tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Hottest Chick on Campus Gets Nude

The Hottest Chick on Campus Gets Nude


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After my wife Pam was killed in an automobile accident on Christmas Eve I received a very large cash settlement from the other driver's insurance company and a huge yearly income for life settlement from the company the other driver worked for. I used some of this money to buy a large piece of land in Southeastern Ohio, and build a log cabin, A frame, man cave and a 5 acre pond on it. It was completed last year, the pond filling with water enough that I could stock some bass and bluegills in it. It is late spring and I need to drive down there and open it up for the first full year of relaxing solitude. It was built so I could get away from everybody and everything, alone.

My college roommate, best friend and the best man at my wedding, Mike is the only person, other than the guys who built it for me, to ever see the place. He helped me move in the rustic furniture and kitchen appliances after they finished construction last year. He and I had talked quite a bit about the man cave in the planning and construction phase. The day he helped me move in he asked if I was serious about no visitors.

I told him, "except for you, not planning on having people here."

He then went outside the door and nailed a wood plaque to the door frame that said, all women that pass here must be naked. I laughed and thanked him for the thought.


Mike owns a restaurant/bar in state college and I always stop to see him when I am in town to see my daughter Melody who is a student at state college. Three years ago he had hired a girl named Aly, an 18 year old freshman as a waitress in his restaurant. I asked him why he had broken his rule about hiring 18 year olds, who couldn't serve drinks legally in Ohio.

He replied, "I couldn't let a girl as hot as she is get hired by my competition. The customers are flocking in to the restaurant and asking to have Aly wait on them. She is a great waitress and on that scale of 1 -- 10 she scores 11-1/2."

The first time I stopped into see Mike after he hired Aly he told her, "Aly, this is my best friend Tom, whenever you see him, take care of him, top priority."

Anytime Aly would see me at Mike's table she would run to the bar and get the bartender to bring me a lime margarita, on the rocks, no salt.

The last weekend in April I traveled down to state college to give my daughter Melody a Finals week package. She would be graduating at the end of the semester and senior's finals were a week earlier than the rest of the college. It was late Friday night by the time I got to Mike's place. The dinner crowd had thinned out and Aly saw me right away. This time she brought my drink over personally.

I looked at her funny and she said, "Today is my birthday, I am 21 now, so I can serve drinks myself finally." I smiled, said happy birthday, and held out my arms for a hug. She beamed and gave me a big hug. She pressed her whole body into me and her tits felt great pushing against my chest.

Mike was close by, he laughed and said, "Aly, careful what you do with the customers. The guys in the bar would be jealous."

I need to describe Aly. Her face is beautiful, that's the only way to describe it. She is 100 % Italian and has that dark complexion and black, full, wavy hair that she wears in a ponytail, half way down her back at work, and has big brown eyes. She is 5'4 or 5'5, I would guess 110 pounds. Her breasts are "C" cup and her ass is awesome in the tight shorts or jeans she wears at Mike's. Each individual feature of hers is perfect and together she is, as Mike says, an 11-1/2 on that scale to ten.

When the hug ended Mike and I sat down at his special table.

Mike said to me, "She is already getting uptight about finals and they are more than a week away."

He went on to tell me that she needs a really quiet place to study and they are very hard to find the last weekend before finals. I give her that weekend off but all of the students are partying and very noisy. She has a GPA over 3.5, but she has to study hard every semester for finals. She gets her grades thru hard work, not by being a genius. She is thinking about driving 3 hours to her parent's house to study, because she knows it will be quiet there.

Mike took a deep breath than slowly said, "I told her about your man cave and said maybe you would let her study there."

Wow, talk about conflicting emotions. The first thing I thought was the sign Mike had put over the door and the chance I could see the hot Aly naked. Right behind that came thoughts about I am old enough to be her dad, Melody is a year older than Aly. Melody lives in the same dorm as Aly and really likes Aly as a person. Melody says she is really sweet, cares about people and is a very hard working student, very determined to get good grades and graduate with honors. Then a vision of Aly in my cabin nude took over. I started getting hard just thinking about it. Mike was giving me time to take it all in, without interrupting my thoughts.

