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The Hotel Room


(This story is posted on the Literotica website. Do not repost anywhere else without the author's consent. This story deals with similar themes as the stories by wannabeboytoy, seducedHylas, and Dark Betrayal. I do not condone any of these actions in real life. This is just a story. Enjoy.)


Victoria was Dan's new boss. Dan's company had brought her in to sort things out. She had been transferred in from one of the company's other branches. Dan had applied for the job, having been with the company for six years. He knew everyone in this branch, and they all thought he would be a great fit, except the bosses, apparently. It became clear once Victoria started why he was passed over for the job. Victoria was an aggressive, no-holds-barred, businesswoman. She was totally corporate in every way, and a company girl, both are things the higher ups love. It didn't hurt that she was very good looking also. She had a gorgeous face, and even though she always wore bulky, professional clothing, you could tell she had a great body. Her attractiveness was counterbalanced by her bad attitude. She was, quite simply, a stone-cold bitch. She was the type of person who you could not imagine letting loose. You could not envision her in a non-workplace setting. Dan doubted she had made a single friend since she started here.

As the economy went into the tank, job losses were inevitable. Dan got the impression that Victoria took great pleasure in firing people. A lot of people were worried that they were losing their jobs, including Dan's wife, Jane. She was two years younger than him at 25. Dan and Jane had met through this company. She worked in HR, while he was a step or so down from the bosses, so she was clearly more expendable. Dan assured her it would be okay, that they wouldn't dare fire her since they all knew he was her husband.

Layoffs had begun almost as soon as Victoria came on board. Dan wondered if they brought her in specifically to do the firing, or if this was her own doing. Since Dan was one of the more popular people on staff, he was saddened as many of his friends lost their jobs. It made his dislike for Victoria grow. First, she had taken his job, and then she proceeded to fire a bunch of his friends. They had only interacted a few times, and she was cordial to him, not particular friendly, but polite. He responded in kind to her.

That all changed when he found out that Victoria had called Jane into his office. A sense of dread filled him when Jane told him about this. She had called him the second she found out to see if he had heard anything. He hadn't, so he was very worried when he saw his wife walk into Victoria's office.

Victoria's secretary let her in, and a worried Jane entered Victoria's office. Jane saw Victoria sitting behind her desk, reading some files. She didn't even look up as she indicated for Jane to sit down. Jane sat for a few moments in silence before Victoria finally looked up at her.

"Jane, I was brought into this branch to clean things up. If I had to describe how things were run here in one word, it would be sloppy. I feel as if you guys have made a lot of poor hires, and based most of your choices for promotions on a basis of friendship. This to me is unacceptable. I put a lot of that on you." Victoria said.

"I'm not the one making the decisions on hires or promotions." Jane responded.

"Then what do you do exactly? Because quite honestly, looking at your resume, you were unqualified at the time of your hire, and your work has been mediocre since being hired." Victoria replied.

"Uh, I do mainly administrative work. Clerical work. And I don't think my work has been mediocre." Jane defended.

"Well I do. The work you do is work anyone that knows how to read can do. The only reason no one says anything is because your hubby is one of the higher ups here. That is not an issue to me. You are the epitome of what is wrong here. A hire based on the fact that you knew someone here, not that you were qualified. Everyone knows you are terrible at what you do, but you're still here, so they figure, I don't have to work hard. They think if she still has her job, being as terrible as she is, then they can get away with a little less work. Everyone knows that. So tell me, Jane, why should I keep you here?" Victoria asked. Jane was taken aback

"That's ridiculous! Uh, I've always felt I've done good work. I'm dedicated to what I do. I know how things work around here. Everyone around here likes me. I think it would leave a big hole if I wasn't here." Jane stammered out.

"Quite frankly, I could put all you duties on one other person and it would add maybe an hour of work a day." Victoria replied.

"That's not true. I do a lot of work!" Jane said. Victoria looked at her like a slow child and smiled.

"Jane, you're fired. Have your things out of your desk by the end of the day." Victoria said in a brutally uninterested tone. Jane couldn't control herself and put her head in hands and started to sob. Victoria rolled her eyes at this.

