tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe House Ch. 02

The House Ch. 02


Thanks to everyone who read the first part of my story, The House. Special thanks to everyone who voted or commented. It was very much appreciated. Please enjoy the fantasy.


I woke up slowly. I hate mornings anyway, but I'm usually jolted awake by my alarm clock. That thought actually woke me up faster than usual. One glance around me brought all the memories from the day before flooding back – Don showing up before I could leave, the impromptu tour of the house, waking up naked and tied to the bed...and I remembered being woken up at least once by Don fucking me after the first time. Each time he would cum inside me.

Not completely aware of what I was doing, I sat up and looked around the empty basement. 'Wait,' I thought, 'I'm alone? Okay, that could be good. At least I'm not waking up to Don on top of me. I'm also not tied to the bed any more. That's excellent.' I didn't think about trying to get up the stairs, I was still naked, and was in no hurry to run into Don again, or at least that's what I kept telling myself. I just wanted to get his sperm out of me.

I ran to the bathroom and didn't even bother with the toilet. I turned on the shower and grabbed the shower head. It's one of those hand held ones with the different settings. I turned it to the narrowest spray I could and pointed it at my pussy. I moaned as the spray hit my clit and the rest my pussy. It renewed the wonderful sensation of Don pounding into me, but I had to get his sperm out of me.

Before I could even hope to have washed even half of his sperm, the door to the shower swung open and what felt like an iron band clamped on my wrist. Startled into dropping the showerhead, I caught a blast of water in the face that blinded me.

I was pulled out of the bathroom. I could feel the difference in temperature immediately as I crossed the threshold. I was trying to blink water out of my eyes when the grip on my wrist changed. I stumbled into a padded something that caught me at near the top of my thighs. That didn't seem to matter to Don, because he pulled me forward until I was stretched across the top of it.

Before I could begin to pull back, something was wrapped around my wrist. It was snug, but not tight. And then I learned that single-mindedness in a situation like this is a bad thing. While I was trying to tug my wrist free, Don quickly got my other wrist secured.

I didn't even think to kick when he grabbed my ankles and secured them too.

Don came around so I could see him, and he looked more than a little angry. "What were you doing, Brianne?"

I craned my neck to glare at him. "Taking a shower. You know, washing? Getting rid of unwanted cells? That sort of thing."

He bent down very close to me. "Which unwanted cells were you trying to get rid of? Some hair perhaps?"

I snorted. "No. I was trying to wash you out of me. I told you, I don't want to get pregnant."

Don suddenly grinned at me. "That's what I thought, you naughty girl. Now it's time for your punishment."

'Punishment?' I thought. 'What could be a bigger punishment than being forced to get pregnant?'

I yelped, loudly, when his hand came down on my bare, wet ass-cheek. The second blow was just as much of a surprise, and it stung! I tried to remember all the things that 'MasterDon' had said interested him, but the spanking I was receiving wasn't conducive to recalling vaguely remembered details.

At last, at long, painful, last I felt his hand caressing my ass. I imagined I could feel the ridges in his fingertips, but that couldn't have been. But it was better than the hard spanking that I had just received. I slumped over the bench and waited for him to release me. Instead, I felt his fingers probing my pussy.

"Well, you're still wet, in any case." My head came up at that, and I moaned as he slid smoothly into me. His rhythm was gentle as he began fucking me. "You will not wash your master's sperm out of your pussy." Hard thrust. The gentle rhythm was back. "You will not wash your master's sperm out of your pussy." Another hard thrust. It was almost worst than the spanking had been. His hard thighs would smack into my newly tenderized ass sending a vague pain radiating from it at the same time his hard thick cock would fill me with so much pleasure.

It didn't take much of that before I was moaning and trying to grind my clit into the bench beneath me. Still he kept repeating his mantra. "You will not," hard thrust, "wash your master's sperm," hard thrust, "out of your pussy." Hard thrust.