Finally Mike said, "Tom I told her about your sign and she asked if I was serious." Mike continued, "I said yes, Aly turned red, thought a moment and said Tom will love seeing me."

Now I really am dumbfounded. This super hot chick was willing to bare all for a chance to study in my quiet man cave.

Mike continued, saying, "I told Aly she could have some time tonight to talk about it. I am not sure Aly believes that your place even exists."

With that Mike stood up, found Aly helping clean up tables and waved her over to his private table.

"You two have a lot to talk about, Aly you have the rest of your shift off to celebrate your birthday, and have a drink on me." Then he walked away.

I sat there, embarrassed, dumbstruck and tongue tied as Aly came over and sat down. She asked if I wanted another margarita and I weakly nodded yes. Aly said I'll be right back. When she returned she had two margaritas, one for each of us.

"Tell me about your cabin." Aly said, looking a little worried. "Does it have a bathroom and running water?"

I replied that it has hot and cold running water and a complete bathroom with toilet and shower as well as a big sink.

"Does it have a kitchen?"

I replied that it has a complete kitchen, with all of the normal appliances.

"Does it have heat?" Aly sounded like she was giving serious thought to backing out because of the cabin. I liked the idea of seeing her nude, so I gave her the whole picture. "Aly, it is a modern log cabin. It has all of the comforts of home, including hot water, shower, electric heat, an over and range, coffee pot, Keurig coffee maker, toaster, micro wave, dishwasher and blender. There is a 60 inch flat screen TV, a full size sofa a small kitchen table and chairs and a loft with a king sized bed."

Talking about my cabin allowed me to catch my breath and calm down.

"It also has a boat house for my small pontoon boat and canoe, a charcoal grill and a huge glass window that covers the entire waterfront side of the cabin to overlook the pond and the surrounding hills."

Aly looked surprised. Maybe Mike hadn't told much about my cabin and property, so I continued, "It sits on 107 acres in the hills about an hour and a half from here, almost .4 of a mile off the country road, and has a 5 acre pond with fish in it." "It can only be reached by a four wheel drive vehicle, so I have to take my big SUV."

Aly was obviously excited and ready to spend the weekend with me. I still was trying to get a handle on the whole situation. Her being 21 years old and me being in my mid-forties. Her being so hot and me being a regular guy. I wonder what besides peace and quiet she was looking for, if anything.

Aly grinned and said, "Is it rustic."

I told her, "It is a real log cabin, finished on the inside, well insulated, with electric heat, air conditioning and a fire place." The heater and air can be controlled by an app on my phone so it will be comfortable inside when we get there." "The furniture looks rustic, the wood being round logs from trees, but the padding is top quality comfortable."

"Sounds like I will be comfortable there. You will keep it warm enough for the naked me, won't you?" Aly asked. She continued, "You aren't going to take advantage of me naked are you?" "Can I go with you next weekend?"

I was stunned. I still couldn't believe that Aly wanted to go through with it.

After giving it some more thought I relied, "Aly, I have a couple of chores in the boathouse that will be somewhat noisy, other than that I plan on spending quality time with the e books on my kindle until the hockey game comes on around seven."

"It will be really quiet for most of the day. So you can study, but I will have the sound on for the hockey game."

Aly gave me a broad smile and said, "I can handle all of that, pick me up at 8:00?"

I had to say yes. Aly jumped up and gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I told her we had a lot of things to discuss to give me her cell number and I would call her tomorrow afternoon. She pulled out her order pad, wrote her cell number on it and beamed again. "I have to be at work here, tomorrow at 4. Call by three. Now I am going out with my friends to celebrate my birthday."

With that I got another hug, another huge smile, and Aly was gone.

Mike came out of the kitchen and took the seat to my left. "Well, is she spending the weekend with you?"

I told Mike, "It sounds like it." "I am going to call her tomorrow for details." I asked Mike to tell me about Aly.