"Jane, please leave my office. I have work to do." Victoria said coldly. Jane stood up and walked out, her hand shielding her tears from the view of others.

Dan saw his wife rush through the office, shielding her eyes. He quickly got up and ran after her. He caught up to her in an empty hallway. He grabbed her arm and turned her around.

"What happened?" Dan asked, worried. He saw her tears and smeared makeup.

"She fired me. That bitch fired me!" Jane said before crying some more.

"What? Why?" he asked.

"She said that my work was bad. She said that I was useless. She pretty much called me an idiot." she sobbed. Dan pulled her into a hug. His anger was boiling. He could justify some of Victoria's actions. Maybe this place could be run a little better. Maybe they needed to trim the fat, so to speak. But, to not only fire his wife, who was a great worker, and very popular, but to berate and humiliate her while doing it? That was over the line. He was seeing red.

"It'll be okay, Janey. I'll go talk to her. It'll be okay." he said, itching for revenge. "Stay here." he added, seeing that she had calmed down a little. He turned and started to walk towards Victoria's office.

Dan would not stand for this. Quite frankly, he had enough with this company. He had put in six years of hard work. He had done all the right things. Worked from the bottom, put in overtime, made friends with all the right people. What did get for all that hard work? He got passed over for a big promotion as they brought in an outside hire. A cold-hearted, ruthless bitch who nobody liked. And that bitch was firing all his friends, all great workers. Then, she fired his wife. That was the last straw.

Dan had signed into a contract a few years ago, all but assured he would be given the promotion when the time came. Well, that time came and went. But unfortunately, this contract locked him in. He couldn't quit unless certain criteria were met, and unfortunately none had been. He was legally unable to quit. But he could get fired. He was not gonna stay and work for the same company that so viciously fired his wife. He had enough contacts where he was confident he could find another job easily. He was gonna do what he's wanted to do to Victoria for months. He was going to rip into her until she had no choice but to fire him. He walked right past the secretary and burst into her office. Victoria looked up with an amused smirk.

"What the hell is your problem?" he yelled at her.

"What's wrong, Dan?" she asked naively.

"You know what's wrong! You fired my wife! You humiliated her!" Dan replied.

"Oh, that? I thought you'd understand." she said.

"What?" he yelled at her.

"C'mon, you know and I know she is terrible. The only reason she was kept around was because she is married to you. Everyone around here knows it." she replied calmly as she stood and walked in front of the desk.

"Quit lying! Everyone here loves her! She's a great worker! You would know that if you were actually friends with anyone here. You would know that if anyone here liked you!" he replied.

"Oh, that's ridiculous. The higher-ups all like me. I think you like me." she said with a calm smile.

"What gives you that impression? Right now, I fucking hate you. Go fuck yourself!" he yelled at her.

"No need to be rude, Dan. You might not like me right now, but I think you will grow to respect me. To like me. To be my friend. To be, maybe, something more." she replied, walking towards him. Dan was stunned.

"What the hell? Are you hitting on me?" he asked. Her face went cold again.

"Of course not, Dan. All I am saying is that we could be really close, like best friends." she said.

"Go fuck yourself!" he told her. She looked down to the ground and then back to him.

"I know what you're trying to do, Daniel. I know you're trying to insult me, say horrible things trying to get yourself fired. What a show of faith you're putting up for your precious wife. But I'm smarter than that. I'm not firing you." Victoria replied. Dan was shocked that she had him figured out like that.

"Oh, you fucking bitch. Why are you doing this?" Dan replied.

"You're emotional right now. Your immediate response is anger. Revenge. When you're thinking clearly, you'll agree with what I did. You'll take my side." she replied.

"Not fucking likely." he replied. She smirked and started to walk around him.

"I'll make you a deal. I'll give you two months. If you work here two more months, and work with me a bit more closely, I think you'll come around to my way of thinking. If you do, we can do some really good work together. If you don't, if you still feel the same way after two months, I'll fire you and give you a glowing letter of recommendation." Victoria said.

"I'm not going to change what I think. So, just fire me now. Get it over with." Dan replied to her.

"No. Unless you want to work here for the rest of the time of your contract under me, the woman who humiliated and fired your wife, then I suggest you take the deal." she countered. Dan considered this, and finally relented.

