tagLoving WivesThe Hotwife Ch. 02

The Hotwife Ch. 02



It's been a few days since our erotic threesome adventure. Exactly four days and seven hours to be exact! You know how people remember important dates and times? Like maybe when Elvis died or what you were doing on 911. Well I remember vividly the moment when I was reborn, rising from the spent ashes of the formerly "nice girl" and loving wife of twenty years. The moment I became a Hot-Wife.

That exact moment occurred when my tiny dicked husband positioned our "friends" unbelievably large throbbing knob against my pussy lips and asked politely if he would please fuck me with it! Politely really is the wrong way to describe it. More of a desperate plead or beg perhaps. I knew he was holding him, probably getting off touching a "real cock" for the first time in his sorry life. He probably wanted to suck him right now, but I had other plans for that cock and it sure as hell didn't include my husband!

Looking back now I realise the whole process started innocently enough. I think it was me suggesting once during a particularly unsatisfying "Wham bam thank you Ma'am," which incidentally is my husband's norm, how it might feel if someone licked my pussy at the same time as I was being fucked.

This fantasy developed and strangely enough my man really ran with it. I knew he had become obsessed when I found shocking images hidden in a secret file on our computer. Weird disturbing images of submissive husbands fitted with tiny chastity devices on their little dicks. Men kneeling submissively in front of their wives while she is obviously enjoying fucking a huge black guy. Scary dominatrix's wearing impossibly large strap-on dildos fucking submissive men's butts. And husbands cleaning up the cum of some stud straight from their wife's pussy, "Cream-Pie" they called it. Yes he had crossed the line alright. Time to teach him a lesson! That's when I started the process, give this cuck something to think about. Be careful what you wish for hubby dearest because you might just get it!

But I had to be clever, make him think he was in-charge. Well right up to the moment when things change, when I take control. Not that I actually remember too many details of the actual threesome. Just flashes, like the feelings of my husband's tongue on my clit as I slowly impaled myself on that manly penis. It's almost as if that huge cock fried a circuit in my brain. Turning my eyes inward so I could see billions of neurons exploding in a shattering crescendo as each successive orgasm blew through me. I remember collapsing after he finally came inside me, climaxing with me, filling me, and really fucking me senseless.

The look on my husband's face was priceless. Most guys would have been mad as hell, wanting to kill the bastard. No, not my man, he just stood there as our "friend" dressed to leave. Extending his hand as if to congratulate the stud on a job well done.

The "real man" looked down at my husband with disgust and made no attempt to shake his hand. Maybe it was because both he and I could see residue of my husband's cum still dripping from his fingers.

"Thank you." My husband stammered.

Boy, talk about a cuckold husband! What sort of guy thanks some hung dude for fucking his wife? I wonder if he would be hurt if I confessed that this had been the single most sexually liberating experience of my life. Can I give myself to my husband in the same way ever again and perhaps the most important fact, do I want to?

At that moment I detected a shift, a change in the balance of power in our relationship. I had my husband's balls securely in the palm of my hand. I was in control...

I am the Hot-wife!!!

Chapter 3, The Cuckold...

"Fuck you cuckold."

Those three words stabbed through my heart like a sharp dagger. This coming from a guy who we invited into our marital bed. Who for the last hour or so had fucked my wife? I stood there stunned and humiliated, watching him pull on his pants, grabbing his spent member, still obscenely huge, and stuff it away before pulling up his zipper. My wife lay ravished on the bed hardly able to speak with a small smile on her face. Were that the endorphins coursing through her brain, or did I detect a mocking glint in her eyes at those three words?

Truth be told I was the one who was keen. I started this whole process. It was me who cajoled even coerced my faithful wife to share our bed with another man. Why then why did I feel so damn small and humiliated? Something has changed and I just can't put my finger on it! My emotions are spiralling out of control, from agony to ecstasy in nanoseconds.