I tried, I really did. I tried not to enjoy what he was doing to me, but it was too much. I screamed as I came hard. And he kept pounding into me, each word punctuated now by a hard thrust inside me. "You. Will. Not. Wash. Your. Master's. Sperm. Out. Of. Your. Pussy! You. Will. Not. Wash. Your. Master's. Sperm. Out. Of. Your. Pussy!"

I felt him slam into me one more time, pressing hard, holding himself tight against me. Can you feel a man cum inside you? I was so sensitive at that time I thought I could. I screamed again as I came for the second time that morning.

After a minute, Don laid his cheek against my back. "Don't think this is the end of your punishment. It's just the beginning."

A few minutes later, he stood up and stepped away from me. I felt more than a little wet as he caressed my ass and walked away.

He was back in just a moment, carrying a TV tray and a covered serving tray. I raised my head as much as I could and watched him set up a little TV tray and put the covered tray on it. He left again only to return a moment later with a chair. I thought. "Oh, good. He's got to untie me so I can at least sit up a little to eat."

Instead, he took the cover off the tray and the food looked so delicious. A nice looking scrambled egg, thin slices of tomato, a slice of toast, and a crispy-looking slice of bacon. In a small dish next to the plate was sliced strawberries. There was also a small glass of orange juice and a steaming cup of coffee.

"I was going to let you feed yourself, but you are being punished." He used a spoon to scoop up a little of the eggs. "Open wide, little one."

I shook my head. "I can feed myself. Please? I won't try to get away."

He put the spoon down and stood. A swat on my ass made me yell. "I am your Master, and I will feed you. Unless you want to add another spanking onto your current punishment?" I shook my head warily. That earned me another swat. "Answer your Master."

"No. No, I don't want to add another spanking to my punishment. AAAHH!" He swatted me again.

"Master. You will call me 'Master' or 'Master Don' at all times."

Another swat landed before I could gasp out, "Master! No, I don't want to add another spanking to my punishment, Master!"

He stroked my ass soothingly. "Very nicely said, little one. Now it's time for breakfast. I know you're hungry, we didn't eat all evening yesterday." He sat down and picked up the spoon again. I quietly raised my head and accepted the offered food. I ate in silence, and I used the time to think about what was happening to me. Don hadn't hurt me at all, not even while he was spanking me.

It took a while, but I finally ate the last spoonful of the delicious breakfast. He fed me steadily, and helped me drink the orange juice through a straw. The coffee he drank himself.

Master Don stood and stroked my ass again. "What lessons did you learn today?"

I wanted to scream, but I told him what he wanted to hear. "Master, I learned never to wash your cum out of my pussy, and I learned that I must call you 'Master' or 'Master Don' at all times."

"Very good." I had thought I had gotten through the rest of the punishment, but a swat landed on my ass. My only consolation was the fact that it wasn't nearly as hard as the first set. Instead of hurting so much this time, it felt strangely...erotic. I found myself relishing the tingly pain each time, but eager for the spanking to be over. Not that I admitted it to myself then.

I was ready to scream in frustration by the time Master Don finally, finally pushed into me. Again he started with the teasing thrust. "Who do you belong to?" Only this time, instead of thrusting hard inside me, he held himself perfectly still, waiting for my answer. I raised my head and shook it. I wanted him, sure, but belong to him? Never!

I wasn't prepared for him to step back. I let out a frustrated groan, then yelped in surprise at the two sharp swats on my ass. Suddenly he was inside me again, thrusting teasingly. "Who do you belong to?" He stopped moving again. I'm not stupid, I know what he wanted me to say, but to say I belonged to him? Even to feel his wonderful cock inside me? I convinced myself I couldn't, and shook my head again.

This time I was ready for the next two swats. Then I moaned in relief as he slid into me. If he stopped this time... "Who do you belong to?"

"No-o-o!" I wailed when he stopped moving, and I couldn't get enough leverage to move enough to matter. I was lost in desire. I knew I'd have to answer if I wanted relief.

Another two swats landed. "Who do you belong to?"

"You." It was a whisper, but I said it.

I waited for the swats but they didn't come. Instead I was rewarded by a gentle thrust. "Who do you belong to?"