"Fine!" he hissed, before turning around and leaving the office, slamming the door. Victoria smiled behind him.

Dan explained that he tried to quit to his wife as they drove home. He left out some of the details, but simply said that that Victoria would allow him to leave after two more months of work. Jane just called her a bitch for not letting him leave now. They were both angry for the rest of the day. Jane spent most of the evening venting about Victoria. She vowed to get an even better job than the one she had.

It was with great frustration that Dan returned to work on Monday. Victoria was adamant that Dan would work alongside her for the next two months. She brought some of his things into her office onto a small desk so he could work under her direct supervision while she worked. He felt like a student forced to sit next to the teacher's desk. This was the first time he got to really see Victoria at work. And did this change his feelings about her? Absolutely not. If anything, he disliked her more. She was aggressive to the point of being rude to customers. She was terribly mean to her workers. She treated her secretary like a slave. She was bitchy to everyone, and she talked about people behind their backs. Dan concluded that she was one of the worst people he had ever met. He doubted she had any real friends. It's doubtful that any man would put up with her. There was no chance he would ever see eye to eye with her on anything. He would just have to kill time during these two months alongside her.

Dan hated to admit it, but she was effective at what she does. He was sure most people were not used to such an aggressive woman. She was like a freight train, bludgeoning others until they gave into her. Dan was amazed by this, but was a little let down by others who were so easily defeated. She was the type of woman that had never had anyone stand up to her. And when Dan tried to, she was so convinced that she could break him that she forced him to work alongside her. As if seeing her at work would convince him of anything other than the fact that she was a Grade-A bitch.

Dan did discover one thing about her that he had not noticed before. She had massive breasts. He could not believe he hadn't noticed this before. She generally wore professional clothing, bulky enough to hide what she was carrying. Ever since Dan started having to work alongside her, she had started wearing more flattering clothing. Clothing that showed off her most bountiful assets. Dan had to laugh at himself when he noticed this change in her. She thought that showing off her massive breasts in tight clothing would make him look past the bad aspects of her character? She thought that unbuttoning a few buttons on her tight, form-fitting blouse, revealing her massive, creamy, cavernous cleavage would make him forget she fired his wife? Would the fact that he could clearly tell the days she didn't wear a bra due to the sight of her perfect, suckable nipples through her white blouse change the fact that she fired all of his friends? So what if Dan was a breast man? That didn't change things. So what if he could tell that she had 44 EE's just by the sight of them under her blouse? And just because he was a breast man didn't mean he hadn't noticed that despite her stone cold demeanor, she was spectacularly gorgeous? Did she think that he had actually appreciated her beautiful face, pouty lips, perfect tan, and her shiny brunette hair? And just because he was a breast man doesn't mean he didn't notice her full, round, perfectly ripe ass in the tight pants she liked to wear. And just because he was a breast man doesn't mean he didn't notice her preference for various colored thongs, which often rode above the waistline of her tight pants. Did she actually think any of these things actually affected him?

Was this her plan? To start to display her body's best assets? Did she actually think that would change his mind? Did she think that a few glimpses at her admittedly hot body would make up for her horrible attitude? Her attitude had not changed one iota. If anything, she was even bitchier than he had originally thought. He didn't know how a woman could grow to be as angry and unlikable as her. She was only a year older than he was at 28. It's not like she had years upon years of bitterness. Jane and him, and most of the people he knew were generally pretty happy people. But not her. He could meet the best looking woman in the world and he wouldn't want to even know her if she behaved like Victoria did.

Her attitude towards Dan did not change at all either. She was still standoffish and bitchy. She talked down to him and ran him ragged around work. If her goal was to make him resent her more, she was succeeding. Dan reflected on the totality of her plan: act bitchier, make him work harder, but wear tighter, slightly more revealing clothing. If that was her plan to make them "close," to make them "best friends," she was failing big time. Dan laughed at her laughably misguided, pathetic plan. He was just going to kill these two months of work, then get out of here and get a better job. If he got a few glimpses at some tender looking cleavage during the meantime, then so be it. It would make the two month wait a little easier.