Less than an hour earlier I had been lying on my back under my wife in a 69 position as the stud settled in behind her doggy style. I willingly obeyed my wife's command to guide his cock into place. Humiliatingly he made me give him permission to fuck my wife. She meanwhile slowly licked my balls before taking my entire length in her mouth. God this was heaven! I reached up to touch him, mesmerised at his size. Fuck he was massive! Slowly he slid inch after inch into my wife's pussy until his balls squeezed against her protruding clit. She started climaxing almost immediately, forgetting my cock in a heartbeat.

Before too long I was an extra. An observer taking my place at the foot of the bed. Invisible to the wildly fucking couple. I tried not to cum. I stroked my cock slowly, hidden in my fist. I was amazed at how many times my wife screamed, crying out in pleasure as she came again and again. This was brutal. This was fucking at its primal best. Mating. The Alpha-Male claiming his rights. His pace quickened and I sensed that soon he would be emptying his seed into my wife's womb. He was supposed to use a condom, but surprisingly my wife thought better of it. Maybe it was the way he hit all the right spots inside her while stretching her pussy lips in a tight "O" like a rubber band about to snap. It looked like his veiny shaft was dragging directly over my wife's clitoris. How did that happen? I know for a fact that it sure never happened with me before!

His back arched, face grimaced and I watched from my position at the foot of the bed as he finally thrust deep, balls tight, cock pulsing as he shot his virile seed deep into my wife. That was it for me, embarrassingly I came. My cock twitched and splattered a few drops of jisim onto the bed. I quickly wiped the evidence away, scared to admit how watching that spectacle had made me orgasm.

Now he had gone. I lay down on our bed, spooning my wife. Slowly she rolled on her back towards me, looked at me and said "You know what to do cucky boy, clean me up!"

That's when it hit me, something has changed. There's a new confident gleam in my wife's eye. There has been a shift. I slid my face towards her swollen pussy, and did as I was told. I glanced up at my beautiful wife. Never had she looked so sexy, so powerful. I was the luckiest guy in the universe, I was content.

She was my Hot-Wife and now, I was her cuckold...

The Hot-Wife...Epilogue....

3 Years later....

The Sun's first morning rays illuminated my bedroom through the floor to ceiling windows. The garden as usual looked immaculate. The palm-trees were carefully positioned around the pool creating a private oasis in this upmarket suburb. Life has been very good to us the last few years, what with my husband's promotion to National Sales Manager at the company he works for. The extra salary means we now enjoy a life we once could have only dreamed of. Who says money can't buy you happiness!

I roll over in my bed reaching out to the buzzer on the side table. Pressing it once, my summons to my husband that he can now come to my room. Predictably I wait only a few seconds before I hear him knock softly on my door and enter the room.

"Honey, Happy Anniversary, I have a surprise for you!"

"Thank you Mistress and Happy Anniversary too." Looking at my husband of 23 years I still marvel at how lucky I am to have such a loving man. Such a great Dad too.

Our son Jack recently had his second birthday and is quite a little handful. Not really like his dad in any way he has my eyes and dark hair. My friends tease me when they see him being changed

"Oh my god, he's quite the big boy! Now we know the secret to your happy marriage." They joke. "Lucky girl!" If only they knew the truth! So maybe he does take after his father after all, just not my husband!

"Take off your clothes, all of them." I command. He peels off his shirt and kicks off his shorts, carefully folding them and placing them in a neat pile on the dressing table.

"The panties too, little man!" I make him buy and wear women's silk panties, so humiliating... Just in case he forgets who is in charge here. He stands in front of me and slips the pink panties down his legs and finally is standing directly in front of me naked. Well almost naked as his cock is confined in a CB 6000. This is one of those male chastity cages that confine his penis in a plastic see through sheath. The band around his testicles holds the device in place and then is secured with a tiny padlock to which I have the only key.

"Does my little boy want freed from his cage?" Tormenting him is half the fun. Today I will give him a treat though. It's been maybe a month since his last orgasm, 24 hours since mine.

I unlock the padlock with the key from my anklet. and take his cleanly shaven cock in my hand. I just can't help comparing to how he stacks up to the cock size I prefer. He's tiny, short and thin. Cute though, like a little puppy!

