away. Soon he was ramming its full length in and out of her mouth; he could feel it hit the back of her throat. Davey was using his other hand too play with her tits roughly and fondle her ass. Soon he was shooting load after load of thick cum down her throat making her cough and gag.

He released his grip on her head and let her up, cum was running down her chin and she had tears in her eyes. Davey put his cock back into his pants; he stood up and rearranged himself.

"Wow, that sure was great, I will call you sometime or stop by your office, we should really go out again sometime." He said to her putting his jacket back on.

"No, no Davey I don't think I want to see you again, would you please leave." She said wiping the cum from her chin and then grabbing some tissue to dry her tears.

"Oh don't be bitter, I said I wanted to see you again." He laughed leaving her alone to be disgusted by what she had just allowed to happen.


Next Chapter: Davey makes a move on Angela and he visits Sharon in her office, Kevin struggles to find time alone with Angela as he thinks he is falling in love with her. Jimmy and Mary Beth continue to explore each other further as they learn about sex with each other.

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