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The Hotel


They put us on the second floor of the hotel as always. I have yet to figure out why the non-smoking is on the second floor and the smoking rooms were on the first. Smoke rises doesn't it? Trying not to grumble, but our toy chest and suitcases are too bulky to carry upstairs. The only good side is that I get to follow Donna up the stairs. The eye level scenery, that sways back and forth with each step is a great consolation for me at least.

When we reach the door, I set down the suitcase and start searching my pockets trying to remember where I put the key card. I seem to forget everything when I get excited, but eventually, the key card slides through and we stumble into the room. Kicking the door closed behind me, we barely have time to drop the bags before Donna wraps herself around me for a kiss. Sliding the toy chest out of the way she sidles up next to me for a proper hug. The kiss continues as our hands begin to roam over each others body.

Being long distance lovers, there never seems to be enough time to sate our passions so we make the most of the time we have. Which means these meets are even that much more important to us. Our clothes seem to understand our urgency as they almost magically fall to the floor. The kiss never seems to break until Donna feels the bed press against the back of her knees. I lower her to the bed, letting her drop for the last few inches startles her as she sinks into the mattress. This does give me time to drop to my own knees as I spread hers wide.

She is already moist, as my fingers spread legs further apart as my tongue slithers between. Reaching in my thumbs I spread her open and peel the hood away from her already pert nub. Smiling down at it I lean forward as my tongue sweeps forward and up over the exposed tip. It is so satisfying feeling that reactive quiver as it races through her body. Oh, the advantages of knowing those soft spots in her heart and as I continue licking, the lustful ones about her body.

Resting her feet on my shoulders with her knees parted wide I tell her, "Yes, just like that. Now hold still." As her ass lifts up and down just inches from my face I give her a lick as my hand reaches over to grab the toy chest. Blindly feeling about the toy chest I pop it open she starts to quiver with small orgasms. Her moans are coming more frequently, a telltale that she is about to have a strong orgasm.

A quick rummage through and I toss a couple of items at my knees. It is taking too long to find what I am looking for so I grab a vibrator. Moistening it with a couple of quick licks I spread her ass cheeks and rub it from the front to back between her angel wings. Settling it over her clitoris for a second and then back to her puckered ass. Letting it run rampant over the rim. As Donna starts to say, "You better lube that before putting it in." I smile and slowly push it away from her anus ring and up into the other entrance. Moving it in nice and slow as my fingertips rub over her clitoris. Only about halfway in her feet on my shoulders push hard as she goes rigid in orgasm. Her ass lifts into the vibrator sliding it the rest of the way in until only the edge of the base is showing.

As she recovers from the explosion, I return to the toy chest with one hand as the other presses on the vibrator as her contracting muscles try to push it out. Finally found all of the pieces I have been hunting around for I push the box to the side. Grabbing the straps I pull the Velcro straps apart and wrap a strap around one and then the other leg. Standing I press the vibrator fully inside of her and pull her legs together, saying. "You better not let that fallout."

Standing I walk around to the other end of the bed and take one arm stretching it up and over her head, I put a strap on it. Then I do the same to the other, clipping the two straps together with a tethering strap. Tipping her head upward so those lovely light blue eyes look up into mine, I say, "Spread your legs and push I want to see that vibrator explode out of you." With a smile, she does just that. A faint buzzing can be heard as it bounces about on the corporate style Berber carpet.

Shaking my head I hang onto the end of the tether and walk around and pick up the vibrator. Turing it off I use the tether to help steady her as she stands. An extra last second tug pulls her off balance. Falling into my arms as they wrap around her to hold her steady as I nibble her exposed neck. Grasping where the tether links her wrists together I raise her arms up and let the droop around my neck. With a swaying dance, I lead her around the beds on our way to the bathroom door.

Flipping the tether over the top of the door I pull her arms above her head and fasten the other end of the lead to the doorknob. Stepping out of the bathroom I pull her and the door toward me, effectively binding her arms loosely above her head. After a tug or two she realizes what I have done and starts to complain, but kissing her I say, "Stay still. I have presents for you if you are a good girl."

Hurrying over to the toy chest, I toss it up on the corner of the bed closest to her and start rummaging through it, thinking we really need to organize this better. Pulling out a blindfold I step up to Donna and say no peeking as I slide it over her eyes. Unable to resist I let my fingertips lightly slide down her nakedness to about her knees before pulling them away. Turning to the toy chest I lay out more of our toys. Trying to put them into some type of order as I go. Riding crop, vibrators, dildos, butt plugs of various sizes and types, rubber, glass, stainless steel oh my.

She is beginning to fidget. Nobody likes to be ignored when naked and helpless. Grabbing a feather I start coasting it over her body. Letting it swirl around her breast and down her side till it rests on her hip. Where it takes a sharp turn as it follows the crease to the lovely split between her legs. Letting it travel over her mound and down the inner thigh before spinning back up the other side and back to her breast. A light kiss on her lips as I pull away and drop the feather on the bed. She leans forward only to lose contact as the tether holds her back.

