tagMatureThe Hot Mom Ch. 08

The Hot Mom Ch. 08


Sharon went downstairs the next morning with a pounding headache; she went into her kitchen and made a pot of coffee. She stood in the kitchen wearing just her short silk robe with just a thong on underneath it. She did not hear the kitchen door open and Chris come inside; he crept softly up behind her.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the back of her neck softly, she could feel his erect male hardness press against her ass. She stiffened up as the young man whispered in her ear how great she was last night and then she remembered being half buzzed and giving him a blow job last night.

She turned around and pushed him back away from her making him let go of her and he looked at her in stunned silence. She was sorry for what she did last night and she could not let it happen again.

"Chris, look about last night, I was drunk and I did a really stupid thing, I'm sorry but there is no way I can do it again." She said.

"Damn, I thought we had something, you know it's every young guy's fantasy to either score with a friend's hot mom or a sexy older lady." He said to her rubbing his hard cock.

"Chris please doesn't be so crude." She said commenting on his rubbing himself.

"I can't help it Sharon, c'mon one more time." He said.

"Chris no, we can't do that again." She said to him moving away from the counter and getting a cup from the cupboard revealing the some of her round ass.

"I tell you what." He said pinning her against the counter. "You let me fuck you right here in the kitchen and I will never mention this to anyone or ever ask you for sex again."

She did not say anything when he slowly opened her robe and grabbed her bare breasts, rolling his thumbs over her sensitive nipples. She shuddered at the touch and let a soft moan escape her mouth, she knew it was wrong yet she had longed for the touch of a man who wanted to please her as much as she wanted to please him. Even though this was a handsome young man of eighteen she needed to feel him close to her.

"Okay, this is it; I mean it never again after today." She said kissing him. "Promise me, because if anyone finds out about this, I will deny it and Kevin will probably beat your ass for spreading rumors about his mother."

"Yes I promise, now let's get on with this." He said kissing full on the mouth and instantly pushing her lips apart and sliding his tongue in.

She allowed him to slip her robe off of her and stood in her kitchen almost completely naked. Chris had one arm around her waist and the other playing with her big tits, as they kissed passionately he slid his hand down and pulled the fabric of the thong apart. He rubbed his finger between the lips of her wet slit; he slowly rubbed her pussy, teasing her sex with his finger.

He then surprised her when he broke off the kiss and suckled on her tits, he licked and swirled his pink tongue around her nipples. Sharon moaned aloud at the sensation of his tongue teasing her puffy nipples to their full erectness.

Chris then grabbed her by the waist and picked her up onto the counter and spread her legs, he pulled the fabric apart to reveal her neatly trimmed pussy and he licked it up its full length with his tongue. Then he concentrated on her clit flicking his tongue around it furiously and he was also frigging her with two of his fingers. Sharon humped her pelvis against his hand and face, she was moaning loud as her pussy was cumming it delicious juices down his chin.

He picked her up again and laid her on the oak kitchen table which sat low enough for him to get between her legs and slide his cock into her. He fucked her fast and hard, her pussy was warm and tight, it wrapped around his cock and squeezed it with every thrust.

"Oh fuck Mrs. Adams you sure do have a tight little pussy." He grunted. "Oh shit this is worth a one time fuck with you."

"Oh yes baby, fuck me hard. C'mon pound that cock into me." She urged him on as she squeezed her big tits together.

He fucked her until she had a powerful orgasm and then she told him this was getting to uncomfortable for her. She had him sit down and put his legs together, and then she turned around and sat down on his cock in a sitting position. She moved up and down on his cock, Chris reached up behind her playing with her tits, he could not believe how hot of a fuck she was being.

"Reach down and rub my clit baby while you fuck me." She urged him.

He reached down and began to rub her clit hard as his cock slid in and out of her pussy, he could feel her cumming and she moaned louder.

"Oh fuck yes, yes, oh fuck, oh yes I'm fucking cumming." She screamed.

"Oh fuck me too, me too." Chris groaned shooting his thick young cum into her.

After they were done, she made sure he understood no matter how good the sex was between them this would never happen again. He left happy and dejected at the same time, Sharon sprayed some air freshener around the kitchen and then went upstairs so she could shower.

