tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hotel Room Dilemma

The Hotel Room Dilemma


This is an experience i had whilst working for a big department store in London. There are many staff employed but my section is fairly small with a team of about ten and one sectional manager called Shane. Although Shane is the boss, he is also very friendly with the staff and we all occasionally go out for drinks. Shane is also a part time cage fighter and during one of our nights out, someone mentioned we should all go and see him fight as it would be a laugh to see the boss get 'beaten up for a change'.

Well, to cut to the chase, this became a reality. Shane was due to fight in about five weeks in Manchester and one of the girls in the department, Geri, decided to organise a trip to go and watch him. She made the train arrangements and the hotel bookings as we decided to stay overnight. I was off that weekend so i checked with the wife that it was okay and put my name down.

After weeks of talking, the weekend finally arrived and six of us were going to meet in London to get the train up to Manchester. There was obviously myself, Geri (31 years old, blonde hair, a bit plump and big breasts), Tony (with whom Geri was having casual sex), Stephen and Anne (The married couple in the group) and finally Michelle. Michelle was Shane's PA/Admin Girl and worked in the office, unlike the rest of us who worked on the shop floor. She was around 24 with a perfect hourglass figure and long dark hair. People often made excuses to go into the office just to talk to her. She wasn't a regular at our usual after work drinks but made the occasional appearance. In actual fact, Michelle and I always got on great and she would often call me into the office for advice and general chitchat. She had a long term partner, Matt, who i had only met a few times and would often moan about him to me, usual women stuff i guess. To be honest, although i was happily married, i was glad she was coming along for the weekend as she was not only great to look at, but great to talk to as well.

The train ride took about three hours and we were all well stocked up on alcoholic beverages for the journey. Shane had already gone up the night before and we were laughing and joking about what we wanted to see tonight. As the alcohol started taking effect, we arrived in Manchester at around 17:00. The plan, according to Geri, was to have some food and get to the hotel at around 20:00. We would then have a couple of hours to shower and change before leaving at 22:00, as the fight started at 23:00.

We ate at a local restaurant and finally reached the hotel right on schedule. Geri went to the front desk to get our keys as she had booked them in advance. The rest of us continued talking in the lobby. After about 15 minutes, i wondered why Geri was taking so long. I looked over and could see she was having a heated discussion with what looked like the Manager. I walked over and asked her what the problem was.

"I booked these rooms over a month ago and they have got it wrong" she said. "Now they are telling me they are fully booked".

I told her to calm down and asked what was wrong with them.

"I asked for two double rooms (one for her and Tony and one for Stephen and Anne) and two single rooms for you and Michelle, but they have given me three double rooms!"

I politely spoke to the manager and asked for another room but due to a wedding taking place, they were fully booked. Michelle then walked over to find out what was going on so i explained the situation to her. Geri was upset as she felt it was her fault and suggested she share with Michelle and I share with Tony. Well i wasn't too happy about sharing a double bed with Tony as he was quite a big guy. I also knew she didn't really mean it as she openly stated she couldn't wait to fuck Tony all night. I made a suggestion that Michelle takes the room and i would go and find another hotel close by.

"Or we could just share the room, i mean we are friends and i don't mind if you don't?"

All i was thinking was that my wife would kill me but with alcohol in my system it did make sense and we were getting on so well that it shouldn't be a problem.

"Erm, okay, but only if you don't mind my loud snoring" i said as a joke to kind of break a little tension.

"Oh it can't be as bad as Matt so I'm fine with that"

Before i knew what was happening we were all making our way up to our rooms. I would be lying right now if i didn't admit to feeling a little strange. I mean, I'm going to be sharing a bed with a beautiful girl that is not my wife! How was she feeling about all this? Am i making too much of a big deal? I mean, we're just friends so why should it be a problem?

We got to our room and i opened the door to a basic budget hotel room. As you walk in you have a very small corridor with a door to your right that is the bathroom. A few steps more and you are in the main room with a Double bed to the right and a long dressing table to the left. There is hardly any space to walk around.