The frustration on Donna's face is evident as she strains against the tether. Not trying to waste any time I grab my bag and unzip it grabbing the plastic shopping bag that lays on top. Dumping the contents out I smile as I pick up one of the purchases. Pulling the price tag off I slide my hand through the wrist strap and grip the polished wooden handle. I fell in love with the look and feel of this wonderful toy at the store. Long thin leather straps dangling from the cherry wood grip. It creates an almost hypnotic effect as they sway back and forth. A slight twitch of my wrist sends them into a swirling motion. So simple to use, I played with it a long time before putting it on the counter to pay for it.

Donna's fidgeting is getting more pronounced, and I know it is rude to make her wait, but that is part of being a submissive. Waiting. The extended moments between actions only heightens the effectiveness of the next move. The mind wonders what is next, where it will be used and will it hurt or make one moan in pleasure. With a smile, I start the straps swirling around in a circular motion as I reach in with my foot to tap her legs apart. Once they are where I want them I reach between and run a finger between. Her hips try to follow my finger as I pull it away and set my distance.

The first strikes of the flogger traces across the upper right breast and continues on its revolutions. Donna pulls back startled as the light breeze brushes across her body, the sound of slapping leather on soft skin is loud and intimidating. The light leather tips of the flogger hit in rapid procession, once, twice, three, times on the same breast before switching to the left. She can't back up out of reach of the flogger as she tries to melt into the door stunned by the noise. Her brain doesn't have time to assimilate the measure of actual pain, it can only judges by the noise of the strikes. With a deft flick of the wrist I send the flogger into a figure eight left right left right, then another flick and the tips fly in reverse upward strikes instead of downward. Striking the bottom of her breast.

By the time the flogger has finished its alternating flight over her breast, she is panting and stunned by the attack. Rushing in I let the flogger fall from my palm, letting it dangle from the wrist strap as I mold her breast with my fingers. My lips kissing over each lightly red mark that I left on her breast. She tries to lower her arms around me, but the tether holds tight. Her smooth breast with lightly reddened marks drive me crazy as I can't get enough of her. Kissing her all over her breast, chest, shoulders and nibbling on her neck as I hold her close. I whisper in her ear, "Are you okay"

When she says yes, I give her a light kiss on the lips then step back. My wrist starts to vibrate causing the flogger to spin yet again this time in an upward motion. Stepping back the tips catch under her breasts bouncing from one to the other and then I dip my shoulder so the spinning leather fingers aline with her legs. Before she can react they start brushing her inside thighs and move up to her moist vee. She is quivering as the noise made from each contact adds a bit of a wet slapping noise. I worry about hurting her, except I notice her knees spread a bit wider opening herself up for my attack. To land unhindered wherever I want.

Reaching behind me I rake over the bed with my free hand looking for the touch of stainless steel that I know lay somewhere within the line of toys. Finally, the cool feel of steel is found. Pulling away from her with the flogger I look at the hook with a steel ball at the end as Donna straightens up and tests the length of the tether. Metal always feels cool to the touch. A perfect complement to the building heat of her skin. I lick the ball and as I lay the flogger in its place on the bed. Reaching down as I tap her feet apart again I spread her wings wide as the cool ball off the hook nestles between her lower lips. The one-inch diameter ball finds its mark and with very little lift it is swallowed, setting the hook. The gasp as it bursts inside her is worthy of a virgin having her hymen popped. Knowing her as I do, that moment in time has been long past.

With a firm grasp of the looped end of the hook, I let my hand vibrate the hook ever so slightly. The balled end vibrates over the sensitive nerve endings inside of her causing her to emit a primal moan as her body tightens and spasms uncontrollably. The sloshing of excessive moisture building surprises me, and then in fascination, I watch as she squirts streams of come between her legs. I pull the hook out as she stands spraying uncontrollably with legs apart and arms tied above her. Gasping, for air as I reach in and stroke her clitoris to extend the intense orgasm. Putting the hook back onto the bed I take her water bottle and put the straw end into her mouth and tell her to sip. As I put the water down I study her for a moment to make sure she is okay before asking her if I should let her loose. All she says is, "Hell no."

With a smile, I lift the mask up so she can see and ask her to turn around. Slowly she pivots against the door. Twisting the tether as she goes. With her back now to me, I pull the mask back down over her eyes and give her ass cheek a firm smack. Belatedly Donna tightens her ass muscles and pushes forward into the door as she lets out a yelp. Shaking my head I tell her, "We have neighbors. If you make too much noise I will have to punish you." and no sooner had I said that, but she replies, "Yea as if. What more could you do to me?"

Sliding a straight back chair over next to her I tell her to relax and lift her right foot up onto the chair and ask if she is okay like that. I watch carefully as she squirms around a bit to get into a comfortable position then says, "I'm good."

"Good", I giggle, "You are damn fine." as I place my hands on her ass cheeks and spread them apart. With one finger I slide it between her legs dipping it into a very wet slit. Sliding forward with it until I feel the nub up front. I swirl my finger around it she pushes her ass out to put more pressure on it. A deep moan escapes her lips as I continue to manipulate that lovely, sensitive spot. As the moan grows louder I smack her ass again with my free hand and then pull away from her.

