tagBDSMThe Hotel Room

The Hotel Room


The Hotel Room, Part 1

We meet in the underground parking of the hotel, our cars occupying neighbouring parking spots in the lowest level and deepest farthest corner of the garage. You were already there as I pulled in beside you, following your instructions i drive straight into the space, the driver's sides of our vehicles next to one another. As w both open our doors they screen us in case anyone drives though this corner of the garage.

I look you up and down, admiring the professional cut of the navy blue skirt and jacket business suit you wear over a crisp white blouse, smoky grey stockings and your black pumps with the leather roses over the toe caps. I'm in a simple pair of khakis with a loose short-sleeved shirt over it, casual compared to your business professional attire.

Stepping toward you between the open vehicle doors, I lean down and kiss you, our tongues slide across each others and my hand slide down to cradle your sexy ass. Your hands slide up to my chest, I feel your palms slide across my nipples as you gently push me back. You softly catch and squeeze my nipple with your thumbs and fingertips.

“Such an obedient cum slut, aren't you?” you say with a smile as your tease my nipples.

“Mmmm, yes ma'am,” I whisper.

One of your hands slides down and cups my crotch. I feel your fingers close on the cage covering my cock. I moan softly and our eyes meet, you smile and I moan again as you lift the key on its leather thong from between your breasts and slide it between your lips,

“Too bad it's not your cock, isn't it,” you say with a mischievous gleam in your eye, “if you behave I'll unlock it tonight and milk it dry.”

“Mmmm,” I murmur at the thought, you've been teasing me for a week while you planned this night.

“But, we need to get upstairs,” you say as you start to turn away.

“Wait,” I say and this time my hands slide over your breasts, stroking your nipples through your blouse and bra.

“Give me your panties, “ I say quietly.

“Here?” you ask.

“Yes, now, give me your panties. Cock sluts don't wear panties when they want to be fucked.”

'Oh God,” you whisper, “ I need to be fucked so badly.”

I watch as you reach down and raise your skirt. Your fingers grasp the sides of your panties and you pull them down, lifting each foot and sexy shoe to slide them off completely. You put them in my outstretched hand and I raise them to my nose and inhale the scent of your arousal. I smile as I slide them into the toybag I grab from the seat of my vehicle, tucking the panties into a side pocket as you grab your own bag and the two doors close one after the other.

As we walk to the elevator you hand me a key card and tell me the room number on the top floor that we are headed for.

“You'll be waiting there for me,” you say as we cross the garage, “and I'll be with him in the room next door.”

As the elevator door closes, I push you gently into a corner.

“Take off your bra,” I say in a quiet firm voice.

“But …,” you begin.

“Now, cock slut.”

You maintain eye contact as you quickly reach up under your jacket to unhook your bra. Reaching into each side of the jacket and then up each sleeve you slide the should straps off your arms. Finally you open your blouse to the waist to draw out the bra and hand it to me. Luckily for your comfort level, the elevator hasn't stopped on any intermediate floor. I slide the bra into the bag I carry.

“No,” I say as you start to refasten the buttons on your blouse, “leave them undone.”

With a sultry mile you straighten up, you shoulder back, tempting the blouse to spread wider as I watch, as you imagine others seeing you like this.

Holding you in the corner of the elevator, I lean in to kiss you again, my tongue fucking your open lips. My fingers grasp your nipples, now covered lonely by the fabric of your blouse. My lips cover your mouth, muffling your moan as I pinch your nipples. I smile and step back as our kiss breaks.

“Such a horny cock slut under that professional exterior, aren't you?” I ask.

“So true,” you agree, “and you're just a dripping cum slut who will do whatever I say, aren't you Michael/”

“Yes ma'am,” I whisper obediently as I feel you fingers slide over my nipples again while the elevator doors open.

You brush past me boldly, not caring if someone sees your exposed cleavage. Your blouse spreads as you move forward, heading to the room you have booked for us.

At the door you stand there. I watch you raise a hand to stroke you own nipple through the open front of your blouse as you wait for me to open the door. When I push it open you walk inside and stand at the foot of the bed.

“Get in here slut,” you announce clearly.

I am surprised by your commanding tone and glance quickly up and down the hall to see if anyone over heard you. Stepping in, I let the door swing shut behind me as I approach you. I can't help but notice that he bed has a few pillows half-way up the mattress, and our four bondage straps at each corner rest on the mattress.

