tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Hottest Girl On The Beach Ch. 02

The Hottest Girl On The Beach Ch. 02


After a long and hot in more than one way kind of day finally I was stood at my front door to my modest 1 bed flat, looking back to where the car was though I had Abi a gorgeous brunette pre op and my two friends walking up the path.

As I swung open the door I just hoped I had left the living room in a presentable state after a few beers with a couple of close friends the night before and after a long day on the beach I could barely remember the night before, fortunately it seemed I had cleared the lounge in the early hours as the place looked at least half presentable.

Offering Abi and my two friends Tim and his new girlfriend I suppose you would call her Chloe to take a seat they soon made themselves comfortable, deciding I was in need of a hot shower to rid myself of the smells of sun tan lotion and cum from my torso and cock.

As soon as I left the others in the lounge I was aware Abi had followed me into my bedroom, my bathroom was a small room only accessible from my bedroom which wasn't always perfect when friends came to stay but for what I paid a month in rent it was a comfortable bachelor pad.

As I headed for the bathroom the bedroom door closed behind me and Abi asked sexily do you mind if I share your shower?

Not being one to let a gorgeous pre op transsexual standing I hastily agreed she could come join me, stripping off all of my clothes and finding a couple of towels from the closet I headed towards my shower with my new friend following closely.

Getting the shower just warm enough to get rid of the sand and lotion from our bodies Abi stepped into the shower taking my arm to steady herself, as the water cascaded over our bodies I had the first chance to see her body properly without the blazing sun and my shades ruining the view.

Watching the water splash down between us, running down her long hair and over her shoulders across her perfect B cup breasts and down into her groin where her small but semi hard cock had found its way into my hand as I slowly massaged her cock. Obviously enjoying the attention I was giving her Abi leant into me pressing her nipples into my chest as our lips met and tongues explored each others mouths in a passionate long kiss.

The excitement of having this stunning looking girl with a cock enjoying my touch, and her pierced tongue dancing round mine soon had me rock hard and as the water ran down our bodies the drive to fuck her again was raging through my mind.

Whether Abi was aware or not I will never know but as our lips parted she wasted no time in sliding down my body making sure we kept contact all the way until she met her knees on the shower pan floor, looking up at me with her beautiful dark eyes I could not resist her and all I could say was yes please babe.

With that Abi knew what to do and with no effort she flicked her hair over to one side and as our eyes were still locked on each other she gently took my fully erect cock slowly between her waiting lust full lips letting her pierced tongue dart across my bell end, leaning back a little against the solid tiled wall Abi began to slowly bob her head taking my cock deeper each time she did making my body almost spasm as I tried to hold back from cumming into her mouth or all over her breasts.

After a few minutes Abi stood and as I pulled her close to me to kiss her she whispered I love sucking your cock, I do hope you will want to fuck me again?

As much as I wanted to screw the arse off her there and then I heard a knock at the bedroom door with Tim shouting through any chance of using the toilet bro, knocking the shower off and stepping from the shower cubicle I handed Abi a towel and told her we have guests right now but later I really want to fuck you hard.

Watching this beautiful girl trying to hide her cock in a towel was obviously not easy for Abi so before I could let Tim through I chucked Abi my dressing gown and fumbled in her bag she had left on my bed for a pair of panties, as I reached into the large fashion branded paper bag the feel of lace brushed at my hand and as I pulled out a tiny pair of black lacy panties I could only think what I would have later on to enjoy.

Sliding in to her panties Abi gave me the nod and with that I opened the door and wandered into the lounge with my towel wrapped round my waist only just hiding my still semi hard cock from view, Chloe jumped up and asked where the bathroom was as if she didn't know but was being polite I said I will show you.

As I opened up the bedroom door again to lead Chloe to the bathroom I didn't expect Abi to once again be naked, it was obvious she had not realised that I had gone to find out who needed the bathroom. Abi's embarrassment was plain to see as she turned crimson but Chloe to my surprise didn't seem to worry instead saying wow I didn't realise you were a Ts Abi.

Closing the door quickly I said to Chloe please don't let on to Tim, its kind of what im into. As I tried to explain I prefer T girls than genetic ones Chloe said don't either of you worry I am bisexual to and have met a Ts before in a club I go to, turns out Chloe was not only bisexual but also a swinger and explained she actually went with Tim because she wanted some kinky pictures taken for her profile on a swinging website I knew of.

Tonight now seemed it could be even more interesting as my friend Tim had once expressed an interest in a Ts escort advert in a magazine I had left laying around and had asked me if I had ever fucked a T girl, back then I told him straight I had fucked a few and knew a few in the town we lived in to which he seemed more than interested.

Chucking on a pair of my favourite jeans and a fresh T shirt and trainers I said to Abi I am going to go get us some dinner, I will take Tim with me if you would let Chloe know when she comes out. Giving Abi a quick cuddle and kiss I left her to look after my place and sort her make up and clothing out.

Calling Tim her came running as the faithful friend he had always been and as I explained I was going out to get dinner he said I will tag along then mate, to be honest where I live it was good to walk down the shops with someone else as dusk fell.

All the way Tim didn't shut up about how good a fuck Chloe was and was asking how Abi was, it was obvious to him at least that was the reason we had shared a shower together besides the fact I had already been lucky enough to fuck her butt down on the beach. All I told him is she is fantastic mate, one of the best girls I have ever had and with that I attempted to change the conversation.

