tagLoving WivesThe Hotwife Ch. 01

The Hotwife Ch. 01


1....The Bull

So this was it. The moment of truth. This is real. I recognized those familiar sensations. The rush of blood and the surge of power. Throbbing, rippling from the base of my balls towards my obscenely jutting penis. I was going to cum. Yes there was no doubt about it. I was going to make a shared fantasy for a couple reality. Two dreams, one for a cuckold husband, the other for a hotwife.

My thoughts rushed back to the start. The ad I placed on the dating website and then the ensuing emails. Sharing fantasies and swapping of erotic pictures. Tasteful of course! I am a nice guy remember, not just a sleezebag looking for sex. I like to think of myself as a therapist, a counsellor for couples. Sure the sex was satisfying but what turns me on is the whole mind-fuck aspect. The hunt. The thrill of the chase and the absolute inescapable conclusion. Satisfaction...

They were after a hung man and I fit the bill. I explained that yes, the gods had blessed me, but I left them wondering. My photos showed a glimpse, a discreet promise leaving something of a mystery. Something to look forward to. I remembered the initial nervous meetings. Nice couple. The wife was sexy, smoking hot, slim and sexy as hell. Hubby seemed like a nice guy too! Successful and older than her. Married for twenty years and both looking for thrills.

Anyhow, where was I? Ok yes, I was royally screwing this woman into a quivering jelly. Her feet in the air, hands pulling her knees wide apart allowing me access. I dont know who got the bigger surprise, her or him when she first pulled down my pants. Soft, I was thicker and longer than her husband was when fully erect. And he was erect! Barred up, veins bulging and a diminutive four inches at a guess. Poor guy! Her too for that matter. Remember size does matter!

Now I said before I was blessed by the gods. And now look who was worshipping my cock. The formerly demure loving and faithful wife was struggling to stuff as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, looking me in the eye and marvelling at my proportions. "Lick my pussy!" she ordered her husband in between gasps and cock muffled groans.

"Oh my god, look at him" she said straight to his face.

"He's beautiful. Fuck its got to be nine inches. Honey I can't even get my fingers all the way around him!"

I could see the hesitation in his face, the doubt cloud his eyes. Yes I've seen that look before but the raging mini hard-on betrayed him. This was his fantasy. This was probably the exact scenario he had been jacking off to for years. In my experience that's what cuckolds do, warped and twisted as it sounds.

Anyhow I digress again. Those feelings of power and electric shocks coursing along the length of my cock previewed my impending orgasm. Her face was flushed red, eyes tightly shut as they had been since those first rolling orgasms racked her body. I could feel another clench of her pussy wrapping around my cock like a vice. Both of us were close and she knew it.

"Cum in me, fill me, fuck me."

"But honey, what about the condoms?" he stammered.

"Don't stop, don't stop fucking me!" she gasped.

"Fuck, oh fuck I'm cumming, cum in me please" she tensed as it hit her again. Violent muscle spasms forcing a scream from deep within her.

"Aaaahhh fuck me yessssss."

That was it. This was the moment. It was real. My heavy testicles slamming against her arse boiled over. My shaft thickened, pulsed, then my cock exploded. Molten cum blasted in masculine eruptions, surge after surge deep into her core. Deeper than her husband had ever managed. Straight to her fertile centre.

Now she was a hotwife. The husband a cuckold. I wonder if the lid has been well and truly lifted on the pandora box that was their fantasy.

I hope that they got what they wanted. Who knows, maybe in a few weeks they might get more than they bargained for. Turning to leave I saw the cuck staring impassively at the unopened condom packet on the bedside table.

"Fuck you cuckold!" I chuckled to myself.

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