I start to reach for you beasts again, but you push away my hands.

“Strip,” you say, in a tone that brooks no argument.

Sensing you desire to take control I quietly and obediently peel off my clothing. Shirt, pants, and socks are removed, and I place them on a nearby chair here I have slid my shoes under the seat.

I stand before you naked. I moan as your hands tease my nipples again, and your lips curve in a smile as they harden for you. I moan again as your hand slides down to cradle my smoothly shaved balls under the cock cage. Your hand tightens as you give me a bright smile.

“Remember cums slut, if you behave, the cage comes off and I'll milk this cock dry tonight.”

“Yes ma'am,” I moan.

“Get on the bed, slut,” you order, “face up.”

Obediently I crawl onto the bed, you guide me into the centre of the mattress, the firm pillow under my hips. I bite my lips as you quickly stretch out each of my arms and legs, clipping a soft woven pet collar around each wrist and ankle as a manacle, and clipping the d-rings to the straps from the corners of the bed frame. You tighten them just enough to hold me firm without straining the muscles of my limbs and smile as I struggle gently to get comfortable.

You tweak my nipples and then take the leather thong from around your neck. I watch the key appear from your open blouse and cleavage

I moan as you unlock and disassemble the cage. You hand teases my cock to hardness and then leaves it like that, throbbing and dripping.

I watch as you stand by the bed and open the bag you brought into the room. With a smile you drop the speaker half of a baby monitor on the bed and plug in a set of earphones, before you slide them over my ears you explain their purpose.

“These will let you listen while I ride that big hard cock in the next room,” you tell me, “I hope what you hear keeps that cock hard and dripping for me, because I'll be coming back to ride it and your slut tongue sweetie.”

“Yes ma'am,” I moan as the fullness of your plans for the evening become clear. The blindfold leaves me in darkness as I hear the door close behind you.

The next thing I hear, through the earphones, is your knocking that the monitor you carry picks up as you go to see your dominant lover and his big cock.

The Hotel Room, Part 2

My imagination works to fill in the details between the sounds I hear. The knock, the sounds of the door latch, and then a deep voice.

“Get in here slut.”

“Yes ... sir,” you reply, the second word almost hesitant.

“Strip slut.”

I picture you sliding your suit jacket from your shoulder, placing it neatly on a nearby chair as he watches. Then your shoes, your skirt.

“Stop,” his voice says, “leave the thigh highs and your blouse on, keep it unbuttoned. If they soak up any cum you can wear them home like that.”

“Yes sir,” you answer quietly, politely, his dominant presence quickly having and affect on you.

“Good girl,” he tells you, “now undress me.”

He directs you to start with his shirt, telling you to hang it up so that it won't be wrinkled. Then his pants, he has you kneel to open his belt and fly. You hang then up and return to your kneeling position, waiting for him to tell you to lower his boxers. You lick your lips as you watch his cock moving under the silk, his arousal starting as he enjoys your submission.

“Take them down cock slut,” he commands.

“Yes sir.”

“Do you like looking at my hard cock? Are you think of having it deep in your slut holes tonight? Do you want to touch my hard cock?”

“Yes sir,” you moan, “please may I.”

“Do you have the cloth measuring tape I told you to bring?”

“Yes sir.”

“Get it now slut.”

I hear the rustling of your big purse opening, louder in my ears since the monitor is sitting just inside the purse.

“What is that?” he inquires sharply.

“It is a baby monitor sir,” you tell him quickly, nervously.

“Do you have someone listening to us?”

“Please sir, my slut boy is in the next room, I wanted him to hear me serving you.”

“So, he's sitting there stroking himself while you're in here,” his voice rising with anger.

“No sir,” you answer quickly, “he's naked, and tied to the bed. He cannot touch himself until I return and untie him.”

He laughs, “Well, my cock slut has her own slut boy. Since he's listening, put the monitor over there, we don't want anything blocking his entertainment.”

“Now back on your knees slut.”

“Measure my cock, press the end of the tape in tight at the base and run it along the top of my cock. Tell me how long it is.”

“Eight ...,” your voice says in quiet awe, “Eight and one half inches sir.”

“And now wrap my shaft with your tape. How many inches around is it?”

“Six and and a half inches sir.”