I have long since given up on letting him fuck me. The truth is I simply can't even feel him as he thrusts that pathetic excuse for a cock into me. No, his role now is my official pussy licker. That wasn't always the case though. I remember back to the start of our relationship. I was sexually inexperienced and didn't really know what I was missing. Sure I was unsatisfied, frustrated even. But after talking to my friends over a few glasses of wine I discovered that they shared the same feelings. Sex was something one endured to keep your husband happy.

God, how things have changed! Now I am like a crack whore, strung out, searching for my next fix! Except that I am addicted to cock, big fat cocks that stretch me, fill me and fuck me senseless. Yes I am a size queen. I kneel only to the truly well endowed!

"I want to cum baby, lie down."

He quickly slides onto the bed ready for me to straddle his face. Offering me his hungry mouth to do with as I please. I feel my husband's hands spread my ass cheeks and vigorously start lapping at my pussy.

Positioned on top of him, facing his feet I can control the speed and where I need his attention. Usually I alternate in quick forward and back thrusts allowing him to pleasure my sensitive clit right through to my ass. I feel the familiar sensations course through my body. Inches in front of my face my husband's straining cock jerks uncontrollably, veins bulging. Screaming out for release.

If I get really close I pretend that he's bigger, not four inches. Maybe nine or ten even. I inhale his scent, intoxicated by the musty smell of cock. Closing my eyes and focus in on my smouldering lust.

I remember my husband's boss, Mr Rogers fucking me in this very bed. I mean come on, how else could I guarantee the promotion. A girl has to do what a girl has to do!

That horny bastard propositioned me at the staff Christmas party a couple of years back. I had heard rumours that he used to be quite the ladies' man in his younger days so naturally I was intrigued. The first time I blew him from under his office desk he taunted me by talking to my husband on the phone. Hanging up on him mid-sentence a split second before he blasted his load down my throat with a grunt.

It became a regular fixture until true to his word my husband's promotion was confirmed. A promotion which incidentally involves some travel. I'm thinking Mr Rogers worked that into the contract on purpose. Not surprisingly, guess who was knocking on my front door later the same day I had kissed my husband goodbye on his three day business trip.

The tension was building. The heat in my pussy spreading. I recognised the first signs of my approaching orgasm. My husband's tongue was skilfully steering me towards climax. Visions race through my mind, fucking that big black guy in a hotel room as my husband, bound to a chair, watches and groans through his gag. Tears welling in his eyes. Hard ebony muscles chiselled from granite, his body completely opposite to me in every way contrasting against my fair skin. Spreading my legs wide, opening me, and allowing him unimpeded access.

That stud's cock was massive! Rock hard and menacing. It must have taken all of 15 minutes just to get him fully in and adjust to his size, but man he knew how to fuck. Really fucked me, relentlessly pounding me without mercy. Slamming his entire length into my depths and forcing him deeper still.

The pain giving way to ecstasy as he drove me to one explosive orgasm after another. I recall his primeval scream as he cums. Pumping what seemed like gallons of hot sperm into me. Crying out with a terrible tribal roar, his member pulsing impossibly thick and long. Heavy testicles draining, painting my womb black with his virile seed.

From half closed eyes I could see my husband squirming in his seat, cum shooting from his redundant penis. Tears now rolling down his face. So humiliated, so fucking useless and now secure in his knowledge that he was a real cuckold husband who lives only to serve his dominant wife.

As my thoughts turned to fucking the pool boy and his friends my orgasm hit. Smashing through me, tearing out a scream from deep within my soul. My face contorts, muscles spasm out of control ripping my world apart. Inches in front of me my husband's cock erupts. Spewing geysers of hot jisim into the air. I watch as his twitching penis pulses and flails untouched ejaculating his impotent seed uselessly onto his stomach. The waves of my orgasm wash through me, slowly receding to leave me in that state of post orgasmic bliss.

"Happy Anniversary honey, I've been thinking, maybe it's time to give Jack someone to play with? A little sister or brother. What do you think?"

"I know you have that trip coming up. We could see that guy from last time. You know the guy from 3 years ago...."

My husband didn't answer. In fact he didn't say a word. His cock spoke for him though. Spoke volumes, saying all the words he couldn't form.....

Pulsing, a small drop of cum squirting from his tiny knob.....

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