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The Hotel


We were in my room on the bed. It was late so we decided to call it a night. She laid down beside me and turned her back in my direction. Soon she was out like a light, but I on the other hand couldn't sleep. My pussy is aching, dripping wet. Her body is amazing, gorgeous. She was laying in her bra and panties, her ass is perfect. The more I think about seeing her 38C completely naked. Mmm how great it would be to rub my pussy against hers. To feel her juices running down my aching cunt. I started to breathe harder and sharper the more I got turned on.

Finally I could no longer help myself and I slowly slid my hands up and down my body. I turned on my back to be sure not to wake her as I didn't want to freak her out. I mean she is my boss; I don't want to get fired over something as petty as her cunt being all over mine. The thought alone drove me crazy; if she were up in sure she would smell my juices by now.

I slowly took my clothes off, moving not even inches but centimeters. I had to proceed with caution. As I lay there naked the cold air hit my pussy. My clit is swollen and just begging to be pinched. I tease myself running my hands up and down and touching everything but my pussy. The wait is killing me but I need to enjoy this.

I slide my hands up and grab my breast. Rubbing my nipples and lightly twisting them, pinching every so often. It sends chills up my spine and throughout my body. I can't take it anymore and I put my hand on my clit. I begin to rub slow clockwise circles. The more I rub the wetter I become. I close my eyes and imagine that my boss is eating my pussy. Mmm baby yes! "Fuck my pussy babe, make me cum" I whisper to myself. I have one hand on my pussy and the other on my nipple. Damn this feels so good. I get more into it and start grinding against my hand involuntarily. I don't want to wake her but she's so fucking hot.

Knowing that she is lying here next to me only turns me on more. Part of me wants her to wake up, to see how she would react. Would she join me? I wonder what her pussy taste like. I am on the edge and I hear her moan. I freeze with fear. I quickly turn over and pretend to be asleep as she stretches and makes a trip to the bathroom. I peak at her as she walks and can see that her nipples are poking out through her shirt. My pussy tingles at the sight of those perky beauties.

Bouncing up and down as she walks I imagine her riding my cunt. I quickly slide my hand back down and close my eyes once more. I want to cum, no, I need to cum. My pussy is aching and I NEED to cum. I stick one finger inside and slide it in and out starting out slow. Then I stick another in. Finger fucking myself is great, especially when there's a risk of getting caught. The thought of her catching me only makes me drip more. I don't care if she does, I need this. I need this so bad right now. My heart is pumping and my fingers are moving in and out. I'm dripping but this isn't enough to make me cum right now, I need more.

I tweak my nipple and a small moan escapes. 'Mmm' I try to keep quiet but it doesn't seem to be working. I switch between tweaking my nipple and just grazing my clit. The feeling is amazing. I feel myself getting closer and closer to losing it. I begin to bite my lip and squeeze my breast while I finger myself faster and faster. 'Fuck' I whisper as I bring myself closer to the edge. I feel my body start to tense up and then my juices flow out from my aching cunt.

"Oh fuck, fuck me, mmm mmm, yes!" I lick my lips and keep fucking my aching cunt. God this feels so good, I don't want this feeling to stop. I feel my orgasm subside and I lay back on the bed. I open my eyes and see my boss standing in front of the bed rubbing her pussy. Her eyes are filled with lust and passion. Seeing her like that makes my pussy begin to tingle again. "I'm sor.." is all I manage to get out before she jumped on top of me and began to give me the most passionate kiss I had ever received. I couldn't believe this was happening to me. The longer we kissed the more she started grinding her pussy against my body.

Feeling her juices over my stomach felt amazing. I had never been with another woman before but I had always fantasized about it when I got off. It has to be my biggest fantasy. I slowly slid her body down and turned her over. This was my first time but I wanted to be the one in control. Once she was on her back I immediately began to suckle her breast. I nibbled at one nipple while tweaking the other. She let out a couple soft moans. Her moan was sexy, hearing it drove me over the edge, I instantly knew I had to hear it again. It's my job, I need to pleasure her. I ripped her panties, craving her pussy on mine. Her cunt was soaked. "Damn babe did I do this to you? I'm sorry, let me help you with that" I said as I ground my pussy into hers. I started off slow, not wanting to reach my second orgasm too fast.

Eventually I couldn't control myself. Her pussy felt amazing. Our clits rubbing back and forth, I reached out and put a hand on each of her breast. She grabbed my ass and began grinding against my motion. She matched my speed perfectly which made it feel even more amazing. "Oh shit" she said as I increased speed. You know how you see two sexy ass lesbians do it in the pornos? That was us right at that moment. If we were being filmed we would have sent anyone over the edge. I looked into her eyes and kissed her.

She was moaning through my lips. "I'm gonna cum" she said through her moans. I started rocking faster. "Uh uh fuck. Mmm mmm. Ah fuck me. Fuck me!" Her hips started bucking but I kept going. I didn't want to cum yet, I wanted it to last. One, two, three waves of orgasms shot through her body and I kept rubbing my cunt on hers. "Mmm you like that bitch? I'm gonna fuck you until your pussy is sore" She cried out "Please.... Fuck... me....dont....stop" She bit my neck and that made me lose control. My hips began bucking and that triggered her fourth orgasm. Bucking together our juices mixing.

I didn't want it to end, she felt so amazing. We lay there cuddling after the orgasms subsided. I whispered in her ear, "Fuck me again?" She looked at me and straddled my body. She began to kiss my neck and move down to my nipples. "Mmmm" I let out as she nibbled at one and twisted and pinched the other. She slowly made her way down to my cunt and began to lap up my juices.

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