tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe House Hunters

The House Hunters


Thirty year old Laura Hughes was waiting with her new assistant, twenty-five year old Martha Cox, for her latest clients, John and Terry Yates; the two women were to show them the vacant two storey house on the outskirts of Oldcastle in Kent, which had been on the books of Douglas properties now for over a year. Laura was the latest in a long line of staff, trying to sell it. She was the most experienced of the estate agents. She had not met the Yates' but had spoken to John on the phone and he seemed keen on the house so Laura arranged for them all to meet at the property to view it.

Laura, despite her thirty years, retained a lot of her youthful looks. She exercised regularly, keeping her slim figure. She had been married to her husband Jim, a pharmacist, for five years now. Martha was Laura's new trainee. As well as showing her the ropes, Laura liked her as a companion and they got on well together. Laura was engaged to Peter Randall, a trainee accountant and they had planned their wedding for the following May. She too sported a slim figure with medium breasts. This was her first time accompanying Martha on a house tour and she was very excited and keen to learn.

"I wonder what they are like?" she said to Laura.

"I don't know anything about them, Martha, except their names. We'll find out soon enough," replied Laura as she looked at her reflection in the hall mirror and adjusted her red jacket to keep it perfectly aligned with her matching knee length skirt. Martha wore the same outfit but slightly shorter skirt.

A few moments later a car pulled up at the driveway and two men got out. They were in their late twenties and dressed in smart business suits. The older of the two came up to Laura and introduced himself. "Mrs. Hughes? I'm John Yates and this is my brother, Terry," and extended his hand. Laura was taken aback.

"Oh, forgive me. When I read your names I assumed you were husband and wife."

They all laughed. "Not likely, eh bro?" and John tapped Terry on the shoulder. Laura and Martha showed their clients the spacious downstairs rooms.

"Let's have a look at the bedrooms," said Laura and led them upstairs. Neither of the women noticed John winking to Terry as they proceeded up the stairs.

The second bedroom was larger than the first one.

"Wow, two beds," said Terry.

"Yes. They're here for display only," responded Laura.

Suddenly, Laura felt a hand going up her skirt and feeling her stocking covered leg.

"I bet you're hot in bed babe," said John.

"Please, Mr. Yates. I'm a married woman," said Laura, trying to keep her composure.

A knife appeared at her throat and her scream was muffled by a large hand covering her mouth. Martha too, was about to scream when a hand covered her mouth and she could feel the cold steel of a knife at her throat.

"Ok ladies. Let's not get excited. Just do as you're told and no one gets hurt, clear?"

Both women nodded.

"Now, I'm only going to say this once. Refusal will have fatal consequences for you both. Take off your clothes."

Laura, for a second, thought of refusing but it was almost as if her captor was reading her mind because she felt an extra pressure on her throat with the knife. Tears ran down her eyes as she unbuttoned her jacket and dropped it to the ground. Martha began to cry as she too undressed reluctantly.

The hand was released from Laura's mouth and she spoke.

"Please, Martha is engaged to be married. Don't do this to her," she pleaded.

"Hear that bro? You can break her in for her fiancé." They both laughed but a terrified Martha screamed through her hand gagged mouth. Laura could feel the zip on the back of her skirt being pulled down as she unbuttoned her white blouse. Her skirt fell to the ground as she eased her blouse off and on to the ground, revealing her full black slip. Laura was turned around and faced John as he put his knife to the front of the slip and cut it from top to bottom like butter, exposing her plain white bra and matching knickers, encased in flesh coloured tights.

"Hey, look at this," yelled Terry, as a humiliated Martha's low cut red lace bra and matching skimpy thong were displayed. "Wow, you really know how to turn your man on," laughed Terry, as he cut the bra in two, freeing her breasts. She was pushed down on the bed and Terry began to kiss her passionately. He sat on the helpless young woman's waist as he stripped frantically.

Having disposed of the last of her clothes, Laura too, was pushed onto the bed, on her back. John stripped rapidly and mounted his sexual prey with eagerness. He kissed her passionately and then nibbled her neck, working his way down her naked shoulder to her magnificent breasts. John inhaled deeply. "Damn, you smell luscious," and he began to suck and lick her nipples with great lust and enthusiasm.