Going over to my suitcase I pull open the bag again this time I get out a short, thick, rope, with a knot at both ends. Getting ready I reach around and pinch a nipple. As she says ouch I force the rope between her teeth. Clamping down on it instantly I whisper into her ear, "Open up and let me put it in the rest of the way in or I will pinch it again. Reluctantly she opens her mouth wide and I slide it in. Once in I ask if she was okay with it and after a slight pause nodded her head yes.

Leaning into her, my hands wrap around to mold her breasts as I nibble her neck. Stepping back from her I let my fingertips gently ghost over her body. Goosebumps form as my fingers swirl about her shoulder blades and down to her thighs before swinging back up her bare sides. To my excitement and her obvious pleasure a muffled moan escapes past the chew toy. I plant a kiss in the middle of her back and let my tongue glide upward causing another erotic reaction to the touch. It is amazing what such a simple action causes.

As I survey the assortment of toys laid before me on the bed there is thump, thump, thump, coming from next door. I giggle thinking next door is enjoying themselves also. Grabbing the lube I apply it to a set of anal beads and spreading that lovely ass wide I place it at the entrance. The puckered little hole moistens as I lube it up. The first bead swirls at the gateway. I say, "It will go slow, grunt if I take it to fast." and with that, the first bead pops inside. Swallowed whole as if her ass was hungry for the small grape-sized morsel.

The next couple gets swallowed up just as easily, but with the increasing size, each has to press in a little bit firmer. Pausing between each bead I wonder how far I should go, but as I ponder the next bead, I watch as Donna lowers herself onto the bead. Once it is inside and the contracting ring collapses back to hold it, she raises up and I prepare to press the next. Finally, as the twelfth bead disappears inside only the ring is left. Sliding a finger inside the ring I jiggle it slightly so as not to pull the last ball out, but so she can feel the movement of the string of balls inside of her. I plant a kiss on her ass as I release the ring in search of the next toy.

The light from the hotel lamp reflects off the hook's bigger brother to the one that I had used earlier. This steel ball is about an inch and a half in diameter. With the wider gape of the hook, it causes the shank to lean back giving a wider reach. Moistening the ball with a few licks I bypass the anal beads and slide it between her lower lips and finding the hole I lift upward. It doesn't take long before it passes through her moist lips and suck it also deep inside. Giving it a little jiggle to set this hook proper depth I snatch a bit of string from the bed. Fastening it to the eye of the hook and then up to the tether line so as she moves her hands the hook will move also.

Even with the little amount I am moving the hook as I tie it in place, she is close to another orgasm. With the hook in place, I took hold of her leg and moved the chair so she could lower her leg safely. Asking her to turn around again was not as easy with the toys in place, but she clenched and successfully turned bits at a time. Sliding the chair back next to her she places her foot back on the chair. I am anxious to inspect my handwork so spreading her lower lips wide I make sure everything is still in place. The hook and anal beads are still securely inside and of course, I have to touch each one jiggling them within her to hear her groan. What can I say, I love her moans and groans as I play.

With my thumbs, I peel back the hooding over her clitoris and let my tongue languish over that very sensitive nub. I didn't think the repercussions of this action through thoroughly as this would make her straighten her back and push back against the door. Licking and sucking the nub and surrounding areas as the pitch of her moans increase. Donna's hips thrust out fucking my face as I lick and suck her from one orgasm into another. Moving my hands back further I grab the anal beads ring and the hook. Pushing and tugging on them to cause further motion as I continue to lick her. Suddenly my chin and chest are soaked by her spraying orgasm. Her whole body goes rigid as she empties her come over me.

Holding her still until she can control her actions again I smile up at her as I watch her slowly come back down. Then climbing up her body I let my cock slide up her thighs until it rests firmly within her lower lips. Lifting the mask I let it fall to the ground as I remove the gag and look into her eyes. She leans forward and kisses me, which I happily return. Reaching up I untie the hook and then release the tether which held her still. Dropping to my knees I grasp the anal ring protruding from her ass and pull one bead at a time hearing a gasp as each ball is released. Bending at the waist she places her hands on my back to steady herself as the balls slowly emerge. Tossing it into the sink, I wrap my arms around her to grasp the eye of the hook still in her and walk her around to the other bed.

Her hands held at waist level I lustfully watch as she rolls her shoulders to loosen them up. Her breast sways with the motion. Damn fine tits on this woman. Pulling her into another full body hug we kiss as I carefully pull the hook out of her. Grabbing my shoulders she pushes me backward onto the bed as she says, "My turn." Climbing up on top she straddles me as she rips one wrist strap off and then the other. Tossing them onto the bed behind us, she bends over so her nipples are dangling before me. Then starts to rock them from side to side, letting them brush over my face as she pulls my arms up above my head and fastens the straps to them.

Oh, I love these trips.

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