"You." It was a little louder, but not by much. My reward was a slightly harder thrust.

Soon I was yelling in response to his question. "Who do you belong to?"

I screamed, "Master Don!" as I came hard. He continued to thrust hard inside me. I couldn't speak; only gasp harshly at each wonderful thrust. I heard him speaking, but I couldn't make sense of his words. I must have grayed out for a while, because I don't know how long it was before he finally came.

I closed my eyes as he stepped away from me. I heard him gather up the tray and the pad of his footsteps for a moment as he moved away. I think I dozed off. Not that I had anywhere to go, but even had I been free, I couldn't have moved.

When I woke up, I was lying on the bed and Master Don was gently massaging me. I was surprised, and grudgingly thankful; my muscles and joints were starting to complain.

Master Don saw I was awake and gave me a stern look. "You can go back to sleep for a few hours, and when you wake up, you will be allowed to take a shower under my supervision."

I wasn't about to argue. I was completely exhausted from my punishment, and was in no hurry to repeat it. I let my eyes drift closed once more and let his large, warm hands soothe me back to sleep.


I woke up to the strange sensation of being cuddled in strong, masculine arms, against a strong masculine body. I kept my eyes closed and tried to keep my breathing even. But he knew I was awake.

Master Don chuckled in my ear. "I know you're awake. So you might as well open your eyes." I opened my eyes and looked up at him, wondering what was in store for me next. "Very good, Brianne. This will go so much easier on you if you follow directions." He began stroking my side.

"Now I want you to tell me, what do you want me to do with you?"

I thought, 'Is he serious?' "I want you to let me go. Master Don." I nearly forgot.

Instead of releasing me or getting angry, Master Don moved his hand to my breast and began a slow, light stroking there. 'How did he learn so fast what turns me on?' I bit back a moan and shook my head. I tried to ignore the delicious sensations he was creating with his fingertips.

Master Don plucked at my nipple which was already hard and straining. "Are you sure? Tell your Master what you need, little one."

'Okay,' I thought, 'ignoring him isn't going to work, but I'm not going to say anything.' Instead I shook my head again. I couldn't imagine him getting me all worked up and leaving me hanging, so to speak. He would be denying himself as well.

Unfortunately he did just that. I felt his hard cock pressing against my hip as he stroked me and sucked my nipples into his hot mouth. His fingers played my clit like a master musician would an instrument. Just a little more and I would have cum. Then he just stopped. He looked into my eyes with a grin on his face. "Tell me what you want or it stops now."

I know my eyes widened at that. "That's right, little one. No more until you tell me what you want."

I wanted, needed Master Don to fuck me hard and fast, but he continued to tease and arouse me. Each time I was sure I was about to come, he moved his attentions elsewhere, leaving me more frustrated each time

Master Don stroked my clit couple more times before I felt his fingers on my pussy lips again. "Tell your Master what you want, little one." I could only moan. Master Don's fingers were magic. Somehow he learned very quickly what drove me mad.

He trailed his hand up my slit and toyed with my clit some more. "Tell me, little one." He dropped his head to my breast and sucked the nipple hard.

I couldn't. I couldn't speak. I sobbed as I was denied yet another orgasm. "Please! Oh, lord, please!"

"Please what, little one?"

"Please!" I squirmed frantically, futilely. Master Don pinned me to the bed. I felt the hard length of him just tantalizingly out of reach. "Please!"

"Tell me."

My voice was a strangled whisper. "Please fuck me. Please, Master Don, please fuck me."

"Tell me more. Tell me what I want to hear."

I choked back another sob. "Please fuck me, Master Don! Give me your baby."

The suddenness of his invasion into me made me first gasp in surprise, then scream as I came hard. I heard him speaking as he continued to fuck me, but I couldn't make out the words over my own voice as I came again. The blood was pounding in my ears by the time he came. It felt so good when he let his weight press down on me for a few minutes before he rolled us to our sides.

I was starting to drift when I heard him say quietly, "I'm never going to let you go, my sweet little one. I will take care of you always," before I passed out completely.

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