"Tom, Mike started, she is the real thing. I don't think she is a virgin, but she sure is not a slut. She kids around with some of the customers, but won't accept their offers for dates. She has had dates with college guys, went with one for 3 or 4 months during her sophomore year, but still lives in the dorm with a female roommate. She is the kind of girl you take home to meet your parents in spite of how hot she is."

"Why would she be willing to spend a weekend with me nude?"

"Tom, my good friend that, is the big question. I told her about your place expecting a big laugh and a thanks, but no thanks kind of response. You saw the response I actually got."

I thought for a moment and asked, "Should I tell her to ignore the sign and leave her clothes on?"

Mike roared with laughter. "You would be one stupid fuck if you let her off the hook. Look at her Tom, she is the hottest girl on campus."

After a moment I chuckled and said, "You are right, she definitely is a 9-1/2."


Saturday morning I did my chores, killing time until 3 o'clock. Shortly after 3, I got a piece of paper and pen and called Aly on her cell. When she answered you could hear the excitement in her voice. "Do you still want to go with me Saturday?" I asked.

"Tom I can't wait," was her response.

We will be there for 2 lunches, supper and breakfast. We need to talk about food and beverages. I found out Aly was not on a diet, liked steak and potatoes, didn't drink beer, but liked soda and bottled water and had enjoyed her margarita last night and thought she would like another one at my cabin. I started getting hard again thinking about nude Aly in my man cave. I made up my shopping list and headed to the store.

I had a busy week, 3 days on the road, 3,000 air miles, and didn't have much time to think about the weekend. Friday at lunch I sent Aly a text and asked if we were still on for the weekend. She texted back call me when you get on campus and I'll be waiting in front of the dorm when you get there. I sat at my desk at work half hard at the thought.

When I pulled up in front of the dorm Saturday, Aly was waiting for me wearing sweat pants and a loose fitting T shirt, with a backpack on her shoulder. She threw the pack in the back seat and climbed into my 7 year old SUV. We exchanged good mornings, Aly with a big smile, and me probably with a big grin. It was pretty quiet in the car until we got onto the interstate. A second look at Aly had me wondering if she was wearing a bra. If she wasn't her tits must be very firm. There was no sag evident.

I told Aly, "The weather forecast for the weekend is lower 70's and full sun. It will be chilly in the morning and evening but nice during the day."

She asked if she could lay out in the sun and study. I told her I had no place to do that, and the insects probably are going to be nasty too, so I don't think it is possible. She wanted to know if I had bug repellent. The answer was no, but we would pass a drug store in the little town we go through on the way and I would stop and get some. She had worked last night even though Mike had said she could have the night off to study. Friday night is her biggest tip night so she worked, which meant lots of studying still needed done. I found out she is in the business college, with marketing as her major. She scored an internship for this summer and would be working about 20 minutes from her parent's house and living with them. We chatted about state college, how it had changed since my wife Pam and I graduated more than 20 years ago, how she knew my daughter Melody and other trivial things.

We finally exited the Interstate and drove into the small town where the drug store was located. Bought a can of bug repellent, and a bottle of sun screen and got back in the SUV. When I turned off of the state road we were on, onto a secondary county road, Aly asked if we were almost there. Her voice was kind of low, but also seemed a little excited.

"About 10 minutes to the trail to the cabin." I replied.

Aly seemed to tense up so I drove on without commenting further. I finally got to the pull off to the cabin, turned left on 2 barely discernible tire tracks. Aly still seemed tense and I expected she was thinking about having to be nude in a few minutes. I stopped the car, rolled down the window and said, "Can you hear the quiet? Notice the lack of noise." A slight breeze in the trees was all that could be heard.

Aly relied, "That is just what I need," and seemed to relax some.

I put the SUV into 4 wheel drive and started off. The road wound around in the thick woods, only about 6 feet wide anywhere, It went up and down a couple of steep, muddy hills and across a small creek, that you couldn't get a car through, Finally we crested another hill and the pond glimmered in the bright sun. I stopped the SUV and told Aly, "We're here."

I had given a lot of thought to this moment. How would Aly react? Would she just strip? Would she tell me she couldn't do it and wanted to go back to campus? Would she stall? I was getting hard in anticipation of a decision favorable to my viewing. I had decided to go about unpacking the food cooler, and opening up the cabin and let her take her time deciding how she would proceed.