She figured she should peak in and check on Kevin, she opened the door just a little bit and was shocked at what she saw. Angela was up on all fours sucking his large cock; she could not get over how much he took after his father in that department as she stood mesmerized at the sight.

Sharon could hear her son's fingers sloshing in and out of her wet pussy and she realized that he must have fucked her last night as well. She watched as Angela stroked it up and down with one hand and alternated licking and sucking with mouth. She could not get over how lovingly she was with his cock and how she moaned as he fingered her from behind.

"You want to fuck me before I have to go home?" She asked him between sucks.

"Yes." He said as she now swung her legs up and over him, straddling him.

She lined her pussy up with his big cock and eased herself down easily onto it, and then she sat straight up and rode slowly up and down on it. Her son took turns playing with her perky breasts and her lovely ass as she did. Sharon soon realized that they were not just having sex, they were making love. She watched as her son brought his older lover to an orgasm, paying attention to what she liked and keeping the pace to her liking.

Angela rolled off of him and he moved her up on all fours and got in back of her, he put it into her doggie style. He held onto her ass cheeks tightly as his cock pushed in and out of her pussy. Sharon could see it glisten in the dim light of his bedroom with Angela's juices.

"I love you." Angela moaned. "Soon honey we can be together all the time, like oh yes, oh god yes like this."

He was pumping his cum into her at the same time she was cumming as well, the two of the collapsed onto the bed together. They held each other kissing and caressing each other; Sharon finally broke away from his room and slammed the door to the bathroom.

"Shit, my mom is up." He said to her. "I love you."

"Yes I better get going; we will get together again soon." She said dressing quickly.

She kissed him on the lips and whispered an I love you to him as she quietly left the bedroom. She walked down the stairs quietly and left the house, heading back home; Kevin put on a pair of shorts and had to piss.

"Hey Mom, don't get out of the shower, I really have to go." He said pissing into the toilet.

"Okay." She said in a hoarse voice.

"So what is going on today?" He asked. "Anything good?"

"No, I need to go down to the office and catch up on a few things from being gone." She explained.

After her son left the bathroom she finished her shower, Sharon stood naked in front of the mirror and blown dry her hair. She put her robe on and went out of the bathroom and into her bedroom to get dressed. Today after the experience she had just had with her son's friend and watching Angela with her son she decided to wear a black thong and no bra today.

She slid on a pair of tight blue jeans and then put an old loose button up blouse on that no one would be able to tell if she was wearing a bra or not. Sharon said good bye to her son who was busy talking to someone on the computer, probably Angela she thought and she left for work.

Sharon got to work and unlocked her office and logged on to her computer so she could catch up on things she was behind on. The stack of papers on her desk needed to be filed and put away. She was interrupted by a knock on her office door; it was Al with her coffee mug.

"I saw that you were here and thought you might like some coffee." He said coming into the office.

"Oh yes thank you Al that was very thoughtful of you." She replied.

He set the coffee down on the desk out of the way of her paper work and he plopped down in a chair she kept in the office in case another office mate was going to stop by. Al looked as if something was bothering him today and he looked as if he needed to talk to someone.

"Al is something wrong?" She thinking if he only knew what his lovely wife and her stud of a son were doing behind his back.

"Yeah, it's Angela, I think my wife is having an affair with a younger man and is in love with him." He said softly as his voice shook.

"Oh Al, I'm so sorry." Sharon said to him trying to console him.

"She is instant messaging with this guy whenever she is on the computer, she gets text messages all the time now and we have not made love in over two months." He said to her as he began to sob.

Sharon got out from behind her desk and went over to kneel by his chair she put one hand on his shoulder and the other on his thigh. She could see the tears roll down his face as he sobbed at the thought of losing his wife.

"So what are you going to do, are you going to confront her or try to find out who this guy is?" She asked him.

"I think I know who the guy is, Davey called me to apologize for his behavior and to let me know he was leaving town and never coming back after he got fired for what he did to you. He let me know something, he said that the Mister Collins destroyed the evidence he filmed on his cell phone, and he says my wife and your son are having an affair." He explained. "I don't know how true this is, I mean Kevin is my son's best friend and we work together, he seems like such a good young man. It must be someone else, I her boss has a son who worked as an intern at the office she works at, she said he was always flirting with her."