“Just so that you know slut, that means my cock is two inches in diameter, just the right size for filling a cock slut's holes.”

The soft moan that thought brings from your lips is clear in my ears. I can only imagine you kneeling there, measuring his hard cock as you think about it in all of your slut holes.

“Give me your hand,” he tells you, continuing, “when I let you go back to your bound slut, you'll measure his cock so that both he and you know how he measures up to my hard cock.”

What I don't see is him writing on your palm. In permanent marker he neatly letters “STUD 8.5 x 6.5.” Under that he writes “SLUT BOY ___ x ___”

“I expect to see a photograph of that hand with the blanks filled in tomorrow morning,” he tells you.

“Yes sir.”

Next he leads you to one of the comfortable armchairs in the suite, letting you follow him on your knees. He sits on the edge of the seat and leans back, spreading and raising his legs to hook over each wide padded arm.

He holds his cock against his stomach.

“Lick my balls slut,” he directs you, “I want to feel your slut mouth all over them.”

Your reply is muffled as you obediently lower your mouth to his heavy balls, licking and gently sucking them under his supervision. He has you lick them all over, telling you that he will teach you to shave them next time, and you will have a responsibility to shave them before you suck them each time he uses you. Then he has you hold each testicle in your mouth, your jaws wide and your mouth filled by each big ball in turn.

“Good girl,” he tells you, “I like that you are such an obedient little cock slut, You must want to feel my cock deep in your pussy so badly. I hope you slut boy is learning from your example”

“Now lower, lick me lower, let me feel your tongue.”

I bite my lips as I imagine you licking his skin below his balls, lapping at the skin between his thighs. And lower still as he orders it.

“Mmmm, such a good cock slut. Get your tongue in there.”

I know where you tongue is. My tongue runs around my lips as I recall the last time I did it for you. My cheeks clench with lustful desire as I imagine whet he is feeling from your pretty tongue.

“Enough, kneel up, slut,” his orders.

“I want to feel your slut mouth on my cock, But I want you to know how it will taste after I fuck you. Get your fingers wet in that dripping pussy and cover the head of my cock with your juices.”

I imagine him watching you, as you finger yourself, the dripping juices from your pussy coating your fingers. Then you reach out to take the fat head of his cock in your hand hand, covering it with those sweet juices.

“Now,” he orders, “suck my cock. Show me how much you cam get in that slut mouth.”

I barely hear you whisper, “Thank you Sir.”

“Deeper, he says, “relax and try to take it all.”

Your reply is muffled, his thick cock effectively gagging you as you try to get more of his cock into your mouth and throat.

“More,” he growls, “I want you to learn how to take all if it. Tonight you will feel all my cock, but soon you will only get as much of my cock in your pussy as you can take in your throat.”

My cock twitches as I imagine the effect of his words on you. I know how much you have been waiting to feel his hard cock. So many times you showed me the photos he sent you, keeping them on your phone to tease me with as I licked you and you told me how you were going to enjoy riding his thick cock while I waited for you.

“Get up,” he says and go kneel on the bed, I want your ass up for me and your tits on the mattress.”

I imagine your lips sliding from his cock, and I wonder how much of his thick shaft you swallowed. Did you leave traces of your slutty red lipstick on the shaft, marking how deep it was in your mouth?

In my mind I see you on the bed, kneeling with your legs spread, ankles and feet extending off the mattress so he can step between them and grab your hips to fuck you. It's a position I have seen you in so many times, but most often I have been on my own knees behind you, licking you slowly from behind as you direct me.

He moves behind you but not to fuck you right away. First, you feel he thick fingers sliding between your cheeks. Slippery with lube he presses against you tight asshole, sliding one finger deep inside in one smooth strokes. He fucks you with that finger as he asks you how much you like having your ass played with.

“Let's try two fingers,” he says, and I know he's describing his actions for me as much as for you.

I hear your soft moan as he opens you more, two thick fingers rotating slowly as they fuck you in slow deliberate strokes.

“Do you want more slut?” he asks you.

Your reply is unintelligible, have moan, half muttered words. The sound of his palm on your ass is much more clear.

“Speak clearly when I ask you a question slut.”

“Yes sir,” you answer quickly, your voice hoarse with the lust wracking your body, “yes please sire, please fill my ass with more.”