Soon enough we had picked up dinner and a couple of beers and a bottle of wine to enjoy in front of the television relaxing this evening, Tim asked already if he and Chloe could stay on my sofa bed and I had no problem with that as my place was old and had good thick walls they wouldn't hear me and Abi screwing later on.

Getting home the girls had obvious worked up an appetite for more than dinner and it seemed Chloe had planned on having lots of fun with Tim at least, as we stepped into the lounge both Chloe and Abi were looking stunning.

Chloe in a short mini dress and very high heels showing off her stocking tops with her make up sorted and looking edible, Abi was in much the same a very clingy sexy mini dress and stiletto heels with her long dark hair perfectly styled and her make up was stunning making her look some feminine and insatiable.

In some unknown way Abi had even managed to find my favourite sofa and had put out a few beers I had left in the fridge ready for me and Tim when we got in, taking my seat by her side I felt Abi snuggle up to my side and as I attempted to sort out our dinner onto the coffee table I was well aware of Abi's long finger nails teasing at my inner thigh and groin.

Dinner seemed like it was going to get cold as I looked across the room Tim was already sat with his shorts pulled down and Chloe happily licking and sucking at his cock, I knew Tim was well endowed as we had shared a drunken slut one night and spit roasted her.

Watching them going at it was already making me hard and as I looked closer I could see Chloe's glistening pussy dripping already waiting on a cock to fill her sopping cunt, pulling out my semi hard cock Abi instantly went down and began to suck me deep and long. I wanted more though and as Abi got me rock solid she rose up and whispered to me go fuck Chloe's pussy for her she's gagging for your cock in her.

Wasting no time I pulled off my jeans and T shirt and crossed the room, lining myself up behind Chloe I pulled up her tight mini dress and slid my thick bell end into her sopping wet pussy. As I slid in inch by inch Chloe barked at me go on Mike fuck my cunt, fill me up babe I need a proper good fucking.

Wondering what Tim was thinking the whole time I looked up at him and then over to Abi and with that Abi stood on her stilettos and wiggled her way across before dropping to her knees and working at his balls with her pierced tongue, it seemed Abi did indeed know what she wanted and as Abi took control of Tim's cock Chloe pulled away from me releasing my thick 8 plus inches from her wet pussy.

As Chloe stood she took my hand leading me to the other sofa where me and Abi had been sat, laying herself back onto the black leather she looked really good and as I slid a couple of fingers into her wet twat and began to finger her she moaned for me begging me to fuck her properly.

Wanting to fill her wet snatch I looked across at Abi and Tim as I didn't know how Tim would react if he found out Abi was a Ts with a functional cock in her panties, to my relief Abi was laid out being fed all of Tim's fat cock down her throat and was obviously enjoying it.

Thinking if im quick here Tim won't get chance to see Abi's cock so as I spread Chloe's thighs and put her legs onto my shoulders with her high heels pointing up past my back I slid my thick cock slowly into her pierced twat, she felt so good and so wet that I wasted no time in being gentle and as I began to slide in and out of her cunt she released the top of her mini dress releasing her D cup breasts.

Now I wanted her cunt more than ever and as I went into her cunt up to my balls Chloe squirmed with pleasure and moaned go on fuck my twat with that huge cock!, slamming into her balls deep with her breasts bobbing with the motion of me filling her cunt.

She had been wet when I had started but now she was dribbling cum from her well fucked pussy drowning my cock and balls in her cum, knowing she was well on her way to a huge orgasm I drove deep into her and fucked her deep as I rubbed at her clitoris she twitched hard under me and as I saw her eyes glaze over she ejaculated her cum all over my cock and balls, sliding from her I leant down onto her and kissed her thanking her for the fuck then released her legs from my shoulders.

Getting to her feet as her orgasm washed away Chloe walked back over to the other side of Tim and began to kiss him, watching them play I knew the risk with Abi and I guessed she may be hard from seeing me screw Chloe and sucking on Tim's cock.

Releasing Tim from her mouth Abi rolled from the sofa and crawled like a cock obsessed animal across the room and as she approached me she went straight to work sucking me off, from across the room all of a sudden I heard a groan and with that I saw Tim had shot his load all over his groin and stomach. Seeing and hearing Tim's explosive orgasm sent me on my way also and within a moment I had started to pump my hot load down Abi's throat as she swallowed back all I gave her before breaking away from me and licking her lips clean of my spunk.

Tim very carefully asked can I go grab a shower mate and I replied of course you can mate, you know where everything is out there so go clean up.

As soon as Tim had gone out of the room Abi settled by my side and readjusted herself as her cock had come out from its hiding place and was on show for anyone who may of noticed it, as she did she asked me did you enjoy Chloe's wet pussy babe?

Answering yes I did very much indeed, and with that Chloe walked over and sat by my other side and said do you know why I was so wet Mike?

Answering well I had guessed and before I could answer properly Chloe said its because Abi fucked me while you two were down the shops, turning to look at Abi she just smiled and said I'm very versatile too you know with a giggle.

As I had the girls sat on both sides of me I cheekily said so what combination shall we do next girls and I got a reply I did definitely not expect when both said dinner, with that I popped to the kitchen got a few plates and dished up the take away which fortunately was still hot enough to be edible.

Tim soon returned from his shower and we all settled down to watch a film but the smell of sex in the room was sure to lead to more fun and a friends introduction to sex with a T girl.

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