"I'm sorry to tell you this Al; I just found out myself and have been struggling with this dilemma as well. When I came back from my sabbatical I found your wife and my son having sex. Then they had sex last night at the party she helped me chaperone, I'm so sorry." She said standing up and hugging his face to her chest as he sobbed.

He sobbed into her chest as she tried to soothe the pain he was feeling, the warmth of his body against her chest felt disturbingly nice. Al was so different than Kevin's father, he is warm, sensitive and in touch with his feelings. Her husband was reserved, confident and would never break down like this.

The sobbing soon stopped and she could feel Al begin to nuzzle his face to her neck, she could now feel his warm breath on it. He took a deep breath of her fragrant perfume that smelled so clean and soft; Sharon felt his lips softly kiss her neck. Al's hands now slid from her back to the front of her shirt and he slowly began to unbutton it. Sharon did nothing to stop him as he had the entire shirt open to reveal her naked breasts as he pulled it down her arms to have her naked from the waist up.

Sharon pulled away from him, he looked disappointed, yet she gave him a reassuring smile and went over to her door. She locked the door and went back over to him; she stood in front of him and straddled him. They were now kissing passionately, his tongue pushing its way into her mouth. He broke the kiss off and kissed his way down her chest to suckle on her large tits.

He alternated between the two of them and Sharon let out soft moans as his tongue slowly teased her nipples. She reluctantly pulled away from him and got on her knees in front of him. She undid his jeans and pulled his hard cock out of his pants, his penis was smaller than her son's, Davey's, her ex-husband and Chris. It was a nice average sized penis maybe a bit smaller than average, she then leaned down and engulfed him.

Al moaned aloud and grabbed her head, running his fingers through her silky soft hair as she bobbed up and down on his cock. She was slurping loudly as her saliva flowed all over the cock, she could get the whole thing into her mouth. Al made her stop short of him cumming and he stood up, he pulled her up and they kissed again.

He then slid her jeans down and pulled her thong off, they kissed some more again, this time Al was gently rubbing her pussy, playing with her clit. She was really wet and she enjoyed being with such a gentle sensitive man. He turned her around and slowly eased his cock into her, her large tits swayed slowly as he slowly and gently fucked her over her desk.

Al had unbelievable longevity and it felt so different to actually have someone caress her and make love to her. Even though his penis was smaller than any others she had ever had he still brought her to several nice orgasms. Her soft moans filled the office and his grunts of pleasure began to increase. After almost twenty minutes of making love Al exploded into her.

The two of them stood together kissing and caressing for a very long time, Sharon could feel his cum start to ooze out of her pussy and run down her leg. Al sat back down in the chair and he pulled her down on top of his lap.

"Wow that was really something." He whispered.

"Yes I really enjoyed it too." She whispered back to him.

"I think we need to sit down with Kevin and Angela, so we can talk." He said to her. "I won't expose their affair, we don't need any public embarrassment and I want to get a divorce, I know all of this is sudden and we were caught up in the moment, but I would like to keep seeing you."

"I think that is a good idea and I would like to keep seeing you, I never been with such a beautiful sensitive man. You things could get kind of weird, my son and your wife together, then you and me getting together. How do you think Jimmy is going to feel about all of this, after all Kevin is his best friend?" She asked him.

"Jimmy has a lot on his plate right now with a baby on the way and college next year." He said. "But he is a resilient boy and he will grow to accept all of this.

"So where do we go from here?" She asked kissing his neck.

"Well you go home and tell Kevin we are going to meet for dinner, I'm going to go home pack enough clothes for a week or two. Then I'm going to check into a motel, so I guess we better get going." He said.

The two of them got redressed, they kissed for a while longer and then they departed the office. Sharon did not get any work done, yet she felt giddy as she left, for the first time in a long time she felt love and not just lust.

Next Chapter: An awkward dinner as everything gets out in open and they finally tell Jimmy as the living arrangements change.

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