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The Hot Tub


Written by Renee

(We are a young married couple, in our upper-20s and have been long time readers of this site. We decided we finally want to share our own adventures with other readers. We want to stress that these entries unless noted, are 100% true, down to the smallest detail with no exceptions. That might make some stories less dramatic while making others more so. Though we both love good fiction, we really love reading true tales from people and we figured there might be a few who would enjoy reading our erotic tales from the past ten years.)


This particular tale happened in October of 2004, just two months before our wedding. My good friend, Amy, and I were out at a lake house with Derek after attending a college football game earlier in the day. It was just the three of us, which wasn't too unusual. We went about doing what we normally do on the weekends--drink, relax and have a good time. Amy and I had always been a little flirtatious towards each other, and this night was no exception. We talk a lot, laugh and tell each other how beautiful the other is. Derek is naturally quiet and reserved, so he doesn't mind just sitting back and observing--something he was going to be doing the rest of the night.

After watching some TV and getting liquored up, we decide to get into the hot tub. In the Midwest, it gets quite cold in the winter so hot tubs are a great commodity. Everyone got their suits on and a fresh drink and went outside to climb in. After some small talk about how much each of us loves the fall season, we start having some very open, interesting talks about sex. The conversation goes from why men like porn to masturbating. It turns out that Amy masturbates at work sometimes, and I realize that I'm the only one I know who actually has to WORK for 8 hours a day. Since she is so open about this, I figure anything goes at this point. I ask Amy if she has heard that hot tub jets are a good source of pleasure for women. She said yes, and I curiously place my hand in front of a jet, feeling the water. Because I'm tipsy and voyeuristic enough, I decided to half-jokingly test it out in front of my then-fiance and best friend.

"I'm just going to see what this feels like," I announce, turning sideways on the bench to face the blasting water. I slowly open my legs and let the force of the water hit my clit. Because it's a little strong at first, and because I'm not quite taking it seriously I let out a little laugh and narrate for them.

"Well...it's ok, kind of strong, but I could probably get off to it." I say.

And now that quiet fiance of mine pipes up, "Let's see it."

To my surprise, Amy actually says, "Yeah, that'd be pretty hot."

Wow. What the hell, I think to myself. "Ok, I'll try." Taking a deep breath to clear my confused, excited mind I turn back towards the jet. This time I allow myself to concentrate and really feel the water hit my pussy. It's still forceful, but definitely more enjoyable than before. I try not to worry about my audience and get into a good rhythm. Derek breaks the barely comfortable silence, "How does it feel?"

"Pretty good. But I could use some help, I think."

Again, to my surprise, Amy volunteers, "I can help."

Really? Oh God. What is she going to do? She scoots closer, gets behind me and starts rubbing my back. O.K. this is... absolutely fucking incredible. The first thing I notice is that her hands are so much softer and gentler than Derek's. Not necessarily better, because strong and manly is very good, but at the time, just perfect.

This is when things really get interesting. The next thing I know, my friend is slowly taking off my bikini top. My heart is racing, and I am so enthralled with her touch that I can't get enough. She then slides her hands around under my arms and starts rubbing my tits. That's always my favorite way to have my tits touched anyway, so now I can hardly stand it. The gentleness, the closeness, the openness and just the whole situation is exhilarating. I honestly kind of blank out the fact that my fiance is sitting right there through all of this.

She continues to rub my chest as I continue to work the jet. I hesitate before I start moaning, but everything feels so good I want her to know that I don't want her to stop. Her soft, small hands move up and down my stomach and chest, gliding over my hard nipples under the water. She squeezes my tits every once in awhile, not very hard, just the right amount. I really can't explain how good it felt.

Try as I may though, I get stage fright. No matter how amazing it feels, I can't bring myself to cum for some reason. So even though I want nothing more than for this to continue, I start to wonder if Amy is getting bored and or freaked out. So I fake it.

Yes, I know. Stupid, stupid, stupid. But don't worry, the story isn't over.

After my loud, amazing... pretend orgasm, I decide to see if Amy wants the favor returned. She is still sitting behind me, practically straddling me, so I reach my hand back and start rubbing her leg. She actually moans which instantly gets me hot again. I then move my hand closer to her pussy. She moans again and my excitement grows. Finally my fingers move gently over her pussy. She whispers almost in a gasp, "Oh god Renee." Holy shit, I think to myself, this is so cool, I've never had a girl want me like this.

I start rubbing her clit over her bikini and she moans some more. "That feels awesome," she whispers. I'm still so surprised how vocal she is. It makes me wish I would have told her how awesome it felt to have her touching me. I continue with my middle finger, gently putting pressure on her clit. Because of the position, and because I'm a girl, it's very easy for me to feel the right spot. I can also tell I'm hitting the right spot because of her reactions--her moaning, her legs shaking, her gripping my arm. She grinds herself into my fingers and with a few final movements; I bring a girl to orgasm. Not just any girl, my best friend.

We sit there next to each other as the glow of her orgasm starts to subside, and we start to giggle a little. We look over and Derek is just sitting there with his drink with this incredible look on his face and I think he is actually speechless. I ask Amy if she's ready to get out of the hot tub, and she nods. We get out, leaving my mute fiance' at the time to let the sights soak in.

Once inside I decide to tell Amy how amazing it felt to have her touching me, especially my tits. "Really?" she asks.

"You have no idea," I respond. "Actually, just let me do it to you once so you know what I mean. Trust me, it feels amazing."

She smiles. "Ok." Amy drops her towel to the floor and I lead her over to the couch. I sit down first, outstretched on the couch, and let her sit between my legs. I slowly start to untie her bikini top and let it fall off her shoulders. I notice that her tits are actually very similar looking to mine, same nipple size and color. I repeat exactly what she had done to me earlier. Starting by rubbing her back, I glide my hands under her arms and cup her breasts. "Oh my god," she says. "That does feel amazing."

For the next hour, that's what Amy and I did. We traded off molesting each other, and I was in heaven. Derek got out of the hot tub about 10 minutes after us only to find us still intimate on the couch. He smiled and took a seat on another couch in the corner. We pretty much ignored him, but I really don't think he minded.

I was so incredibly turned on by this point that I had to get off. A fantasy of mine has always been to hug and caress a naked woman and feel her tits touching mine. I asked Amy if she would mind helping me get off "again." She still didn't need to know I had gotten off yet.

"I'd love to," she says. "What do you want me to do?"

At this point I was behind her, so I asked if she would flip over and lay on top of me. She did. As each part of her body came into contact with mine, I got more and more wet. I couldn't believe this was actually happening. She knew exactly what I had in mind, and she gently rubbed her thigh into my pussy. My body tensed up and I knew that I'd get off for sure this time. As our soft, warm bodies brushed each other, I moaned and concentrated on rubbing her back, pulling her in tighter. My clit was swelling, and every thrust brought me closer and closer to cumming.

"That's perfect, keep doing that," I whispered.

Finally I felt that point of no return. I hugged Amy tight and let my body shake into hers, moaning more gently because of how close we were at that moment. It felt amazing to cum with a woman, and really amazing to share that moment with such a good friend.

I will never forget that night. My first sexual experience with a woman...but not my last.

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