tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hotel Balcony Ch. 01

The Hotel Balcony Ch. 01


The two of us together on a warm moonlit night, standing on the balcony of our hotel room, overlooking the gentle waves roll in towards an empty beach. The warm tropical wind feels good against your face. I stand close behind you as you look out over the ocean, my arms wrapped around you, holding you close while the heat from my body keeps you warm. Your silk night gown, feels electric against my skin.

My lips explore the nape of your neck as I fill my lungs with the scent of your perfume. My hands explore your bare shoulders and arms, grazing lightly over the skin.

My tongue traces along the base of your neck, feeling your racing pulse. A soft moan escapes your lips. I feel the goose bumps rising on your skin. You press yourself harder back into my warm embrace.

I slide my fingers under the spaghetti straps of your silk gown. My fingers caressing your skin. You turn your head back, your eyes closed, your lips parted waiting for my kiss. I brush my lips across yours, feeling your need; brush your lips again, this time with the tip of my tongue. You open your lips wider, trying to pull me inside. You turn in my arms so we face one another, our bodies tight together. My hands slide down to your hips, and around to the small of your back. I pull you closer. You can feel the effect you are having on me, and you roll your hips, hoping to add to my torture. Our kiss intensifies in passion. Our tongues duel, back and forth. Our lips locked together. I break off our kiss and slide my lips down to your throat.

The smell of your perfume is delicious. I work my way down your throat and across your shoulder. Our hips undulate together. I slide your night gown straps down off of your shoulder and trace my tongue down across the skin. My hands gather up the edge of your night gown and steal under it.

My hands are cool against your skin and it causes you to shiver again. I allow my hands to explore your hips and sides feeling all of your womanly curves.

I slide them upwards until my fingers graze your nipples... I feel them harden in my fingers, and I gently tease them until they are rock hard. You grab my head and guide it down to your breasts, thrusting them into my face and rubbing my face against them.

Tentatively, I reach out with my tongue and trace around each nipple. You reach down between us and slide your hand across the front of my pants, feeling my hardness.

You squeeze me through the thin material to see if you can get a reaction. I shudder slightly and push my hips in closer. You release the button of my pants and slide the zipper down. You slide your hands to my hips and then work your fingers under the fabric of my pants and shorts.

Sliding your hands in further you work my pants down over my hips, then you slide your hands around to cup the cheeks of my ass. My hands continue to explore your soft skin while my tongue lashes your aching nipples. Freed from the confines of my shorts, my throbbing cock presses into you. Your hand circles around my shaft and again squeezes. A moan escapes my lips. Opening your thighs, you guide me in between them, and then squeeze them shut. I'm trapped! I can feel your excitement now, wet, and fragrant. I long to breathe you in and to taste your honey, but you have me trapped! I feel my self control beginning to erode, replaced by animal lust. I ache exquisitely for you...

I pull away from you and spot a chair in the corner of the balcony. I guide you to it and have you sit down. Then, I drop down to my knees, edging forward between your thighs. I spread your thighs, exploring the smooth skin with my fingers. I bend down and run my tongue up the inside of your thigh. My hands help you to spread your legs wider, and I lift your heels up to my shoulders. You can feel the cool air now against the hot wetness of your pussy. I look up, into your eyes, and reach out with my tongue. Just the lightest feather touch, tracing the contours. I watch you closely to measure the effectiveness of my exploration.

You squirm as my tongue traces first one lip, then the other. I love the way you taste, the feel of your skin against my tongue and lips. I feel you opening up to me, and I slide my tongue inside you as far as it will go. The effect is dramatic, you act as though an electric current is running through you.

You grab at my head and try to pull me closer. Grinding yourself against my face. Not ready to give the release you so desperately want, I pull back. I blow little currents of air across your skin, adding to your excitement and misery. Little whimpering noises escape your mouth I slide forward again, running my tongue the length of your pussy. Long sure strokes of my tongue, almost like licking an icecream cone.

You push your hips forward, trying to increase the contact between us. When my tongue reaches your clit, I circle my lips around it and suck it into my mouth. I lash it mercilessly with my tongue while the suction of my mouth pulls it further into my mouth. You thrash wildly now, hardly able to stand the intense pleasure, but not wanting to stop.

You can feel your orgasm building down in your toes, and you will endure anything to have that release.

I break contact and break away, I can see the frustration and need in your eyes. I pull you up from the chair and then I sit down in it. Then I pull you back down on to my lap facing me, with your legs spread wide over the arms of the chair. I allow you to guide my cock to your hot opening and you quickly slip me inside. With a push of my hips I'm inside you, feeling you envelope me, feeling your intense heat and wetness. We sit there for a few seconds, each enjoying the sensations. Then I set up a rocking motion. Pulling your hips closer, and thrusting myself deep inside you. We stare into one anothers eyes, watching the pleasure we bring to one another. You grind your self down onto me trying to take me deeper. I thrust upwards, each thrust powerful and quick. You reach down and cup your breasts, offering them to my hungry mouth. I suck in first one nipple, then the other, lashing them with my tongue and gently biting them. You wrap your arms around my neck holding close to your breasts and hanging on for dear life as my thrusting ncreases in intensity.

I slide one hand in between us and rub my thumb across your clit each time I thrust. You moan loudly and begin to pant. I can feel your thighs start to quiver, and shake. You bounce wildly on my cock. You can feel all of your control slipping away. The heat and pleasure coming from our union is too intense, unable to stand the pleasure anymore, your brain starts to shut down. You give yourself up completely to the pleasure as the first wave of your orgasm begins to wash over you. You hear the sobs and moans escaping your lips, but you're too far gone to recognize them as your own.

Your release is finally here, and each crashing wave of your orgasm is more intense, then the last. You can feel every inch of your skin, electrically charged. You can feel the flashes, as my tongue whips your breasts, you can feel all of my cock inside you expanding you and filling you completely.

As the next wave of pleasure strikes and you think you can't stand it another second, you feel hot scalding blast of my cum inside you...

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