We set our bags down and began to talk about how we shouldn't tell our partners as they would only get the wrong idea. Michelle then brought out a bottle of Jack Daniel's from her bag and we had a quick drink to relax a little. Realising the time i knew we had to shower and change our clothes and Michelle suggested i go first as she wanted to sort out her luggage.

I walked into the bathroom, locked the door, took my clothes off and entered the shower; again, very basic facilities. As i was showering, i started to think about Michelle. Although i always found her attractive, i never thought of her in any other way. Now i was going to be sleeping in the same bed as her. The thought of this made my cock start to twitch. How did all this happen? She didn't seem nervous about it at all. We both have partners, this is all very innocent right? So why has my cock started to grow? Why am i getting excited? I couldn't help myself and i started to stroke my cock until it became rock hard. It didn't take long before i exploded and felt a great relief. I quickly cleaned up and dried myself.

Once dry, i realised that my clean clothes were in my bag outside. I thought about putting on the clothes i had just removed but i was clean now. Would Michelle think it was inappropriate for me to walk out in just a towel? I started to get anxious again but i didn't really have any other option. In any case, she would be going into the shower next anyway.

I wrapped the towel around my waist and unlocked the door. I opened the door a little and shouted out to Michelle that i left my clothes in my bag and i was coming out in a towel.

"Ok, look forward to it" she said with a giggle. I walked out and she was sitting on the edge of the bed. She looked me up and down and said "wow, didn't know you worked out?" She was obviously referring to the fact that my body is athletically toned but because i am slim framed it's not always possible to tell.

"Yeah, i try to keep healthy" i said, trying to play down her comment.

I turned my back to her and went to retrieve the clothes in my bag. I figured i would go back in the bathroom and get changed.

As i was doing this, Michelle got up and said "Guess it's my turn", walked into the bathroom and locked the door.

I guess i will be getting changed in here then! I looked at the bed and she had laid her clothes out neatly. My wife also does this before she takes a shower so i knew she was planning on wearing this outfit tonight. I also noticed she had laid out a matching bra and knickers set, looked like French lace; very sexy. My cock started to twitch again as i started to imagine her wearing it. Did she leave this out for me to see? Did she realise? I was about to take a closer look but I decided to stop being a perv, and get ready. I started to moisturise my body and then removed my towel to do the rest. I could still hear the shower running so i knew i was safe. But part of me wanted her to come out and catch me completely naked. Why was i thinking like this?

I put on some deodorant and aftershave and got dressed. I had just finished styling my hair when i heard the shower stop. My heart starting beating fast as I wasn't sure what to expect. The door unlocked and she shouted "You still here?"

"Erm yeah but i have just finished, I'm heading to the bar, i will see you there"

Why did i say that? I should have just said yes and seen if she came out!

"Oh okay, won't be too long"

With that, i walked past the bathroom door, Michelle's face was poking out, all wet and gleaming.

"You're looking sharp tonight!" she said as i walked past.

"Thanks; see you downstairs"

I left the room and was thinking that was the second compliment she has given me. Is she just being polite? Is there something more? Do i want there to be something more?

I went to the bar and Stephen and Tony were already there. Geri and Anne were still getting ready. It was the first opportunity i got to speak to the 'guys'. They both agreed they would love to be in my position and how i was such a lucky guy. They were both saying what they would do to her; usual guy talk but in reality i know that they would both shit themselves if they were in my situation. After a few more drinks, and Tony telling us all about how he had fucked Geri twice already, the girls finally arrived. Geri and Anne clearly made an effort but Michelle was looking absolutely stunning in a low cut dress. The fact i knew what she was wearing underneath was driving me crazy. We had a few more drinks with the girls and the alcohol put me more at ease. We then decided to walk to the club which was conveniently about 5 minutes away.

Shane had organised VIP treatment for us so we went straight to the 'arena' (one of the rooms was converted to have a seating area around a cage). We had front row seats, great view. I was sat next to Michelle as the others were in 'couples'. During the fight, Michelle kept grabbing my arm or my leg, just like girls usually do when watching a scary movie as we were pretty close to the action and in all honesty it was pretty gruesome. Shane pulled off a good win to which we all cheered and celebrated. As part of the VIP treatment, we then made our way to the designated VIP area where we had our own table, complete with complimentary champagne. Shane joined us later, complete with broken nose, and we all celebrated with him. We were all having a good time, everyone interacting as a group and the champagne flowing. I felt at ease once again.