So this was Dan's life at the moment. Having to work under his tyrannical cunt of a boss and then coming home to his lovely wife Jane. She had been working at their branch for about three months before they had met. They had been introduced through mutual friends. If Dan's friends could describe him in a word, they would call him a jokester. Even though he was very handsome and well-built, the first thing they noticed about him was his sense of humor and good nature. He was quick witted and charming, without being mean. He was always the life of the party. It was for this reason why he was introduced to Jane. She could match him joke-wise, tit for tat. They could go back and forth, making each other laugh until they knew exactly what the other was thinking. Dan liked her immediately. Most of his experience had been with girls who were nice, pretty, and friendly, but not too smart. That's not to say they were dumb, but they were not the type of girls that could match his wit. But Jane, she could do that. It was after they got to talking that night that Dan knew she was the one.

It didn't hurt that she was very pretty. She was one of those girls that wouldn't jump out at you as crazy beautiful, but she got prettier and prettier the more you knew her. She had shoulder-length brunette hair. She was a few inches shorter than Dan, and had a good tan and nice smooth legs. Her butt was small but perky. Unfortunately, her boobs were a-cups. He had always loved playing with large boobs. Just the feeling of absolute softness in his hands. He could not get enough of them. He would squeeze them over and over again. As a breast man, Dan would have of course preferred her to have a bigger set, but her wit and personality made her a keeper. Dan had dated girls with bigger boobs, and Dan came to realize that was all they had. Girls with bigger boobs based their entire seduction techniques on flaunting their boobs like crazy, just throwing them out there. When Dan was young, that was sometimes enough, but as he got older, he needed more. He needed a girl with a wit and sense of humor, and at least moderately pretty. He would more than admit he was a little shallow in the sense that he wanted to be with a woman he was attracted to. He wanted to be someone who was pretty. No one could really blame him for that. He wanted a funny, attractive woman. He would take that over a set of big boobs any day. And Jane exceeded all his expectations. She was, in his opinion, funnier than him, and wittier than him. She wasn't just pretty. She was, in his view, beautiful.

Once they met, they were inseparable. They would meet for lunch at work, and soon they were meeting outside of work, and before they knew it, they were seeing each other every day. There was no official start to them dating, it just evolved naturally. They both knew they were meant to be together, and it came as no surprise to anyone that after six months of dating, he proposed. She, of course, accepted. Neither could wait to be married, so it was only a few months later that they married each other in a beautiful ceremony.

They were on cloud nine for almost the next year. Their marriage was going great, work was going great, they had great friends, and they had a nice house. Their personal life was stronger than ever. The passion was still there, almost stronger than ever. Their great interplay was still there. Their sex life was strong. Their sex was fun. They would give each other some gentle trash talk as they made love, nothing too bad, just gentle teasing. Neither of them could do anything without the other teasing them in some way, and that translated into the bedroom. This added some spice and fun to their sex life, keeping it fresh. So, everything was going great, until the economy went into the tank.

It was hard to have fun when your livelihood was at stake. Fearing for their jobs had added a lot of stress into their lives. They felt relatively secure with their previous boss. He was a good man and a supporter of both Dan and Jane. But their branch of the company started to lose money, and it was inevitable that corporate would do something about it. Soon enough, their boss was out, and Victoria was in. From that point on, work was hell. As she began to fire people en masse, everyone feared for their jobs. No one was having fun. No one knew where their future was gonna be. Both Dan and Jane became extremely stressed out, and their personal life was reflecting that. They didn't go home and joke around anymore. They went home and bitched about Victoria. They talked about their friends who were now jobless. They talked to their jobless friends, supporting them. They met with their friends, keeping their spirits up. Their company was the biggest in the city. If this branch crumbled, this city would struggle. The city needed this company to succeed. Now, thanks to corporate, and their incredibly poor decision to put Victoria in charge, this branch was being run into the ground. Mass firings were not necessary. With a little hard work, and some loyalty to the people who got them to where they are now, they would be okay. Victoria probably didn't care. She would be fine. Corporate would send her somewhere else and she would keep working. She had nothing to lose by letting this branch fail. Dan had some friends in corporate, and he pleaded his case to them about her, but they fell on deaf ears. Victoria was there to stay.

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