tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hotel Window

The Hotel Window


Clark looked out the window of his hotel room at the highway below. After being stuck in the traffic for what seemed like an hour, he was finally able to pull into the parking lot and walk into the hotel where his wife sat in the lobby waiting for him.

"I was worried about you," she said, standing up from the plush chair.

"Yeah, there was a wreck out there, police, fire trucks and ambulance all around, it must have been bad."

"I wanted to take a shower before we went out to dinner, but now that it's so late..."

"Go ahead, that traffic is at a dead stop now. It doesn't look like we are going anywhere soon. We'll go up, you take your shower and we can come down for dinner."

"Or we could order room service."

"Well, yeah... we could do that," he replied, "let's go up."

They walked to the elevator lobby and pushed the up button. While they were waiting, she ran her fingers through her auburn hair, letting the curls cascade onto her shoulders. "I think I'll wash my hair since we are getting room service."

Stepping into the elevator they pressed 14 and leaned close together. Just as the door was closing a couple of kids in bathing suits rushed in. One of them pressed 18 and leaned on the wall as water dripped onto the carpet. Clark and his wife move apart a bit and watched at the floors counted off in digital red.

Reaching their floor, they stepped off and as the door closed, she pressed him against the wall, leaning onto him. Her breasts flattened as she press tight against him and kissed him.

"I do declare, Claire, I think you are trying to seduce me."

"Trying?" she responded, reaching a hand to his crotch. "Judging by this I think I am doing a pretty good job of it."

Clark took a deep breath as she pulled away from him and headed to their room as he adjusted himself and followed her. She slipped the card in the slot and opened the door, he followed quickly behind her. Just inside he went to grab her, but she slipped into the bathroom and shut the door. He heard her through the door, "I'm gonna take my shower, then well see about seduction."

Taking off his shirt, Clark walked over to the window and pulled the curtains back. He had a bird's eye view of the accident now. Sitting on the bed and removing his shoes, he noticed that the wreck was not as bad as it had seemed while he was in traffic. It was a mess sure, but it looked like the ambulances were there just as a precaution.

From his vantage point it appeared an eighteen-wheeler jackknifed, dumping a load of lumber all over the roadway. Apparently one of the pieces of lumber pierced his fuel tank, spilling diesel fuel over the roadway. The police had the road shut down while the fire department washed down the fuel. A small crane was standing by waiting for the firemen to finish so they could start picking up the lumber.

Clark looked up the road at the long line of traffic at a dead stop. "Boy I'm glad I didn't get stuck out there like them," he thought to himself. "Stuck out there with nothing to do," he whispered, tilting his head a bit with the inklings of an idea. He walked to the rooms foyer and turned on the two wall mounted light fixtures over the side wall by the bed. He then went and turned off the lamp near the window and moved it out of the way. Opening the curtains a bit wider, he looked out over the wreck, with all those people stuck in traffic.

Now that he turned out the light near the window, he could see out without much reflection. He realized that with the other lights on, the people out there could see him watching them. He was in silhouette for sure, but they could see him. He finished undressing and waited for his wife.

As she came out of the bathroom, Clark felt himself harden some in anticipation. She had a towel wrapped around her head but wore nothing else. He rose to greet her in a couple of ways.

"The curtains," she whispered.

"Yeah, I thought it might be interesting. The wrecks not that bad, but traffic is stopped. I figured why not give them something to do."

"I'm not so..."

"Oh come on Claire, with the way I've got the lights they'll only see a silhouette, they won't really see you. Besides, you'll never, ever see those people."

Claire walked over by the window, and keeping close to the curtain, shyly peeked out. "There is a lot of traffic out there with no where to go."

Clark squeezed up behind her, his cock resting against her ass and he reached his hands around and began caressing her breasts. He noticed her nipples were already hard, and reaching down between her legs, he found she was very wet. Yes, it looked like she was getting excited about this.

Still behind her, he side-stepped, urging her out to the middle of the window. They turned slightly, giving the audience an excellent profile view. As Clark caressed her breast with one hand, he found her clit with the fingers of the other hand. While he touched her, she swiveled her hips, grinding her ass on his cock.

They continued in that sexual dance, both watching outside, wondering just how many people noticed the free show they offered. Clare spread her legs wider, giving Clark better access to her pussy as he felt her press herself onto his hand as they moved together.

She turned her head back to him and whispered, "I want you now!"

He moved his hand to her waist, showing her how to bend forward. She rested on arm on the window frame and pressed her face against the glass. It felt warm from the heat outside. She then shuffled her feet wider and reached underneath herself to guide Clark's cock into her dripping pussy. She stood motionless while he worked himself in and then withdrew slightly. When she felt him sliding into her again, she pressed back against him, taking his full length.

He reached around grabbing her slim waist and pulled and pushed her as his cock felt the wet, warmth of her. Looking out of they window, they both noticed several of the workers looking up at the window, and also saw that a number of cars had rolled down their window. Inspired by the spectators, Claire reached between her legs and began massaging her clit, moving her ass in a slightly circular motion.

Trying to keep up with Claire, Clark moved his hands, squeezing the fingers into her soft, fleshy hips. He began pulling her onto his throbbing cock, all the time watching the people watch them. Claire moaned and pressed hard onto his cock, soaking him as she came in pulsing waves. Moments later, excited by Claire's climax, Clark's cock exploded spraying his hot come deep into his wife's pussy.

For a moment he stood motionless, his cock pushed as deeply into Claire as possible, then they both collapsed on their sides onto the bed. Feeling his cock slip out of her as they fell, Clark pressed himself against her, his wet cock, still slightly hard, sliding over her ass. They laid there on the bed, catching their breath for a few seconds and then sat up, looking outside. Several of the spectators, seeing the silhouettes appear again began waving and applauding.

Claire stood up and holding both breasts in her hands, took a quick bow, walked over to the curtain and pulled it closed. She looked back at Clark, still sitting on the bed watching her and said, "How about that room service now, performing makes me hungry."

Clark grabbed the room service menu and replied, "Me too. Hey, care for putting on a little show for the bellhop?" The towel she had been unraveling from her hair hit Clark square in the face. "Well perhaps a brief intermission until after we eat," he said with a smile.

Claire could only smile back, slowly shaking her head.

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