As time got on, Geri and Tony were eating each other's faces off and finally made their excuses to leave. Stephen and Anne also had that look in their eyes and were about to go. Michelle said "oh I'm a bit tired too, shall we go as well?" So we said our goodbyes to Shane and the four of us walked back to the hotel.

Stephen and Anne went to their room and we went to ours. I opened the door and we both stumbled to the bed. We both sat on the edge of the bed and continued to talk about the night's events, having a good laugh just like normal friends. As we were talking, Michelle said "Oh by the way, i thought i was sleeping on my own so i don't have any nightwear or anything, i usually just sleep in my knickers and a vest top, hope you're okay with that?"

She said it so casually and normal. I started to get that feeling again. I hadn't thought about that. This sexy woman was going to be sleeping in just her French lace knickers and a small top right next to me. And she had stated it in such a normal manner; is it normal? Am i thinking to much into this again?

I finally said "Oh I'm in the same situation, boxer shorts and top for me!"

"Well, lucky we're such good friends" she said.

"Yeah" is all i could say in reply.

After an awkward silence i said i needed to use the bathroom to give her some privacy while she changed.

I went in and locked the door. I splashed some cold water on my face and i couldn't help but start to imagine Michelle in next to nothing. Could i stop myself from staring? Could anyone? What was she expecting of me? I went to take a piss and pulled my trousers down. As i was pissing i suddenly realised what i was wearing. I was wearing my very tight Calvin Klein boxer shorts! These things leave very little to the imagination. I finished pissing and looked at myself in the mirror; yes, they were tight. With the thoughts of her still clattering in my head, i was trying very hard not to get a full erection. It was semi-erect and there was a clear bulge. I started panicking and was desperately trying to get it to go down. There was no chance it was going to quickly settle so after a little strategic manoeuvring, it looked fairly normal. But why was i doing this? Perhaps she might be asleep by now? She might not even notice or care? Why am i making such a big deal over little things? I pulled my trousers up, flushed the toilet so she knew i was coming out and washed my hands. I managed to get in a somewhat calm state and opened the door.

I stepped out, turned towards the room and faced Michelle in nothing but her little French knickers. Her back was to me and she was bent over rummaging in her bag. My dick was growing by the second. All that work in the bathroom had gone to waste. Her arse was everything i imagined and more. The knickers hugged her cheeks so perfectly. As she straightened up she had a top in her hand and pulled it on over her head. I was still staring at that amazing arse when she turned and faced me and said "ah that feels much better, i feel nice and comfortable now". Again, so casual.

The top (if you can call it that) was a tiny white vest top; it didn't go below her belly button. It was also almost transparent; it clearly showed her perfectly formed breasts, complete with hard nipples poking through the fabric. They were perfect. I'm not good with sizes but they were easily a handful, not too big but definitely not small. They were so perky, her nipples were straight, no droopiness in sight.

I knew i was staring, she knew i was staring but i couldn't help it. Michelle is about 5"5 but her legs looked like they went on forever. Her lace knickers were made for her. My cock was aching inside my tight boxer shorts. I tried to say something but couldn't. She then said "Are you going to get undressed as well?"

"Erm yes, why should you be the only one comfortable?" i said with a smile, desperately trying to get my dick to calm down.

She laughed and sat on the edge of the bed, as if ready to watch me perform a striptease. I turned my back to her and started to go through my bag on the floor. I wasn't looking for anything other than time. I was pretending to look for something whilst trying to think of anything but her.

"What you looking for?"

Fuck i was busted. "Erm my vest"

"You're wearing it under your shirt aren't you?"

Fuck! Busted again. "Oh yeah, silly me, must be the alcohol"

I stood up, again, back to her and started to unbutton my shirt, very slowly. I tried to make small talk by talking about Shane getting a broken nose and how we should play some sort of prank on him on Monday. We both laughed about it and slowly it seemed to be working; my dick was now semi-erect.