'The new perfume ,' thought Laura.

Laura couldn't resist moaning at the gentle touch of his tongue around her nipples.

"Ooooh," she repeated over and over.

When John went between her breasts the tingling sensation excited Laura's body.

"Oh my God," she moaned.

He continued to travel down her slim waist and halted at her hairy pussy. Parting her pussy lips, he drilled through to her clit and licked and sucked with erotic expertise. By now Laura Hughes was caught up in her own lust and didn't care that she was being forced. She felt John gently push his huge rod inside her and rhythmically began to pound her slowly at first and began to pick up speed at each stroke. Laura's sex starved body began to react to the rhythm matching each stroke perfectly. Laura put her hands embraced John like a welcome lover and began to encourage him along.

"Come on. For fuck sake. Come on," she yelled. She could feel he was beginning to climax as her own juices began to flow.

"Aaargh," they cried in unison, as they climaxed together and remained on the bed together catching their breath.

At the same time Laura and John were in the throes passion and lust, Martha Cox was also lost in her lust. Although she was no virgin, nonetheless she had been faithful to Peter. Terry was gentle with her. His foreplay on her sensitive breasts excited her. In contrast to Laura, Martha had a completely shaved pussy. Peter, her fiancé, liked it. Terry gently entered with his manhood with the same care. Like John, his rhythm was gentle too, building with each stroke. Martha reacted enthusiastically and her body matched each of Terry's movements. Like Laura, she moaned deeply and cried out encouragingly, "Keep going. Keep going." As the pace increased, so did their lust filled enthusiasm. They breathed deeply and began to perspire heavily. Finally, as they climaxed, they exhaled a deep sigh of sexual satisfaction.

John and Terry got up and began to dress. Laura and Martha were about to do the same when John called out. "You're not finished yet, ladies."

"Look. We've done what you wanted," said Laura.

Terry grabbed Martha and threw her on the same bed as Laura.

"Your pussies need to be cleaned up, so what we want you to do is start licking each other out."

"We're not lesbians," protested Laura. It was the wrong thing to say. John leapt at her, yanked her hair and a knife was once again at her throat.

"Oh God," cried Martha. "Laura, please, just do as they say."

Reluctantly, Laura and Martha assumed a sixty-nine position and began to lick and suck. Surprisingly to both of them, they began to enjoy it. For both it was their first girl on girl experience. Laura's tongue dug deep into Martha's clit and the younger woman moaned with pleasure. "Mmmm" was all she could utter with enthusiasm. Finally both orgasmed to their relief and joy. They been so engulfed in their lust that thy had forgotten their captors, who were standing at either side of the bed as the women were lying on their sides facing each other. Almost at the same moment both of them felt something sting each of their arses.

"What?" Laura tried to say but darkness descended.

When Laura woke up, she found she and Martha were in a lesbian lovers embrace. As she gently eased herself from her sleeping "lover's" grasp, her mobile phone rang. She scrambled to her handbag to retrieve it. From the number flashing, Laura realised it was George Douglas, senior partner in the firm.

"Oh, hallo Mr Douglas. Yes sir. I'm sorry sir. It's my fault. I took Martha with me to show her the ropes and to get, err, better acquainted and lost track of time. Yes sir. I'll see you at four. Goodbye."

Laura tried to wake Martha. "Martha, Martha, wake up," and shook her until she woke.

"What? What happened? My God. We were raped. We've got to go to the police."

"And let this come out? What will Peter think? Neither of us would live the exposure down."

"But we've got to do something."

"We are. We're going to get dressed, head back to the office and say nothing to anyone. It'll be our secret. Besides, it wasn't that bad, was it?" and kissed the confused young woman on her forehead.

"Now get dressed. Old man Douglas is on the warpath."

A week later a large envelope arrived in the post addressed to Laura. When she opened it she found it contained a large explicit photo of herself and Martha lying naked together in an apparent restful slumber.

'Oh my God,' she thought with a smile. 'What a sexy couple we make.' There was something written on the back :

Accept this with our compliments. Don't worry. Your secret is safe with us.

The House Hunters.

Laura stuffed the photo in her bag and placed it in a safe place at home. Occasionally, she would take out the photo and wonder as to what might have been with a lesbian lover.

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