I climbed out of the car and unlocked the cabin door. I pushed the door open, hit the light switch and turned back to the SUV. Aly hadn't moved. I ignored her, allowing her as much time as she needed. As I was pulling the cooler out of the back of my car Aly slid out of the front seat, walked up to the door and read the sign Mike had placed there.

"There really is a sign that says women have to be nude to enter!"

I just nodded my head and said "yep." I took the cooler into the cabin and put it on the kitchen table and turned to go back out and get the box with the non-perishable food stuffs. Aly was still standing between the SUV and the cabin. I grabbed the box and went back inside to start unpacking. I had everything put away and still no Aly. I was wondering if she had changed her mind. I walked over to the window and looked out to see where she was.

Aly was standing next to my SUV looking back up the trail we had just come down. It looked like she was looking for someone or scared that there might be someone following us. She turned and looked out over my pond, again searching for something that wasn't there.

Finally she opened the car door so her body couldn't be seen from the track we came in on and slowly pulled her t shirt off. Wow, she wasn't wearing a bra and those tits stood out strong and firm from her chest. What a great set of tits I thought. She checked the track again then pulled her sweats off. Again no underwear. She must have dropped something on the ground because she disappeared from my view. I stepped closer to the window to see where she was, when in the door came Aly, naked as the day she was born. She saw me by the window and a huge grin appeared on her face. I had been caught.

She stepped into the cabin, hung her clothes on the coat hook on the back of the door, placed one hand on a perfectly curved hip and said, "What do you think, Tom?"

My heart started pounding, I couldn't breathe and I couldn't respond. I stood there staring for what seemed like an eternity but probably only seconds. I finally stammered, "Damn, you are one gorgeous young lady."

Aly stood there, hand on her hip, beautiful face with an excited look on it, perfect breasts rising and falling and said, "Take a good look now because I don't want to be disturbed when I an studying."

I stared, my eyes going from that beautiful face, to her perfect tits, to the small trimmed bush she had, to those lovely legs and back up again. I was in a trance. My cock throbbed. Her beautiful breasts are perfectly shaped, with pink aureoles and small but very erect nipples. They stand out from her chest proudly. She does not need a bra. Her hips flare out to frame a flat lower abdomen that has a small triangular bush that is neatly trimmed, probably so she can wear a bikini. Her legs are muscular and match the rest of her hot body. I wanted to ask her to turn around so I could see her ass, but I didn't want to break the spell.

After an eternity Aly broke the spell. She said, "We both have work to do, what time is lunch?"

"We'll eat around noon. The Keurig is on the counter, the K cups next to it. Fix yourself a coffee when you need it."

I went out to the car and got the bug repellent and sun screen. I leaned against my car and caught my breath, I took a moment to rearrange my very hard dick in my pants.

Aly had followed me out to get her backpack and had stopped to let the suns hot rays caress her skin. "This really feels good, she murmured, I could be a nudist."

She grabbed her backpack out of the car and returned to the cabin. I got a fabulous view of her awesome ass as she walked away from the car. I stood by the car for a couple of minutes so my very hard cock could return to normal size and I could walk right. I pondered the situation. That was a great show, unexpected, but truly appreciated. Did Aly have something else in mind, besides studying?

I stowed the food in the refrigerator, turned on the Keurig for a cup of coffee and went to my box for a couple of things I would need in the boathouse. I asked Aly if she wanted coffee and she said yes. When the first one was done I put it on the kitchen table, where Aly had spread out her study materials, handed her the creamer and sugar, and went to get the second cup.

I grabbed the second cup of coffee, my tools and said to Aly, "I'll be in the boathouse if you need me. The thermostat is by the bathroom door if you get cold."

The only thing I needed to do today was get my 16 foot pontoon boat down from its winter storage place and into the water. I plugged in the battery charger so the battery would have a full charge, planning to use the boat this afternoon. I made a little more noise than necessary, for Aly's behalf, and hurried to get the job done. I wondered if Aly and I would have sex.

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