“Such a cock-slut, you are,” he laughs, “all you want to it have your holes filled.”

“Yes, please, sir.”

“I will be fucking your pretty my little cock slut,” he tells you, but first we have to train your ass for my cock, just like we need to train your mouth. Soon all of your holes will be open for my cock any time I want them, and your slut boys' cock won't be enough for you. But don't worry slut, I'll let you keep him as your little toy.”

You moan as his fingers plunge back into your slippery asshole. Then moan again as you feel a thicker intrusion.

“Relax slut, and take this plug. You will use it every day for an hour to start training for my cock. Next time we meet I will give you another, bigger plug to practice with.”

You voice quavers as you thank him for training your ass for his cock.

“Good girl,” he says, “now get off the bed and stand up.”

You turn to face him and he's sitting on a a wooden chair, his hard cock pointing up at you, the head still wet from your sucking mouth.

“Come here, ride my cock.”

“Yes sir.”

I hear you having your first orgasm as you straddle his thighs and lower yourself on his hard cock. You knees shake, unable to support you as you orgasm and the loss of full support drive him deeper into your dripping pussy. I can hear you groaning, fighting to catch your breath as you exclaim how big he is, how much he is stretching you.

“Oh God,” you scream, “I'm cumming again on your beautiful cock.”

“Ride my cock slut, ride it like the horny slut you are.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir,” you gasp as you rise and fall on his thick cock.

At least twice more I listen to you have deep gasping orgasm with that monster cock deep in your pussy. Each time he tells you to keep fucking yourself with him cock. But I can't see the way he roughly massages your breasts, the way he bites your nipples and keep you on the edge of orgasm between those rests of sexual intensity.

“Stop,” he orders, “get back on the bed, ass up and face down.”

“Yes sir,” you voice weak from the draining exertion of riding his hard cock.

Back on your knees, he plays with the plug in your ass, pulling it out, then twisting as he slides it back in.

“I want this plug worked deep in your ass, mu little slut, every day.”

“Yes sir, I will.”

“And tell your cock slut he's to have one the same size in his ass wen you have yours filled.”

I moan, unheard by you, and my cock throbs and drips as I hear you promise to ensure that my ass is filled as often and as fully as yours will be for him.”

He slides the plug deep again, leaving it there.

His hands slide across your ass to your hips. You moan has the fat head of his cock slides against your wet lips. And you cum again as he enters you from behind in one hard fast stroke.

He fucks you hard right through your orgasm, and the one that follows it immediately. Again and again, that hard cock rams deep in your dripping pussy.

Until he forces it deep, and holds it there.

“Slut, do you want my cum?”

“Yes please sir, please may this cock slut have your cum.”

He grunts as he slams into you again, once, twice, three times, and then his throbbing cock is spurting deep into your pussy, filling you with hot cum. He holds himself deep inside you as his cock starts to soften.

Slowly he slides from your pussy.

“Hold your lips closed slut, keep that cum in your pussy.”

“Yes sir,” I hear you say softly, obediently.

“Now lick my cock clean and go see your slut boy. I will tell you when I want your cock-slut services again. Do not forget the photo I require from you.”

I won't forget sir,” you tell him as I imagine you moving carefully with one hand tight between your legs and have to lower yourself to lick and suck his cock clean of your mixed juices.

He stuffs your clothes into your big purse along with the baby monitor. Hooking your purse over your forearm and putting your key card in your free hand he points toward the door.

“You will be hearing from me cock-slut.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir,” you respond even as his door closes behind you, leaving you in the hotel hallway, still wearing only your open blouse and your stockings.

The Hotel Room, Part 3

The door closes hard as you enter the room, swinging shut automatically as you ignore it and rush in to where I am bound to the bed. My cock throbs and drips as i watch you approach, dripping pre-cum adding to the pudding which has formed on my stomach under the head of my straining cock.

The look on your face tell me not to say anything. Flushed, almost frantic, I can see that you've been overcome by your own lustful needs. It's a look I've seen before, an intimate balance of freshly fucked satisfaction and wanton desire for more orgasms, however you can get them.

You are still wearing your open blouse and your stockings though each look worse for wear having been through the long hard fucking your lover gave you as I listened. I moan as I see your hand tight between your legs. Your slippery cum-covered fingers are doing their best to hold your lips closed, to keep all his hot cum in your sweet pussy.

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