I took my shirt off and put it in my bag. I then slowly unbuckled my belt and let my trousers drop to the floor. My back was still to Michelle. I picked them up and started to fold them.

"Wow, they are tight!" she said.

I nervously laughed when she said "Lucky you have a nice butt, they look good on you"

"Thanks, told you before, i try to keep healthy"

Again, why did i say that? It sounded so corny.

She suddenly stood up and walked towards me. My heart was beating. She walked behind me and playfully gave my butt a pinch and said "yes you do" and then carried on walking towards the bathroom. I couldn't help but watch her arse as she turned in and closed the door.

I quickly made some readjustments in my boxer shorts, trying to tuck my dick down so it didn't look so obvious. Calvin Kleins highlight your package so this was proving to be difficult. I looked at myself in the mirror over the dressing table and admired myself. I was standing there in just a tight vest and tight briefs. I'm about 5"10 and have quite a good physique. I don't have bulging muscles but i am very toned, like a gymnast or a soccer player, it seemed my body was naturally built this way. I have this exotic look that no one really seems to know my origins. Why would a girl like Michelle not find me attractive? My wife is good looking but has nothing on Michelle. Then it hit me, I AM MARRIED. I shouldn't be thinking like this.

Suddenly the door opened, Michelle walked out, and again sat on the edge of the bed. I was still facing the mirror, with my back to her when she said "Lets have another drink before bed" referring to the Jack Daniels on the table just in front of me.

"Sure" i said as i started to pour the drink; i could definitely do with one. I looked in the mirror and noticed her checking me out, looking me up and down. My cock was tingling again but i did my best to keep it from growing. Since i have been married, no female has ever seen me this exposed and i have to admit, it was a thrill and also very flattering. I was starting to get more confident.

I picked up both glasses, took a deep breath and turned to face her. With Michelle sitting on the edge of the bed, her eyes were pretty much in line with the bottom of my stomach. As i stepped towards her and stretched out my arm to hand her the glass, her eyes were glued to my crotch. Her staring at my semi-erect dick tucked into my tight boxer shorts was definitely a turn on. I looked down at my dick and gave her a puzzled look as if to say "what's wrong?"

She had a smile on her face and must have realised she was staring. She took the glass from me, still looking and finally said "Oh sorry, it's just that i thought you stuffed a sock down there for a second" and started to laugh.

I sort of laughed as well and as soon as she took the glass i immediately sat down next to her. She was still laughing so i said "No, they are just tight, that's all; I didn't think anyone would be seeing them tonight!"

"I'm really sorry, didn't mean to stare, I'm just really drunk, ignore me". We both laughed and she continued "Matt could never fill those like you have"

Wow, now she is comparing me to her boyfriend! This was getting too much for me. My dick was going up and down like a yo-yo. I tried to again pass off the comment by saying "Whoa, too much info, i don't want to hear about Matt's dick" and tried to laugh.

She downed her drink and said "Well there is not much to talk about if you know what i mean!, can you pour me another drink please?"

I couldn't believe what i was hearing. Was she complaining about the size of her boyfriend's cock? Was she just trying to make me feel good? Well, it was working!

I stood up and it was clear my dick was past a semi and almost to full-on boner. I poured her a drink and turned around to give it to her. At this point, i lost all inhibitions i had remaining and actually wanted her to see it. I was now getting turned on by this and it was taking over me. She again took the glass from me fixed her eyes on my now clearly aroused member.

"Hmm, you sure you haven't got a sock down there, seems to have grown" she said with a smile.

"It gets like that sometimes" i tried to flirt back.

This was it, i had the courage to flirt back. But within an instant she said "I need to text Matt to say I'm in my hotel room, he worries about me".

She handed me back her glass stood up and walked over to the head of the bed. She then lifted the covers and got in. With just her head and arms outside the covers she began to text Matt. Just like that. She was in bed and i was standing there. Was i just shot down? Did i say something wrong? Did she realise the flirting got too much?

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